XXXX The Gameshow


Joe was breathing heavily as he pulled out of Carmen’s ass and moved over to Jordan, he was going to be hard pressed to last through this round without cumming. “Ow!” Jordan cried out in pain as Joe pushed his cock up into her ass. He held her by the hips and tried to pump his cock against her ultra tight asshole. The busty model was obviously not that used to anal sex and didn’t seem to enjoy it very much, that was one option he could safely cross off his list of guesses.

Next up was Jenna Jameson, who Joe knew for sure was no stranger to anal sex. He lined himself up with the voluptuous porn-stars ass and pushed up inside her. Jenna moaned as Joe thrust against her, he was able to shove himself quite hard and deep as the experienced porn star ground herself back against him. For those four rapid thrusts Joe was in heaven.

He pulled out of the gorgeous Jenna and moved to the end of the line where Bambi was waiting. Joe hesitated a moment as he stared down at Bambi’s gorgeous ass, beautifully presented as she bent over the long bench. His hands shaking Joe dropped to his knees behind her and placed his hands on her firm ass-cheeks.

“Ready Bambi?” he asked, giving her ass a squeeze.

“Do it!” she breathed lustfully in reply.

Joe pulled apart the gorgeous co-hosts buttocks and pushed his cock into her ass. Bambi let out a moan as he thrust up into her. “Oh yeah!” moaned Joe as he thrust a second time into Bambi’s butt hole.

“You like that eh Dingle?” asked Kent, grinning broadly.

“Oh yeah!” Joe repeated, thrusting a third and forth time before pulling out. He looked up at the screen and saw that a single X lit up. So now he knew that one of the ladies liked it up the butt, one liked titty fucking and one like straightforward vaginal intercourse. Hang on, Joe thought, he didn’t know the pussy thing for sure as he’d used Bambi’s mouth and not her cunt in round one.

“Half way now Joe, this is your forth round,” Kent reminded the contestant as he moved back to Carmen at the start of the line.

“Sit up again ladies,” Joe instructed as he stepped up and offered his hard cock towards Carmen’s mouth. The voluptuous brunette actress made a face as he waved his cock towards her lips and she quickly leant forward and wrapped her big tits around Joe’s cock.

Joe gave a moan as Carmen started to pump her tits over his cock, he loved the way her breasts felt, but he did wonder why she’d avoided her mouth. Carmen finished her four pumps on Joe’s cock, the abundant pillows of her breasts feeling sensational around his cock after the tightness of the four celebrities asses. Joe moved on to Jordan now, determined to feel her mouth. The voluptuous model was taken slightly by surprise as Joe quickly shoved his cock straight into her mouth, not giving her the same chance to dodge that he’d given to Carmen.

Jordan gagged slightly as her lips were forced open by Joe’s intruding manhood. He held her head and rapidly pumped her mouth, his cock driving deep and balls slapping against her chin. When Joe finally pulled out, his four thrusts complete, Jordan coughed and spluttered, shooting him a dark look as he moved down the line to Jenna.

Joe pushed his cock towards the blonde porn-star’s face and Jenna immediately opened her mouth, leaning forward and capturing the parking warden’s cock between her lips. Joe let out a moan as Jenna swallowed his dick, her tongue swiping along the underside and doing wonderful things Joe could barely describe. Jenna drew back to the head of his cock, once again swirling her tongue skillfully before plunging back down his shaft, this time taking him into her throat as her nose pressed to his belly.

“Oh fuck!” Joe groaned as Jenna drew back once again. He grabbed the top of her head and pushed her down a third time, pushing his hips forward at the same time. Fuck she was good at this, almost as talented as Bambi. Joe’s cock shuddered at the thought of Bambi’s mouth and he gave Jenna’s mouth one more quick thrust and then pulled out, his cock dangerously close to overflowing.

Moving on to Bambi Joe tried to regain his composure, he was only halfway through the round after all, he had to hold on. As he stepped in front of Bambi he realized he’d already tried her mouth, but had not yet sampled her cunt. He instructed her to turn around, so she stood up and bent over, bracing herself with both hands on the bench and Joe stepped behind her and took hold of her by the hips.

Joe tried to imagine a baseball game in his head, anything to take his mind off the thought he was about to fuck Bambi Buchanan. Lining himself up with her pussy he shoved forward, his cock sinking into her warm, inviting pussy. “Ahh!” moaned Joe, slowly taking his four thrusts, not going too deep within Bambi to avoid pushing himself over the edge.

When he was finally done he pulled out and glanced up at the scoreboard. None of the X’s were lit.

“Bad luck Joe, none right that time,” said Kent. He then turned to the camera’s, “time for a commercial break, we’ll be right back.”

Joe was very grateful for the quick break. Holly brought him out a glass of water from which he took a long swallow. “Can you get me off now?” Joe asked her hopefully.

The pretty maid shook her head. “I can’t now that you’ve started the ‘XXXX’ Challenge round I’m afraid.”

“Okay,” Joe said in disappointment, he’d just have to do his best to maintain control. Holly hurried back off stage as the ad break finished and Kent resumed the action for Joe’s fifth round of guesses.

Joe stepped up to Carmen Elektra. “Suck!” he ordered her, making no mistake of his desire so she couldn’t avoid it. Carmen obediently leant forward and took his cock into her hot mouth. Her expression didn’t show any disgust as it had last time, perhaps it was just the fact he had just been in the ladies asses that put her off sucking him.

He gave a moan as Carmen’s head bobbed over his cock, she was good, although not in the same league as Bambi and Jenna. Once he’d had four long sucks from Carmen he moved on to Jordan.

Joe paused a moment, he was quickly running out of time and had to work out what position these ladies preferred. All he knew for sure about Jordan was that she didn’t like oral and from the way she’d reacted he was pretty sure she didn’t think much of anal either. Making a guess he stepped up close to her and lifted her ample tits up, wrapping them around his cock. Jordan gave a slight moan, encouraging Joe as he thrust his cock up between Jordan’s breasts.

Her massive tits felt heavy in his hands as he squeezed them together around his shaft and began to thrust with his hips between them. On the forth and final thrust Jordan leant down and licked the tip of his cock as it emerged between her big jugs.

“That was great,” Joe whispered to her as he moved on to Jenna.

Joe knew that oral was not Jenna’s preferred style and only one of the girls like titty-fucking, so that was probably Jordan. Jenna hadn’t been particularly reactive when he’d fucked her so this time he had her lie on her back on the bench so he could see her face as he pushed into her. He straddled the bench between Jenna’s thighs, pulling her legs up around him as he moved in towards her. He briefly hesitated between her two entrances and then pushed his cock up into Jenna’s ass.

The busty porn actress let out a gasp as Joe thrust into her ass, she moaned slightly as he reamed her ass rapidly, taking four deep lunges within her.

Joe then moved to Bambi, the ad break had given him a chance to cool down and he wanted to sample the co-host’s lovely mouth again. He pulled her head down to his crotch again and let her do the work, her full lips parting to take him inside her incredible mouth and her head bobbing rapidly as she worked her magic on him, sending pleasure soaring through his body.

When he pulled out of Bambi’s mouth and looked up at the scoreboard Bambi winked and licked her lips.

“Three X’s!” announced Kent. “That’s your best so far!”

Joe’s mind worked quickly as he tried to figure out what that meant. There was only one of those that were incorrect. He was certain that Jordan liked titty-fucking and he also guessed that Bambi’s lip licking display was a clue to her favourite as well. That meant either Carmen or Jenna was incorrect and he had two rounds left to decide which. One of them had to be anal and from the first round he assumed Bambi’s mouth was one X so the other had to be cunt.

Joe grinned as he moved in front of Carmen, with two round left he could try both combinations, he was sure he would win now, all he had to do was make sure he didn’t cum, and with two more rounds in Bambi’s mouth it wasn’t going to be easy.

Joe gritted his teeth and pinched the base of his cock as he worked his way along the line. Thrusting four times into Carmen’s ultra tight ass, four times between Jordan’s breasts, four times into Jenna’s cunt and four times into Bambi’s mouth.

Joe looked up at the scoreboard. Only two X’s.

“Last round Joe,” Kent told him. “You need to get four X’s to win our grand prize.”

Joe nodded, his cock trembling. He stepped up to Carmen and thrust four times into her cunt, then moved on to Jordan and worked her cleavage for four thrusts. So far, so good but the hardest was yet to come. Jenna moaned as he shoved his cock in and out of her ass four times, keeping it as shallow as he thought he could get away with.

He then moved on to Bambi, his cock super-close to exploding. It seemed very dirty to be coming straight from Jenna’s ass to Bambi’s mouth but the buxom blonde co-host didn’t bat an eyelid as she licked up the glistening precum from the head of Joe’s penis and then sucked the long shaft into her talented mouth. “Ahhh!” Joe let out a lustful moan as Bambi bobbed her head over his groin. He squeezed his hands into tight fists as she slowly and excruciatingly worked his cock. Those four long sucks seemed to take an eternity and he never thought he’d ever want a blowjob from Bambi Buchanan to be over with, but his balls were in absolute agony.

When the fourth suck was complete and Bambi finally released him he looked up at the scoreboard.

“Four X’s!!” cried out Kent. “Congratulations Joe Dingle, you are our ‘XXXX’ Champion!”

The audience cheered and applauded loudly as Joe went slightly weak at the knees. He’d won! The show’s theme music played as Kent came up beside him and clapped him on the back.

“Well done Joe, you’ve won a three week holiday for two in romantic Paris and fifty thousand dollars spending money!” Kent told him as Joe smiled, slightly bewildered by the whole affair. He could hardly believe he’d won, actually all he could think about was his aching testicles.

“And that’s not the best part Joe,” Kent explained. “You’ll be accompanied on this sexy vacation by your choice from our voluptuous celebrities.” Kent pointed to where Carmen, Jordan and Jenna were all bent over on the bench, presenting their posteriors towards him. Bambi stood off to the side slightly, clapping politely.

Kent gestured down towards Joe’s trembling manhood. “I’m sure after such an intense third round you’d like to do something about that,” Kent said with chuckle. He then gestured towards the three bent over women, “Go and select your prize, whichever pussy you cum in you can take with you to France.”

Joe almost ran forward, to everyone’s surprise instead of plunging himself into Carmen, Jordan or Jenna he grabbed Bambi Buchanan by the wrist and spun her around, seizing her hips and shoving his cock deep into the busty co-hosts pussy. Joe arched his back and let out a shout of relief as he cum spurted up inside the gorgeous blonde.

Kent couldn’t help but laugh at this. “Well it looks like our lucky winner is taking none other than Bambi Buchanan away for an erotic three week vacation in romantic Paris. We’ll be back next week with another exciting and sexy episode of ‘XXXX’ the sexiest, raciest, most risqué game-show on television!”

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