tagNonConsent/ReluctanceXia Lin's Gambling Woes

Xia Lin's Gambling Woes


My wife Xia Lin and I moved to Vegas about 6 years ago, when I took a high level IT security position with one of the big casino companies. One of the things that surprised me when I left my position with an intelligence contractor at an agency not to be named, was the level of parity the casinos had in their IT shops. I would say the most hardened networks and systems in the world are found in Langley Virginia, and Las Vegas Nevada. I was extremely well-paid, but worked insane hours in my IT arms race with cheats, thieves, foreign governments... you name it.

Xia Lin put up with my schedule because she quickly adopted the Vegas lifestyle, to a point. She filled a bikini like a plus-sized bombshell. She wasn't necessarily obese, but at around 130 pounds on her 5'3" frame, she was thick in her legs, ass, and boobs, but her waist was not paunchy or flabby... at 32, she exercised regularly to keep things from going off the deep end. We both loved to eat in Vegas... we both took care of ourselves so that we could keep eating.

I was so busy keeping up with hackers and cheaters and thieves in the outside world, that I didn't really notice Xia Lin spending more and more time in the Casinos. She didn't play at the casinos my company managed, for one thing, so she never really showed up on my radar in that way, but she was definitely playing more and more especially in the last 6 months.

What I didn't know at the time was that Xia Lin had established credit lines at a couple of the off-strip casinos and had been going extremely black and extremely red... finally hitting a rough patch where she owed about $40,000 to a couple of dives owned by a group of Taiwanese businessmen... that's when things went really wrong. She didn't tell me she had developed a problem... she didn't tell me she had borrowed money she didn't have, and she didn't tell me that our house and my career were in direct jeopardy to her out of control betting.

Instead, she kept quiet. I could have helped her—but I never got a chance.


I was away at a conference in DC on cyber security and Xia Lin was getting dressed at our ranch home outside of Henderson. We lived in a development with a mix of upper income people... a lot of gaming execs, IT wonks, lawyers, doctors... the houses were all on three to five acres of land. No need to hear your neighbor unless you went over. My wife didn't sport any tan lines, if you catch my meaning. Entertaining was easy, you could play your music loud. It was a nice retreat from the craziness of the Strip.

When the doorbell rang Xia Lin just assumed it was her friend Thao even though it was hours before she was supposed to pick up Xia Lin to go out. My wife was wearing a loose, floral skirt with a slit up the left side and a fitted, short sleeved, button down top that showed plenty of cleavage when she went to open the door. She was knocked back a few feet when the door suddenly opened at her slightest touch, causing her to scream.

The men who charged into our entry foyer were unfamiliar to her a couple of them looked Japanese to her, a couple looked Chinese. One man looked distinctly Vietnamese--like he could be Thao's brother. Two of the men had small, HD camcorders rolling as they came inside.

"WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT!?" Xia Lin screamed at the men.

The leader kept his sunglasses on. Two of the Asian men grabbed her by the arms and pressed her back against a wall, facing the crowd of men now forming in our house.

"You owe the Lucky Golden Palace a very large sum of money for someone with no income of their own." the sunglasses wearing leader said to her in a gruff voice. "And I'm here to collect, but I'm sure you can't pay it."

Xia Lin looked at the floor and sputtered some excuse about the money, but had literally no idea how she was going to repay her debts.

"I know that you can not pay, Xia Lin. But the money must be repaid. You do understand that, don't you? The money must be repaid." the man said to her with a slow, steady, cadence--to underscore the seriousness of his message.

"I can't... I can't get it right now." my wife replied.

"That's okay, Xia Lin. I thought you might need assistance in coming up with the money... these kind donors have come to your aid and agreed to pay on your behalf."

Another man was shooting frame after frame of Xia Lin's face, of the crowd... he walked around like a wedding photographer just blending in and shooting.

Xia Lin looked around the room and pondered the meaning of the Asian debt collector's words.

"Do you like anal sex?" one of the other Asian men asked my wife.

Her response was swift and forceful, exclaiming, "NO, of course not! I don't even let my husband do that!"

"Yes, we know... and that actually works out quite well for you, for you see we were able to raise significantly more money on your behalf because of it." the man replied to her.

"Wh--what do you mean? What are you saying?!" my wife exclaimed, looking around at the men--a couple of which had begun casually undressing.

"These men have agreed to pay portions of your debt to us. For their donations, they have agreed to fuck you in your ass, and in your mouth... a couple of them want to fuck those fat cow udders of yours although I can not understand why myself," he said back to her.

"I WON'T DO IT!" my wife exclaimed, attempting to wag her finger at the man but being too restrained to move at all.

"Oh, I was hoping you would say that." The debt collectors' leader said with a snarl.

"It will be rape! I won't give myself to any of you! And I will NOT. DO. ANAL!" My wife hysterically exclaimed. "YOU CAN'T DO THIS!"

"I told you she would be worth the price you paid, Mr. L." the leader said to short Arab man who looked looked built like a football player--not overly muscular, more like a fire plug, but he had that linebacker build.

"Your first donor paid the largest fee, Xia Lin--and specifically agreed to an extra thousand dollars if you didn't willingly submit. You see, he wants very much to be the first of many to rape you in your ass tonight." The deputy leader of the debt collectors said to her.

My wife struggled and screamed, but there would be no chance at all of anyone hearing her right now. Our house is just too far from the road, and just too far from anyone else for sound to carry...

The Arab man stepped forward where my wife was pinned with her back against the wall of the entry foyer. Both video cameras were trained intently on her, and the photographer was reeling off frames as the beginning of my wife's ordeal was at hand.

The Arab grabbed my wife's tits through her fitted top and smiled as he turned to one of the cameras and asked, "These--are real?"

My wife struggled in the grasp of her captors and said, "fuck you, of course they're real!" as she looked away. She struggled to move or kick at him and screamed as he pawed her tits. She pleaded and begged to be let go... for this all to stop... for her to be given more time.

The Arab laughed at her and the leader informed her that if he stopped now, then he would have the debt, no money, and 10 angry donors on his hands. Xia Lin cried and screamed as the man stuck his fingers into her cleavage and inside of her bra. She begged for them to stop. Her begging reached a fevered pitch as the man unbuttoned her top button and exposed quite a bit of her push up bra and her huge brown mams to the other men in the room watching from the semi-circle they had formed around her nearby.

The Arab grabbed the lapels of her shirt, slid his hands down a few inches and tore outward, sending buttons to the floor of our foyer, exposing my wife's bra-covered tits completely, and eliciting cheers from the men in the room. The cameras caught every detail.

The Arab introduced himself as "Sheikh Raping Your Ass Tonight" causing laughs from those gathered and anguished cries from my wife. "But you can call me Tony," he said as he brought a knife under her chin and asked her, "do you understand?"

My wife sobbed uncontrollably, but shook her head in short, quick up and down strokes in answer to him.

Tony carefully slipped the blade between her tits and under the bra, turned the blade outward and pulled. It's razer sharp edge made short work of the fabric holding the two bra cups together, and my wife's 38 inch breasts popped out into view. Everyone cheared--even the debt collectors as my wife's magnificent tits hung in proud if unwanted display in front of the men. She continued crying as Tony mauled her tits and then brought them to his mouth, kissing on the tops of her breasts as he slowly made his way down to her nipples. She hated the uncontrolled response of her nipples to his sucking--they filled with blood and hardened and became sensitive, like they always do with me.

"Put her in position." the stocky Arab commanded.

My wife was dragged kicking and screaming into the next room, where she was thrown over the back of a low couch. They put leather straps on her wrists and ankles and fixed a spreader bar to her ankles and tethered one of them to one of the legs of the couch. The cameras caught everything from multiple angles and the crowd reformed in the room to witness my wife's rape.

Tony used his blade to cut her skirt from her, then he yanked her panties to her knees causing raucus cheers from the crowd again. My wife waxes, and then men commented on her completely hairless pussy and ass. Her round, candy-apple bottom looked big, but tight, and her deeply recessed asshole looked as tight as anything the men could imagine. Their comments were harsh--their words intended to hurt my wife; to degrade her.

She screamed for help... pleaded not to be raped... and then in a last ditch attempt to avoid anal sex, begged to suck the men off, all of them, as much as they wanted... she offered to suck them whenever they wanted after tonight if they would not fuck her pussy or ass--especially her ass.

It backfired of course--only making Tony move to the front of the couch where the Asian henchmen held her down, and offering his cock to her to suck.

"If you touch me with your teeth, or bite me, I'm not going to kill you--no... I'm going to make sure every man fucks your ass until your insides are spilling out. THEN I'm going to gut you and let you bleed to death on your floor, do you understand me?" He said to my wife.

My wife nodded her head and opened her mouth, believing she was being taken up on her offer. Tony's fat cock was of average size but slightly thicker than most, and he filled her tiny mouth easily with his semi-erect member. Using nothing but her tongue and lips, and sucking deeply, my wife attempted to pleasure the Arab man as best she could without use of her hands. She bobbed up and down as the men cheered her on and the Arab clearly enjoyed her oral skills as he hardened quickly--displaying more length than before.

"You're good, baby... you're so good... the men who wanted to rape your mouth are going to be glad they did." Tony said to Xia Lin, while pulling his cock from her mouth.

"So--you like it? You can come in my mouth or on my face when you're ready." my wife said eagerly, opening her mouth to accept his cock again for him to finish.

Tony removed a tube of sexual lubricant from his pocket and began smearing it across his cock, working it completely into the skin before applying a second, generous glob.

"My dear, I am paying 10% of what you owe all by myself--and I paid to rape you in the ass first." he said to her as her eyes widened in fear.

What happened next is almost too cruel to describe. He wasn't slow... he didn't wait. He wasn't loving or kind. He didn't open her ass with a few fingers first--he didn't let her get used to him. The asian men holding her down gripped her more tightly than ever, and Tony came up behind her and lodged the slippery head of his cock directly against her tightly clinched back door. He then grabbed my wife by her hips to steady himself as she violently struggled to resist and made sure her own motions lodged the tip of his cock a little further into the recess of her asshole.

Then, he lunged.

My wife, who had never completed anal intercourse before (I got her to let me try twice, but we stopped both times after a few frustrating moments because it hurt too much) screamed at the top of her lungs, and nearly passed out from the pain. It would have been better if she had passed out. The Arab growled loudly and screamed "take it you fucking whore!" and then he pulled out and slammed into her again.

And again.

And again.

The men yelled and screamed as Tony wrapped one first in my wife's henna-washed hair while filling his other meaty paw with her tits as he slam-fucked her ass. Her body shook with every one of his thrusts and she shrieked every single time he plowed into her. His 260 pounds slammed into her with deafening body slaps.


The men hollered and cat-called and said demeaning and hurtful things to my wife.

The cameras caught it all.

For his ferocity and pace, Tony showed amazing staying power, rapidly slam-fucking my wife's tight, virgin back door for almost 10 minutes. Imagine going from never having anal, to having one 260 pound, thick-cock pile-driving thrust per second for 600 seconds as your introduction to anal sex. Xia Lin actually did hyperventilate and pass out a bit after screaming her lungs out for a couple of minutes. When she came to, she was lost--delirious, and in excruciating pain.

The asian men no longer needed to hold her arms to restrain her... the spreader bar and ankle tether would keep her in place, and she was too weak to do anything violent in resistance. This allowed Tony to fill each of his hands with one of her massive boobs and pull her up against his chest while he fucked her. But at the end of ten horrible, rough minutes of brutal anal rape, Tony was ready to cum.

He pulled out of her ass and released her, allowing her to go completely limp over the back of the couch, but he made her look up at him and open her mouth. I know my wife--she would never in a million years consider ass-to-mouth, but in her tired, ravaged, over-everything'd state, she willingly--almost happily accepted Tony's long, thick rod in her mouth because at least that meant no more anal.

Of course, the Arab held my wife's head as he slam-fucked her throat a few times, but then he settled into a faster but shallower rhythm where he pistoned over my wife's tongue and in and out of her overstretched lips... he held off as strongly as he could--he wanted his orgasm to be powerful. At long last he pulled out of her mouth, screaming for her to keep it open, as he stroked his cock with the tip just resting on her bottom lip.

The three cameramen did their jobs.

With a series of loud groans, the Arab began pulsing thick ropes of cum directly into my wife's open mouth. It looked like he hadn't cum in weaks, and perhaps he hadn't--he had at least stored up a while in anticipation of tonight's event, because the cum just filled my wife's mouth and overflowed over her bottom lip. He screamed at her to swallow it--she reflexively complied--and he kept shooting.

When he was done, he slapped her across her face with his cock. He clenched his fist to punch her, but the Asian gang leader admonished him to hold his temper, and he quietly withdrew.

Cheers erupted in the room as my wife began sobbing into the couch, aware that 9 other men had paid to use her that night. She felt her ankles being untethered and stood when two of the asian men led her away.

"Wh--where are you taking me?" My wife pleaded, worried she would be taken outside and murdered.

"Your bedroom. Where are your clothes?"

"D-down the hall... master bedroom... first floor." She stammered as they led her to our bedroom.

She was forced to towel off and removed the last shreds of her earlier garments.

My wife was forced to put on one of her fitted black business pant suits and heels, with a sheer, see-through white top. When dressed, she was led back to the main room with the other men.

"Mr. A and Mr. M have paid the second highest total, Xia Lin. They want to strip you and rape you themselves. Even though the shock of your first encounter may be wearing off, I will tell you that it is in your best interest to resist these men and act as scared as you can. Each of your donors is getting their own video, and they were explicit in wanting to capture you, strip you, and rape you." the second in command said to her in her ear as she was presented to the men in her new wardrobe.

Their catcalls stung her--the still photographer asked her to pose before the men ripped through her clothes. She was forced to disrobe like a regular nude model, turning this way or that, bending at her hips or squeezing her tits together. The photographer made efficient work of it, while the men enjoyed the show--some took pictures with their cell phones. Other than the expression on her face, the photospread could have been hosted on any of the nicest pay porn sites...

She dressed again and was led to a desk in the corner of the den. Mr. A and Mr. M were two black men in suits--one looked familiar, but she couldn't place him--and they were going to enter the room, strip her, and rape her as they saw fit. The sense of dread overwhelmed her, but she did not cry yet. She was told not to cry during the setup. Her tears would fall easily once things began.

The cameras captured everything.

In truth, the second rape was as bad as the first. The men slapped her face and punched her in her stomach and violently tore her clothes off. They took turns fucking her in the mouth--their black cocks longer than Tony's--choking her and stabbing the back of her throat so much she gagged and heaved regularly.

They forced her to give one a blowjob while the other fucked her... then they forced her to give one a blowjob while the other took her ass. She had a hard time concentrating on the cock in her mouth when her ass hurt so much, but the hands in her hair would practically do the work for her when she stopped. They passed her back and forth, each taking multiple turns in her ass, pussy, and mouth.

Unlike the sex stories on rape websites, my wife never got into it. She didn't orgasm; her body never "betrayed her," and she never felt so happy to be getting fucked in the ass that she fell in love with doing it or that she needed to get assfucked to cum or anything like that. No, she was raped. Painfully. Repeatedly.

The one thing she would tell me later was that after a while, she just didn't really feel anything anymore. When men wanted to use her ass, she could take them in her ass. When men wanted to use her mouth, she could take them in her mouth. Cum, lots of it, swallowed mindlessly.

The cameras caught it all.

A group of four men of mixed races followed the two black men. They raped her in our hot tub and on mats by the pool. They DP'd her in her pussy and ass. They made her "air tight" for about 10 minutes of porn-rape-fantasy fucking. She said she hated it when they were doing it to her that night but admitted she had previously fantasized about being with multiple partners. Dreams and reality don't often match up.

That group of "donors" all came inside of the holes they were fucking--two in her mouth, one in her pussy, and one in her ass.

She was made to shower before the last two men were to take their turns. The two black men had already left her house, as had two of the group of four that fucked her after them, but the Arab was still there as was a Japanese guy and a Swedish guy from the 3rd group when her doorbell rang.

Poor Thao had come early to pick up my wife for their night out.

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