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XXXMas Santa-sy

byitzlmtntry md watson©

"Out of town again" she thought to herself. He had been out of town a lot lately it seemed, especially around the holidays. Christmas three days away and she still hasn't heard from him. He did not seem to miss her as much as she missed him. She felt so alone sitting in front of the fire, watching the flames...

Miles was just leaving the department store with the finishing touches to his Santa costume, when he almost cracked heads with his old buddy Galen.

"Hey how the hell are you man?" Miles asked Galen.

"Pretty good if you consider having your divorce finalized three days before Christmas" Galen replied. "Sorry to hear that buddy" Miles told him. How about we go have a beer together, I do not have anywhere I have to be either. I was just picking up the rest of my Santa costume for this year."

"Sure, I would like that fine" Galen said thanking god for some company at last. Right over here at Benny's is that good for you he asked Miles. "Good a place as any, yeah." They headed down a few blocks to Benny's bar. Old hang out for both of them in both of their pre-marital years.

They walked into to the almost empty pub and had a seat at the bar. "Two drafts Joe" Miles yelled at the grumpy looking old man behind the bar. "You got it Miles" the old man replied.

I am really sorry to hear about the divorce Galen, especially right before the holidays man. "So you two been having problems for a while" Miles asked him. "Since the day before our wedding yeah he said sarcastically. "OUCH" Miles replied with a snicker. "Enough about my problems, how have you been Miles seeing anyone new? Miles thought to himself for a second should he share this with his old friend. "Hey Joe two more over here ok" Miles yelled at the bartender.

Miles looked at his old friend Galen and decided he looked like he was up for some Christmas cheer. He knew just the thing to cheer him up too. "You wouldn't by chance have that elf costume still you used a couple of years ago at that play? he asked Galen. Galen stopped and thought out loud "hell, I don't know she probably put it somewhere in the damn house but I don't have any idea where though. Why do you ask?

Well you asked me if I had been seeing anyone new, and I will answer you. I am watching someone yeah. I've been watching her for months now. This woman that works across the hall at my office building. She is the hottest little thing I've ever seen. We have talked and flirted a couple of times, I can tell if she wasn't married she might be interested. "Whoa," Galen said, she is married?

"Yeah if you want to call it that she is. I have not seen her husband there in three weeks now, the dude is gone more than he is home. She is lonely, I can tell and horny as hell Miles said.

"How the hell can you tell if she is horny by flirting with her a couple times and talking" Galen asked. Miles looked at his old friend and said "her eyes man" she has a passion in her eyes. You can tell she needs to turn loose. Her old man probably hasn't given it to her in a month. Confused by the whole conversation Galen comes out with it and asks him "So what is your point to all this, are you seeing her now?"

"I'm not exactly seeing her, I've been watching her. Not stalking her either, just observing. I know her house has a limited security system for windows and doors. I know she comes home from work and showers and sits in front of the fire with a glass of wine at night. I have been thinking about what I would like to give her for Christmas Miles said. She needs a good hot fucking and that is what I am going to give her.

"Really," said Galen and how do you plan to give her that when you barely know her?"

Miles reaches over and pats his Santa costume and says "Down her chimney of course" and laughed. Galen looked at Miles stunned.

"Let me get this strait Galen said to Miles, you're going to go down her chimney in a Santa suit and then what? Get arrested for breaking and entering her house?"

"Yes, that is what I am planning to do, no not down her chimney though he grinned, right through her front door. She is going to invite us in.

We are not going there to hurt her, just seduce her. Give her what her old man obviously isn't. I would never hurt her. I really have given this a lot of thought. I've dreamt of doing this to her for a long time. She is very lonely and extremely sultry. We will give her the best Christmas present she will ever get though.

"Whoa, wait a minute said Galen, what is this "we" thing. I never said I wanted to be a part of this.

She is beautiful Galen, she is so fucken sexy when she walks by I get sprung. She is got long sexy legs, and a beautiful neck.

So is the why you asked me about that elf costume earlier? You want me to be Santa's little helper eh? Ok, I'll bite, say she does invite us in then what, we ask her what she wants for Christmas?"

"Actually no, I am going to tell her that her husband has sent her a "SantaGram" that should get us in the door. Once inside she is all ours, we can exchange gifts," he winks at Galen. Galen laughed and thought to himself this could be kind of fun if she goes along with it.

"Ok." Galen said it sounds pretty erotic and he had not been laid in months. What do we do now?" They sat and had a few more beers and discussed the details of their plan.

They had met at Miles house for final touch ups on their costumes and headed out for Melissa's house. Miles was driving, her house was about 20 miles out of the city. He started thinking about the last time he saw her at the office. They were in the lunch room, he sat across the room from her at a table. She was reading something, a romance novel he guessed.

He saw her glance up at him over the top of her book, she smiled the sexiest smile at him teasing him with her eyes. He smiled back at her and watched her long legs as they uncrossed under her table. He could see right up her skirt, although she had on hose his imagination filled in the rest of her picture.

She shifted again and startled him from his fantasy. They locked eyes again and he saw such want in her eyes. He wanted to go over there and lay her back on the table and fuck the shit out of her right there in the lunch room. She stood up and gathered her things. She walked right passed him brushing her skirt on his arm. He wanted to reach out and grab her so bad.

A horn blared and Miles jumped. They were almost to her house.

It was Christmas Eve and Melissa had just gotten out of the shower and heard the chimes ring at the front door. She quickly slipped on a red lace nightie and grabbed her robe and put it on over it. Thinking it might be her husband and he might have forgotten his keys she raced down the stairs hearing the chimes ring again. She reached the front door and looked through her peep hole and could not believe what she saw... Santa?

She opened the door and said "Merry Christmas Santa can I help you?"

Miles said "Merry Christmas Mrs. Anderson, you are Mrs. Robert Anderson right?"

"Yes I am, what brings you out on Christmas Eve?" she asked him.

He proceeded to tell her that her husband had sent her a "Santagram" and they would need to come inside to give it to her. "Oh, OK then come in" and opens the door with a gesture. Miles grabbed the Santa bag of toys and the little boom box they also brought for dramatic purposes and they entered the house.

She invited them into the living room where the fire roared just as Miles knew it would be. "I never knew they had such a thing as "Santagram" Melissa said to them. Miles lay down the bag and set the boom box on her table. "Can we plug this in somewhere" he pointed to the boom box. "Sure" she said right over here and lead him to the outlet. Miles plugged in the boom box and turned to her. "Before we get started there are a few requirements from you, this is a gift so please don't worry" he told her.

She was bored and lonely and had nothing better to do she thought. "What do you need me to do" she asked. Miles walked over to the Santa toy bag and pulled out a pair of red fur lined handcuffs and handed them to her.

"Wow, she looked at both of them, this is really necessary I guess huh?" This is a special request Santagram, your husband felt badly he couldn't be with you tonight so he sent you a surprise gift. I assure you your totally safe Miles told her. Miles saw what he needed across the room, he walked over and picked up the captains chair in the dining room and brought it back in. Have a seat he told her.

She sat in the chair and Miles came over and put the cuffs on her wrists around the arms of the chair. She was starting to feel a little uneasy now. Why didn't she question them more. But she was intrigued also, and how bad can they be with fur lined hand cuffs she thought. Miles walked over to the boom box and hit play. Bon Jovi doing "White Christmas" with an upbeat tempo started blaring over the speakers.

Without missing a beat Miles started to dance slowly back towards her. Melissa could feel her face go flush, all this for a strip show she thought. As he made his way back in front of her he was grinding his hips in her face now. She watched as he made slow circular motions with his hips, she could feel herself start to relax.

Galen had been keeping busy with her favorite wine in the Santa bag and opening it. He poured a glass and took it and placed it at her lips. She smiled at him and took a sip as he tipped the glass for her. How cruel of her husband to do this knowing he had not made love to her in over four months. To tease her like this is unthinkable. She thought to herself "ok, he wants to play dirty, so will I."

Miles moved closer to her rubbing his manhood up against her restrained hand, while Galen gently massaged her shoulders. She moved her hand as much as possible to feel him, she brushed her knuckles against his crotch and could feel him through his thick costume. Miles grabbed at the legs of his costume and pulled and off came the pants leaving only a red and green thong with a bow right where his cock was. "Ohhhh" she said as the bow danced in her face.

He had these pants made especially for this night. Easy on and off snaps. He danced his way back over to his Santa bag and pulled out a matching blindfold. She looked at Miles and smiled that sexy smile again, but inside she was getting nervous. The fear of what might happen was turning her on and she couldn't understand it. Miles moving back towards her, slowly still dancing slipped the blindfold over her eyes and soft hair. "Mmmmmm" she moaned.

Miles began rubbing his cock on her arm, knowing she couldn't reach up to touch him. He wanted this to be for her. He could see her struggle to move her arm closer against his erect cock Galen still massaging her shoulders gently moved down to the front of her shoulders pushing away her robe. It dropped down to her elbows revealing her red shear nightie. Galen moved slowly down the front of it, lightly touching her nipples, then moving his hands up her arms. He felt her shiver.

"My god, she thought this is really turning me on. She looked down to see her hard nipples. She did not know if it was because of the chill she had or from the slow seduction being done to her. Regardless it didn't matter now, she was going to enjoy this to the fullest. The one dancing and rubbing himself on her looked so familiar but with that Santa beard she could not make it out.

The man massaging her had the greatest hands, long fingers she felt sliding up her skin. He gave her the chills as he brushed against her nipples. Again lightly massaging her shoulders, that made her respond to him "mmmm that feels great" she told him. He brushed his hand against her soft cheek, around her ear and down her neck. She squirmed and moved into his touch. She is going to be delicious Galen thought to himself. She was already turned on he could tell by her reactions to his touch. One thing that was never a problem in his marriage was sex. He was well educated in eating pussy. His ex took a very long time to cum, but you know what they say "practice makes perfect" and he wanted to show this little dish his perfection.

Miles started at the tip of her feet and started rubbing her, softly. Moving around her ankles which he slowly pulled apart. He ran his hands up the insides of her calves and watched her legs tremble and try to close. He gently kept them apart moving up to her knees, straightening her legs out in front her, so her ass was at the edge of the chair.

Melissa thought "did Robert ask them to do all this, and then she thought what if he came home and he didn't ask them to do this? She could have asked them but then that might break the mood. Her body quivered as the dancer ran his hands along the insides of her thighs, pushing back the bottom part of her robe. She was exposed now she thought to herself. They could see her.

Galen kissed her neck moving slowly down, taking light bites till he reached the curve between her neck and shoulders. He tongued her and sucked on her soft skin, biting at the bend and moving down. "Oh yes," she whimpered to him. He watched as her skin grew taught and her nipples grew even harder and smaller. He reached down and started untying the front of her nightie and could her suck in her breath. He opened it and let her breasts show themselves.

They were beautiful full tits with a nice natural slope to them. Her nipples were light pink, firm and hard. Still standing behind her reached down with both hands and grabbed her nipples with thumb and index finger and pinched them, pulling them out further. He rubbed the very tips while she squirmed in her chair and moaned. Bending down over her shoulder he let his tongue lightly touch the tip of her nipple, wetting in then blowing on it gently as it tightened again.

Her pussy was aching inside for something to fill it. Tightening and releasing with her heart as it beat. She needed to be touched, fondled and fucked. Damn she needed that so bad. "Are they just going to tease me and leave" she thought. That would be just like her husband.

Creaming all over the chair, she could feel her juices flowing with each pulsation of her pussy. She wished one of them would just fuck her now. She had no patience for teasing, especially it being so long since she had felt a cock inside her. She could feel his hands pushing apart her thighs as he kissed along the insides of her legs. She moaned this time louder "MMMMM" hoping he wouldn't stop as the other man bit her nipple harder.

She felt him move to her side as he ran his tongue down her stomach licking and tasting his way down her skin. She could feel his chest as he leaned over teasing her. He was breathing heavy, she could tell he was excited too. She could feel him moving down farther toward her legs also, but he stopped with his manhood touching her hand.

She stroked it struggling around the handcuffs to feel the ridges. He pushed up against her hand to give her a full feel. She felt the dancer move to her other side as the one from behind took his place between her legs. They are tag teaming she thought to herself and almost chuckled out loud. Galen started licking and sucking the inside of her thighs with pressure. She tried to close her legs but he held them forcefully open as he moved closer to her snatch.

"We are going to fuck and suck you all night baby" Miles said to her. That made her moan out loud. "Nooooooo". "Yessssssss" he whispered back. He knew she wanted this, he knew she would be willing. Miles watched as Galen forced her legs open and buried his face in her wet pussy. They tossed a coin for this one, Galen won. Miles leaned over and took a mouthful of her tit and sucked while he pinched the other.

Galen moved in to her wetness, he could see her juices in the firelight it was beautiful. Her pussy glowed. He moved his finger around the outside of her matching red panties, pulling them aside and exposing her hot juicy cunt. He stuck his finger into her slit and moved it up and down separating her lips with her syrup. He pushed her legs apart farther and felt her arch up to him "MMmmmm" he said to her "feed it to me baby" her pussy smelled like strawberries. This is more my gift he thought as he stuck his tongue on her clit and started circling and applying pressure.

Miles had moved around to her side and reached into his bag of toys. He wanted to make sure she would cum over and over and pulled out the eight inch vibrator and the pillow. He lifted her ass and shoved the pillow beneath her lifting her higher up off the chair while Galen lapped and sucked at her.

Melissa shook as he spread her legs farther apart and felt his hot breath on her, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she said as she felt his tongue parting her twinkies. He blew on her clit making her twitch and arch. "Mmmmmmm" she moaned as she squirmed pushing her muff into his face. He started working her clit with his tongue, around it the touching it, then back around. She was so caught up in him eating her pussy she did not hear the vibrator turn on. She felt his finger probing her hole, getting it ready and her muscles flinched.

"Oh baby yes" she cried out "finger me". He pushed his finger into her spreading her tunnel open. Then she heard it, the humming sound and she started to panic. "What is that" she asked? "We are going to make you cum baby girl, you're going to beg us to stop" Miles said. She started to pull at the cuffs in a panic when she felt the vibrator at her pussy. She froze terrified. Galen while still licking her clit probed her hole with the vibrator end. She moaned as he pushed more of it inside her.

Miles grabbed her legs and pulled them back around her shoulders and held her there spread eagle for the Santa helper. He watched as Galen licked her and invaded her cunt with the toy, he could see her juices all over the vibrator as it went in and out of her soaked cunt. He released one of her legs and pulled the front of his thong down. He wanted to feel her softs hands grip his hard cock. He grabbed her hand and turned it around and lay his cock in it.

She felt the familiar tingling at her hole and exhaled, relaxing while she could feel him probing her love with the toy. Fuck she needed it deep inside her. If she wasn't tied down she would make him ram it inside her. She pushed towards the vibrator letting him know she wanted it, but he teased her going slow. Taking it out of her, rubbing her clit with it and then insider her again. She felt her hand being turned around, then a hard cock being placed in her palm.

"MMmmmm" she said as she squeezed his cock tightly making him yell out "Ahhhhhhhh", she thought me might cum right there. She squeezed it whiles stroking up and down gripping him tightly. He twitched his muscle in her hand. She moved up to his knob and could feel his cock secreting cream and wanted to taste it. "MMmmm" she said "I want to taste you". Miles did not need to be asked twice and moved directly to her head while holding one of her legs back.

He pulled her head closer to him by her hair, gently. She was blindfolded so he slapped her lips with the head of his cock. Her mouth opened and he fed her, she sucked the knob, twirling her tongue around it. He could feel the moan in her throat from her pussy licking while she sucked his knob, it tingled. He pushed more of his cock into her mouth as she swallowed more and more, has was moving his hips back and forth while she tongued his raging prick

Miles did not want to cum before she did so he pulled his cock out of her mouth and started pinching her nipples harder. He watched her body start to shake as Galen licked and sucked her clit moving the vibrator slowly around in her tight hole. Galen knew she was going to cum soon and started licking her faster, she was jerking and so close he slammed the vibrator deep into her cunt. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" she screamed and he could feel her convulsing, tightening around the vibrator as she started to cum. "GODDDDDDDDDDDDDD" her whole body arched up as Galen slammed the vibrator in and out of her, pushing his tongue harder on her clit as she tried to squirm away from him. He was fucking her hard, with all eight inches of it, as Miles held her legs she had no choice but to let them fuck her hard. She felt him slamming it into her, hitting the back of her tunnel. "Oh god fuck it hard, your makkkkkkkin me cummmmmmmmmmmmmm" she screamed and lost control of her body, everything jerked and shook on her and she couldn't move he was holding her legs, she kept cumming and cumming.

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