Yanari awoke with a strong fit of coughing, spitting out a bluish-colored, stale, sweet-tasting slime from her mouth. Her stomach seemed to turn over several times, a bizarre feeling somewhere between extreme hunger and extreme revulsion. Her entire body ached and felt sticky, and she discovered that she was mostly naked, with only tattered shreds of her clothing still attached to her and much more of the bluish-colored slime covering both her and the hard dirt-packed ground around her.

Yanari's ears caught the sound of running water, and, fighting the aches of her body, she slowly crawled in that direction. The hard rust-colored dirt beneath her certainly had no give, and in fact almost felt like the hardest of rocks, with each touch by her hands and knees adding to her discomfort. Her long reddish hair hung down well past her face, nearly touching the hard ground as she moved slowly, more of the bluish-colored slime dripping from her hair onto her hands, and even more dribbling down her arms and off her torso and thighs as she slowly made her way toward the sound of running water.

At last, she ground sloped slightly, then she was in the clear liquid. She nearly collapsed immediately, the cool temperature at once soothing both her body and her mind; only instinct kept her arms stiff to support her, so that she would not drown in the small stream. Closing her eyes, Yanari simply relished the sensation of cleanliness as she felt the slime slowly being detached from her skin by the flow of the water. After a few moments, when she felt ready, she knelt in the stream, removed a small section of her shirt which was still attached around her left shoulder, and used that as a makeshift washcloth to slowly clean herself.

The star of this planet was low in the sky, she finally noticed. However, knowing nothing about this planet, she was unsure whether this was morning or evening. She knew nothing about the length of the days, the length of the nights, the inhabitants (if any), the animals and insects (which were likely abundant), the edible plants, the natural traps, the typical weather and climate patterns...

In short, Yanari knew nothing. Her survival training would certainly be helpful to some extent, but not nearly as much as on a planet she knew well.

Dunking her head in the stream, the young adventurer cleaned the last of the bluish slime from her face and her hair. That finished, she finally cupped her hand in the water and brought the cool liquid to her lips. The water tasted slightly sweet, but was eagerly welcomed by her now-dry mouth and throat. She looked around for an odd-shaped rock or something else that she might be able to use as an impromptu cup, but was forced to bend forward, submerge her face, and drink like an animal. Even though there seemed to be no one else around - if there even were other people on this planet - Yanari still could not help feeling extremely embarrassed to drink in such a manner, especially being quite nude.

With her thirst finally quenched, the young woman stood slowly, but not without more discomfort. Whatever had happened to her, it would be with her for quite some time, like an athlete with an injury which continues to make itself apparent throughout the sport's season. Pulling off the only other scrap of remaining clothing and tossing it aside, she located a large boulder on the opposite side of the stream. After inspecting around it to ensure she would not be stung or bitten by insects living nearby, she climbed upon it and sat for a nice long think.

Looking around her, Yanari noted that there was a thick forest on either side of the wide expanse of reddish hard-packed dirt. The boulder upon which she sat was one of several along the treelines. It was quite possible that this was some sort of road, with the boulders used as markers, since they seemed to be evenly-spaced. That would indicate people on the planet, and in this area specifically. That should certainly increase her chances of finding out what happened to her and how she could get back into space and continue on her way to her brother's funeral.

But just how did she end up here? For a long time, Yanari's mind simply drew a blank, unable to focus. In large part, it was because she was definitely hungry, evidenced by the vocalizations of her stomach. She had never been too good at thinking or remembering when she was hungry, and not knowing which plants on this planet were edible and which were poisonous, she did not yet want to risk eating something unknown. The trees all had multicolored leaves and bark, unlike any trees she had ever seen before. That meant that the best she could do for now was to continue drinking from the stream, since she knew that remaining adequately hydrated would be the prime concern for her survival here.

The stream! she thought, realizing that she had washed away all the slime from her body and sent it downstream. When she awoke, she had spit out some of the slime. Since she did not feel sick, perhaps that was something edible. Looking across the stream to the other side, where she had awoken, Yanari could tell, however, that what slime had fallen from her body was practically gone - perhaps in part from evaporation and in part from the heat of the star.

The star has definitely risen, Yanari noted, so it must be morning on this planet. Slowly, she slipped off the boulder and returned to the stream, kneeling again in its cool water before bending over once more to drink, this time careful to hold her hair out of the way. Again, she noted the slightly-sweet taste of the water, and wondered if this was what the bluish-colored slime tasted like before it had gone stale in her mouth when she was unconscious.

Sitting up again, Yanari looked upstream. The water emerged from the forest to her left, but the stream curved out of her view as she looked past the treeline. She simply sighed, trying to ignore the rumblings of her stomach. Closing her eyes, she tried to remember, and suddenly, it all came back to her...

"Mayday! Mayday! Craft Jentrilli Zex going down! No helm control, no thruster response, main engines exploded! Mayday! Mayday!"

With no response to her professionally-frantic distress calls, Yanari knew that she had to brace for a crash-landing. Whoever had attacked her tiny craft indeed wanted her out of the way to chase her to this long-forgotten area of the quadrant and then disable her craft so swiftly when it was close enough to be caught in the planet's gravity. Now the tertiary explosions from the ambush were taking away what little remained that she could actually use aboard the tiny craft. It became clear that she had to jettison herself in the next few minutes, as the structural integrity of the main hull definitely would not survive the gravometric stresses of atmospheric entry.

Hopefully, the escape pod was intact. Hopefully, the electronics in that area were still functioning well enough to safely eject her from her doomed craft.

She didn't have time to grab a few precious belongings or snatch up food and drink from the small galley. Yanari simply unbuckled herself from the pilot's chair and ran-floated toward the center of the craft, pulling up the trapdoor which provided access to the escape pod. Cramped even for a single small-framed person like herself, she was actually glad that she was alone, as she did not want to be responsible for the safety of others in such a dire situation.

Once safely sealed inside, Yanari checked the main craft's hull integrity, hoping to have enough time to link with the planetary mapping program to see what awaited her below. But with the main hull integrity already beyond critical levels, she knew that she had to simply wing it.

Seconds later, she watched out the aft porthole as the Jentrilli Zex suddenly shrunk before her eyes. Her home for the last several years had protected her well, but was now in its final moments of existence. For the first time in at least a decade, the young adventurer actually cried, only now realizing just how fond she had become of her tiny craft.

It took several long, painstaking hours for the escape pod to finally land. Since it had no thruster power of its own, Yanari had strapped herself in again well in advance of impact, then felt as if her insides were being shaken and stirred as the space-worthy escape pod bounced and pitched and rolled across the foreign landscape for several long, agonizing minutes. When it finally came to a stop, she for the first time cursed her decision to not have a land-worthy escape pod installed when she had the chance two years earlier, especially since she found herself hanging upside-down in relation to the ground.

After much slow, careful, well-planned maneuvering, Yanari stood on the ceiling of the safety vehicle. Seemingly everything was broken and offline. Even the emergency rations had spilled from their small containers and now were sprawled across the ceiling. Thus forced to go exploring for food and water, Yanari shrugged it off, grit her teeth in determination, and fought the damaged hatch until it finally popped open and immediately fell off its hinges. Apparently, the air on this planet was quite breathable, since she did not asphyxiate on the spot.

The light in the sky was rather low, indicating either early morning or late evening on this strange planet. There was a slight breeze, warm and carrying a taste of something sweet. The young woman found herself in the middle of what appeared to be a roadway, about ten meters wide, with large boulders spaced somewhat evenly along either side's treeline. The escape pod had left its indentations in the hard-packed rust-colored dirt of the roadway, and there was still a thin cloud of dust in the air.

Figuring that the trail of impact marks would attract spectators, Yanari essentially "backtracked" along the route taken by the escape pod. The light of the sky faded during her journey, revealing billions of stars in the clear sky above. There was no moon to reflect light down onto the planet's surface, but judging from where she could not see any stars, it was easy enough to discern the heights of the trees on either side of the roadway; staying approximately halfway between them was enough to remain on the roadway, although she had to be careful for some time about the impact craters left by the escape pod.

For seemingly hours, she soldiered on. Yanari's thoughts shifted almost seamlessly between the need for survival and her concerns about the likely language barrier between herself and the people who lived here... assuming that this was indeed an inhabited planet. Yet she also wondered why there were no sounds from animals or insects, and soon began to question if the only life on this planet was of the plant variety.

The roadway was amazingly straight for such an immense distance. The sky was so incredibly dark without any light reflected from a moon. These observations kept Yanari's mind quite occupied, which was important as the need for nourishment and water slowly made itself evident; thinking about something other than food and drink made her biological needs less stressing to her mind.

Suddenly, the young adventurer stopped. She could have sworn that some strange sound had just come to her ears, but she had been so lost in thought that she thought her ears may be playing tricks on her due to her body's hunger and thirst. Waiting a few moments, she heard nothing but her own breathing and the gentle rustling of leaves high in the trees from the gentle breeze. Calming herself, she continued on.

At last, the first rays of light illuminated the sky ahead of her. Having lost all track of time, Yanari could feel her physical and mental fatigue, but was unsure whether she had just made it through a long night or a short night. In fact, she realized that she had no sense of time in general for this planet. She knew nothing of rotation speed, angle of axis, width at the equator...

She stopped again, thinking she heard something nearby. Looking around, Yanari reached to her gunbelt...

...only to discover that she had left it behind on the Jentrilli Zex in her hurried escape. Cursing herself mentally, she looked around her in every direction, seeing nothing but roadway, trees, and boulders.

How many kilometers have I gone thus far? she wondered as she resumed her trek to seemingly nowhere. Am I at least close to a stream? a village? a rock formation?

Yanari froze in her tracks, certain again that she had just heard something. There was a little more light in the sky now, but the scenery was still lit only dimly. She could easily discern colors again - the rust-colored roadway, the multicolored leaves and bark of the trees, the orange-white of the boulders - but nothing looked out of the ordinary, not even the pink-colored sky.

Something thin and slimy suddenly wrapped itself around Yanari's right ankle, just as she had lifted her left foot to continue her trek. With a painful thud, she fell rapidly to the unforgiving ground, not having enough time to bring her arms into position to brace her fall. Instantly, other thin and slimy things wrapped themselves around both legs.

A quick glance back over her shoulder was blocked by her lengthy hair. Brushing it quickly out of the way, she saw several thin tentacles rising out of the ground from a small hole, a thin blue semi-transparent slime covering their black skin. Angrily, Yanari kicked, and most of them relinquished their grasp of her.

Then, all around her, holes appeared in the hard-packed dirt of the roadway, and swarms of tentacles rushed toward her. Kicking away the remaining tentacles which had originally ensnared her, Yanari quickly rose to her feet to flee.

Yet the new tentacles latched onto her legs and hauled her to the ground once more, but at least she was able to brace her fall this time. However, that was also her undoing, as dozens of tentacles rushed at her wrists while others rushed for her ankles.

Now panic took over, and she recognized her own voice: a scream which seemed soft and distant as the pounding of her heart echoed loudly in her head, due both to adrenaline and the pain of her first fall. With her hands, she tried to grab at the tentacles to push or throw them aside, but the bluish slime which covered them was too slippery, making her hands quite useless.

Crawling away was the next option. Yet the tentacles, despite the thin coating of slime, kept a firm grasp upon her, allowing her to move no more than a few centimeters in any direction as more and more tentacles rose from newly-formed holes in the ground to rush at her.

Now it was simply a matter of struggling as fiercely as possible, hoping to somehow break free, or perhaps tire out the tentacles so that their grasp loosened and she could escape. Somewhere deep in her mind, almost subconsciously, she realized that she was now just like the helpless, young women in the bondage films her brother directed, struggling fiercely for the enjoyment of unseen others watching the films in the privacy of their own dwellings. Yanari's subconscious mind even pictured a typical guy standing over her, a lecherous look in his eyes, laughing loudly at her predicament as he thoroughly enjoyed her vicious struggle against the swarms of tentacles.

Eventually, Yanari began to tire, both from her fierce struggles and from being awake for such a long time. It took all her mental strength to continue her physical struggle, yet she could subconsciously hear the man's laughter growing even louder, cheering for the tentacles between jovial guffaws.

Now the tentacles were wrapped around almost her entire body, squeezing tightly. Yanari now had a new concern: These tentacles apparently meant to crush her to death!!! That renewed her struggles again, even though breathing was not nearly as easy now. Somehow, she reasoned that as long as she was alive, she would not be devoured by whatever animal or animals "owned" these tentacles, and that reasoning was enough to boost her will, at least temporarily.

Her body covered with the bluish-colored slime, some of it trickled into her mouth. It tasted somewhat sweet, and her stomach growled at her throat to swallow it. Instinctively, she did, finding that she liked the taste. Yet when she opened her mouth to scream again, one of the tentacles launched itself into her mouth, easily muffling her screams as it expanded to fill the oral cavity.

As if on cue, the other tentacles dove into her clothing and footwear and began shredding her garments. Now the fear of rape gripped her mind, and her body instinctively renewed its vicious struggles. Rape was indeed the appropriate word for her mouth, which was being furiously violated by the now-thick tentacle which was slowly working it way toward her throat with each thrust. Biting down on the oral invader did no good, as it simply caused more slime to fill her mouth, and she was forced to swallow it in order to have a chance of breathing through her nose.

Now almost completely naked, Yanari felt her legs being pulled painfully wide. Several tentacles penetrated her simultaneously, invading her womanhood and similarly expanding in size to fill the confining space. Her body bucked fiercely to try to dislodge them, but other tentacles around her ankles and wrists and torso held firm. As if to punish her for fighting her current predicament, a particularly thick tentacle smacked her HARD across the chest, knocking the air out of her and temporarily silencing her.

The tentacle raping her mouth chose that very moment to spew what seemed like bucketsful of the sweet-tasting slime into her mouth, and her throat quickly began swallowing instinctively to clear the passageway for the requisite breathing. With her throat working fiercely to remove all the slime from her mouth, air from her nose could not reach her lungs, causing a burning sensation in her chest. Once her mind realized she was asphyxiating, her body began to struggle anew, only to be punished again with another HARD impact across her chest. The tentacles between her legs were now moving rapidly in counter-strokes to each other, keeping her womanhood filled at all times as her natural lubrication mixed with the tentacles' apparently-natural slime to ease the perpetual invasion of her most secret area.

Yet just when Yanari was certain she was doing to die of suffocation, the tentacle in her mouth withdrew rapidly. Once her throat had cleared the last of the slime from her mouth, she gasped loudly, inhaling as much air as possible as quickly as possible despite the constriction of other tentacles around her ribcage. For the first time in what seemed like hours, the young woman dared to open her eyes, only to clamp them shut again at the sight of the thick mass of writing tentacles hovering above her, like horny men in one of her brother's films lined up to have their way with a captive woman.

At least in films, the woman is a WILLING captive, she thought sadly, her mind finally conceding that she would likely die here, raped by tentacles until her body was to exhausted to continue the struggle, at which time animals would emerge to eat her.

Yet despite her slowly-weakening struggles, Yanari cursed her body for betraying her. Despite this most unusual rape, there was a glimmer of erotic pleasure in such an inhuman use of her body. Perhaps because she was never really a sexual being, the young adventurer's subconscious mind was finding a perverse pleasure in being reduced to a living sex doll... for something which was obviously NOT Human or even Humanoid. In addition to the heat naturally generated by her long, fierce struggling, a new, almost-foreign heat was growing from her core and spreading throughout her body. No longer did she scream in terror; she now moaned in part-terror, part-pleasure... and the part-pleasure aspect of her moaning was slowly gaining prominence.

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