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XXXMas Fantasy Cums True


The large snow flakes were coming down fast. As we made our way home the world around us was a winter wonderland. Calley my wife was snuggled next to me as I drove through the snow. We were coming home from the company Christmas party and she was pleasantly intoxicated. It had been a good party, a lot of fun. As usual, Calley was her usual gorgeous self. Calley is 5’1”, 105 lbs. Her jet black hair is cut short like Halle Berry’s. She has an unusual beauty. Her mother is Japanese and her father is African American. From her dusky skin to her almond eyes she exudes sexuality. Tonight was no exception. She was wearing a transparent red strap dress that requires a red satin slip underneath. It was not obscenely short or low cut. It didn’t have to be for Calley’s 32-B breasts with their ever protruding nipples and her tight round ass over powered the dress. She was curled on the front seat next to me with her head on my arm.

I pulled into the driveway and shut of the ignition. It was so quiet. Calley stirred and asked, “Are we home?”

“Yes my love we are.”

Calley’s beautiful face turned up to mine. I bent my head and lightly kissed her lips. “Come on, let’s go in.”

I held the door open and as she slid across the seat her dress slid up to reveal the tops of her black nylons held up by the red garter belt she wore. One foot came out the door and her red thong panties came into view. I was so hard all I could think about was getting my wife inside the house.

I unlocked the door and hit the light switch. A Christmas tree illuminated along with strings of lights throughout the house. Calley loved Christmas and decorated accordingly. She lightly wobbled as I spun her around and slid her coat from her shoulders. I threw my coat and hers on the hall chair. She leaned back against me and I held her in my arms. I nibbled her ear and whispered, ”Let’s go upstairs.”

Calley stepped away from me and as I came passed the doorway to the living room a coarse bag of some kind was pulled down over my head. Two pairs of strong arms grabbed me. I heard a muffled scream. “Calley! Calley!

“Shut up and no one will get hurt.” I was told.

“Calley! Don’t hurt her!”

“Shut up. You won’t be told again.” Suddenly a fist to the stomach doubled me over and took my breath away. I could hear Calley whimpering somewhere across the room. I was dragged a short distance and pushed into a hard backed chair. One of the dining room chairs I suspected. I felt my arms being pulled down to the arms of the chair. I heard tape being ripped off a roll. My arms and legs were being taped to the arms and legs of the chair. The hood was pulled from my head.

My eyes adjusted to what light there was. Calley was being held around the waist with a hand over her mouth by a large black man. I heard the drapes being pulled shut and saw two other men. One was black and the other looked like a Latino. I saw numerous tatoos on his arms. A rather long jagged scar ran down the left side of his face. All of them looked mean. “Look, take what ever you want, don’t hurt my wife.”

The one holding my wife laughed, “ Be a good boy and neither one of you will get hurt. As for what we want, I have it right here.” Tape was put across my mouth.

“Yeah!” the other two agreed.

“No!” I screamed against the tape.

Calley was trying to struggle but the man holding her was just too big, too strong. He let her go and she came running to me. Before she could do anything she was whisked up by Mr. Tatoos and swung around like a little rag doll. The first black guy must have been the leader. He walked over to Calley and took her small arm in his huge hand and pulled her from the Latino. Bending over he stuck his face right in front of hers. “I’m only going to say this once. You will do what we tell you to do or one of my boys here will start to cut on your hubby. Do you understand?”

“Why are you doing this? Who are you?”

“Cut him!” he yelled.

A hand grabbed my hair and my head was pulled back. A long knife blade flashed before my eyes then I felt it’s edge touch my neck.

“No! Wait! Calley screamed. “Don’t hurt him. Please don’t hurt him.”

“Are you going to do as your told?’

“Yes, I’ll do what ever you want just don’t hurt him.”

Calley’s almond eyes were wide now with fear. She stared at me and I made muffled sounds behind the tape. The chair that I was taped to rocked with my movements but did not give. Finally I saw resignation in my beautiful wife’s eyes. Her body relaxed in the man’s grip.

“That’s more like it bitch. As long as you cooperate hubby will stay in one piece. Now take off that dress.”

“With a shudder Calley shucked the straps off her shoulder and let the garment drop to the floor. Standing there only in her thong, garter belt, and nylons, she adverted her eyes to the floor.

“Holy fuck!” Mr. Tatoos came around from behind me walk over to Calley. “Look at those nipples! She’s fuckin’ gorgeous!”

“Take off the thong and leave everything else on.” Demanded the leader.

Calley hooked her thumbs into the waist band and pulled the thong to the floor and stepped out of it.

“Motherfuck!” The other black man now came into view. “Look at that pussy!”

I heard buttons and zippers being opened. Mr. Tatoos and the second black man were naked and their cocks were hard and sticking straight out in front of them. The leader had not moved yet.

“Move over here, Baby.” he said moving closer to my chair.

Calley came over and was standing about two feet in front of me.

The leader took his time as he undressed. He came up to her on the left and the other two were on her right.

“Kneel, slut.” He barked.

Calley flinched at his words. She knelt down in front of me. The leader rubbed his big cock against her cheek. He sawed his dick across her closed lips. His huge hand took her chin and turned her head. “Open, whore.” Her small mouth opened and the head of his black cock disappeared behind her lips. Slowly he started to fuck her mouth. “Suck it cunt.” I could see her mouth starting to work on his cock. After several minutes he was pushing eight inches of dick down her throat. For the first time her eyes met mine.

For about ten minutes he fucked my wife’s mouth. Saliva was dropping down from the corners of her mouth. His dick glistened with her spit. Suddenly he held his cock head in her mouth. He stiffened and started pumping hot cock juice into her mouth. “Oh, eat it Baby, eat it all.” Her eyes were staring straight into mine. I saw them come alive. She was actually still sucking his deflating dick.

“You’re a great cocksucker baby now open your mouth and show hubby your Christmas present.”

Calley opened her mouth and her tongue was still coated with his joy juice. I felt my dick go solid.

“I’m next you little fucking bitch.” Mr. Tatoos was pushing the head of his meat into her sucking mouth. He even had a tatoo on his cock. My own dick was so stiff I thought it would break in the confines of my pants. Mr. Tatoos was sinking ten inches down my wife’s throat. Calley’s head was now bobbing up and down on his meat. Then she swallowed his whole cock and held it. The other black guy had just buried his cock in my wife’s tight little cunt. He started to pound her hard. Calley’s hands were now on Mr. Tatoo’s ass cheeks pulling him into her mouth. “EEEEEE!” He screamed and shot string after string of cum into her throat. Her throat worked him till his knees buckled. His dick slipped from her lips connected by a thick cum string.

Calley fell forward catching herself on my knees with her hands. Number three was bucking into her making her small tight tits jiggle. One final hunch and he exploded deep in her pussy. Standing up he came around to her face. “Lick me clean cunt!” Calley’s tongue snaked out to capture the drops of cum on his cock. Then she swallowed him and when he pulled from her mouth his dick was shiny clean.

The leader was now hard again and plunged into her box. With his dick slicked up with cock and cunt juice he pushed into her ass in one lunge. Calley let out a scream but used my knees for leverage to fuck back against the black dick buried in her ass. Mr. Tatoos crawled underneath her and slid his cock into her cunt. Number three came over and laid his meat on her lips. Calley’s eyes were now staring into mine again. Her eyes told me that she was lost to the pleasure of the three dicks fucking her. Saliva seeped from her mouth. Her hair was pasted down with sweat. Her nose was running from the ongoing onslaught. Then her eyes widened even more. I knew she was cumming for about the tenth time. Two big dicks were shooting their cum deep into her cunt and ass. Her mouth fell open in the throes of orgasm. Number three spurted thick gobs of cum across her waiting tongue. Her eyes never left mine as she swallowed it all.

Calley’s hands went to my zipper. Pulling it down and after some maneuvering on both our parts she had my pants down over my knees to where the tape held me. Calley leaned forward and captured my cock in her hot wet mouth. She swallowed me once, twice and then I came shooting everything I had on her hungry tongue. Calley threw her head back and I watched her throat as she swallowed my whole load.

I felt my chair being tipped back till I was laying on the floor looking up. The leader brought Calley around and after ripping the tape from my mouth made her sit on my face. Her delicious cunt covered my mouth and her clit was so hard it jabbed my upper lip. I looked up and saw that all three men were now standing in front of her. As I ate her pussy she was sucking all three cocks. Her cunt spasmed again and when she came in my mouth her cunt muscles pushed two loads of cock juice with it. As I was trying to keep from drowning I could see that she was swallowing three more loads of cum as each in turn shot into her mouth.

Calley collapsed off to one side of me. I felt hands sitting me back up and tape was being removed from my arms and legs. I rolled over to Calley’s side and held her in my arms. Her pussy was still oozing cum. Her lips were covered with the film of cum. She opened her eyes and looked at me. We both looked up at the three men. They were standing there with red bows on their cocks and smiling. Calley looked back at me and in that instant recognition came into her eyes.

“Merry Christmas, Baby, I hope you liked your present."

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