tagSci-Fi & FantasyXii-Rider Hyl’ena Ch. 04

Xii-Rider Hyl’ena Ch. 04


They flew without event for some time, the timeless pairing off Xii and Rider against an eternal backdrop of stars and ether-whorls. As they went, Tro'onbi hummed a gentle tune that Hyl'ena had sang with her sister long ago. Images of her lost sibling flicked through her mind like a sepia-paged picture book, and presently the rider found herself drifting off to sleep, the frequencies of her Xii's mournful tones vibrating through her quim and gently soothing her anxious mind.

She was shaken from her reverie by Tro'onbi's warning bleat. Quickly she sat up, cursing herself for drifting off in this unfamiliar stretch of space. "What is it, Tro'onbi?"

-I can't see anything- melded the beast, -but something doesn't feel right-

Hyl'ena peered into the blackness, scanning the stars for signs of activity. She glanced up - and then something made her look again. Strange, there were no stars above them...

The net was around them before either could react, and it drew quickly tight, digging painfully into the soft flesh of Hyl'ena's generous buttocks and widespread thighs and forcing her flat against the back of her Xii, her ever-sensitive cunt-flesh pushed hard into him. Tro'onbi moaned in protest, the violent tremors of the trapped beast's disparate roar resonating through his rider's pussy, causing her sex to juice up and her clit to become engorged as it rubbed with painful pleasure against the rough, knobbled hide.

A few seconds passed, then the net was being hauled upwards. Above, great torches suddenly sputtered into life to illuminate the dark hulking shape that had blotted out the stars.

"Pirates!" breathed Hyl'ena, and began an earnest struggle against the thick ropes. If only she'd had time to grab her battle axe from Tro'onbi's side bag! Xii-Riders were rare and hard to catch, and she could be worth a lot to one of the bands of slave-trading rogues that frequented these unpopulated areas of space. She soon gave up the useless struggle, merely managing to move a hand enough to stroke the moaning Tro'onbi consolingly as she rocked her cunt gently back and forth against him.

They came up alongside the pirate vessel and then the net was hauled aboard. Tro'onbi landed with a thud on the deck, Hyl'ena thankfully on top of him. Finally she got a look at their captors, and she was impressed with what she saw.

An assortment of dirty-faced pirate girls stood on the deck, licking their lips at the sight of this fresh haul. Some were topless, others wore dirty rags bound tight around their mucky breasts. The closest to Hyl'ena was a dark-skinned N'ubian with full brown breasts barely restrained by a torn-off scrap of fabric that only half covered her huge near-black nipples, and wide hips encased in a pair of ragged cut-offs, the rich smooth flesh bulging enticingly through several tears in the fabric. As Hyl'ena eyed her appraisingly the black girl approached the rider, squatting down and reaching a hand out to stroke the side of one of Hyl'ena's huge breasts, her dirty fingers leaving a smear of grime on the soft white flesh exposed by her revealing battle costume. With her other hand she stroked Hyl'ena's pretty face, running a finger over her lips and then pushing it into her mouth, withdrawing it just in time as the rider tried to clamp her teeth down on the dirty digit. The pirate girl hissed, and spat onto Hyl'ena's defiant face.

There was a murmur amongst the other pirates, then the sudden fizzling crack of a holowhip finding soft female flesh. The black girl howled and leapt to her feet, clutching her generous backside. When Hyl'ena managed to drag her eyes away from the impressive posterior, she saw the owner of the holowhip, and her breath was taken away as she recognised the dreaded queen of the Lesbian Space Pirates and tyrannous ruler of the seventh nebula, Governess Anne-Marie Sap'philana.

The e-zines Hyl'ena occasionally flicked through on her days off didn't do her justice. In her early forties, with long black curls framing a proud and elegant face, dark black eyes that burned with a questioning passion and skin as pale as the sun-drenched moons of Klavanchian Q. Hyl'ena's already moist pussy juiced up as her eyes were drawn slowly down over the Governess' huge, jutting creamy breasts and wide curvy hips that seemed about to split her flowing black dress. She was flawlessly beautiful, dangerously sensual - in short, the single most stunning female Hyl'ena had ever laid eyes on. Already she could feel her resolve weaken - damn her inherent hyperboosted sex drive!

"And what have we 'ere?" asked the Governess, arching one styled eyebrow. Her soft husky Fr'ench accent was coloured with a tone of contempt for the scantily clad Rider. "A Xii-Rider no less, and complete with 'er steed! You shall fetch a pretty price, my dear, and your beast will give us many blaats of good eating."

Hyl'ena snarled at the open threat, struggling to resist her horny instincts. "Fuck you! You lay a finger on Tro'onbi and I'll skin you alive, bitch!"

"A feisty one, I see," smirked the Governess. "I shall enjoy breaking you, slut."

She raised a gloved hand and snapped her fingers. At once a slim pretty space-elf with cute pointy ears stepped forward from the watching crew, curtsied nervously to her mistress, then dropped to her knees by the bound Rider. She reached out slim pale hands and tugged at Hyl'ena's skimpy outfit, easily tearing the fabric to reveal the twin globes of her sizeable arse and the inviting pink of her plump quim.

"Very nice," murmured the Governess, sticking out one pointy boot and placing the narrow toe between Hyl'ena's wet lips, pushing insistently at the soft opening so the boot slowly sank a few inches inside, and causing the helpless Rider to gasp in surprised pleasure at the sudden intrusion of cold pleather into her unprepared cunt. The captor removed her boot from the tight-clenched quim with considerable difficulty and a audible squelch, and smirked with satisfaction to see the generous coating of sticky pussy juice glistening on her boot. Again she clicked her fingers, and the space-elf stuck out a little pointed tongue, wrinkling her freckled nose as she carefully licked the Rider's sticky secretions from the Governess' boot.

"She'll do nicely," announced the Governess, patting the smiling elf-girl on the head. "Drug 'er and bring 'er to my quarters. And no funny business!"

Another pirate girl came forward with a small vial of brightly coloured powder. As Hyl'ena cried out in protest, the vial's contents were thrown into her face and she was overcome with an intense medicinal odour that made her limbs weak, set her head spinning, and finally made the whole universe turn to black...

At first, Hyl'ena thought she was blindfolded. Then her eyes adjusted to the dim light and she saw she was in the Governess' cabin - pseudo-teak boards on the wall and floors, a giant ship's wheel, a single porthole looking out to space and steps leading up to the deck. Her arms were numb, and when she tried to move them she realised they were tied tightly behind her back. Her legs were held apart, and a draft played upon her exposed pussy. Craning her neck back, she felt the rope that suspended her from the ceiling. Looking down, she saw shackles securing her ankles to the floor by short, strong chains, and several square indents of unknown purpose in the boards beneath her bare legs.

She gasped at the sudden touch of a soft, hot hand on her slim waist, and felt warm breath on the nape of her neck.

"So, the obnoxious little Rider 'ore is awake. Are you ready to submit to me, slut?" As she spoke, the Governess stepped into Hyl'ena's field of view, and once more took the younger girl's breath away. Her dress had been exchanged for a wh'alebone corset which cruelly pinched her belly, and squashed her large soft breasts almost up to her chin. Delicately patterned black lace knickers stretched tight across her curvaceous hips and ass, and a thick curly bush showed clearly through the translucent material. The holowhip hung from one gloved hand, and despite her anger Hyl'ena felt her pussy juice up once more in anticipation of a lashing.

"Bugger off!" retorted Hyl'ena, and spat directly into the Governess' left eye. "Where's my Xii, you bitch?"

The Governess' hand lashed out with lazy speed, and caught Hyl'ena with a bracing slap on her cheek. "You will pay for this impudence, tramp," she hissed, and raised the holowhip, ready to flog Hyl'ena. Then the flash of anger vanished from her eyes, and she lowered her hand. "But I rush ahead, you are not yet properly displayed."

With this, she went to the cabinet and took out a wooden T-shape, roughly four foot in height. She walked behind Hyl'ena, and straining her head down the Rider saw the long base of it being inserted into an indent just behind her. Then the T-shape was pressed against the small of her back, and the Governess pushed each of the smaller sticks through the gaps between her upper arms and her back, forcing her impressive chest forwards. The Governess proceeded to adjust the ropes that bound her until the pressure on her back was uncomfortable and her breasts were thrust out to the limit, then walked back round to face the struggling Rider and eyed her critically.

She raised her holowhip once more, this time letting it play over her captive's smooth flesh, feeling her tense as the crackling lash sent little shocks into her breasts and hips.

Bzzz-Crack!- Without warning the holowhip laid itself across the taut flesh of Hyl'ena's huge pushed out boob, the very end lashing her soft pink nipple and shocking it to attention. Hyl'ena bit her lip.

Bzzz-Crack!- The Governess lashed out again, a symmetrical blow striping the other quivering tit and forcing a squeal from the deeply aroused Rider.

Suddenly the Governess pushed two gloved fingers roughly between Hyl'ena's unprepared pussy lips and steadily sank them all the way up her tight wet hole, feeling the powerful muscles clutch at every knuckle. Then she pulled them slowly back out, sticky with the tied-up Rider's secretions, and held them up to Hyl'ena's defiant face so she could see how her shining juices filled the gaps in the pattern. "I see you are enjoying yourself, tramp." She smeared her gloved fingers on Hyl'ena's cheeks and lips, leaving sticky trails on her skin. "I think it eez time we paid that juiced-up petit pussy of yours some special attention."

She returned to the cabinet and took out a second, shorter pole. This one was topped with a polished phallus of alarming girth and length, the very sight of which weakened Hyl'ena's knees in anticipation. Once more, the bottom of the pole was pushed into an indent, this time directly below her pussy. The Governess then positioned the smooth wood so it was pressed against the Rider's plump lips, and Hyl'ena rose onto tiptoes to avoid being savagely penetrated for her captor's pleasure, though in truth she wanted the cock deep inside her.

Bzzz-Crack!- The holowhip sliced into Hyl'ena's round hip, shaking her body so her wet pussy lips rubbed against the smoothly polished wood.

Bzzz-Crack!- Her other hip took a similar lashing, and Hyl'ena winced. The white-hot electric pain of the lashings coupled with the intense heat in her breasts were working her pussy into a frenzy, and it was becoming impossible to resist lowering herself down on the enormous dildo prodding insistently into her soft cunt.

"Think you can stay on tiptoes for a cul-th'zun, 'ore? Sooner or later that dildo eez going to plunder your filthy little quim, and I shall take great pleasure in 'earing your 'owls."

Bzzz-Crack!- Bzzz-Crack!- Two red lines were drawn across the helpless Rider's thighs, precisely parallel to those on her hips. She cried out as her knees buckled and the fat wooden tip nudged her lips apart, pushing hard at her hot tight tunnel, but managed to regain her composure and lifted herself off again before it forced inside her.

Bzzz-Crack!- Bzzz-Crack!- Again the holowhip lashed out, the fresh strokes landing precisely in between the last two pairs, drawing fresh pain from them. Tears sprang from Hyl'ena's eyes as the pain in her legs doubled, and she could barely feel her shaking ankles.

The Governess leaned towards Hyl'ena, and darted out her pointed tongue to lap up a tear trickling down the Rider's cheek. She laughed in mocking tones. "Will you submit to me now, slut?"

"Fuck off," snarled Hyl'ena, and spat once more into the Governess' face.

"Enough impudence. You will ride that cock like the slutty little tart you are, until you beg for a merciful life of subservience."

With fire in her eyes to match that betwixt Hyl'ena's thighs, the Governess increased the holowhip's power and began to rain lash after lash upon the hapless captive's out-thrust breasts, some crackling directly on her stiff nipples, making her yelp in pain as the current shot through her. The slow, calculated nature of her previous assault was replaced with wild, reckless abandon, and she laughed as her captive squealed and writhed her slick pussy around on top of the fat wooden shaft. Hyl'ena lost count of the blur of lashes slicing into her aching flesh, concentrating only on holding her tired legs up and the burning sensation in her aching pussy. How much easier it would be if she sank down onto the massive shaft pressing into her... But no! She would not give this cruel bitch the pleasure of seeing her penetrated just yet, not until she knew her Tro'onbi was safe.

Seeing Hyl'ena's resolve ebbing away, the Governess began to lash lower on the girl's exposed body. Hyl'ena yelped as the crackling lash struck her ribs, then the soft flesh of her belly, making her jerk back so the dildo hammered against her stiff clit. The holowhip laid into Hyl'ena's upper thighs, the end wrapping around her soft inner thigh and stroking her pussy. The fat wooden cock-head was now completely slick with her juices, and was dipping just between her lips with every lash. Still the whip moved further down, lashing rapidly at her lower thighs and strained calves, cutting line after line into the howling girl's shapely legs until Hyl'ena could stand it no longer.

The Governess laughed as the exhausted captive gave in, and watched triumphantly as the massive wooden dildo parted Hyl'ena's soaking wet lips. The Rider's sigh as her burning legs relaxed and the pink glow engulfed her became a shrill cry as the fat head pushed inside her hot wet pussy, her own weight forcing it slowly but surely into her clutching tunnel. She was stretched uncomfortably wide, and her pussy spasmed madly around the invading object. Alarmed by the length of the thing sinking into her she pushed up on her feet again, groaning as the enormous cock pulled slowly back out of her tight-stretched quim. A well timed lash across the back of her knees put paid to her effort and she collapsed again, this time letting the obscene cock work further into her, invading her sopping pussy like a battering ram. She gave a low, long moan as inch after inch pushed into her, and when, after what seemed like an age, her lips settled upon the wide rim at the base of the phallus she let out a sigh of relief.

Before she had a chance to come to terms with the sheer size of the object buried inside her, the Governess unstrapped the T-shape, allowing her greater access to Hyl'ena's fleshy behind. She raised her hand again and the Holowhip cut deeply and repeatedly into Hyl'ena's arse, making her yelp and shift around on the massive wooden cock buried inside her. The heat inside her crotch intensified, and she felt the beginnings of a powerful orgasm building deep within her. She started to push herself up and down on the stupendous shaft, the movement helping to distract from the white-hot pain of her arse-lashing. Her tight-stretched pussy, getting ever-juicier to accommodate the obscene phallus, picked up speed as she slid up and down, crying out in pain and pleasure, overwhelmed by the plethora of sensations assaulting her body.

"'aving fun, little tramp? A little too much, perhaps," purred the Governess, and kicked the dildo pole out of its groove, wrenching the cock brutally inside Hyl'ena's pussy, making the pirate girl howl in shock and almost sending her over the edge. She grabbed the pole and tore the cock from Hyl'ena's clutching quim marvelling at the abundance of thick creamy fluid that seeped from the Rider's red, abused pussy. She knelt down to lap the cream from Hyl'ena's well used cunt, and watched as her wide-stretched hole slowly closed up after the assault. Then she stood up and spat her mouthful of juices all over the gasping pirate girl's flushed face.

Bzzz-Crack!- The holowhip flashed between Hyl'ena's legs and caught her right between her sore lips, the lash laying itself all the way along her gash. The Rider screamed as the whip bit into her most tender place, jolting her entire body viciously against her restraints. "You fucking bitch!" she hissed between clenched teeth, fresh tears springing from her eyes.

Bzzz-Crack!- Again, the Governess struck exactly the same sensitive spot as Hyl'ena's pussy spasmed wildly, an intense climax insistently rising in her loins. The governess took a small step back. "Do you submit to me now, 'ore?" Hyl'ena, thoroughly beaten and craving nothing but her impending climax, nodded her head.

"Very well," said the Governess with smug superiority in her voice. The whip lashed out once more, and this time the very tip of the crackling lash bit straight into the desperately horny girl's straining blood-engorged clitoris. Immediately Hyl'ena erupted in a furious climax, juices spurting from her wildly spasming quim in fountainous bursts, every muscle in her taut body writhing in delight as she screamed at the top of her lungs. She lurched about in her bondage as climax after climax tore through her, and as the pink haze engulfed her very being the Rider harnessed the awesome power of her orgasm, channelling the energy into a single burst of strength that tore apart her bounds and snapped her wooden restraints like space-twigs.

The Governess staggered back, shocked at this unexpected display of strength. Immediately Hyl'ena was upon her, smashing her against the cabin wall and knocking the wind out of her. Not giving her a chance to recover, the enraged Rider grabbed the Governess again, this time throwing her face first into the ship's wheel and quickly binding her in place with sections of broken rope.

"Untie me at once, you nasty little-- Ooooh!" The Governess' furious protestations were cut short as Hylena tore her decorative knickers away, exposing a vivid pink slit glistening amidst the beautifully pale flesh of her seat. Hylena took up the dildo pole and holowhip from where they had fallen, jamming the pole's end between two floorboards and ramming the brutal wooden cock unkindly into the squealing Governess' inviting quim.

"What are you doing?" asked the frightened Governess, hearing the crackling cease as Hylena switched the holowhip off.

"Nothing you don't deserve, bitch," replied Hylena, and pulling the Governess' full pale asscheeks apart spat onto her little puckered anus. She then took the lash's tip and pushed it against the tight rosebud, digging her finger in as she shoved several inches of the whip inside.

"No... No, you can't!" cried out the Governess.

"If you've hurt my Tro'onbi you'll get ten times worse," threatened Hyl'ena, and switched the holowhip onto full power, smiling as the Governess screeched and began to buck up and down, forcing herself roughly onto the wooden cock.

"You... fucking... bitch!!" growled the Governess between gritted teeth. "Oh God.... I'm going to cum..."

With all thoughts now on her beloved Xii, Hylena wasted no time in gaining the stairs, pushing the trapdoor open to to emerge on the deck. A chubby Mex'icanthian girl sat at a crate had relinquished her position as guard by falling asleep on the inviting pillow of her three generous boobs. Hyl'ena easily lifted the gently snoring girl's cutlass, and scanned the deck. There was Tro'onbi, still trapped in the net and left out on the deck. Quickly she rushed to his side and began to carefully cut the ropes.

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