tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYacht Club Show-Offs

Yacht Club Show-Offs


I'm a twenty-one year old Midwestern girl and I love to party, but I'm still in college so my funds are limited. My friend, Holly, told me about a place by the Mississippi River that gets pretty wild. She said that the guys who hang out there would take care of our food and drinks all evening. I told her that I'd been to the river before, but the river rats weren't the classiest bunch of people I'd ever met.

Holly assured me that this was a different class of people. A woman Holly works with invited us to a private club on the river and told Holly that there would be plenty of rich guys at the club. She said the guys would buy our dinner and pick up our bar tabs, too. When Holly told me that the woman was in her thirties, I envisioned a room full of stuffy men in their fifties trying to act young, but I agreed to go anyway.

When Holly showed up at my apartment, she was wearing a short red dress with a string tied around her neck to keep her top up. She also had a matching red ribbon that held her long brunette hair up in a pony tail. Holly's dress was backless, so she couldn't wear a bra, and the dress had a zipper that went from the middle of her back down to the middle of her butt.

I said, "Wow girl, you look half-naked!"

Holly giggled and said, "Actually, I'm almost all naked! See?"

Holly lifted the front of her dress and I was shocked to discover that she wasn't wearing panties. I was even more astonished to see that she had shaved her pussy bald. We never go clubbing without panties and I'd never seen Holly with a shaved beaver before, but Holly seemed really intent on impressing the rich guys tonight.

As I stared at Holly's smooth clean pussy, she blushed and said, "It's not what you think. I had to shave it. This dress is kind of sheer and I didn't want my brown bush showing through the thin material."

I said, "I totally understand...but I guess you didn't care about your nipples!"

Holly looked down and blushed. The outlines of her round rosy nipples were quite prevalent against the top of her halter style dress, but there wasn't anything she could do about it now. Holly had no choice, but to show them off tonight.

When Holly arrived, I hadn't decided on an outfit yet, so I was still in my underwear. It was late September, but Holly suggested that I wear summer clothes to get noticed.

I said, "Holly, in that outfit I'm sure you'll get noticed!"

Holly just smiled and hugged me. I'm a petite girl, just a little over five feet tall, and Holly is a good four or five inches taller than me. When Holly hugs me, she always pushes my face right between her big melons. In the less that adequate coverage that her dress provided, I could feel her boobs rubbing against the sides of my face.

I said, "You'd better watch it girl or I'm liable to take a bite out of those big braless beauties!"

Holly said, "Go ahead...bite me," and then she slipped her right breast out of her dress and pushed it into my mouth.

I nibbled on her nipple for a little while, but then I said, "You better let me get dressed or were gonna be late."

As Holly tucked her big tit back into her dress, I slipped into a navy blue mini skirt that zipped up the back.

Holly looked at me and said, "So, you're going to wear panties, huh?"

I replied, "Yes I'm going to wear panties...and a bra, too! Although, if it's any consolation, this is the skimpiest underwear I own."

My bra was flimsy and barely held my ample breasts in place. My puffy pink nipples showed right through the thin fabric as if I wasn't wearing a bra at all. My low cut panties were just as transparent as my bra. The veil thin material did nothing to hide my neatly-trimmed auburn bush, and an inch or so of my butt crack showed above the waistband of my panties in back.

I decided to wear a white button down blouse to go with my super short navy blue mini skirt. The skirt was so short that I needed to be careful not to bend over or my lily white panties would pop out. I had a similar problem with my blouse. It had a plunging V neck that showed plenty of cleavage and between the thin white material of my blouse and the thin white material of my bra, the faint shadows of my nipples were visible through the front of my shirt.

I turned to Holly and said, "I feel a little nervous. Do you think this outfit shows a little too much?"

Holly replied, "No, my outfit is the one that's too revealing. Your outfit looks classy, yet hot. Of course you're not taking as big of a risk as I am, but you're still showing the goods!"

I paused for a moment, looked at myself in the mirror, and then I turned to Holly and said, "Let's go before I lose my nerve."

When we entered the Yacht Club, I was amazed at all the yachts, houseboats and cabin cruisers in the docks at the edge of the harbor. After passing all the big boats, we entered a parking lot full of Mercedes, BMWs, Corvettes, etc. Even the SUVs came from Lexus, BMW and the like. Holly parked her KIA next to a Jaguar and we headed for the front door.

Holly's friend, Paula, was waiting at the door and she escorted us into the club. Paula was wearing a strapless knit dress that she was constantly adjusting to keep her boobs from falling out. I was interested to find out how she was going to keep her dress on while she danced.

The club was exactly as I expected it to be. The men looked to be in their fifties, and a few of them even looked like they were in their sixties. There were some very attractive women in the club, but their ages ranged from early thirties to late forties. At twenty-one, Holly and I were by far the youngest girls in the club.

It wasn't a fancy club. It looked more like a typical bar and grill. There was a swimming pool outside the door in back, but the pool was closed for the season. In the front of the bar was a dance floor with lights and a DJ, but he was only playing dinner music when we arrived.

Holly and I indulged on buckets of crab legs and tequila, and it wasn't long before we were ready to party. Once the alcohol began to flow, the DJ started playing dance music and the women were quick to hit the floor. There were a few guys dancing, but most of the men stood by, smoking cigars and drinking whiskey.

The girls were all very friendly and invited us to dance with them. I had to be careful as I danced to make sure that my short skirt didn't flip up and expose my sheer panties to the men standing around the dance floor. Holly had to be extra careful. If her mini dress flew up in front of the guys, she would be showing a lot more than just a pair of panties!

When we weren't dancing, the men made a point to come over and talk to Holly and me. It was obvious that the men wanted to get a closer look at our tight young bodies stuffed into our skimpy outfits. However, the guys were very respectful and kept their distance.

The women, on the other hand, were not so respectful. It quickly became apparent that the girls were there to show off for their husband or boyfriend...or better yet, to show off for everyone's husband or boyfriend!

The party really got going when a blonde began dancing dirty with an attractive brunette. They had everyone's attention as the perky blonde ran her hands all over the brunette's boobs, and then reached around and caressed the brunette's butt. The blonde tried to slip her hand inside the brunette's pants, but the brunette's jeans were too tight so the blonde reached under the back of the brunette's sweater and unfastened her bra.

There was a bit of a struggle, but the blonde was able to snatch the bra away from her dance partner. The blonde started dancing again and as she danced, she held the bra up in the air to show off her conquest. The brunette acted like she was embarrassed, but I knew she had to be faking because the blonde wouldn't have been able to pull the bra straps down without the brunette's help.

After the girls finished dancing, the show really began. The brunette started walking around asking the men if they could see down the front of her sweater. As she talked to the guys, she would bend over so her V neck sweater would fall away from her chest. The guys were obviously able to see her nipples, but they pretended that the brunette's breasts were covered. Not willing to give up, the brunette kept leaning over further and further, and she would even shake her boobs for the boys, but they still pretended that her breasts were concealed.

Eventually, the brunette gave up and stood by a low table. After each sip of her drink, she would slowly bend over to set her drink down on the low table, giving the guys a peek down the front of her sweater. Needless to say, she had plenty of guys around her the rest of the evening and she never had to buy her own drink.

Later, the perky blonde ventured past the brunette's table and the brunette jokingly called out, "You'd better be careful. If you come any closer, I'm gonna steal your bra!"

A guy standing behind the blonde pulled up her yellow T-shirt and yelled, "You're too late. Somebody already stole it!"

The blonde yelled, "Tony, please pull my shirt down. Everybody can see my boobs," but what she was really saying was, "Hey everybody, look at my big titties!"

Then some other guy called out, "Be careful with my wife's boobs, Tony. They cost me a lot of money."

Tony laughed as he escorted the blonde through the bar with her shirt pulled up over her bare breasts. Her boobs were definitely enhanced, but the doctor did a very good job because her nipples were perfectly shaped and pointed out nicely. While receiving hoots and hollers from the guys, the blonde shamelessly paraded her tanned titties throughout the room. She even paused occasionally to brush her bare boobs up against some of the men, but she always blamed Tony and acted like he forced her to do it.

As the blonde was led around the bar half naked, I was drawing some attention to myself as well. I was sitting on a high bar stool and since I'd had a few drinks, I started getting a little careless with my short skirt. There was a man in his fifties with a girl in her mid-thirties sitting at a table below me. From their vantage point, they could see right between my legs.

I made eye contact with the girl and she smiled at me, but then I realized what she was smiling about. I blushed and quickly crossed my legs. The cute little redhead made a frowning expression with her face, and then she whispered, "Please" with her mouth.

I was still embarrassed, but I gave in and spread my legs apart. I guess the tequila was working its magic because this time I spread my legs even wider apart than they were before. The sight of my neatly-trimmed auburn bush pressing against my veil thin panties put a smile on both of their faces so I left my legs apart for the couple's enjoyment.

Then Holly jumped up on the bar stool next to me. Holly's legs were spread slightly apart and from the smiles on the couple's faces below, it was apparent that they were getting a glimpse of Holly's pantyless pussy. Holly was completely oblivious to the stares of the man and woman so I began letting my fingers glide delicately up and down Holly's soft thighs as we talked. Each time my hand slid upward, I pushed the hem of Holly's short dress up a fraction of an inch further.

I winked at the cute redhead and she gave me a big smile as Holly's dress drifted further and further up her silky smooth legs. It wasn't long before Holly's pussy was completely uncovered. Then I noticed the rhythmic motion of the redhead's arm at the table below us and it appeared as though she was rubbing her hand over the bulge in the guy's pants. The man's eyes were focused between Holly's legs, but I was able to make eye contact with the cute girl and we smiled at each other. Then I softly pushed my fingers deeper between Holly's inner thighs and as expected, Holly unconsciously spread her legs even further apart.

Now Holly's pretty pink pussy lips were completely exposed and her bald beaver was helping to fuel the couple's desires. There was some fidgeting at the table below us and then the girl motioned for me to look down. I casually bent over to glance under the table and I found that the redhead had freed the man's penis from his pants. It was thick and hard, and the girl let me take a nice long look at it. Then she wrapped her soft hand around it and began stroking his stiff missile right in front of me. I sat up, looked over at the cute girl and we giggled at each other.

As the girl stroked the man's rigid rocket, I started getting a little more adventurous with Holly. I was still gently tickling Holly's inner thighs, but each time I brought my hand up her leg, I got closer and closer to her bare pussy. Then I decided to go for it.

The next time I slid my fingers up Holly's legs, I actually made contact with her moist pussy. Holly's body shuttered, but she didn't say anything. Then I brought my hand up again, but this time I let my fingertips linger over her tender pink pussy lips. Holly didn't resist and even spread her legs a little further apart. Holly obviously didn't know that she was being watched and the couple below us now had a clear view of everything Holly had to offer. Finally, on my next trip up her legs, I used my fingertip to spread Holly's pussy lips apart, and then I began making gentle circles over her little clitty.

Holly giggled and asked, "What are you doing?"

I replied, "Just having a little fun," and then I leaned over and kissed Holly on the cheek, but I never stopped massaging Holly's love button.

Holly moaned, "Mmm, that feels good," but then she spied the guy below us, right as he began to erupt.

Holly squealed, "Oh no, that guy's watching us!"

Holly quickly pushed my hand away and pulled her dress down, but it was too late. The woman was already reaching for a napkin to clean the man off. She looked up at us and whispered, "Thank you," which made Holly's face turn bright red.

A slow song started playing and Paula came by asking Holly to dance. Holly gladly accepted to get away from her embarrassing situation and the girls strutted out onto the dance floor. As they danced, Paula playfully untied Holly's top and it fell down. Holly quickly pulled Paula close and pushed her breasts up against Paula to hide her bare boobies from the crowd.

The perky blonde from earlier was dancing nearby with her husband and said, "Don't worry, I'll get her back for you," and then the blonde swooped in and unhooked Paula's strapless bra.

Paula hung onto her dress to make sure it didn't fall down, but her bra was long gone in the hands of the mischievous little blonde. During the commotion, Holly was able to re-tie her top in a double-knot and then the two girls continued slow dancing together.

Since Paula was no longer able to untie Holly's top, she began working on Holly's bottom. As they slow danced, Paula started rubbing her hands all over Holly's butt and in the process Paula slid Holly's dress up enough to expose the bottoms of Holly's beautiful bare butt cheeks to the crowd. Holly must have been really drunk because it appeared as though she had no idea Paula was putting Holly's firm young ass on display for everyone to see. Both the men and the women gathered around the dance floor to get a look at the new girl and Holly didn't even seem to notice.

Holly's head was on Paula's shoulder with her eyes closed. As Paula rubbed Holly's butt, she would purposely slide Holly's dress up a little further, exposing more of Holly's bare butt cheeks to the crowd. At this point, I don't think Paula realized that Holly wasn't wearing panties, but the rest of the crowd was well aware of Holly's pantyless predicament.

As they continued dancing, Paula began slowly working Holly's zipper down. The men anxiously watched as Paula inched the zipper down the back of Holly's dress. The girls were slow dancing in a circle and each time Holly's backside came around, more of her beautiful butt crack was showing.

The crowd watched intensely as more and more of Holly's naked butt crack came into view. Paula was able to pull the zipper all the way down just as the song ended. Then Paula stepped away from Holly, leaving Holly standing in front of the crowd with more than half of her bare ass showing. As Holly started to leave the dance floor, a woman in her early forties reached into the back of Holly's unzipped red dress.

She tickled the crack of Holly's ass and said, "I guess you got dressed in a hurry sweetie because you forgot your panties!"

As everyone laughed, Holly reached back and discovered that her dress was completely unzipped.

I expected Holly to run out of the room mortified, but instead of running for cover, Holly laughed and yelled, "I'm gonna get you, Paula!"

Now it was clear that Holly was drunk because she didn't even bother zipping up her dress. Instead, Holly charged at Paula and yanked on Paula's strapless dress. The dress slipped over Paula's boobs and fell to the floor. Since Paula already lost her bra, she was left standing in front of the crowd in just a black cotton thong.

Paula had one arm across her boobs as she reached down to pick up her dress, but Holly snatched the dress away from Paula and threw it into the crowd. Holly expected Paula to chase her dress, but Paula decided that revenge was more important. With her free hand, Paula reached out and latched onto the front of Holly's dress.

Holly began to panic and yelled, "Let go, Paula. Let go. You're gonna rip my dress!"

Then Holly made a big mistake. She pushed Paula, which caused Paula to lose her balance. Paula had one arm hiding her bare boobs, so she instinctively attempted to steady herself by hanging onto Holly's dress. Unfortunately for Holly, the thin strap around her neck was not strong enough to support Paula's weight and the strap snapped right off Holly's dress.

With Holly's dress completely unzipped in back, there was nothing to keep her dress on and it plunged to the floor. Holly had her back to the crowd as she bent over to pick up her dress, giving everyone an unobstructed view of her smooth bare ass.

Holly looked at her dress and cried, "Oh no, my dress is ruined!"

Holly tried to hold the dress in front of her, but in an effort to intensify Holly's public humiliation, the perky blonde ran up and grabbed Holly's dress. Poor Holly was left standing there completely naked as the crowd looked on.

When Holly saw that all eyes were upon her, she turned three shades of red. Holly looked like she was going to cry, but then she saw Paula laughing at her, so Holly grabbed hold of Paula's thong and pulled hard. Everyone was able to see Paula's curly dark pussy hair as the elastic of her little G-string panties was stretched away from her body.

As Holly tugged on Paula's thong, Holly spread her legs and bent her knees for leverage. Holly's stance left her pussy right out in the open for everyone to see and since her beaver was clean shaven, everybody could easily see Holly's precious pink pussy lips. Holly's twenty-one year old round rosy nipples, firm butt and bald beaver were all completely exposed, and the fifty year old men loved what they saw. However, Holly was so focused on Paula that she didn't even notice the crowd's hungry eyes upon her.

As I stood there watching Holly's antics on the dance floor, I suddenly felt a hand reach under my skirt and touch my panty covered butt. I quickly glanced over and found that the hand belonged to the cute girl who was sitting across from me earlier. She was just a little taller than me, but her hair was a brownish-red mix just like mine.

She said, "Hi, my name is Mindy and you made my boyfriend very happy tonight."

I grinned at her and Mindy said, "I know what you're thinking. What's a thirty-two year old girl doing with a fifty-two year old guy? Well, he's rich, he treats me nice and you saw the size of his cock, so enough said about that."

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