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Xmas Shelter

byR. Richard©

I am a systems and procedures analyst and a damn good one. Now, I know you are thinking: 'What a boring job!' Well, since I am self employed it is not really a job and also maybe not boring the way I do it.

The latest system I analyzed is an illegal drug acquisition and processing center. My analysis focuses heavily on the cash flow side of the operation. I then use the information gained from my systems analysis. When the amount of cash on hand is expected to have reached a practical maximum, I attack a weak point [actually several weak points] in the operation and, in the vernacular, 'rip off the sumbitches' for several million dollars in cash.

Now you are probably asking, 'Why would a man rip off a drug dealer? He might anger the dealer and those kind of guys are not the kind you really want angry at you.'

My answer is relatively simple. I like the idea of being a sort of modern day Robin Hood, stealing from the evil rich and [eventually] distributing some of the money to the poor. Also, the evil rich tend to have a hell of a lot more cash on hand than either the honest rich or the poor.

However, it is observant of you that you should mention that I might leave the drug dealer and his pissed off men rather angry at me. Since I have anticipated the anger of those I left poorer and little wiser, I have equipped myself properly.

I am driving a Camaro, of fairly recent vintage, although not new. The Camaro has seen some major professional modifications from what was originally provided by General Motors. The suspension is the same general thing they use in NASCAR, except that the racing boys have to follow certain rules, I do not. The engine is a 383 turbo unit, built for long distance use, rather than drag racing. As a result, the Camaro has to just do the best it can with only 728 dyno proved horsepower at 6600 RPM. There are cars that can catch my Camaro and you can see most of them racing at the Indianapolis 500.

I leave the drug dealer's facility with my 'laig in the injection' as they say. I quickly outdistance the drug dealer's boys [and several law enforcement boys as well, the Camaro is fast but not all that quiet.] Once I have achieved separation, I leave the main highways and begin to use the side roads I have scouted out for my escape. I will deliver the Camaro to the garage where I had the car built and swap 'Fast Freddy' for a more civilized vehicle. Fast Freddy will then be sold by the garage to someone far away and my escape will be complete.

I have run fast, far and cleverly. However, just when I am ready to really lose myself in the boondocks, a road I need is blocked with a nasty traffic accident. I do not want to try to edge past the police investigating the accident. In any case, a night's sleep will leave me in better shape to continue safely. If I do need to again outrun some of the drug lord's searchers and/or the police, I don't want to try it as tired as I am.

It is Xmas eve and the malls are still crowded with last minute shoppers. I park Fast Freddie in a well lighted mall lot and stroll into the mall. [I should note here that Fast Freddie is protected by a state of the art alarm system and sports a little sign which states 'In case of emergency I dial 357.']

I wander through the mall, dodging insane little kids being chased by frantic moms. It is not too long before I see what I am looking for.

My target is a fairly attractive young lady with the empty eyed stare of a woman with no family, no friends and no hope. I let her run into me, pushed by the mobs. As she clutches me to keep from falling, I ask, "Why so sad on this day?" She doesn't want to answer, but I have a light hold on her. I then say, "Come and share a bit of my good fortune!"

Before she can tell me to screw off, I have gently guided her to a stand where the Sisters of Charity or something are selling egg nog with the proceeds to the two headed orphans. I secure two steaming paper cups and we sit in a semi-quiet nook with the holiday mob streaming past. We toast each other with the egg nog.

We then talk. It seems that she is a long way from home and family. It is her first Xmas away from home. [Her quick glance at me tells me that this last is a fib.] If the fib is good enough for her, it is good enough for me. I tell her the same fib, except that I say it is not my first time. I also tell her that each time away from friends and family just gets worse. I can see in her eyes that I have hit close to home.

With someone to talk to, she tells me more than she had intended. She works as a waitress and lives in a trailer park not too far from the mall. She found herself very lonely and had just come over to be with people and to see the bright holiday decorations.

As we are close to finishing the egg nog, I smile, grab her and gently guide her through the mall. I say, "We can not leave you so sad at this time of year. I have just closed a major business deal and I have just what you need. It is good luck to share good fortune at this time of the year."

We wind up in the ladies department of an upscale department store in the mall. I buy her a kit of soaps, shampoos, body lotions, that sort of thing. I also have the sales lady throw in a fancy see-through nightie. I tell her, "The fragrances will cheer you up and the nightie will continue the cheer when you wake up in the morning." I pay the rather stiff price for the goods and we walk back into the crowds.

The young woman is astounded. Obviously, I am on the make, but I have just spent a couple of hundred, with no strings. Obviously, such a man is to be cultivated.

We then get dinner in a restaurant in a corner of the mall where it is just possible to ignore the hustle and bustle in the aisles. Through the course of a half way decent dinner and a rather decent wine, Linda becomes quite friendly. We gradually work around to the facts that she lives in a trailer not too far from the mall and that I have driven in from out of town and have no place to stay. There is never any hard and fast agreement, we just sort of drift out to my car.

We drive in my car back to her trailer. The parking space for her trailer is out of sight of the street and, better yet, it is in a dark corner where my Camaro might as well have been invisible. I park and we go into Linda's trailer.

Linda wants to apply the fancy soap, shampoo, etc. so that I can tell how nice the stuff is. I tell her that I will get some 'Xmas cheer' while she does what she wants. I walk to a local package store and buy a little brandy, good brandy. When I get back, Linda is still at it.

When Linda returns, wearing my gift nightie, I am seated and sipping at a brandy. A second brandy is on the kitchenette table.

I get up and we embrace. I made a fuss about how good she smells, with the soap and shampoo '. . . just made for you!' A few sips of brandy, a sort of a dance to no music and we are on our way into Linda's bedroom.

We place our brandy on the night stand and Linda gets into bed. I strip, and join her. Even in the dim light of the night lamp, Linda does not have the face of Miss Universe, nor the body. However, she is attractive and young enough to still have the kind of firm yet soft body that I want.

While I am stripping, Linda has disposed of the panty part of the nightie and we are ready for action.

Linda's experience has obviously been with boys who thought that foreplay consists of muttering "Brace yourself."

I am of a different school. I begin to work on Linda's nice big tits. I gently extract them from the rather skimpy nightie and began to suck and lick them. Many women, Linda included, have a sort of direct link between their tits and their pussy. Linda's pussy begins to produce lubricant for my gently rubbing fingers. I then begin in earnest to heat the lady up. I work Linda up past the 'ready for it' stage, past the 'do me now' stage and up to the moaning and pleading for it stage. I then put Linda's legs over my shoulders and enter a hot, wet, tight young pussy.

Linda is so ready by this time, that I am able to get my whole length in by the third stroke. Linda is hot and eager and the experience is incredibly erotic.

I want to get Linda to multiple orgasm, but I have been too long without pussy myself. When Linda falls off the first cliff, I follow her. We then cuddle for a while. When Linda leaves for the bathroom, I have her take the nightie. I ask her to wear the whole thing back for me. Puzzled, but willing, Linda leaves.

When she comes back, I make Linda pose for me in the new nightie. She is more than just willing. I then ask Linda to remove the top. She is a bit clumsy, but very eager and gets visibly turned on again. She struts back and forth for my viewing pleasure and we drink a little toast to 'The night!' I then ask Linda to remove the panty, so that I can again see what she is hiding under there. Since the panty is basically see through, the last is really not necessary for viewing. However, the process of stripping off the panty for me gets Linda so hot that she comes to me and tells me to ". . . just feel anything you like!' I really didn't get to feel too much, as my first gentle stroke of Linda's pussy gets me attacked!

I am not new at this game and I cleverly impale the attacker with my cock. We fuck, side by side with Linda begging for 'more and harder!' Despite the rather short time since my last effort, the warm, very willing presence of the perfumed Linda draws me into an even better performance than the first time. We are more into each other's rhythm than the first time and I can feel her response to my thrusts. Linda orgasms twice and it could have been more. However, she is not used to this sort of thing and is near to passing out with joy. I join her second climax and shoot my cum into Linda's hot pussy.

We have a little nap and a couple of large brandies. Then we shower together. This is a first for Linda and I use the experience to heat her up again. I tell her that, once we get back to bed, she will mount me and ride me ". . . like a cowgirl on a bucking bronco!"

I prepare yet another brandy for me and a 'special' brandy for Linda. The brandy I prepare for Linda will insure that she will sleep late in the morning.

We go back into the bedroom and a rather tired Linda sucks me erect and gives it all she has. After the previous two fucks and three shattering orgasms, Linda is not able to complete her ride. I have to catch her as she falls off me and then I fuck her to completion. I take my time and use deep, slow thrusts to bring Linda to the edge of climax and then hold her there as long as I can. The final climax is a shattering one.

In the morning, an exhausted Linda sleeps like the dead, with a soft, gentle snoring. I get up quietly and shower and dress. I leave, with Linda still fast asleep in the sleep of the wicked. Just how wicked, Linda will not know until she wakes up. I leave her a small gift wrapped package I had gotten the sales clerk to slip me the night before. Inside the fancy package I leave $1,000 in $100s with a note that just says, 'A Truly Memorable Xmas!'

Outside, I fire up Fast Freddie and we proceed down the now cleared back road at a completely legal speed, needing only to evade the exhausted drug dealer's boys if they stumble across me.

Why did I leave $1,000? First, it is the only game in town. Second, I bought a safe harbor for a night in which some really evil people were searching for me. Third, I have two large duffle bags, filled with money, in the trunk of the Camaro. Fourth, I will soon be renting some truly high class pussy and you know what they say about never buying groceries when you are hungry.

There actually is a fifth reason. When fishermen want to catch a trophy fish, they often chum the waters to set up an environment where trophy fish may be found. I have just chummed the waters. The story will spread of a mysterious stranger who came out of the night and left $1,000. The next time I need pussy, who knows if the little gesture might not provide the spark which will make another lonely evening memorable.

The next time you pick up a little pussy? Well guys make a toast to the mysterious stranger who chummed the waters!

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