tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYacht Club Show-Offs At Home

Yacht Club Show-Offs At Home


I'm now a twenty-two year old Midwestern college girl who loves to party, but my funds are still limited. In fact, I desperately needed some serious cash to cover the balance due on my tuition. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to graduate this spring.

It was a nice day so I decided to sit on the lawn outside my apartment and try to get my mind off my financial problems. I was wearing my usual Saturday afternoon attire, which consisted of a white tank top, small worn out gym shorts and no panties. My pretty pink nipples poked out against the front of the ribbed cotton material because I wasn't wearing a bra, but I didn't care since there was no one else around.

Minutes later a couple of high school boys from the apartment complex began throwing a football right in front of me. The boys kept looking in my direction, but I pretended not to notice them. I'm not the type of girl that goes around flashing people so normally in this situation I would run inside and put on some decent clothes. However, the attention I was receiving from the boys seemed to relieve the stress of completing college and paying bills so I remained outside in the revealing outfit.

As I read my textbook, I raised my knees and spread my thighs apart wide enough to give the boys a peek inside the leg holes of my small gym shorts. It was comical watching the boys almost break their necks trying to get a glimpse inside my shorts, but at the time I had forgotten that I wasn't wearing panties! Then one of the boys tossed the football and it landed right in front of me. When the boy bent down to pick up the ball, I casually spread my legs even wider giving the boy a clear view of what I thought was my panties.

At that moment, a light breeze blew up my shorts and I could feel the soft puff of air tickling the tender pink skin between my legs. That's when I realized that I wasn't wearing panties under my shorts! My face immediately turned crimson red because the boy's face was only a few feet away from my pantyless pussy. I quickly rolled over and although a few inches of my butt crack hung out of the too-small shorts, it was better than giving the boy a clear view of my pink pussy lips.

I tried reaching back and pulling my shorts up, but all that did was cause more of my butt cheeks to hang out below. My butt crack was still showing above the waistband of my shorts, but now the stretchy material was also wedged inside my bare beaver. Even though I was uncomfortable, I continued reading my textbook.

As I paged through my book, the boys periodically looked my way and smiled at me. At first it embarrassed me because I knew they were checking out my overly exposed ass. However, over time I became more comfortable around the boys and the thought of rolling over and exposing my hairy triangle to them again began to excite me.

Soon a couple more high school boys showed up and they couldn't take their eyes off my butt. Then I overheard one of the boys alert the others that I wasn't wearing anything underneath my shorts. He even went as far as describing my pussy to his friends. That really embarrassed me, but when I spotted a big boner sticking out from under the sweatpants of one of the new boys, I couldn't resist giving him a glimpse of the bare beaver he had just heard about.

As the boy stared at me, I casually rolled over. Then I raised my knees and spread my thighs apart again as if I didn't know the boy was looking at me. This time I even lifted up my tank top until the undersides of my medium sized full firm breasts were showing. After exposing an obscene amount of bare flesh to the boy, I went back to reading my book. However, I found myself continually watching all of the boys out of the corner of my eye.

Occasionally a breeze would blow and threaten to lift my tank top up over my breasts. Unfortunately for the boys, my shirt always seemed to stop drifting upward just as my nipples were about to show. I never bothered adjusting my shirt so my round rosy nipples were always just on the brink of exposure. The situation had me on edge because I was worried that the next breeze might be strong enough to blow my top up high enough to reveal my bare breasts to the boys.

Even in its current state, the bottom of my flimsy tank top felt like it was resting right across the middle of my nipples. I was curious if my nipples were partially exposed to the boys, but I never glanced down. I was afraid I would find out that I was showing more of my titties to the boys than I really wanted them to see. Now each time a breeze blew, the boys would stop dead in their tracks and turn their attention towards my little top, which made me want to kick myself for pulling my shirt up so high in the first place!

With so much of my bare skin on display, the boys couldn't take their eyes off me and they rarely caught the ball. I don't know how many times the football bounced in front of me, but I simply remained motionless, granting the boys a partial view of both my full firm breasts and my auburn pussy hair. I was totally embarrassed yet highly aroused at the same time, but I was still very tense from worrying about school and money.

A hot bath always relaxes me so I decided to go inside and soak in the tub. The boys looked disappointed when I got up and headed towards my apartment. However, they had already seen everything I was willing to show them so I felt that it was time for the boys to go home.

Once I was in the safety of my apartment, I slowly slid the tiny shorts down my legs. I never bother closing the blinds on the big windows in my apartment because I always assumed that no one could see inside. There are trees and bushes blocking the view inside my apartment from the street and I was fairly certain that the shrubbery blocked the boys' view, too. However, when I slid the shorts down my legs, I glanced over my shoulder and noticed that those high school boys were still playing catch with the football, but they were now much closer to my windows than they were a second ago.

Refusing to believe that the boys could see me, I went ahead and pushed my gym shorts all the way to the floor. Then I looked over my shoulder and saw that the boys were practically right outside my windows. I was now concerned that they really could see me and with my back to the boys they had an unobstructed view of my smooth shapely butt.

Then I heard one of the boys say, "Oh man, look at that ass!"

Another boy slapped him immediately to shut him up and then they all quickly turned their attention back on me. My legs started shaking from the premise that the boys could actually see me. My legs also shook from the embarrassment of knowing that the small group of high school boys had a clear view of my bare butt.

Then I came up with the idea that if I turned and faced the boys, they would run away from the fear of getting caught peeping through my window. Unfortunately, my plan didn't work. When I turned and faced the boys, they merely stopped playing football all together and gathered right in front of my open windows.

The trees and bushes that normally block the view into my apartment from the street were no longer an obstacle for the boys. Now the only thing separating the boys from me was a very sheer window screen. It almost felt like the boys were right inside the apartment with me and all I had on was a thin white tank top.

The naïve boys acted like I didn't know they were there. Since I was bottomless, I didn't have the courage to walk up and confront them, but I didn't want to run away and give them a reason to laugh at me, either. Therefore, I decided to pretend like the boys weren't there and finish getting undressed.

I couldn't believe I was stripping myself naked in front of a group of high school boys, but that's exactly what I was doing! As I slowly lifted the tank top up over my head, I presented a clear view of my firm round breasts, pretty pink nipples and reddish-brown pussy hair to the boys. After removing my top, the harsh reality of being seen naked by a group of boys suddenly hit me and all I could do was stand there frozen while the boys gawked at my nude figure.

While I tried to decide what to do next, the boys took the liberty of examining the full frontal nudity I provided for them. As I stood there, I was amazed to discover that not only did the boys think I couldn't see them, they also thought I couldn't hear them.

With my naked body on display, I heard one boy say, "Those are the greatest tits I've ever seen!"

Then another boy added, "And look at that pussy...its beautiful!"

The boys also mentioned that I had a pretty face, a tight body, and one boy even commented that I had a gorgeous belly-button. All of the compliments were real ego boosters, but I couldn't stand there in the nude all day so I dropped my tank top and headed for the bathroom.

As I walked away a boy called out, "Oh my gosh, that is one fantastic ass!"

When I heard his comment, I wanted to run, but I didn't want to alert the boys that I knew they were watching me. Therefore, I remained walking at my normal pace, thus giving the boy an even longer view of my bare butt cheeks. Finally I disappeared inside the bathroom where the boys could no longer see me.

The hinge on my bathroom door was broken so I couldn't close the door. I contacted the landlord several days before, but he wasn't in any hurry to fix the hinge. It never concerned me because I figured no one could see inside my bathroom from the street. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way that my bathroom is visible from outside the apartment if someone is right up against my living room windows peering in!

As I leaned over to turn on the water, I looked over my shoulder and caught the reflection of my bare ass in the big mirror on the bathroom wall. Then to my horror, I spotted four pair of eyes gawking at me. Apparently the mirror provided a full view of my bathroom to anyone peeking in through my living room windows. Maybe that's why the landlord was in no hurry to fix the hinge on the door.

I was mortified because not only did the boys get to watch me undress, they were now going to watch me bathe! If I had pressed the landlord to fix my door, I wouldn't be in this naked predicament. Regrettably now I had no choice, but to continue pretending that I didn't know the boys were watching me as I flaunted my naked body in front of them.

While the boys studied my bare butt, I thought about what was happening to me and it left me feeling utterly humiliated. Unfortunately I didn't know how to gracefully put an end to the situation. It made me blush because I knew that I could have easily avoided the nude spectacle I had made of myself. I was so embarrassed that I'll bet my ass was even blushing!

Once the tub was full, I dipped my dainty foot inside the water before submerging my bare body into the bathtub. The bathtub in my apartment isn't very big, but I'm a petite girl, just a little over five feet tall, so there's enough room for me to stretch out and get comfortable. It was starting to get dark outside and the light inside my bathroom illuminated the room so the boys could easily see everything!

I was overwhelmed with emotions and I tried compensating for my feelings of despair by embracing the situation. With a captivated audience, I shampooed my shoulder length auburn hair. My arms were up over my head as I massaged my scalp, and then I turned slightly and pointed my bare boobies towards the mirror. I bounced my melons a little for the boys to add to their excitement and it put a big smile on the boys' faces.

Then I turned over and dipped my head into the tub to rinse my hair. My smooth firm butt was up in the air, which made me feel a little uneasy. When I heard the boys giggle through the open window, I became even more uptight because it was clear that the boys were enjoying the show.

After sitting back in the tub, I spent a few minutes massaging my medium sized full firm breasts. With the boys focused intensely on me, I nervously teased my round rosy nipples. I gently pulled on them, and then I softly twisted them with my fingers until my nipples poked out hard and proud. This made my body tingle and triggered my love juices to start flowing.

Next I slid my soapy hands all over my naked body before gliding my fingers up and down my sensitive butt crack. Having my ass ticked drives me wild, even if I do it to myself, so I let my fingertips linger between my butt cheeks until my juices really began to flow. I even rose up and turned sideways so the boys could watch me tease my beautiful butt.

Then I laid back and pulled my dainty feet up so I could wash between my toes. The awkward position left my auburn pussy hair completely exposed and waiting for my touch. However, I resisted the temptation and focused on the rest of my bath-time rituals.

While my skin was still soapy slick, I made sure that my legs and underarms were clean shaven. This is not something I consider attractive and I expected it to finally drive the boys away. However, when I went to work on my pussy hair, I glanced over at the mirror and saw that the boys were still there.

I always leave the top of my auburn bush full, but neatly trimmed. However, I shave the area around my pink place until it is silky smooth. With the reddish-brown hair surrounding my sweet snatch removed, my pussy lips were now completely exposed and all of the skin around my bare beaver was soft and clean. This added to my embarrassment because the boys now had an even better view of my pretty pussy.

It was time to rinse off so I stood up, pulled the plug on the tub and turned on the water. While facing away from the mirror, I filled a plastic cup with water and poured it down my back. The boys watched closely as the water rinsed the soap suds from my naked body.

Since I had my back to the boys, they had a full view of my bare butt cheeks. Each time I bent forward to get another cup of water, I spread my legs a little wider. I kept my knees straight and arched my back so I was certain that the boys could see my pussy lips from behind.

Then I turned and faced the mirror as I rinsed the front of my body. It was a thrill for the boys to watch the water pour down the front of my nude figure as I exposed all of my womanly charms to them. My medium sized full firm breasts were on display for the boys to enjoy and the cool evening air from the open window made my pretty pink nipples poke out nice and hard.

When I rinsed my pussy, timidly I put one foot up on the edge of the bathtub providing the boys with a clear view of everything I had to offer. I even spread my legs wide apart as I let the water trickle down over the tender pink slit that the boys so desperately wanted to see. There was a triangle of auburn pussy hair above my pleasure place, but my bare beaver was smooth and clean, and it was out there for all of the boys to observe.

With my juices flowing from the thrill of showing off for the boys, I was tempted to push my finger inside my pussy and finish myself off. I even went as far as sliding my fingertip up and down my pink slit and touching my little clitty a few times while the boys watched.

Then I heard one of the boys yell, "Oh man, she's gonna do it...she's gonna finger herself!"

When I heard that, I got cold feet and couldn't go through with it. My face turned red from embarrassment for even considering to touch my pussy while a group of high school boys watched, so I decided to end the show right there. I stepped out of the tub, grabbed a towel and patted my bare skin dry. Then I held the towel in front of me and headed for my bedroom where my naked body would finally be hidden from the boys.

After emerging from the bathroom with a towel held loosely in front of my totally nude body, I headed for my bedroom, but then the doorbell rang so I turned to answer it. When I strutted into the living room to answer the door, I expected the group of high school boys peeking through my living room windows to finally run away, but they didn't budge. The boys remained in front of the open windows and continued watching every move I made.

I opened the door and my friend Holly entered the apartment. I held the towel in front of me leaving my bare ass completely exposed. However, I was standing sideways to the windows so the boys really couldn't see anything.

Holly wrapped her arms around me, put her soft hands on my smooth firm butt cheeks and whispered, "Amy, did you know there's a bunch of boys watching you through the windows?"

I whispered back, "Yeah, I know, but I can't get rid of them."

Holly giggled and softly asked, "Do you think that maybe it's because you're naked?"

I replied, "Please let it go, Holly. Just ignore the boys and they'll go away."

Holly chuckled and whispered, "You mean they think you don't know they're watching you? This is priceless! I can have some fun with this."

Then Holly heard one of the boys mumble, "Oh man, the new girl is touching the other girl's butt!"

Holly giggled and said, "They think we can't hear them, either. I'm really gonna have some fun with this!"

I begged Holly to drop it and let me get dressed, but Holly refused. She continued holding onto me and letting her hands linger over my bare ass. It made me nervous because all I had to cover my nudity was a towel held loosely in front of me and I was worried about what my playful friend might do next.

As Holly teased my sensitive butt crack in front of the boys, she said, "This reminds me of the time we went to the Yacht Club. Do you remember that night?"

I replied, "How could I forget!"

The Yacht Club was a private club on the Mississippi River that was very classy and loaded with wealthy businessmen. The men paid for our food and drinks all night long. It was also filled with trophy wives and girlfriends, along with single girls hoping to attract wealthy guys. What made the night so memorable was that once the alcohol started to flow, the girls couldn't seem to keep their clothes on, much to the delight of the men.

Holly said, "You're acting unusually uninhibited tonight. Maybe its time for us to pay another visit to the Yacht Club."

I asked, "Are you forgetting that the last time we went there, we were forced to drive home naked?"

She replied, "But we made it home and we had hundreds of dollars in our pockets...I mean, if we would have had pockets!"

I thought about it for a moment and then I said, "Well, I am in desperate need of some cash."

Holly said, "Alright then, it's a date!"

Then Holly said, "You know, I can't wear jeans and a T-shirt to the club. Do you have a dress I can borrow?"

I said, "Sure. Come into my bedroom and pick one out."

Holly said loudly, "No, you make the choice and I'll try the dress on out here."

One of the boys cried out, "Did you hear that? The new girl's gonna strip!"

I just shook my head and said, "Holly, you're a bad little gir1," and then I went into my bedroom to find a dress.

While I was in my bedroom, I wrapped the towel tightly around me and tucked it in under my arm. The towel barely covered my nipples, but I couldn't pull it up any higher because the bottom of the towel stopped right at my pussy level. The lower portion of my butt cheeks hung out in back, too. After adjusting the towel the best I could, I grabbed a dress and returned to the living room.

Holly looked at the dress and said, "It's kind of short, but it's cute so I'll try it on."

Then Holly slowly lifted her T-shirt up, exposing her lacy black bra to the guys. Her nipples weren't showing, but a fair amount of cleavage was on display. After dropping her T-shirt on the floor, Holly unbuttoned her tight jeans, pulled down the zipper and slowly began pushing the pants down her legs.

As Holly pulled her pants down, she asked, "Do you have trouble getting your jeans off without losing your underwear? Look how my panties are sliding down with my jeans. See? My pussy is showing!"

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