Xmas Surprises at the Murphy's


"Sorry, Lizzy, game over. I quit, you win."

"Awe, come on. What do you mean. You are kicking my ass?" She came over and sat beside me. I quickly move my hands over my dick to hide my erection.

"Is everything ok down there David?" As she stared directly at my crotch.

"Yes, just a little sore. I bumped into something earlier, but I'll be fine."

"Ok, just making sure." She then bounced up off the seat, ran over to say goodnight to Darren and dad.

I thought I was in the clear. Then she seductively strolled back my way, leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I'm not a naive little girl anymore David. I know that you have a hard-on right now and you did earlier too. If you want to see what other ways your little sis has grown up, then come down to the living room tonight at midnight."

She stood up in front of me, held her hands together and straightened her arms, which caused her breasts to push together and look even more voluptuous than usual.

"Good night David." Then she blew me a kiss and winked as she walked away and disappeared up the steps.

I sat on the chair in a complete daze, or maybe it was shock, for at least five minutes. Finally I snapped out of it when I heard dad say...

"David, ya gonna stay down here? Darren an' I are packin it in fer the night."

"No, dad. I'm going to head up too. I've had a long day."

"Ok. Night. Try to be up by 10 tomorrow. Got some stuff fer yinz ta help me with outside."

As I headed upstairs, my brain could not stop replaying what Lizzy said to me. I did what I could to calm myself down and I got ready for bed. As I climbed under the covers, I glanced over at the alarm clock next to the bed. It was 11:15pm. My brain started to spin again.

'Why does Lizzy want me to come down at midnight?'

'What did she mean by what she said?'

'God, I can't believe what a hot young woman she has become.'

'Should I go down and see?'

Then a bit of reality set in.

'What are you thinking, that is your little sis?'

'You need to stop thinking that way and looking at her that way. Enough is enough.'

I finally convinced my mind to settle again so I shut my eyes and fell asleep.

A sudden pressure in my bladder caused me to wake from a deep sleep. I lazily laid in bed staring at the ceiling, not wanting to get up, hoping to coax myself back to sleep. I was in the middle of a reoccurring dream I had been having about this big tit girl that worked at the coffee shop on campus back at school. The dream was usually quite different in detail with what occurred and how we usually ended up fucking. However, it always seemed to end with me titty fucking her whipped cream lubed chest , blowing my load into her mouth, then her spitting it into a latte that she just poured for a customer. The reoccurrence of the dream finally gave me the courage to ask her out one day, only to find out that she was engaged to one of the members of the school's football team. If anything, I think that just fueled for more intense sexual content of future dreams about her...

Anyway, I digress...So there I was, laying there with a rock hard dick and no chance of returning to my deep sleep. I decided to quietly get up and make way for bathroom in hopes to not waken anyone. My room was at the far end of the hall to the left of the stairway. Between my room and the room Colleen and Darren were in, was a small room that used to be Lizzy's bedroom growing up, but dad converted to a home office. Next, at the top of the steps, was Lizzy's current bedroom, which used to be Colleen's room growing up. Then to the right of the stairs was the bathroom followed by Mom & Dad's master bedroom at the other end of the hall.

I exited my room as quietly as possibly and tiptoed down the hallway as if I was a little kid trying to sneak up on Santa delivering my presents. As I approached the room that Darren & Colleen were sleeping in, I could hear the faint sound of crying or moaning. I took a few steps closer to the door and softly grabbed the knob, only to find that it was locked. I was just about to give a light knock on the door, when I heard Colleen...

"Oh yeah, baby. Fuck me. Fuck that nice swollen pussy."

I had to restore my balance after nearly falling into the door from the shock of what I was hearing. Darren replied...

"MMM, yes momma. You like that, don't you? You love it when daddy slams his fat cock into your juicy wet cunt."

I looked down to notice that I had a raging hard-on that was now pressed firmly against the door as if it was trying to get into the room on its own.

"Oh yes daddy. Cum for momma. Shoot that hot load deep inside me. Fill me up. Momma wants to feel your little babies swimming deep inside her sloppy, wet, pregnant pussy. MMMM. Fuck me hard. Fill me with that hot nasty cum. Pump it all deep inside my womb."

My heart started racing so fast that I feared that they would hear it beating on the door if I stood there much longer. Though I didn't want to, I slowly stepped away and continued down the hallway towards the bathroom. Once secured behind the locked door of the bathroom, I tried to collect myself by staring into the mirror. I looked down to find my cock was so hard it could have probably cut glass and there was quite a noticeable stain of precum where the end of my dick was pressing against the cotton fabric of my pajama pants. I knew I was in no condition to attempt the task I set out for, or I may have ended up pissing on the ceiling. I softly turned on the cold water and let it fill the sink about a quarter of the way. I then lowered my face into the pool of cold water until my heart rate slowed and my erection subsided. I had finally settled myself and was able to take a piss, only I was wide awake at that point. I feared walking past my sister's room again right away, so I took a detour downstairs with the plan to use one of mom's old tricks of drinking warm milk to help fall asleep.

As I quietly crept towards the bottom of the stairs, I could hear movement coming from the living room. I figured it was just Lizzy tossing and turning on the uncomfortable couch. When I reached the bottom step, I noticed a flickering light, which meant the fireplace was still lit. I turned into the living room and was again startled by a faint moaning sound. I walked through the archway of the living room to find that Lizzy was not asleep on the couch, but laying on a beanbag chair in front of the fireplace.

She was dressed in a red, satin, santa nightie with white fuzzy trim around the skirted bottom. She was facing my direction, but her eyes were clenched tightly shut. I could not see what exactly was in her hands because they were positioned between her legs. I figured that I had just walked in on my little sis masturbating with some sort of vibrator.

Completely embarrassed, I knew I had to get out of there before she noticed me. Suddenly I heard a more intense moan and she removed her hands from between her legs to reveal one of those large, thick candy cane sticks. My jaw must have dropped to the floor when she put the candy stick to her mouth and started sucking the wet stickiness from the end.

When I turned to make my quiet exit, I caused a loose board in the floor to creak. Startled, Lizzy's eyes opened, only to have a smile quickly overtake her sweet innocent face.

"Oh, hey David. How long have you been standing there?"

"Not long. I didn't see anything. I'm so sorry." As I stumbled over my words.

"Sure you weren't. Are you enjoying the show?"

"Lizzy, I swear. I didn't see anything?"

"If you didn't see anything, what makes you think there was anything to see?"

"I'm so sorry." Overwhelmed with embarrassment, I again turned to exit.

"Wait. Don't go." Lizzy objected.

"I should really get back to bed. Dad has a full day of crap for me to help him with tomorrow. I really need to..."

Lizzy interrupted, "Yeah, yeah yeah. I know he does, but I think you came down here for a reason. Look, it's midnight. Right on time."

Just as she said the words, the hourly bells of the miniature grandfather clock on the mantle began to chime.

She was right. It was only midnight. I could of sworn it was at least 2 or 3 in the morning, but the clock showed 12 o'clock exactly. I didn't know what to do, I just stood there staring at my beautiful sister in sexy lingerie. She looked amazing.

"I see your friend showed up too. I knew he would." She said with a big seductive smile on her face as she nodded towards the tented crotch of my pajama pants.

Embarrassed once again, I quickly sat down on the love seat and covered up.

"Don't be embarrassed David. Look at me. What do you think about your little sis now?"

As she slowly ran her hands up and down her sides as if her body was on display.

"You look amazing Lizzy, but you are my sister. I shouldn't be seeing you do stuff like that."

"Stuff like what? I thought you didn't see anything?" She replied with a big smile.

"Ummm. You know I saw you with the candy cane doing....well, you know."

"You mean with this?" She picks up the candy stick from beside her and starts licking it up and down.

"Yes, that." My heart started to pound in my chest.

She then crawled over to me and raised the candy stick to my lips,. "Here, try it."

A parted of me hesitated because I knew what she had been doing with it, but then I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue and took a lick.

"Mmmmm. Tastes good, doesn't it David?"

It did taste good. It tasted like a candy cane.

She then placed the candy stick in my hand and said, "Here, keep licking this. Get it nice and wet for me. I have a surprise for you."

Hearing my hot little sister talk like that made my dick ten times harder than it already was.

She reached to the floor and picked up 2 regular candy canes then used her teeth to remove the wrappers from each.

"You saw my candy stick. Now I want to see yours."

She placed the hooked ends of the candy canes inside the wasteband of my pants and started to pull down. She was only able to pull them down about and inch before they stopped, so I propped my self up to make it easier. Within seconds, my pants were around my ankles and my rock hard dick was inches from my sister's face.

"Oh David, you are really turned on, aren't you?"

Just then she used the end of the candy cane to try to scoop the pool of precum that had collected as the opening of my pisshole.

"Mmmmm. You taste good." As she licked the stickiness from the end of the candy cane.

She began licking the curved ends of both candy canes vigorously, getting them nice and wet. Then, with one in each hand, she hooked the candy canes around the base of my dick making a tight candy ring. She began stroking the candy canes up and down my cock, making it harder and harder with each stroke.

"Mmmmm. How does that feel on your nice hard cock David?"

"Oh my god Lizzy. It feels amazing."

It had been nearly a year since I had any sexual contact with a women. My studies and work gave me time for hardly any sort of social life. And now to be in this extremely perverse and taboo situation, I knew I would not be able to last long.

"Good. Now how about this?"

Lizzy lowered her head and parted her lips as the swollen head of my dick entered her mouth. I could feel her tongue circle the tip, removing the remaining bit of precum, before her lips moved entirely down the length of my cock. As she began pumping her mouth up and down on my swollen rod, she continued the stroking motions with the candy canes. A thick sticky layer began to form along the base and shaft. I could tell the sweetness was stimulating her tongue in ways I have never felt during a blowjob. Her tongue was bouncing around like crazy with each sucking motions she made.

After about 30 seconds, I couldn't hold on any longer. My hips bucked up in the air....

"Holy fuck! I'm cumming!"

She positioned her lips so that they were wrapped around the head of my cock as I shot stream after stream of cum into my sister's mouth and throat. Without removing me from her mouth, she swallowed my entire load and continued to lick and suck the sweet stickiness from my softening prick.

"Holy hell Lizzy. Where did you learn to do that?" I pulled her head up to get a glimpse of those beautiful green eyes.

"I've had my fair share of practice. Just wait until I get my tongue pierced next month." As she stuck her tongue out at me. Then she returned her tongue to the base of my dick and started to lick and suck the candied stickiness from my balls.

"Oh my god Lizzy. What are you trying to do to me?"

She stopped for a moment, and without looking at me said, "Hopefully get you to not cum so quickly this time." Hearing that made my shaft go completely rigid again.

She then stood up in front of me and took a step back. She pushed the straps of her nightie to the ends of her shoulders, and pulled it down until her breasts completely fell out of the satin fabric. Her tits were as perfect as any pair I had ever seen. I couldn't tell you for sure, but I would guess they were at least C cups if not D. Her nipples were about the size of a quarter, light brown with eraser sized nubs, centered perfectly in the middle of each titty.

"See how much I've grown up David. Not mosquito bite bumps anymore."

As she pressed her boobs together and teased each nipple with her fingers. I was completely entranced. Then her hand slid down to the fuzzy lining of the lingerie skirt and she pulled it up enough to reveal her completely shaven pussy and a tattoo of a breaking heart on her pubic area.

"Look. You got my little heartbreaker all worked up."

She reached down with her other hand and spread her pussy lips apart and started plucking at her clit. She was so wet, I could actually see beads of her juices running down her thigh.

"I have something else for you." She reached beside the couch and pulled up an unopened beer.

"No thanks Lizzy. I'm not interested in that right now."

She picked up one of her socks from the floor and used it to twist the top off the bottle.

"I just want to show you the things I have learned."

She placed the bottle on the floor below her and squatted above it. As she lowered her body, the bottle easily began to slide right into her slick cunt. She moved her entire body up and down, taking nearly half of the bottle inside of her. I couldn't believe I was sitting there watching my little sis fuck herself with a beer bottle. It was so erotic, I had to get involved. So I slid from the loveseat to the floor in front of her and positioned my head at the level of her tits. I grabbed one in each hand and began to message the soft, ripe mounds of flesh as I took a nipple into my mouth. She slowed down her piston motion on the bottle and let out a loud moan.

"MMMMM, YES!!!!"

She reached down and removed the bottle from inside her and handed it to me.

"Taste me David. Taste your sister's sweet cum."

The bottle was dripping with Lizzy's juices. I held the bottle and licked off all of the wetness, from top to bottom and all around. Her taste was slightly bitter and tangy, but there was actually a hint of sweetness from the peppermint candy stick she was using on herself several moments earlier. When I finished licking the outside, I took a few big swigs of the beer so that not a drop of her nectar was left behind.

I sat the bottle on the floor and grabbed Liz by her hand, and led her to the love seat. I knelt in front of her and leaned in to get a few more licks of sweetness from her nipples before working my tongue beyond the bunched up satin nightie and down her smooth, flat belly. After circling her naval several times, causing her to giggle and wiggle a bit, my mouth inched down to the top of her shaven mound.

Lizzy pulled her knees up towards her chest but kept her legs spread apart enough to have complete access to her waiting pussy. I slid my tongue into the middle of her soaked lips and slowly worked my tongue upward until I came in contact with her slightly protruding clit. Her body jerked with anticipation as the tip of my tongue jabbed at and swirled around her nub. She grabbed a pillow from beside her and placed it firmly over her face to muffle her screams of delight.

I worked my way up her thigh with soft kisses, then I looked down to notice how extremely wet she had become. She was literally dripping onto and down the front of the seat cushion, completely soaking it through. I used my fingers to spread her folds, then dove down my head down and completely covered the opening of her cunt with my mouth. I darted my tongue in and out of her rapidly, causing the pool of her juices that was gathered inside her to splash up into my mouth.

I then worked my tongue all around her crotch, licking up every bit of her love syrup from her thighs and bum cheeks until I was eye to (brown) eye with her soaked butthole. Lizzy pulled the pillow from her face as I paused for a moment before plunging my tongue into her ultra tight asshole.

"Holy Shit David!" She yelped before biting back down on the corner of the pillow.

She let go of her knees and began to vigorously rub her pussy with one hand and grabbed a handful of my hair with the other, pulling my mouth firmly against her ass. As she tensed up and came again, her essence continued to flow down to her asshole and onto my lips and tongue. I couldn't get enough of Lizzy's flavor.

She then picked up and started to lick one of the candy canes that she used to jerk me earlier. After the candy was nice and sticky, she handed it to me with a twinkle of desire in her eye.

No words had to be spoken, I took the cane from her and gave it a few more licks of my own. She was so tight that I had to pinch two fingertips together at the outer muscular ring to make her butthole pucker. I was then able to slightly introduce the long end of the candy cane into her ass, but needed my tongue and her continual flow of juices to keep the candy lathered as I slowly started to cane fuck her bum.

Lizzy reached her hand down and guided the entire length of the candy cane inside her and said, "David, I need you inside me. I want you to fuck my tight gooey pussy."

I replied, "But I don't have a condom baby. We can't risk..."

She put a finger to my mouth.

"Shhhh. You don't have to worry about that. Just do it. Please!!! I need to feel you inside me now."

I had to do it. I had come this far, why stop? I wanted it just as bad as she did.

I grabbed her by the hand, pulled her to her feet and slipped the nightie up over her head.

"Here, lay down on the beanbag. First, let me get that..."

I reached to pull the candy cane from her ass. She swatted my hand away and interrupted.

"No. Leave it in there. I like the way it feels."

I complied as I helped her lower herself onto the beanbag. I removed my shirt and lower my body on top of hers. We kissed for a moment before I felt her hand reach down, wrap around my fully hard dick and guide me to the opening of her pussy. I slowly pushed the full length of my cock inside her, then picked up the pace with each deep stroke. Her pussy was so drenched, our slick skin slapped together with every push and sounded like our bodies applauding us for the great pleasure we were providing. I was looking down into Lizzy's lustful stare, as my sweat poured from my face onto her neck and chest. Then, all of the sudden, Lizzy's eyes widened as if a ghost appeared behind me. All of the sudden.....


It felt like a thousand wasps had just dive bombed their stingers into the middle of my back.

"OOOOUUUUCH!!! What the..." I yelled as I pulled off Lizzy and jumped to my feet and quickly pulled up my pajama pants.

"Dear Lord, save this house. What in God's name are you two doing? My Lord, save us." Mom shouted as she stood there with a look of utmost disgust on her face and a flat soled shoe in her hand.

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