*Author's note: Any and all persons engaged in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Chapter 1

Xyla Woods lugged the heavy box up the neatly bordered walkway to the front door. She cursed the idiot, probably Marla Tooms that had come up with the idea that the cheerleaders could go door to door selling the crappy candy bars. Like they had nothing better to do on a Saturday.

At first, Xyla's Mom had said they'd buy all the candy bars, save Xyla from having to go door to door, but then her ass hole step-father said no, Xyla had to learn to work for what she wanted.

The beautiful eighteen year old blonde looked over at the two cars in the driveway. She vaguely recognized one car, a bulky looking Mercedes-Benz in a faded red color. The other car was a sleek looking sports car; she didn't recognize the make or model, but it was a cute car.

Xyla rang the doorbell and, under her breath, practiced the sales pitch she'd already said twelve times, with twelve rejections.

A short woman, at least six inches shorter than the five foot four inch Xyla Woods, opened the door.

"Yes?" the attractive brunette asked, cigarette dangling from her lips.

"Smoking's bad for..." Xyla immediately responded, before remembering, she was there to sell candy bars, not lecture people on their health.

"Good morning, Ma'am, my name's Xyla Woods, I'm a student at Kimble Academy, go Mustangs! And our cheerleading team's trying to raise money to pay for our trip to Washington D.C. for the National Competition for Two A high schools," Xyla said.

"My boy goes to Kimble; he didn't say anything about any fund raiser," the woman interrupted Xyla's spiel.

"Yes ma'am, he probably didn't know about it; it's just us cheerleaders, Xyla politely responded, wanting to wave away the offensive cigarette smoke.

"How much?" the woman asked, peering at the box in Xyla's left hand.

"They are made from the finest milk chocolate and we're selling them for only three dollars apiece," Xyla said.

"And how many you got there?" the woman asked, using her cigarette to point toward the box.

"We each got twenty four bars to sell," Xyla said.

"Twenty four bars at three dollars apiece; seventy two dollars going to pay for a trip to Washington D.C.?" the woman asked, dropped her cigarette to the ground and squashed it with the sole of her platform soled boot.

Xyla blinked; the woman was even shorter than she'd surmised; the soles on the boots looked to be about six inches thick.

"Yeah, I'm short," the woman smirked.

"Oh, it's not that, it's... Yes ma'am, you're pretty short," Xyla agreed, blushing hotly.

"All right, I'll take a couple," the woman said. "Come on in and I'll get you the cash."

"We're not supposed to go into people's houses," Xyla said.

"Well, that's pretty smart," the woman agreed.

She sized Xyla up and down, smiling.

"And how many have you sold so far?" she asked

"None," Xyla admitted.

"Tell you what, Xyla Woods; I'll buy all of your candy bars if you'll help me with a little chore I have," the woman bargained.

"Seventy two... What's the chore?" Xyla asked as the woman stepped back into the house.

"Come on in," the woman said, lighting another cigarette.

"We're not... Okay," Xyla agreed.

"Xyla, by the way, that's a lovely name, Xylon is the Greek word for wood, so Xyla Woods; your parents must be artists or something," the woman said and closed the door as Xyla stood in the living room.

"Uh, no, uh, actually, they uh, they were both pretty wasted and thought it'd be a pretty cool name," Xyla admitted.

"Here, I'm afraid all I have is a hundred," the woman said, holding out a crisp one hundred dollar bill.

"Oh, uh, I uh, I don't have, I mean, I might have a twenty or something, but..." Xyla stammered.

"Don't worry about it," the woman said, sitting down in a chair.

She flicked her cigarette ash into a large ashtray, letting out a plume of cigarette smoke.

She smiled and nodded with her head to a chair on the other side of the small table that held the large ashtray.

"Like I said, I have a chore that I need help with. Normally, my daughter, she went to Kimble as well, graduated two, no, no, graduated three years ago, maybe you remember her? Olivia Kardoulis?" the woman said. "Anyway, she's on her honeymoon so I have to do this all by myself, unless, of course you'd help."

"Uh, I guess, I mean, what is it?" Xyla asked, fighting the impulse to wrinkle her nose.

The furniture had the unmistakable stench of cigarettes imbedded in them; Xyla was afraid of getting that odor on her cheerleading uniform. She perched on the edge of the seat.

"Well, it seems my son, such a disgusting little worm; he's nothing but a boy you know. Anyway, it would seem he's so proud of his manhood," the woman sneered. "Caught him playing with his pathetic little cock, no, no, it's too small to be called a cock. I caught him playing with his little pee-pee. And so, he needs to be punished, wouldn't you agree?"

Xyla's ire was immediately roused. Her boyfriend, it would seem, suffered from the same affliction as this woman's son. Brandon Simoneaux was extremely proud of his five inch erection and thought Xyla should be grateful for the opportunity to suck it.

Brandon thought that Xyla should have an orgasm the moment she saw his erection, or at least should already be all wet and ready for intercourse.

When she complained, Brandon would just smirk and tell her, maybe she wasn't woman enough for him. Maybe she wasn't mature enough.

Her blood was still boiling, though, from last night's date. Brandon had suggested that maybe they could include another cheerleader in their sex.

"I mean, that Marla's pretty fucking hot," Brandon suggested. "Y'all could, you know, go down on each other, eat each other out and..."

"What you need me to do?" Xyla growled to the short woman.

"I knew, minute I saw you, we're kindred spirits," the woman smiled. "By the way, my name's Olympia, Olympia Kardoulis."

"Xyla, but you already know that," Xyla smiled tightly.

"Pretty simple, really, Xyla," Olympia said, crushing out her cigarette and getting to her feet. "My disgusting little boy needs to be shown that his pathetic little dickey's so nasty, he really shouldn't be touching it."

Olympia walked to a hallway.

"I'll be right back; make yourself comfortable," the woman said.

Xyla looked around. The house was a small house, meat and well-cared for on the outside. The furnishings inside were heavy woods and dark leathers. She was no expert, but she could tell, even with the haze of cigarette smoke everywhere, that the furniture, the curtains, the carpeting were all expensive.

"Come on, boy, my God, are you still hard? You are so disgusting! You make me want to puke! So vile, so vulgar!" Xyla heard Olympia shrilly cry out.

"Come on, let's see how proud you are of your itty bitty wee-wee after this," Olympia's voice was coming closer. "God! Should just cut the damned thing off, be done with it."

Xyla's eyes shot open wide and her mouth dropped open when Olympia, now nude, except for her thigh high platform boots, returned, pulling a leash.

Her breasts were large, heavy, sagging down to her belly, and were capped by large nipples. Her belly was rounded; she wasn't fat, but she was not thin either.

Her hips were wide, the hips of a woman. And her pubic mound was hidden by an enormous bush of brown hair that extended from navel to upper thighs, from hip to hip.

She jerked on the lease and Xyla fought back a little squeal.

"But Mommy, that's a... Oh God! I got her in a bunch of my classes!" Emmanuel 'Manny' Kardoulis shrieked when his mother yanked him into the living room.

Manny was completely nude, except for the lease that was attached to his cock and balls. Despite her shock, Xyla noticed that Manny was shaved completely smooth from his neck down. And that his 'pathetic little pee-pee' or 'wee-wee' was at least six fat inches long.

"Do you?" Olympia asked, her amusement quite evident. "Well, then, maybe after she tells all of your little school friends about your tiny little dicky, you won't be so tempted to play with your disgusting little pee-pee, will you?"

"Mommy I wasn't..." Manny whined, trying to cover his erection with his hands.

"Oh, so I'm lying?" Olympia screamed, slapping Manny's hands away from his erect manhood. "No, no, you're so proud of it? Let's show it off. Let's let Ms. Woods see it."

She turned to Xyla, sneering mightily.

"Pathetic, isn't it?" she asked.

She reached out and gripped Manny's testicles in her hand, squeezing forcefully.

"Makes you just want to crush them, doesn't it?" she asked Xyla while Manny whimpered and whined in pain.

Manny's erection would have wilted, from either the shame and humiliation of Xyla Woods, a girl he lusted after seeing him like this, or from the agony of his mother's iron grip on his balls. But the leather cord she'd tied around the base of his cock prevented his cock from going down.

""So, my dear Ms. Woods, what I need you to do," Olympia said as she again sat in her chair. "Is to slap his nasty little wee-wee and his disgusting little balls while he cleans me up."

She looped her boots over the arms of her chair, pushing her pelvis forward.

"See, I'd just had a nice, big shit when you knocked on the door," the woman snickered as a hotly blushing Manny got onto his hands and knees.

"You what?" Xyla asked, still not believing any of this.

"Take your hand, and slap his itty bitty dick and those disgusting little balls until I tell you to stop," Olympia ordered.

She grabbed Manny by his hair.

"Did I tell you to start?" she screamed. "Has Ms. Woods started punishing you yet?"

Xyla got to shaking legs and lightly slapped at Manny's buttocks.

"No, dear, no," Olympia snarled. His little dick; I know it's so disgusting to even have to look at it, but don't worry, you can wash your hands afterward."

Olympia used Manny's hair to pull his face into her crotch.

"Just think of how vile your father is, dear," Olympia said. "Or maybe your limp dick boyfriend?"

Manny sucked in a great lungful of air when Xyla slapped his testicles hard.

"That's it, boy, get my ass hole," Olympia ordered.

"Like that?" Xyla asked as she delivered a vicious swat to Manny's hanging balls, still thinking of Brandon wanting to include Marla Tooms in their sex.

"Oh, harder if you can, that's it boy, tongue way up in there, get all that shit," Olympia said.

Manny grunted in pain as Xyla did slap his swollen testicles. Despite the pain, he thoroughly cleaned his mother's rectum with his tongue. Then he moved up to his mother's very hairy pussy.

"Can I squeeze them?" Xyla asked, looking at his fat balls.

"Oh, of course; they're not good for anything else, are they?" Olympia agreed as her boy's tongue lapped at her heavy pussy lips.

Manny shuddered in pain as Xyla did just that. Thankfully, though, Xyla did not use her fingernails to dig into the sensitive flesh. His mother kept her fingernails filed to points and often dug her fingernails into his scrotum, drawing blood.

Xyla slapped Manny's balls and cock until Olympia threw her head back and barked in orgasm.

"Enough my dear," Olympia said, using the heel of her boot to shove Manny away.

She lighted another cigarette and again kicked at Manny.

"And even after all that, you're still hard?" she screamed. "You are the most disgusting, absolutely pathetic little worm I've ever seen.

She gave him a hard kick on his cock. Xyla laughed as Manny's cock bobbed and jerked. Olympia smiled at the girl.

"God, boy, you make me want to puke," Olympia sneered. "Go fix me a drink, huh?"

She turned to Xyla as Manny scurried on hands and knees out of the room.

"Want something to drink, dear?" she sweetly asked.

"Uh yeah, sure," Xyla agreed.

"And fix Ms. Woods one too," Olympia called out.

"Yes ma'am," Manny called back.

He returned with two drinks.

"Yes, I taught him to make the perfect gin and tonic; about all he's good for," Olympia said as she took a sip of her drink.

Xyla thought the drink tasted horrible, almost like medicine, but she sipped it and nodded approval.

"So, my dear, can you think of anything else, anything at all that this wimpy little boy could do? I mean, seriously, he's still hard," Olympia asked Xyla. "Need him to clean you up?"

"You said he was touching himself?" Xyla sneered, taking a second, bigger sip of her drink.

"Yes, can you believe, touching that little bitty thing?" Olympia sneered.

"Well, maybe he should show us how much he likes touching it," Xyla sneered, thinking of how much she'd love to humiliate Brandon.

"A most excellent idea!" Olympia praised, grabbing onto Manny's leash and pulling him closer.

She untied the leather harness that held his cock and balls and Manny almost sighed in relief.

"You heard her, boy, go ahead," Olympia ordered. "Go ahead, show us how much you like to play with your little pee-pee."

Face burning hotly, tears of shame trickling down his face, Manny did start to masturbate.

Xyla looked at the eighteen year old boy. He was cute enough, or at least he would be, but he had a horrible bowl style haircut. He had a light tan, a natural tan due to his Greek heritage, dark hair, and dark eyes.

No, he wasn't as tall as Brandon Simoneaux; Manny Kardoulis stood at five foot six, and was fairly scrawny, to Brandon's football player physique.

His scrawny stature actually made his six inches look substantially larger than Brandon's five inches.

"When you shoot, catch it in your hand," Xyla ordered.

"Yes, don't get any of that disgusting stuff on my nice clean carpet," Olympia ordered.

Manny's stroking sped up, and then, with several grunts, he ejaculated into the palm of his left hand.

"Let's see," Xyla ordered and a humiliated Manny showed her that his palm was full of his silvery white semen.

Olympia looked as well, lip curled in disgust.

"Well, don't just stand there, worm," Xyla ordered. "Lick it up."

"Oh, my dear dear girl, I just knew we're kindred spirits!" Olympia laughed merrily as Manny slowly licked his sperm from his hand.

Olympia then lightly kicked him in his testicles with the toe of her heavy boot.

"Go, go to your room. And I better not catch you with another putrid little hard on, do you hear?" Olympia ordered.

"Yes ma'am," he whimpered and beat a hasty retreat.

"I met his father, another little worm of a man, one night when we were celebrating a friend's birthday," Olympia said, lighting another cigarette.

She smiled at the memory.

"Took him home, pissed all over him, then made him lick my pussy clean; God, he was wonderful with that tongue," Olympia said and drained her drink. "Let him stick his pathetic little pee-pee in me and three months later, we were married."

She laughed at the memory of her wedding.

"Believe this? He thought minute we got married, he'd be getting the pussy? Men are such pathetic little boys, I swear. Anyway, set him straight. He was to work, to provide us with all we needed, and if he was good, I might let him lick me. Sex? Only for his birthday, and only if he deserves it," Olympia said.

"And how often did he deserve it?" Xyla asked, still thinking of Brandon, and her step-father.

"Oh, not as often as he thought he did," Olympia smiled. "But, six months after we were married, we had our Olivia. Light of my life, I swear. I knew she was destined to follow in my footsteps; at only two years old she was telling her father what a worm he was. Anyway, let him stick his itty bitty wee-wee in my pussy again; it was his birthday, after all, and would you believe this? Had the nerve to put a baby boy in me?"

She blew a plume of smoke.

"Took a riding crop, damned near beat the skin off his balls for that little fuck up," Olympia snarled. "Best thing that worthless little shit did was get himself killed."

Xyla looked at the woman, shocked.

She had some issues with men, with boys. But she didn't think she'd want her step-father, or even that ass hole Brandon to die.

"Million dollar life insurance, plus sued the oil company for not enforcing their safety procedures on the off-shore rig," Olympia nodded, crushing her cigarette.

Xyla forced herself to finish her drink and looked toward the door.

"Oh, just remembered," Olympia said, getting to her feet. "I have a date this evening, a lovely little nineteen year old red head; would you be interested in babysitting Manny?"

"Baby... He's eighteen, right?" Xyla asked, getting to her feet.

"Yes, but do you really think I can leave him on his own?" Olympia sneered. "I pay twenty an hour, dear."

"Sure," Xyla said, putting the hundred dollar bill into her purse. "Candy's right there."

"Hmm, oh, yes, thank you," Olympia said, glancing at the box. "So, about seven then?"

Xyla left the house and breathed deeply of the fresh air outside. She walked home, sure she could still smell the foul stench of cigarettes on her.

Chapter 2

At six thirty, Xyla again left her house, this time dressed in jeans and tee shirt; clothing that could easily be washed clean of the smell of cigarettes.

Brandon had thrown a fit when he found out Xyla was too busy to get together with him.

"Baby sitting?" he scoffed. "Who the fuck you babysitting for?"

"Olympia, all right?" Xyla snapped.

She thought of grinding the heel of her sandals, the ones with the five inch spiked heel, into Brandon's crotch.

She thought of making him stroke his pathetic little cock until he shot his disgusting, vile sperm into the palm of his hand, and then licking it up. She thought she could actually feel her pussy getting wet at that thought.

"Oh, good, you're early," Olympia praised when Xyla knocked on the door.

She had the girl come in.

"I'm just about ready; I'm so happy with those candy bars; they're just the right size," Olympia said.

"Oh, well, good, I'm glad," Xyla said, wondering why they were the right size.

"Yes, I've already eaten three of them," Olympia confessed, sat down in her chair and pulled up the short skirt she was wearing.

Xyla watched, light blue eyes wide as Olympia unwrapped one of the candy bars and slowly worked it into her pussy.

"A little treat for my date," Olympia smiled, got to her feet, and grabbed her purse.

"He's in his room; let him know you're here," Olympia said. "Feel free to punish him if you want to."

A moment later, Xyla heard the whine of the sports car as it pulled away. Then she wandered down the hall.

The first bedroom had a severe looking bedroom suit; large bed, large armoire, low slung dresser. The armoire was open and Xyla's eyes again opened wide. She could see a few whips, riding crops, and large dildos in the cabinet.

The next door was a small bathroom.

Then she heard someone typing and followed that sound.

There wasn't even a door on Manny's bedroom. She hadn't noticed, but the bathroom also had no door.

"Hey," she said and Manny almost jumped out of his skin.

"Sorry," she gasped.

"Oh no!" Manny said, brown eyes wide with fear.

And Xyla felt somehow sad for Manny. What little she did know of him, he was a smart kid, was a quiet kid, didn't run around making crude suggestions, didn't grab his crotch, as if he had something to offer.

Cheryl Tisdale had been paired with Manny for a History assignment and admitted, she had done absolutely nothing; Manny had done all of the work.

Xyla seethed just thinking about that assignment. She'd been paired with Brandon, and Brandon had sat on his living room couch, pressuring Xyla to perform oral sex, while his mother was fifteen feet away, in the kitchen, preparing dinner. She'd done the entire assignment and both she and Brandon had managed a seventy two on it. Cheryl and Manny had garnered a ninety nine on theirs.

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