XXXX The Gameshow


The gorgeous blonde co-host’s head bobbed diligently over Owen’s lap, the blood steadily flowing into his organ as she rapidly worked him without pause.

“Two minutes!” Kent announced.

Bambi moaned as Owen reached down and grabbed the top of her head and started pushing her down harder on his cock as it grew to full erection. The lovely co-host gagged slightly but soldiered on, not missing a beat as she worked the overweight contestant.

“Three minutes!”

By now Owen was standing up in front of Bambi, holding her head as he thrust his cock into her mouth, fucking her face. He was hard as a rock and with each shove his balls slapped into her chin.

“Oh yeah, suck that cock!” he grunted, using her mouth as if it were her pussy.

“Four minutes!”

The audience had started to clap now, keeping in time with Owen’s thrusts into Bambi’s delicious sucking mouth. The busty co-host was no longer doing much, concentrating on breathing while Owen did all the work, using her mouth to get off. The audience clapping increased in speed as Owen’s thrusts sped up, the fat contestant huffing and puffing and letting out the occasional groan of pleasure.

“Five minutes!” called out Kent, Joe wondered if Owen was going to ever cum.

Almost as if he had been waiting for the next minute to pass, Owen let out a massive bellow and thrust his cock completely into Bambi’s mouth. His flabby buttocks twitched as he unloaded into Bambi’s mouth and moaned and gasped in lust. Once he was finally spent and released the pretty blonde he slumped back into his chair.

There was a gasp from the audience as Bambi opened her mouth and displayed a mouthful of cum. The way Owen had used her everyone had expected it to be in her belly by now.

Kent hesitated in surprise a moment before turning to Owen. “Heads or Tails?” he asked.

“Heads,” panted Owen.

Kent tossed the coin. “I’m sorry, it’s tails. You can spit that out Bambi.”

Joe’s cock twitched in anticipation as Bambi spat out the fat man’s cum, Joe was about to have his cock sucked by the girl of his dreams. He was so hard he almost came in his pants when Bambi bent over the cum bucket, her mini-skirt clad ass looking fantastic.

“Can we take five?” Bambi asked the director once she had spat. She looked rather disheveled from the face fucking she had just received.

“Sure, everyone take a quick break,” the director said, halting the filming much to Joe’s disappointment. Knowing his luck Bambi wouldn’t come back.

As if reading his thoughts Bambi reached over and stroked her hand across his hard crotch as she walked past Joe on her way backstage. “Don’t worry big boy,” she whispered huskily. “I’ll get to you very soon.”

Joe gave a slight whimper as she gave his package a squeeze and then carried on her way. He was so hard it hurt! The parking enforcement warden was left hanging for about ten minutes before the show started back up again.

“Well that was quite a performance, 150 points for Owen Banks puts him in the lead!” Kent said to the camera as filming resumed. “And Mr Dingle, you’re up next.”

Joe swallowed as his dream woman knelt at his feet, reaching up and unzipping his pants. Bambi reaching into his fly and pulled out his rigid penis. She gasped slightly as it emerged, it was hard as a rock and the tip was glistening with precum.

“I think he’s ready for me,” Bambi said with a smile over her shoulder to Kent. The busty blonde reached out and gave his hard shaft a stroke. As she touched him Joe let out a sudden strangled grunt and cum gushed from the tip of his cock, splattering over Bambi’s face and arm. The audience gasped in surprise as Joe ejaculated all over the kneeling co-host, moaning as he came.

There was a moment of stunned silence.

“Well, well, well,” Kent said at last. “Zero points for our parking warden, you’re pretty quick on the draw I see.”

Joe blushed. He couldn’t believe it! He’d missed out on his big chance at receiving a blowjob from Bambi Buchanan. He’d never forgive himself!

“We’ll be right back after these messages,” Kent said as they went to a commercial break and Bambi disappeared offstage for a shower, she’d had quite a show so far.

There was another ten-minute break as the whole stage was re-arranged, three padded tables equipped with stirrups were brought out and it looked a little like a gynecologists office.

“Welcome back to ‘XXXX’. It’s time for the very last game of the Physical Challenge round,” said Kent. “Currently in first place with 310 points is Owen Banks from New Jersey. In second place with 270 points we have Joe ‘Quick Draw’ Dingle and coming last is Scott Anderson.”

Kent now turned to the three contestants. “For this last game I want you all to head out into the audience and select a female volunteer to help you with the game.”

Joe got up from his cheer and followed the other two contestants out into the studio audience. Although the male spectators considerably outnumbered the females there was still quite a lot of choice, and they were all waving their arms to get the attention of the contestants, eager for their own fifteen minutes of fame. Joe saw that Owen had already selected his volunteer, a rather petite Asian girl who looked like she was only about eighteen, but was very beautiful.

Still a little dejected from his premature ejaculation only a few minutes earlier Joe took the hand of the first waving woman he came across. She was an attractive brunette, she was in her late thirties but looked as though she looked after herself, her body trim and well shaped.

“I’m Joe,” he said in polite greeting.

The man sitting beside Joe’s selection, a big brawny looking fellow with a thick handlebar moustache grabbed Joe by the wrist. “That’s my wife Jane,” he told Joe, glaring ominously at him. “You’d better take real good care of her Joe.”

Joe swallowed, “I will,” he squeaked nervously, before turning and hurriedly leading Jane back down the stairs towards the stage. As he returned to his chair he saw that Scott had selected a gorgeous busty blonde girl, wearing a Boston University t-shirt. Joe wondered if Scott knew her.

As the three contestants sat back down, their chosen volunteers were slowly stripped naked, the camera lingering over the three beautiful women. They were then taken to the gynecologist tables and laid out on them, their legs spread wide in preparation for the final game. The models from the first round were back again and obediently fluffing the three remaining contestants, getting them ready for the last game.

Kent Hamilton stepped up to the end of Owen’s volunteer’s table and unzipped his fly. He fed his cock into the pretty young Asian girls mouth and she began to obediently suck on him as he started to explain the next game.

Joe reached down and ran his hand through Holly’s hair as the pretty maid sucked him off, his cock quickly getting hard.

“Oh that’s good!” Kent breathed before looking up at the camera. “In this final game our three contestants will have ten minutes to fuck our three..oh yeah..beautiful volunteers.” Kent moaned softly, “Suck it baby. Each of the girls has their finger on a red button, whenever they feel they are orgasming they will press that button. Each time a contestants volunteer cums the contestant will get fifty points.”

Kent stepped back from the girl, his cock popping from her mouth. He zipped up. “Okay gentlemen, please take your positions between your volunteer’s thighs.

“On your marks,” Kent said as they each took their positions. Joe lined his cock up with Jane’s open pussy, fully erect again thanks to Holly’s talented mouth.

“Get set..” Joe took hold of Jane’s thighs for leverage as Kent raised his hand.

“Fuck!” shouted Kent, dropping his hand.

Joe and Scott immediately plunged their cocks into their respective volunteer cunts, causing both women to moan loudly. In between them Owen seemed to be having a little trouble getting it up, the young Asian girl looking down with frustration as Owen started stroking his cock in his hand.

Joe pounded away at Jane, slightly nervous when he remembered that her rather large husband was watching from the audience. Jane gave a small moan as he continued to stroke against her, watching her relatively large breasts jiggle with each pump from his hips.

Suddenly a buzzer sounded and Joe heard Scott’s young blonde moaning in pleasure, she’d already had one orgasm!

“Scott’s score jumps to 210, but he’s still in last place,” came the voice of the announcer.

Jane’s shaking tits entranced Joe, his cock felt great buried in her cunt. He reached down with both hands and brushed his fingertips across Jane’s nipples, causing the older woman to groan softly. Encouraged by her response he cupped her large tits and gave them a squeeze.

“That feels good Joe, do me harder,” whispered Jane softly. “Fuck me in front of my husband!” Joe gave a moan of his own and squeezed harder at Jane’s tits, now hammering his hips between her thighs, the sound of their slapping flesh filling the room.

“Half your time is up!” announced Kent. Suddenly the buzzer went off again, Scott had given his volunteer a second orgasm.

“Impressive stuff,” noted Kent.

“Scott’s score jumps to 260, only 10 behind Joe. Owen ‘Limp Dick’ Banks is still in the lead with 310 points!” said the announcer’s voice. Owen seemed to get desperate at that statement, he moved around to the other end of the table and fed his cock into the mouth of his volunteer in a frantic effort to get hard.

Joe pinched and twisted Jane’s nipples and then moved one hand down to rub his thumb across Jane’s clit while he fucked her. This seemed to help matters, he could feel the lovely women’s cunt get wetter around his pumping cock.

“Two minutes left!” the announcer called out.

Owen was finally hard, he rushed back around to between his volunteers thighs and pushed himself inside her.

The buzzer went off for a third time! Scott was a fucking machine! “Scott moves to first equal with Owen on 310 points. Joe is now last on 270.”

“Keep going,” the woman urged Joe in a soft moan.

“One minute left!” came the countdown.

Joe pumped harder and faster, his cock like a piston between the woman’s thighs.

“Ten…nine…eight…” the studio audience all shouted out the countdown.

“That’s it!” groaned Jane.


Joe thrust deeper into her.


Jane pushed the buzzer.


“Time ups!” called Kent and the three men slowly pulled out of their volunteers. Jane was still moaning softly as Joe drew out of her, coasting down from her orgasm.

“With that last minute orgasm Joe Dingle has earned himself fifty points and shot into first place with 320 points!” said the announcer. “Owen and Scott are second equal on 310 points.”

“What a game!” said Kent. “Right down to the wire. Congratulations Joe.”

“Thanks,” Joe replied breathlessly, zipping himself up.

Kent turned to the camera’s, “We’ll be right back after the break with Joe Dingle competing in Round 3: ‘XXXX’ Challenge!”

As the crew was arranging the set for the final round, Holly, Joe’s maid/fluffer approached him, still looking incredibly sexy in her skimpy black and white outfit. “Would you like me to get you off before the last round?” she offered, licking her full red lips seductively.

Joe hesitated a moment, knowing what was coming. But despite ten solid minutes of fucking Jane he still felt drained from when he had cum in Bambi Buchanan’s face. “No, I think I’ll be okay,” he replied with a grateful smile.

Holly nodded, looking a tad disappointed, then headed back offstage.

Joe saw that Bambi had returned to the stage, along with Carmen, Jenna and Jordan the three celebrity guests. All four of the buxom women were completely naked and received a few wolf whistles from the appreciative studio audience.

The naked Bambi Buchanan approached Joe, causing his cock to twitch in appreciation.

“Hi there, Hotshot,” she said with a friendly smile, she reached out and took his hand drawing it to her ample right breast. Joe gave a slightly moan as he squeezed her incredibly firm and full breast. “We need you to strip off for the last game,” she explained as Joe groped her offered tit. “We’re about to get started again.”

“Okay,” Joe said, his voice squeaking slightly as Bambi moved away and headed back to speak with the three celebrities. The nervous parking warden hurried got undressed for the final game of ‘XXXX’.

“Welcome back to ‘XXXX’ folks!” Kent greeted the camera as filming resumed. ‘ROUND 3:XXXX CHALLENGE’ was on the screen at the back of the set. “We’ve got Joe Dingle, a parking enforcement officer from New York with us for the final game, the ‘XXXX’ Challenge!” Kent said.

The camera then panned across to Bambi and the naked celebrity guests. “As you can see me and girls are all set for the last game, and eager to begin,” Bambi said with a wink at the camera, she reached over and tweaked Jenna’s nipple.

“For the folks at home I’ll explain how the final round works,” Kent said, the camera still lingering on the four naked women. “Each of our three guests and Bambi herself have given us their favourite orifice that they like to be fucked in, or in Bambi’s case she’s a slut who likes all four so we’ve chosen one for her tonight.” Kent said with a chuckle. “Our contestant will have to guess which orifice each of our ladies prefers in seven rounds, pussy, mouth, ass or titty-fucking. In each round for every correct guess an ‘X’ will appear on the screen, but we won’t reveal which of his guesses was correct.”

“Enough rules lets fuck!” called out Jenna Jameson, causing a cheer to erupt from the audience.

“Sounds good to me!” agreed Bambi with a smile.

“Okay Joe, are you all ready?” Kent asked the nervous contestant.

“Sure am,” Joe agreed.

“Then let the first round begin,” said Kent. “You have four strokes in each of the ladies to test an orifice, and remember, if you cum, then you’re eliminated.” he reminded Joe as he headed towards the four naked women.

Joe stepped in front of the incredibly beautiful and sexy foursome. He couldn’t believe that he had the opportunity to do almost anything he wanted to the buxom stars under the guise of the game. They all sat on a long bench, awaiting Joe’s instructions.

“Turn around and bend over the bench,” he ordered them, he wanted to fuck them all first, just so he could say that he had. There was no sense in guessing too quickly he decided.

Joe stepped up to Carmen Elektra who was first in the line and knelt down behind her. Damn she looked gorgeous from this angle, she had the greatest ass. He seized her hips and lined himself up with her cunt. With a soft moan from both him and Carmen he pushed himself up into her pussy.

“Oh yeah!” he breathed and started to stroke in and out of her cunt, taking his allotment of four strokes. Carmen moaned softly and pushed back against him and all too soon he had to pull out of her.

Supermodel Jordan was next and Joe knelt down behind her, running a hand across her shapely ass before lining up his cock with the next cunt in the line. He was hard as a rock, it was a definite turn on to be working his way along a line of beautiful women. Jordan gasped slightly as Joe pushed up into her. He held her by the hips and gave four long and slow thrusts deep into her pussy before he reluctantly pulled out, as much fun as this was it would be a rather frustrating game he was sure.

Jenna was next in the line, Joe trembling slightly as he pushed his cock into the busty adult movie actress. How many bigger and more skilled cocks had the porn star had in her pussy in the past? Jenna didn’t seem too impressed as he took his four thrusts into her clutching vagina.

Last in the line was Joe’s dream-girl, Bambi “Triple Double D” Buchanan, he hesitated a moment as he stood behind her, looking down at her very inviting bent over posterior. He then changed his mind and moved around to the other end of her, offering his cock towards her face. Bambi compliantly opened her lips and let him push his cock into her mouth. After his failure to get a blowjob from her in the previous round he was determined to experience the feeling of her mouth.

Joe moaned as Bambi immediately started to suck heavily at his cock. He gently took hold of the top of her head and stroke back and forth in her mouth four times, feeling his cock drag across her hungry tongue, driving him wild. When he reluctantly pulled out there was a slurping smack of Bambi’s lips as she equally reluctantly released him from her mouth.

“Two X’s!” announced Kent, “a great start!”

Joe’s cock was hard as a rock, this was going to be harder than he thought. He’d wanted to fuck their asses next as that seemed such a wicked thing to do, but he thought that would be too much after fucking Bambi’s wonderful mouth.

“Sit back on the seats please,” he told the women as he stepped up to Carmen once again. He stood directly in front of her, his cock lined up with her face. Carmen instinctively leant forward and licked the tip of Joe’s cock, lapping up the drop of precum that had emerged. Joe however had other ideas, he pushed her head back and bent his knee’s slightly, placing his hard cock against Carmen’s ample breasts.

“Mmm,” he moaned in appreciation as he hefted Carmen’s heavy tits and pressed them together around his erection. Carmen Elektra’s breasts felt fantastic as he pressed them together around his hard cock and started to shove with his hips, fucking up into her deep cleavage. As he titfucked her his hands squeezed at the sides of Carmen’s big tits, this felt great!

After his four strokes he moved on to Jordan. He paused in front of her and reached out and grabbed both of her big tits in his hands, giving them a firm squeeze as he remembered his blindfolded fondling. Jordan licked her lips in anticipation as he pinched her nipples and Joe was briefly tempted to shove his cock into her alluring mouth. But he decided he was best to do this systematically if he was going to do guess correctly and win.

He crouched slightly and pushed his cock up between Jordan’s ample boobs, gripping the sides of them and he sawed slowly back and forth between them, savoring the feel of the ample pillows wrapped around his hard cock.

He moved to Jenna next, looking her in the eyes and he pushed his cock between her tits. Jenna, who was no stranger to titty fucking held her own big tits, pressing them together over Joe’s hard shaft as he thrust against her chest. She seemed more responsive than when he had fucked her cunt, but it was hard to tell as he hadn’t been able to see her face before.

Joe stepped up to Bambi, his cock throbbing as he was suddenly nervous. He gave her tits a preliminary grope and then laid his cock in her cleavage, pressing the vast melons together around the shaft. Bambi gave a quiet moan as Joe pushed against her tits, closing his eyes slightly to enhance the feel of her titflesh rubbing against his cock. He gave her the permitted four strokes and then stepped back.

This time only a single X appeared on the scoreboard, only one of the women had titfucks as their chosen orifice.

“Bend over again,” Joe ordered, it was assfucking time! There was something very arousing about telling four lovely women to bend over for him to receive his cock up their butts!

Joe moved behind Carmen and once again seized her by the hips. This time however he lined his hard cock up with a different hole. He was about to fuck Carmen Elektra in the ass! Joe gave a loud moan as he pushed his cock slowly into Carmen tight rear end. The busty brunette cried out as Joe’s cock pushed it’s way into her bowel. She moaned as he tightly gripped her hips and started to push in and out of her, each thrust taking him slightly deeper. Carmen’s ass felt incredibly tight, squeezing his cock and threatening to wring the cum out of him.

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