tagFirst TimeXiaowei Gets It Pt. 01

Xiaowei Gets It Pt. 01


The Xiaowei stories are what I call 'fun fantasies'. That's why I didn't try to describe her too much... I decided to leave it to the reader to decide what she looked like. All you know is that she's Asian, she's just turned 18, she's naughty, and she keeps getting into little 'situations' like this...


She wasn't a malicious girl... she just got into trouble often because she liked thinking up schemes to amuse herself. At 18, Xiaowei had was just on the cusp of womanhood, and she knew it showed... She liked to flaunt herself at every opportunity, just to see the reaction of the opposite sex.

Some of her teachers were convinced she was plain mischievous, but the truth was that she was easily bored, and although she wouldn't admit it, Xiaowei also craved attention.

Her parents worked long hours at their shop, and although they did everything they could to provide their daughters with everything they wanted, all that their youngest wished for was a little notice.

It didn't even seem to impress them that she kept getting the As along with glowing reports of her academic prowess and less than complimentary complaints about her pranks. They merely told her to study harder and she obliged ... while continuing to play her pranks on her teachers, much to the amusement of her friends.

So they had her enroll in a uniformed group in college, which she hated for the rules and strict discipline. She set herself about playing her usual pranks, from putting fire ants into her teachers' caps and grease on their soles.

Her exasperated parents didn't seem to get the message, sending her to camps during the holidays. At one particular camp, she decided to play a late night prank on the commandant, a handsome young man in his 20s adored by half the troop and hated by the rest.

She set the pot of chili down on the floor next to his cot, and peered carefully at him. It was dark, too dark to see clearly, and although she had enlisted the help of her buddy, a cheerful and equally cheeky girl named Sandra, she was working alone tonight because Sandra had been assigned extra duties.

Her target appeared to be sleeping very soundly, and she was struck by how handsome he looked, even as he snored gently. Lightly, she traced his eyebrow to gauge his sensitivity, and was pleased to find he did not react at all to her touch. "In a few minutes, that'll be chili you'll be feeling on your face, sir!" she thought gleefully.

She slowly unscrewed the bottle top of the chili, and set it down again when he shifted uneasily in his sleep.

Xiaowei had half a mind to call the whole prank off. He could suddenly wake up and find her in his room, holding a bottle of chili in her hand. But her natural bravado and the thought of the glee of her compadres made her want to continue.

She moved her face close to his on the pillow, peering to see if his eyes were moving, and was shocked when his arms suddenly grabbed her and pulled her down onto the bed with him. He was muttering something, which she could not make out, but she realized that he thought she was his girlfriend or something.

Not daring to make any sudden movements for fear of waking him, she let him pull her close, and squeaked when she felt something jab at the small of her back.

Unsure of what it was, she reached down and felt a thick veined column pressing just at the top of her ass crack.

"Oh my god!" she thought. "It's his 'thing'. And it's huge!" It turned out he was wearing a pair of boxers, and his cock had slipped out while he slept. Curious, she peered down her body, trying to catch a glimpse of it.

She had never seen a penis in the flesh before, although she had been introduced to and enjoyed a few encounters with a dildo. None of the dildos she'd enjoyed was anything like the warm, throbbing spike she held in her hand.

Wondering at the length and width of it, she reached down its stalk and felt the warm soft sacs of his balls. Like his prick, they felt huge, and she amused herself playing with them while he snored in her ear.

The idea came to her suddenly, and she quickly pulled down her shorts and panties. "If he wakes up, I can accuse him of molesting me," she thought, almost giggling out loud at her own ingenuity. Besides, having tried a vibrator against her slit, she now wanted to know what the real thing felt like. Her private parts were already throbbing with anticipation as she slid her pants down to mid-thigh.

"If he doesn't wake up, I'll leave him a little souvenir -- he'll have a wet dick and a pair of panties in his bed!" She knew that the fluids were seeping from deep within and would stain the sheets as they always did when she thought of using the dildo.

She had discovered her sensual side by accident, when she was washing herself one day. As she soaped herself, she was surprised at the sudden jolts of electricity emanating from deep within. Exploring further, she had found a highly sensitive spot that gave her the most pleasurable sensations.

Arching her back slowly, she thrust her bare sex up against him, and reached down between her legs to grab the thick head of his tool. Gently, she rubbed it against her weeping slit, gasping quietly at the first burning touch of him on her quivering flesh.

"Hhhh... hhh... hhh..." she gasped, doing her best to keep quiet while she manipulated her live toy against her twitching clitoris. Her vulva was wet and every movement produced a soft squishing. The smell of her fluids was so strong it permeated the room, and that pleased her too, the thought of her commandant waking up and smelling her pussy in his bed and on his body.

She stiffened when the electricity started in her lower belly, little electric spiders running quickly across her pubis and down her limbs.

"Eeep!" she squeaked as the waves ran up and down her sweaty little body. The sensations were much stronger than any she'd experienced before. She decided, as her heartbeat finally began to slow down, that it was much better with a real dick than it was with a plastic one.

"Oh shit!" she exclaimed in spite of herself, when she moved to get out of the commandant's bed and realized that his cock was embedded in the split of her groin.

She had always used the vibrator only on the outside of her vulva. Although it had always threatened to slip into her waiting vagina, she kept it firmly on her clit because it felt good enough there, and she didn't fancy slipping something into her private place.

So the feeling of his throbbing penis inside her vagina was shocking, to say the least. It didn't hurt like she expected it to, but she felt uncomfortable, a little stretched inside.

Curious, she ran her fingers up his shaft, to where it fed into her body. The join of their bodies felt strange to her touch, and she spent some time exploring the way her labia gaped around the shaft. The thought that her orifice had swallowed and was sucking at his cock crossed her mind, and caused a delicious little shiver to run through her body.

Amazingly, the electricity came back again, and she felt him shift inside her, further probing into her young virgin sheath.

He grunted and groaned, pushing his hips outwards and driving his penis deeper into her. She squeaked again, feeling her insides yield more ground to the fleshy intruder. She reached down again, and found that more of his prick had been swallowed up by her greedy vagina. There was now only about an inch of cock flesh between her slit and the soft sac of his balls.

"Too deep! Too deep!" she thought in a panic. She didn't know what would happen if he managed to drill his organ completely into her young body, and she didn't want to find out. It didn't help that the feeling of his ever-encroaching penis within her was beginning to frighten her.

"Got to get it out," she thought to herself, trying to slowly ease herself away from her impaler. Her insides squelched even more loudly as his shaft was drawn out of her. For the first time in her life, she felt a little of the aching loss of withdrawal. On and on, his tool was pulled out of her sucking hole, and she could do little to stop the little gasps escaping from her lips as the sensitive flesh of her sex moved against his rod.

He shifted again, and she stopped moving, biting her lips at the feeling of his cock pressing inwards again. Her cunt swallowed it readily, and she shuddered at the slippery sliding motion down between her legs.

"He's fucking me!" she thought, and the notion thrilled and frightened her. The way his cock slipped so smoothly and wetly into her pussy made her want it more. She moved her hips, and delighted at the sliding she felt deep within. It was all she could do to keep from pressing her ass up against him, and filling her aching sheath with hot cock flesh.

"Ooooooooo..." she moaned softly, pulling away until she could feel the bulbous head of his tool at her opened labia. "Oh my god, it's so wet," she thought, feeling the liquid drooling out of her orifice. His wet stem felt cool against her butt cheek.

She reached down to remove it from her slit, but the cock in her hand felt so good, she couldn't help herself -- pressing it against the split of her groin she pushed her hips backwards, and impaled herself on his prick once more.

She had to bite her lip to stop the scream escaping her lips. It felt so good to have the hot tube pressing into her cold depths. Xiaowei began a slow hip thrusting rhythm that drove her commandant's cock in and out of her hungry pussy. She was squelching even more loudly now, but she didn't care.

Nor did she that his penis was dipping ever deeper into her virgin cunt. It felt too good to resist, and she just wasn't good at resisting her instincts anyway.

Her orgasm surprised her when it came. She was no longer holding on to the stem of his penis to prevent full penetration of her privates... in fact, she welcomed the thrust of it and reveled in feeling her vagina stretched and full of throbbing cock. So when she pressed her ass up against the commandant's pubis, the waves rose to a crescendo, spreading out from her filled pussy to every corner of her being.

It was ecstasy. Her orgasm burst upon her, and she could dimly feel her vagina milking at his prick, almost as if it was trying to swallow him into her. She jammed herself up hard against him, trying to push his prick up even more deeply into her spasming orifice. It felt SO good, having her privates filled up so completely.

She didn't know how long it was before she recovered sufficiently from her climax, but it seemed like she'd been lying in his bed for hours. She slowly removed his prick from her still sensitive flesh, softly gasping as the turgid organ nudged and eased its way out of her.

It felt good, and she took it out most reluctantly, but she knew she had to get out of the commandant's room before she was discovered. She wanted him to wonder what had happened to him in the night. She wanted him to ache for the mysterious pussy he had plunged into, and not know that he had plugged her.

Carefully, she pulled the head out of her squelching vulva, and slowly slid to the edge of the bed. Remembering the pot of chili she'd left on the floor, she leaned down to look for it in the shadows under the cot.

A groan and movement behind her stopped her short. It just would not do for him to wake up and find her half naked in his room.

So she did nothing when his hand fell upon her naked hip and drew her back in towards his body again. She would try again once she was sure he was sleeping soundly.

He murmured in her ear again, and she strained to hear what he was saying. Maybe he would reveal some information she could impress her friends with. After all, she wasn't about to tell them what had happened tonight, and she needed some sort of trophy to show she hadn't chickened out.

Xiaowei had forgotten about his enduring hard-on, so she didn't notice where it was positioned until it was too late.

"Ah, no! Not there," she thought as the slick head slipped into her ass crack and butted against her entrance. "Ooogh!" she grunted as he punched upwards into her rectum.

It hurt like hell initially, and she had to try hard to keep from crying out as the fleshy tube speared her bum, the thick head settling snugly behind her anus. She squirmed slightly, but dared not move too much lest she wake him.

After some time, she realized she could lessen the pain by relaxing the muscles of her behind. She moved her hips slightly, and brought her legs up to her chest, and found it the most comfortable position.

Unfortunately, the change in posture spread her asscheeks and opened her backside even more to his rigid cock. He seemed to notice the reduced pressure around his penis, and gratefully moved closer to her, driving his slippery spike deeper into her waiting pooshoot.

"Aaaaaghh!" she groaned softly as the penetration of her bum increased. She was stretching wider in the back, much more than she thought she could. Although she could not see it and could only guess at its size, she was nonetheless frightened by the thought that the prick would tear her apart back there.

"Huuuhhhh! Hhhhhh!" she breathed through clenched teeth as she struggled to accommodate his girth in her rear. But each time she got used to the depth of his penetration, he probed even deeper into her behind, plumbing the very depths of her backside.

She reached back and was shocked to find how much of his prong had been inserted into her. Trying to stay calm, she tried to think of how she could remove the prick that had been so rudely jammed into her nether region. Before she could figure out a plan of action, however, the sleeping commandant thrust all options away from her.

Muttering in his sleep again, he threw his right leg over her right hip, and thrust upwards, effectively impaling her completely on his handsome erection.

"Hhooorrghh!" she grunted in surprise. Her position only gave him full and complete access to her asshole, and his spike was now entirely inside her rectum. She could even feel the fleshy sac of his balls up hard against her still wet slit.

She didn't move -- she didn't even dare breathe -- as she waited and her body gradually relaxed enough to accept the presence his massive probe in her rear. Apart from the withdrawal of his right leg, the commandant made no further movement... which left Xiaowei still skewered in the backside.

After what seemed like an eternity had passed, he moved his leg away and she gingerly raised her right leg over his in preparation for a quick getaway from his sodomising prick.

The commandant chose the moment to begin pumping his prick in her rectum. He was mumbling and nibbling at her earlobes, and she gathered that he was dreaming he was having sex with his girlfriend.

Not wanting to risk waking him up, she kept quiet while he pistoned into her ass, her breath coming in short quick gasps. The way her right leg was poised over his thrusting hips gave him maximum penetration, which he took full advantage of, even in his somnolent state.

His breath blew ever more raggedly across her cheek as he thrust harder and deeper into her. He was making little grunting noises in his obviously sexual dream.

For Xiaowei, the initially horrifying and painful experience was quickly becoming a pleasurable one. His cock raging up and down her deflowered rectal sheath, heavy balls thumping against her vulva, drove her into little paroxysms of delight.

"He's fucking my ass... oooh!" she thought as his cock sank into her rectum and withdrew for the umpteenth time. She could feel her anal ring sucking hungrily at the stem of his erection, and she almost screamed out loud when he began pulling all the way out and plunging strongly back into her waiting backside. Having her asshole snap close and violently pried apart was an incredible turn-on. It didn't help that his balls were now slapping so hard and loud against her pubis she shuddered with each inward plunge. Her clitoris tingled and thrilled as it was tickled incessantly by his wiry pubic hair.

When he changed his rhythm to short quick strokes, with about half his penis sawing into her rear orifice, she found herself pressing her right heel against his buttock, urging him deeper into her. She wanted it all, wanted him to explore every nook and cranny of her, to go where none had gone before. She wanted him to plunder her, punish her, fuck her hard in her lustfully straining ass. She wanted to suck him into her, and keep him there forever...

Suddenly, he forced his penis up so deep between her buttocks that she could feel her asshole stretch to accommodate the base of his prick. He held it there and began pumping hot jets of liquid into her belly, and her first thought was that he had peed into her.

Then she remembered what she'd read in one of the 'dirty' books she'd found under her sister's bed and realized what had happened. He had come... he had shot his jism into her backside, filled her belly with his juice. The thought of that, along with the way his hair was tickling her clitoris, drove her over the edge.

Xiaowei had a second orgasm, a gut-wrenching, energy sapping wave of pleasure that left her limbs weak and trembling. His orgasm was long drawn out, the hot wet spurts in her abdomen not ceasing until her own clenching inside had subsided.

When he was done, she was short of breath, almost as if she had run a long race, and by the sound of it, the commandant was in pretty poor shape too. She rested for a bit, nestled up against him, before prudence made her try to rise from his cot once more.

This time, she met with no resistance save her own. The sucking vacuum in her ass when his prick slid out of her ravaged squishing hole was a sensation of great loss. How could she even go back to the dildo, having experienced the real thing?

But his flaccid prick flopped lazily onto her thigh, and she knew that she would get no more from her commandant tonight. He would certainly enjoy a good night's sleep.

As she slipped from his cot, she noted with some satisfaction the gleaming fluid linking her privates to his penis. Even in the dark, the thin strand glimmered, reminding her of how she had enjoyed the joining of their parts.

Sighing softly to herself, she thought of a final act. Stripping herself quickly, she stood in the moonlight streaming through the window, exposing her naked body to her commandant. He was sleeping, of course, so he couldn't see her, but she felt a thrill of the forbidden. She liked the thought that he had not been awake to survey her budding tits, her swollen labia with its little wisps of hair. She turned and bent over to touch her toes, flashing her round ass globes at him. She was always proud of her ass, she had been ever since the boys had tried to touch it when she was doing her exercises. She knew it was her best feature.

She felt his fluid flowing out of her anus, coating the insides of her thighs, and sighed, pulling apart the fleshy cheeks for his sleeping eyes. "I bet your eyes'd pop out if you saw me now," she whispered to her commandant, who hadn't stirred. Carefully stepping over his cot, she lowered her pubis till it was close to his nose, giving him a whiff of her pussy fragrance. "Something to remember me by," she whispered again, before exiting the room stark naked.

It was late and the chance that someone would be awake was extremely low... but even if some boy managed a glimpse of her silvery nakedness, she would have welcomed it. She loved the freedom of her nudity, and even made a little pirouette in the middle of the square before heading for the bathroom to freshen up and head for bed.

The commandant woke up late the next day, much to everyone's surprise. He had always been a stickler for punctuality, and had berated the perennial late risers only the day before. He looks drained and a little tired, said some of the girls. Xiaowei smiled to herself. The secret was hers to keep, and no one else knew it, not Sandra nor the commandant. She shivered slightly, remembering how she had stripped in his room and exposed herself to him while he slept.

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