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Its 12:56am and the party just started. Drunks crowding the dance floor, folks lined up against the wall, girls sliding up and down the poles of the cage. Out the corner of my eyes I see this beautiful thing, 5" taller due to her stilettos. Her legs, thighs and waist surrounded by the flare of her new Baby Phat sweat suit. The words on the rear contoured the shape of her ass. The jacket hugging her waist showed every curve and the dip she had in her back. Looking up I see skin and a bra giving away the size of her beautiful breasts.

My eyes move from her neck holding 2 gold chains, one longer than the other, her chin and above that was a piercing below her sexy bottom lip. A friend of hers made her laugh, opening her mouth showing me straight white teeth and her squeaky chuckle made me for a smile myself. Her nose was so perfect for her face structure and it wrinkled as she smirked.

My eyes panned up to my favorite part of a woman, the part that shows her soul, her intention, her passion. They were colored green, unique for a black woman; my mouth fell to the floor. She spotted me with the amazed look on my face and she smirked once again and motioned for me to come closer.

I walked carefully as to not stumble and embarrass myself on the way. I made my way to her, she grabbed my hand and we began dancing to the song blasting from the speakers. My eyes made their way to her neck and followed the moves she made with her precious body. My hand wrapped around her waist and grabbed a hold of her curve and as her behind pushed into my pelvis, I pushed back and we vibed.

She moves so seductively, exciting me to no extent. The fragrance given off from her neck was alluring and for the moment I pictured the two of us in the bed with that aroma in the sheets. She turned around and our faces connected at the nose, our eyes locked and our wanting lips just barely touched. The DJ mixes in "Love in This Club" and almost immediately she raised her leg and wrapped it around my waist resting it on my hip. I grab her thigh and pulled her closer to me as she grinds. She looks at me, bites her lip and grabs me by the back of my head.

Even with all the yelling, the loud music and her friends screaming next to us, I still heard her whisper in my ear "I want you so bad." She pulls back and looks at me waiting for a response. I take my hand and walk around the waistband of her sweat suit with my fingers and venture down inside her panties. I play with her smooth clit and ask if that's what she wanted; her head falls back and I watched as her lips silently moved to form the word yes.

Out the corner of my eye I saw her friend looking at us, I raised my eyebrow and looked back down at this beautiful girl's body sliding past my fingers. Her arms wrap around my neck and her ass pops up and down on my fingers until I push them inside. She begins to bounce pushing my fingers closer to hitting her g-spot, higher, deeper each time she falls down. We look at each other and for that moment everything in the club was in slow motion. We admired and adored one another.

She moans loudly and a crowd dancing next to us turned their heads to see us; our eyes never left each other for a second. Her thigh begins to jump and she doesn't have to tell me anything; I already know what it signifies. She leans in towards me, nibbles my ear, moans and whispers "shiiit...you making me cum." I smiled and said nothing, just felt the warm gush that poured on my fingers. I made sure to grab every ounce and sucked them slowly while she watched.

She kissed my cheek and followed my jaw line to my lips. "I love you baby," she said and I returned the love with a kiss and said, "They probably thought I just met you huh?"

"Yeah, you played a good ho," I responded sarcastically. She playfully smacked my temple and said, "Takes one to know one, hooker."


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