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XL Queen


I was trying to decide what I wanted to do. I was in a strange city somewhere in Texas. I was headed to San Antonio to see my friend. I was tired of driving and I would finish the drive the next morning. I wasn't expected till the afternoon anyways. I saw a sign for a bar. On the marquee read XL wet t-shirt contest. I decided that could be interesting, so I stopped.

I walked in to see XL women with little tits and big tits and bigger women with no tits or even bigger tits. It was interesting to see the type of men in the bar and how the bigger women were less intimidated because there were no skinny bitches around. However, I had some of the biggest tits in the room.

There were 5 classes- XL, 2XL, 3XL.... etc. I looked around and did not see many 3XL or I had them beat hands down. Someone asked me if I was going to do it but I was hesitant. They told me there were 2 other people in my class, I would place and it wouldn't cost me anything as I would at least get my entry fee back. I had just had surgery to take out the 10 knots that ended up not being cancerous and pull them up a bit. My friends all told me that they looked pretty good. So, I signed up.

All we had to do was sit on a bar stool and people would come by and vote for 1 hour. They would keep our shirts wet and drinks coming. How could I pass up free alcohol? I like watching people so it was cool.

The water was cold so my nipples stayed hard and perky. This one woman kept coming by and voting. I figured she was in a relationship with one of my fellow competitors but she kept looking at me.

Shots started being delivered to me from a patron. I drank them gladly. The announcer got on stage and before announcing the class winners, he said there would be 1 more vote. All the class winners would have one more hour on the hot seat and then they would name the XL Queen.

I wasn't really paying attention because I had picked another girl to win our class. When they announced, "3XL- Kansas born and raised"- I won? No way. I stood up and had a little swagger in my step. I don't know why, I must have been the feel sorry for her winner.

I was wearing their skintight, sleeveless, white t-shirt, tight blue jeans and my black cowboy boots. My hair was just cut and super spiky. I went on stage and there were a few catcalls. I didn't think I looked that good.

There was only one girl that I thought had me beat at this point. Reason being, hers were fake. I looked like I should have been in her class even though I had her by almost a hundred pounds. I carry my weight well. I had a great tan and thought I looked good for me, if there was such a thing.

The same woman came back to vote again and now I knew how I had won. As I watched her closer, she was with this guy. When my next shot came, it had a note. You know who I am, find me after the contest; I will be with my husband. Oh well, I thought, free drinks.

We went back on stage to announce the winner. "3rd place, 5XL. 2nd place, 2XL. Receiving 95% of the votes for a real pair of knockers, Kansas born and bred." Oh My God, I won. I won $100 and a t-shirt that said, XL Queen.

I went and changed into my winning shirt and sash. There were lots of congrats, and I even got to sign a few shirts and take a few pictures. I went to the bar and got a drink and 2 shots. It was time to thank a certain lady.

I saw her and said, "Excuse me; I think I owe you a shot." We took the shots and made introductions. I heard the accent, and asked it I could call her Texas even though we were in Texas, because I was kind of tipsy and might not remember her name. She agreed.

We talked between signing autographs, taking pictures, and shots from other patrons. I was not walking out of this bar sober, that is if I was walking at all. Texas went with me to the bar so I could tell the bartender to keep my drinks sweet, and no more Jack or Jose unless it was the 3 Wisemen.

Texas leaned in and handed me a note than walked away. I opened it and it said, I want to have sex with you.

I walked over to her after a little bit and handed her a room key and then walked away. I went out on the dance floor and was dancing with some guy when I felt hands on my hips and some grinding against me. We danced and drank until the bar closed.

The cool air sobered me up some as I went to my room though I was still REALLY drunk, but at least I could walk.

I had shorts on by the time I heard the knock on my door. I forgot anyone was coming, that's how much I had to drink. She walked in and I pinned her against the wall asking her, "Why me?"

She kissed me and then it was on like Donkey Kong. I think she was about to show me.

Clothes were flying until she saw the scares on my boobs. She stopped, inquired, and then it was on again. We were all over each other trying to see who could reach the magic button first. I win! We played with each other until we were exhausted and fell asleep.

I woke up and I was lying in someone's arms. I thought for a second and then rolled over to see this sleeping woman. She was beautiful. What was she doing with me? I quietly rolled off the bed and went to take a shower, as I felt like a giant liquor bottle. I was off in lala land when I heard, "Didn't like what you saw?"

I reached my hand out and pulled her into the shower with me. I kissed her and said, "I liked what I saw very much; I just didn't want you to have a Coyote Ugly moment."

I backed her into the water and ran my hands all over her body. We explored each other and made out.

I finally asked, "Where is your husband?"

"In our room."

"Where are you from?"

She said they lived in a little town in Kansas.

My ears perked as I said, "We were practically neighbors but I need to get on the road soon."

We traded information and left each other. I think we might meet again. It's something to think about.

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