I grabbed everything I thought I might need as I headed out of my apartment. My cell phone rang yet again and I answered it with an annoying hello.

"I'm on my way for real this time, I promise". I hung up the phone, and practically ran to my car; I was not really late, considering we had hours before the club even opened.

I tossed all of my bags into the back seat of my car and took off, hitting every single possible red light. It was Murphy's Law, for sure. I pulled into the underground parking lot, and chose the spot closest to the elevator assuring my arrival even sooner.

I reached the proper floor, and practically ran for the door. It was open even before I go there. Get in here now, Jane screamed at me. I could only laugh really; she was a drama queen by far.

I was no more then 5 feet inside the apartment when her roommate and my other best friend Drake grabbed my bags.

The two of them were dumping my clothes onto the floor, determining what I was going to wear. No doubt that both of them could do a better job anyway, I didn't care as much as they did.

I knew we would be ready way ahead of time, and I had brought enough outfits to do at least 20 fashion shows for them. Really it was all the part of our yearly ritual and I loved it.

It was X night, at our favorite club. Once a year they hosted an X party, It was quite fun really. This was our third year in a row attending. Each person who wanted to partake received a number. You wore this number all night, and interested parties could leave you messages at the "x marks the spot" Table. It was rather intriguing really; so far I've done pretty well every year.

My final outfit that I was demanded to try on, was the winner. I walked out of the bedroom and both Jane and drake stood there staring at me with open mouths. I started to laugh as I pranced around like a runway model, Making sure that they both oooed and awed me until I was sick of it.

I stood in the full length mirror and checked myself out in full. I did look pretty good and felt quite confident about myself. I wore a mini skirt, showing every curve my ass might offer, A little hem with a frill beneath it, giving it that school girl effect. It was pink, and my top was pretty much nothing, yet it did cover the important parts. A black skin tight tank top, showing the shape of each nipple, I loved it. My boots where combat, short black and tough. I looked punky yet, hot.

I smiled at them both and thanked them for there expertise. Sure enough I had no more time to gaze at myself; they were pulling me out the door.

We arrived at the club at about 10 pm, perfect timing really. None of us wanted to show up first, yet we wanted to make sure we didn't get there too late, when it got so crowded we couldn't see anything we desired.

I rushed right in and went past the coat check; I hadn't realized I left them behind until I heard Jane laughing up a storm, flirting as usual with the coat check guy. And Drake right beside her.

I slowed down and I waited for them, as I gave them that Hurry up I'm impatient look. They came towards me and all three of us headed to get our numbers.

I ran up first and started to talk to the Liz, the girl running the table this year. We had known each other for a few years, just from frequenting the same club. Wow she said, do you look hot tonight! I said "I know" and just laughed along with her.

Well she said, I've saved this number all night just for you missy. I looked down and began to laugh so hard, Of course I said as I pinned my #69 onto my shirt. I turned around and waited for the teasing to start, Jane and drake were going to love this one and really it was rather funny.

After all three of us got our numbers, we headed right to the bar for a drink. You needed guts to send these notes and that's exactly what I was headed for.

I strolled up to the bar like I owned the place, and made more then one of my friends laugh at my new found confidence. Hello Mr. Jake I said, tonight I would like to have a boozoka Joe shake please....And of course he already had it ready. I only ever ordered those. I smiled at him with my big eyes and gave him one of those sexy girl looks, said thank you and walked away.

I knew the notes would begin soon, if anything Jane and drake would amuse me with notes of humor to get the night going. The three of us decided to hit the dance floor and loosen up a bit. There were others dancing and what a better way to see someone's number up close.

A few songs into our dancing I excused myself as I was secretly dying to check for new messages. I didn't really expect to have any, and walked by the table rather quickly, yet did a double take as there was a message waiting for me. I knew it wasn't my friends; so far I was with them all night.

I stepped up to the board and grinned at Liz, well I said good bad ugly? I can't comment she said and laughed as she handed me over my sole message.

I rolled my eyes and moved to the side. I opened the note quickly and started to giggle, this was so fun.

To: 69 Fr: Just a Girl (JAG) *huh* I thought maybe this was put in the wrong spot, but when I looked at Liz, she confirmed it with a nod, Nope that's for you, and yes it's a girl. "To have one kiss from your tender lips, happiness would be mine forever"

wow, I was actually pretty excited over this. Disappointment ran through me as fast as the warmness overcame me, Liz is this some big old biker bitch? ha ha, we laughed. No she said all I can say is go with it, you won't be disappointed.

Liz knew I was bisexual, openly at that. She and I had a few flings in the past, but she decided to settle down and get married and that was it for us.

I laughed to myself as I thought what I should write back. To: JAG Fr: 69 Who am I to deny you Happiness, Kiss me. I put the note on the table and let Liz take care of where it should go, seeing as it had no number. I rejoined my friends on the dance floor, and was quite happy to see both of them engaged in conversation with the opposite sex. I casually joined in the conversation and suggested we go for another drink. Jane and Drake excused themselves and all three of us headed to see Jake again.

Walking past the table, I couldn't help steel a glance at my slot, and noticed yet another message. This was getting fun; I couldn't wait to read this one. To: 69 Fr: JAG I need you, I want you, Your laugh it makes me laugh, Your smile it makes me ache, deep down between my legs, I throb for you.

I couldn't do anything but stand there, in awe of this message. I was actually aroused myself. I was sure I was blushing, and made it a point to cover it up with a fake laugh. I told my friends to go get us drinks, and that I would catch up.

I stood there and wrote back right away To: JAG FR: 69 My mind is racing fast with questions, my nipples are hard. I feel the wetness building between my legs and I know it is you who will cure this.

I stood there smiling I was so hot. In all three years I have come here, not one girl has ever sent me a message. This was even funnier then flirting with the guys. I was dying to see her, I even thought about hanging out around the table yet I didn't want to scare her off.

The other messages I was getting, went totally UN replied to. I couldn't think of anything but this girl.

I headed over to the bar and before I could order, Jake handed me 2 shooters. I looked at him with a quizzical look, He just laughed. These are compliments of Jag...I'm assuming you know her. 1 is a slippery nipple and the other is Sex on the beach. hmmm I said, well here is to Jag. I took both shooters without a problem, the alcohol was making me quite relaxed and my mind was racing as to what I would write next.

I went back to the table immediately and read my newest message. To 69 Fr Jag I sit alone in the corner, and I watch you trying to find me. I slide my hand down between my legs and I rub my clit as you dance around, wondering where I am. No one can see me as I rub hard and fast, shivering as my body starts to shake , I cum all over my fingers while staring at you. And little did anyone including you know.

That almost made me cum, I was standing there in awe. I had to have this girl. at any cost. To Jag Fr 69 Your words they tease me like no others, they make me burn and ache so much. I wish i was in the corner beside you, letting my own fingers between your legs; I would rub that pussy so hard, and make you beg me to stop. Yet I would keep going, harder and faster, making you cum over and over. Then I would lick each finger and walk away.

I was already working on my next message and decided to leave 2 this time. Jag 69 If you dare be as brave as your words, then meet me. Let's find a cab and go somewhere. I left the table expecting this to be the end of it all, most people were not as brave as they were on paper. I found my friends and sat back to enjoy the drinks I was consuming.

Drake got up to go check his messages and came back with a huge grin. Liz said you have a message and you should come get it asap. I could barley contain myself. I almost ran there. 69 JAG At 12:20 am I will meet you here, No talking until we leave. Lets meet and go, I will show you myself at this time. I quickly looked at my watch and it was 12:16. I ran to drake and Jill and briefly explained what I was doing, I don't think either believed I was serious until I ran back to the table and stood there.

I stood waiting, it was now 12:20 and I couldn't breath.

I heard my number being whispered behind me and I Turned around slowly , expecting this to be a joke of some sort. I couldn't talk, even if I wanted to. She took my breath away. She was beautiful. She stood there with knee high black boots, a very short leather black skirt, and a very low cut black halter, expressing her cleavage to its fullest extent. Her hair was down past her shoulders, curly and soft. Dark red.

Her eyes were blue, deep and intense. She took my hand and we walked together to the front door.

She hailed us a cab and we both go in as fast as we could. She looked at me and asked if It mattered were we went, Of course not I said. I sat back and smiled as she leaned forward and gave the taxi driver an address.

It wasn't more then 5 minutes when the cab was pulling over to let us out. We got out of the cab and I looked around, not too familiar with the area but not worried in the least. I followed her lead down this lane way, to a door. It was Just a door with no numbers or address to be found.

She knocked on the door, and we were greeted by this overly large man, smiling at us both. Hello Megan he said, Hmmm Megan was her name. How hot.

The second door we approached inside was unattended and we entered at our own free will.

We walked in and I looked around, at first I was quite shocked, then with in seconds I was aroused beyond my wildest dreams.

This was no ordinary club, not one I've been to before anyway. There were people everywhere making out, openly, caressing each other and moaning loudly for all to see and hear. I was so shocked I couldn't help but stare. Its ok Megan said, they like it when you watch.

Giggling now from the effects of the booze, and the surroundings, I followed Megan to the bar; standing there beside here well I let her take control of the entire situation so far. I felt her hand slip to the base of my back and for a moment I was worried. She looked at me and smiled, you need not worry she said, the acts of others around us are by choice, We can be in private. I felt myself relax instantly and enjoyed the touch of her soft hand.

We found a table in the corner and we sat side by side, in the back, so we might see all around us. She put a menu in front of me and explained I could order whatever I liked. I was a bit confused at first as I had a fresh drink in front of me.

I opened up the menu and my mouth dropped open I'm sure. This was neither regular food nor drink menu. Option 1: Girl-Boy Option 2: Girl-Girl Option 3: Girl-Boy-Girl Option 4: Girl-Girl-Girl Each option explained in full detail what you would get and I couldn't believe what I was reading. This was amazing. She started to laugh and smiled at me, Leaning closer she said. Order whatever you like I own this place.

Then I thought for sure I would cum. I couldn't believe this.

She flagged our waitress over and then whispered into her ear. The waitress then leaned onto our table, her ass almost in my face, she lifted her skirt. Megan then picked up her fresh drink and slowly started to drip vodka and ice onto this girl's pussy. Making her jump, yet moan. Megan leaned over and began to lick up the wetness she had caused, and then dismissed the girl as quickly as she got there.

My mouth was open for sure now; I was so aroused I thought I would cum without touching myself.

Megan sat back and began to smile; well she said are you happy you accepted my offer? Of course I am I said. I've not ever experienced anything like this in my life, and never have I been so sexually aroused before either.

Yet the night is young she said. I just started to look around the room, wondering if her and I would be doing any of this tonight, I began to wonder and maybe a bit of it was impatience.

I was sitting there minding my own business, not really looking at any one person, when I felt a hand slide between my legs. I gasped at first then realized it was Megan. No one can see under this table she said, so enjoy and relax. What else would I do, I was the point of no return. I spread my legs wider for her as she found my wetness, and started to caress my clit. I was softly moaning as I arched forward, almost begging her to give it to me harder.

I leaned back and I closed my eyes.... It felt so good, so hot and deep. I jumped up from my seat when I felt someone beneath our table spreading my legs wide open. I looked at Megan who smiled and told me to trust her. What choice did I have? At this point I didn't care who was down there, as long as I was going to cum.

I felt the hot wet hardness of a tongue reach my clit, lapping it up slowly yet with force. Megan smiled at me as she sat there, making sure I knew this was not her hand in anyway. I smiled as I looked around at other couples, touching each other, openly. I saw one girl, no more then 18 years old, Spread wide, on a table, Tied down as 2 young boys began to tease her from head to toe. Her cries grew louder, as the intensity spread between my legs. I wanted those boys to torture her and make her cum over and over again. As if on cue, my body began to shudder, I was pushing up against this tongue, making them lick me harder and faster.

I looked at Megan who smiled and told me to enjoy it, it was the first for the night and it would only get better. My body began to jerk fast and hard, my hips grinding this person's face. Please, I started to say , Harder, don't stop, Make my pussy cum . Without delay I began To move up and down, saying I was cumming, I could hear the young girl say the same. If On cue they made her cum with me, It was so hot I came 3 or4 times, and couldn't keep up. I begged them to stop but they wouldn't. I was cumming so much I thought I would never walk again. Finally..... I sat back, breathing so hard I couldn't think.

Wow, was all I could say over and over again. Wow!! Megan looked at me and grinned from ear to ear. So I take it you liked it then? Yes very much, So much that I'm not sure I could do that again. She laughed at me and smiled, I'm sorry, That's not an option. I would like a turn to make you cum before you retire for the night. I just stared at her like she was crazy. Your kidding, I can't possibly cum again. Oh but you will she said.

I sat there and waited for something drastic to happen, I was sure I would die if anyone touched me down there. Yet no one did. Megan excused herself from the table and told me not to worry, it was not going to happen without her there.

That in truth did relax me a lot. I sat there smiling, and thinking of how I could repay her. Silly thoughts really, she owned a place like this. Nothing I could do could compare.

Shortly she came back to the table and sat down beside me. Now she said, I'm going to be quite blunt here. Here is what I would like. I would like to watch you fuck my husband on this table, while I fingered my pussy. I looked at her like she was nuts, your husband? Are you serious? Quite she said. See what will take place is he will arouse you beyond no return, in the meantime that young boy over there with no top, The boy who looks 18.. Well he is going to be licking my pussy while I watch you both.

I just sat there not sure what To say, Are you sure I said? Yes I'm very sure Megan replied. Unless you would rather fuck me while he watches, and some young girl sucks him off. Hmmm I said I would much rather lick your pussy and fuck you then him, if that is ok. Sure it is she said. Now you pick the girl that will suck him off. That's part of the game. I looked around the room with intense choice making before me. She had to be young I was sure of that, My experience watching that other girl had done it for me.

I looked and seen this one girl, sitting alone by herself, yet I could tell she was up for anything. I pointed her out and Megan just smiled. Perfect, she is 19 and from what I hear can really suck dick good.

Mmmm I moaned softly. Megan went over to the girl and came back with her, to our table. Her husband was already sitting beside me and I almost wished I chose him, He was a goddess.

Megan stood up in front of our table and removed her clothes. My breath was taken away as I watched every inch of her perfect skin come before me. I was wet again. Unreal.

She layed on the table as she said, right before me, Her bare shaven pussy in my face waiting to be touched, sucked and licked. I didnt hesitate in the least as I spread her legs wide, my tongue found her wetness, and proceeded to lick .....softly at first. I looked over and this young girl was on her knees, as promised, she was sucking his dick, and yes she was doing a a great job. His moans were the evidence of that. I looked up at Megan as she arched her back towards me , telling me to give her more, and harder at that.

I felt someone tap my shoulder as I looked up there was a man standing there, handing me a strap on dildo, that was hot. I put the dildo on and came up between Megan's legs, Slowly I entered the head into her pussy, making her beg me to give it all. My finger tips found her clit as I slowly entered her, slowly and deeper she almost felt the full hardness of my strap on. Her body started to push against me, it was amazing. I couldn't stand it. I felt a hardness enter my pussy behind me and noticed it was her husband's hand, fucking me in the pussy. His dick was being sucked so hard, he was jerking back and forth, entering me with all his force.

Megan began to scream loudly, and cry that she wanted all of it, now she wanted to cum all over my fingers for me. That sent all of us to near cumming, as I heard her husband behind me grunting loudly, it sent me to push harder and fuller making Megan scream that she was close, My pussy began to vibrate as I felt a tongue then enter my clit again.

It was his, he was lapping up my juices, screaming that he was about to cum. Megan then exploded all over me, bucking up and down, screaming she was cumming. I too then let go, Cumming so hard against his face my body began to shake. I couldn't stop cumming, and screaming loudly joining them both. My mind was racing fast, and I started to cum again and again. Screaming louder this time as it wouldn't stop.

Then silence.... I wasn't sure what happened, but when I opened my eyes, everyone in the club was standing around looking at us and most were in awe......I was embarrassed at first yet felt very sexy as I realized that each and every person there was aroused over something I took place in.

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