Xmas Xcess

byRumple Foreskin©

Only after she felt his cock begin to soften, did she release Bill's dick from her mouth, allowing it to fall limply between his quivering thighs. Cindy smiled and leaned back to admire the results of her blowjob.

That movement reminded her there were two cocks stuffed inside her body. While both had softened, they still exerted a pleasant pressure. But, she was exhausted and her body ached from the pounding it had received. With a reluctant sigh, she carefully disengaged the two men's well-used members.

Cindy fell back on the bed as the three men lay down near her. In the stillness that followed, she began to notice everything. The sound of the men's breathing. The smell of their bodies. The way it mingled with the aroma of sex that filled the room. The trickling sensation of sweat sliding off her trembling body. The steady throbbing of her pussy. The exquisite burning sensation in her ass and the gentle ache in her jaw.

It all added to her sense of well-being. Getting laid by three great lovers, and screwing them into satiated exhaustion, had been a mind-blowing, erotic, ego trip. And to top it all off, she had gotten to feel Tony's tremendous tool inside her super-stuffed pussy. No other cock had ever stretched her wider or reached deeper into her pussy; a pussy that now throbbed pleasantly in the aftermath of that incredible lovemaking.

Tony sighed, then moved closer and rested his head on one of her quivering thighs. Cindy reached down and began gently running her fingers through his tousled hair.

She smiled to herself, and wondered how Ray was doing. Maybe he's right after all, she thought. Maybe I am a great piece of ass. Then again, maybe I'm becoming a slut, just like Ann said. Of course she was teasing. But maybe that's what the girls are starting to think about me.

Whatever the case, for now she felt tired, happy, satisfied and, much to her surprise, very, very sexy and desirable. It was a great feeling.


Ray was also feeling pretty good right about then. Ann's petite, brown body was on top of his, hugging him close while his cum oozed from her hot, clutching pussy. Meanwhile, Robin and Sue's freshly fucked young bodies lay cuddled alongside.

It had begun the moment Cindy disappeared through the bedroom door. Pulling Robin to him, he kissed her deeply while unbuttoning her shirt. Once finished, he slipped the shirt off, removed her bra, and began massaging a large, soft breast with one hand while unsnapping her jeans with the other.

Seconds later, they were down around her feet while Ray was fondling her ass with one hand and her boobs with the other. As he guided Robin over to the couch, he told Sue and Ann to take off their clothes and find a comfortable spot on the floor near them. They did, but only after first stripping his off.

Once Robin was on her back, he spread her legs apart and began snacking on her snatch. She soon reached a gut wrenching climax. Ray moved over her shivering body and drove the full length of his cock into her juicy cunt.

Robin gasped, wrapped her arms and legs around his body, and began bucking and hunching back in response to his every thrust. They raced each other toward a powerful, mutual climax in which Ray shot a warm load of cum into her writhing body.

Ray rolled off Robin and looked around. Ann and Sue were sitting nearby on the floor, watching with obvious interest. He slid off the couch and sat between them. Sue rose to her knees, leaned over him and ground her lips against his. As her tongue explored his mouth, he fondled her full boobs. Sue moaned when he inserted a finger into her sopping wet snatch.

As Sue responded to his stimulation, Ray's cock began to stir. Gently pushing Sue onto her back, he lay between her outstretched thighs and tasted her tangy twat. Once again Sue moaned, and Ray knew she was ready for some serious fucking.

At Ray's prompting, Sue willing got to her knees and leaned over the couch. The sight of that plump, perfect ass undulating slowly as it waited for him ended any thoughts about more foreplay. He took her doggie style, driving the full length of his cock into her dripping cunt with one hard thrust, not stopping until his hips slammed against her soft, sexy ass.

Ray lost track of time. All he noticed was the feel of his dick plunging in and out of Sue's warm pussy and the low moan she made each time his body smacked into hers

Sue's body had begun to jerk spasmodically when Ray felt his nuts begin to tighten. Grabbing the cheeks of her ass, he pulled them apart and drove in deeper and harder. Sue gasped under the force of his deep thrusts and her body began to shake uncontrollably. Moments later, they both experience a gut wrenching, mind blowing orgasm.

It took Ray a little longer to recover this time. When Ann began to tease him that she had been waiting patiently, but hadn't gotten any action, Ray leaned back against the couch and told the three women it was fantasy time.

"There's not a guy alive who hasn't fantasized about having three good looking ladies go down on him at the same time. So get after it gals. You three should be more than able to turn me on; which is something I do believe both Ann and I will appreciate."

"Work, work, work," fussed Ann, but the women were soon in position around Ray's limp penis. Ann began sucking on his balls, Sue ran her tongue over his shaft and through his pubic hairs while Robin licked and sucked on his sensitive cock head.

While his reaction wasn't immediate, it was predictable. Before long, the three talented cocksuckers had re-invigorated Ray's rod. Motioning Ann to climb on top, Ray positioned her over his flagpole, then pulled her down as he lifted his hips up, sending the full length of his cock deep into her trim, tan body. Ann was soon happily bouncing up and down on top of him.

As he humped up into that juicy cunt, he got Robin and Sue to lay next to him with their ample breasts positioned near his mouth. It was a bonanza of boobs. Whichever way he turned, there was a plump young tit was waiting. After a little maneuvering, he was even able to get his lips locked around both Robin's left nipple and Sue's right one, and enjoyed a mouth filling double tit suck.

Meanwhile, his fingers found their pusses, still smeared with a generous coating of his cum. Both girls responded to this new stimulation. Soon the four lovers were a pile of twisting, moaning passion.

Ann was leaning forward, her hands resting on the shoulders of her two friends, her hips a blur of motion. With a sudden gasp, she sat up straight and began tossing her head back and forth as her body shook under the force of a powerful climax. Seconds later, she pitched forward, landing between Sue and Robin, forcing their tingling tits away from Ray's lips.

If Ann was satiated for the moment, Ray wasn't. He rolled Ann off his chest and got Robin into a kneeling position near the end of the couch. It had been a long time since he had first taken her virgin ass, and he wondered if it was still a tight, snug fit.

Ignoring Robin's feeble protests, Ray lubricated his cock by plunging it into her cum filled cunt. Withdrawing his semen coated member, he slid the head past Robin's tight sphincter muscle and with one long, slow thrust, drove the full length of his rod deep into her bowels.

Robin groaned under this assault, but she never asked him to stop. As he waited for her to recover from his initial thrust, Ray concentrated on the feel of her anal muscles clutching his rock hard dick. Without a doubt, her tush was just as tight and snug as when he first popped her cherry ass.

Moments after Ray started pumping into her beautiful butt, Robin began pitching and bucking with pleasure. The plump cheeks of her ass cushioned the shock of his thrusts, but he could still hear her grunting each time he slammed into her bouncing butt. Then Robin squealed with joy as a powerful orgasm ripped out of her bowels and swept over her body.

Thrusting her tush back against Ray's driving dick, she moaned, "Oh, fucking shit," as Ray continued to hammer furiously into her tight little hole. When he sensed her passion flagging, he stopped. With a contented sigh, Robin collapsed and lay sprawled on the couch.

After giving her time to recover, Ray carefully removed his still erect organ. Turning around, he looked at Sue who stared back, then wordlessly nodded. Both knew what Ray wanted and that she was more than willing to give it to him.

With a smile of anticipation, Sue moved over to the end of the couch opposite the inert Robin. Kneeling down, she leaned over the couch and slowly waggled her rear at Ray, inviting him to sodomize her full, sexy ass.

Ray moved from behind Robin's sweet young tush to a similar position behind Sue and gently separated the smooth cheeks of her fantastic fanny. After coating his dick with cum from Sue's juicy cunt, he plunged the full length of his throbbing meat past her tight anal entrance.

Sue moaned with pleasure. She had always enjoyed ass fucking and had done it with almost all her lovers. In fact, there had been several who just couldn't seem to get enough of her ass, and she had always been willing to oblige them. But both she and Tony knew there was simply no way she would ever be able to accommodate his prodigious pecker.

Therefore, she was now totally into having her ass filled with Ray's hard, driving dick. While Ray hadn't butt fucked that many women, he knew he was into something special with Sue's ass. It was as if she were born for this. Her asshole was tight and hot and seemed to massage his prick as it surged in and out. The cheeks of her ass were like two satin pillows, absorbing the force of his thrusts while sending erotic tremors throughout his groin.

It would have been very easy to let go and drop his load inside this incredible derrière. But Ray wanted to crack Ann's ass before the evening was over and he knew his next orgasm would be his last for some time.

So he struggled to keep from coming while he kept stroking in and out of Sue. It wasn't easy but he managed to outlast Sue who came with a thundering climax that left her panting, shaken and clutching the arm of the couch for support.

Once again Ray waited a moment until his partner had begun to recuperate. Then he slowly removed his throbbing cock from Sue's marvelous ass and looked around for Ann.

She was kneeling on the floor behind him and staring at his throbbing cock which had just emerged from Sue's ass. "You want me that way too, don't you?" asked Ann, who already knew the answer.

Ray just nodded.

"Okay, but please take it easy. This just isn't my thing, you know. I mean, I've tried it before, but it's always hurt like hell," she said, with a slight shudder. Then she gave Ray a kiss and moved into position between the smiling Sue and the dazed Robin.

"Just relax and enjoy," advised Sue. "It'll be great."

Ray was touched by Ann's willingness to submit to something she had never enjoyed. Determined to make this a pleasurable experience, he reached over and slid several fingers into Robin's cum coated cunt. Robin shook her hips and made a muffled protest, but didn't move away. Next he gently worked the semen into and around the tight opening to Ann's ass. Before long, she relaxed enough to let him slip in a second finger. Eventually, he had three fingers stretching her ass hole wider and wider.

"Excuse me Sue, but do you mind if I get a quick lube job?"

"Not at all. Here, let me help." Sue collected a generous helping of lubricant from her juicy cunt and applied a thick coating of the mixture to Ray's cock.

Ray gave her a big, thank you, kiss and moved behind Ann. Removing his fingers from her ass, he gently replaced them with the head of his dick. The well-stretched sphincter muscles yielded easily to the pressure and Ray slowly slid more and more of his meat into Ann's ever widening hole.

As the thickest part of his shaft approached the opening to Ann's ass, she let out a low groan of pain. "Oh. Take it easy. That's about all I can handle."

Ray knew better. Pulling out slightly, he quickly spread some saliva on his shaft, then began to slowly re-insert his cock. This time when he met resistance, he twitched his hips forward and drove in further before Ann could protest.

"Oh, no," she groaned, but well over half his cock was already stuffed inside her ass. Ray paused for just a second. Ann inhaled sharply when his dick slid in even deeper. But this time there was less pain and her body began to respond to the pressure inside her bowels.

There was a soft moan of pleasure when Ray finished impaling her well-conditioned young ass with the full length of his hard, thick dick.

Ray began slowly sliding his cock in and out, using short strokes at first and adjusting his tempo to match her reactions. His strokes soon became deeper, then faster and finally harder.

"Oh, yes. Oh, shit yes," groaned Ann as she beat her fists against the couch in rhythm to Ray's thrusts and the slap of his nuts against her engorged clit.

By now, Robin had slumped down to the floor. She leaned against the couch, openly watching Ray butt fucking Ann. Sue was still on her knees, leaning over the couch seat, openly watching Ray's hard, ivory pole as it slid in and out of her friend's smooth, brown bottom.

Ann let out a low moan. Sue reached over and began stroking her friend's shoulders. The gesture was an instinctive one. They looked at one another and smiled. Then Sue moved closer and slipped her other hand under Ann and began massaging one of her hard, erect nipples. Ann moaned with pleasure.

When Ray saw Ann's reaction, he encouraged Robin to also lend a helping hand. She hesitated at first, then wearily moved over, cupped Ann's other small firm boob in her hand and began squeezing gently. After some more encouragement from Ray, Sue reached down and tentatively touched the gapping entrance to Ann's gushing pussy.

The moment Sue touched her churning cunt, a jolt of electricity seemed to sweep over Ann. Her entire body jerked as she swiveled her hips and thrust them back at Ray. He responded by slamming into her with all the strength left in his body, driving his dick deep into her twisting, shaking ass.

This time he didn't need to hold back. This time he let go with complete abandon, no longer concerned with being too rough on Ann's tender ass. The only thing he wanted was to keep burying his cock balls deep in her tight ass.

Ann shook with passion. An incredible orgasm exploded from somewhere deep inside and engulfed her entire being. The force of her passion pushed Ray over the edge. Grabbing Ann's hips, he made one last furious lunge into her ass, then grunted with pure animal pleasure as his nuts released a load of cum which his straining cock deposited deep inside Ann's hot, tight little ass.

Everyone knew the session was over. And yet no one was in a hurry to get up. Ray stayed inside Ann's ass until his shrinking dick slipped out. Then he sat on the floor and pulled her down onto his lap. Sue and Robin slid over and leaned against him as he cuddled the stunned Ann.

She looked up at him. "That was, uh, incredible. I mean it did hurt some, at first that is. But after you, well, you know, got it in all the way, it just felt so great. I didn't know it could be so good."

"Well, I did have some helping hands," joked Ray.

"Yeah, that was neat, too. But the feel of you in there was incredible. Jessie's always begging me to let him do that, but I've never agreed. I mean, the only time I ever tried it, well, the guy was a real bastard. He was so rough I got scared and besides, it hurt like hell. But this was different. You've got to teach Jessie how to do it like that."

They all laughed and Ray promised to give some up close and personal lessons at the earliest possible moment.

As he leaned back against the couch, Ray felt very, very good, not to mention very, very satisfied. He had just enjoyed a super sex session with three great looking, sexy girls who had been ready, willing and very able to satiate his lust.

And yet, even surrounded by these other great lovers, he began to wonder how Cindy was doing. As he cuddled with her sexy friends in the glow of post-ecstasy bliss, he knew Cindy was still the only woman he truly wanted.

It was late before the weary friends reassembled in the living room for drinks, food, and to compare notes. "I'll tell y'all the truth," said Bill, while putting a log in fireplace. "That Cindy damn near fucked us unconscious."

"He's right," said Jessie. "She set a high standard for the rest of you sisters."

Tony nodded and grinned at his wife. "Your friend is right up there with you as a great piece of ass. The sex was fantastic and there was all we could handle."

"Well, believe me," said Sue, "her husband's no slouch. And while he's plenty big, he's not hung like a damn mule so I was able to take it in the tush for the first time since meeting a certain Italian gentleman."

Ann stopped whispering in Jessie's ear, and turned to the group. "I agree that Ray's a great stick man, but what about Cindy? It's been a long time since I've seen her in action."

"You're right," said Bill. "Robin and I have done it in the same room with them. But I've gotta admit I wasn't exactly studying Ray's technique."

Sue looked at Cindy and winked. "Well, I think we need to see for ourselves just how good they really are together."

"Yeah," said Bill, "let's see 'em prove it."

Jessie was trying not to laugh. "Damn straight. I think they ought to give us a demonstration of their expertise."

Everyone started yelling at Cindy and Ray to demonstrate how two great lovers got it on. Ray turned to her. "Want to give 'em a show?"

Was he serious? She'd made love with every guy in that room, sure. But the idea of doing it with all their friends watching made her uneasy. It seemed trashy or as Ann might say, slutty. But everyone, including Ann, kept urging her on.

Maybe it was that, or finishing her third glass of wine, or the look in Ray's eyes, or the outrageous idea turning her on, but she hesitated, and then said, yes. The room broke into cheers.

Ray stood and asked for a blanket and a pillow. The blanket was spread out on the floor between the over-stuffed chairs and big couch that made up the seating group.

Ray turned to Cindy and pulled her to him. Taking her chin in his hand, he softly kissed her lips and then whispered, "I love you, Ms Forester."

Cindy kissed him back, running her tongue deep into his mouth, "And I love you, Mr. Forester."

The t-shirt and panties Cindy wore were soon on the floor. For the second time that day she was standing nude in front of the group. This time she didn't feel nervous, just excited. Ray helped her stretch out on the blanket and propped the pillow under her head. Once his own clothes were off, he knelt beside Cindy, leaned over and gave her a long, deep, kiss.

Both could feel the eyes of their friends upon them as they began making love. But as their passion increased, they forgot about their audience. By the time Ray lay down between Cindy's outstretched legs, the only though on her mind was the pleasure she was about to receive and, she hoped, give to this man she loved so much.

Their lovemaking seemed timeless. After Ray had eaten Cindy to an intense orgasm, they got into a 69 position that allowed Cindy to swallow the entire length of Ray's long, thick penis while he tormented her tingling pussy and reamed out her sensitive ass hole.

When they began fucking, it was in the missionary position. But before they finished, Cindy had been on her knees as Ray pounded into her from the rear and had sat astride his waist with his hard dick buried deep inside her pulsing pussy.

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