tagGay MaleYard Work Pt. 04

Yard Work Pt. 04


Robbie pulled his car into the driveway at exactly two o'clock. He noticed that Mrs. Dell's Mercedes was absent from its normal spot, but Mr. Dells Escalade was present.

Mr. Dell opened the door before the young man was able to press the doorbell. With a big grin he welcomed Robbie into the house and gave him a big hug. Robbie could feel that Mr. Dell was already excited as the bulge pressed into his crotch. This was going to be a wild day!

The 6'4" man was only an inch taller than his young friend, but his large muscular frame made him appear to be much bigger. Robbie was a perfect specimen for an 18-year-old. Tall, broad shoulders, thick unkept hair reaching his shoulders, and a thin toned body with flat stomach and that long hard cock that never seemed to go soft.

Mr. Dell was in charge of this situation. He knew that what he wanted, he would make happen. Today he wanted to satisfy his urge to feel his fat cock deep in Robbie's tight ass. His wife had rebuffed his attempt two nights ago, reminding him that he could get what he wanted from his young friend. Now, he was going to make that come to pass.

With no needless chatter, Mr. Dell directed Robbie back to the master bedroom.

"Strip for me", came the order.

Robbie promptly slid his T-shirt over his head and then began unzipping his shorts and sliding them down his legs. Standing there in his underwear he caught the waistband in his thumbs and slowly pulled them down. His hard cock caught in the elastic briefly and then sprang free with a loud slap against his hard belly. It was the cock of youth, constantly hard and excited.

Mr. Dell quickly shed his clothes and pulled Robbie into the bathroom and the large walk in shower. The water quickly warmed. The young man stood quietly as Mr. Dell washed him. As he reached the tight asshole a soapy finger circled the prize deftly, sending jolts of pleasure through Robbie's body. Then, without asking permission he pushed it into the hilt.

Robbie's eyes opened in surprise at the intruding digit. It didn't really hurt, but it was a very abrupt entry. He focused on relaxing and took several deep breaths. The soapy finger was now pumping in and out of Robbie's ass, creating a pleasant experience for the young man.

Once Mr. Dell was satisfied that his young toy was sufficiently clean he removed his finger and turned off the water. Robbie stood there, almost comically excited. His cock pointed straight up at his chin!

Mr. Dell used a large soft towel to dry Robbie. He took his time and made sure it was a sensual experience for the young man. When he was done he walked into the bedroom and laid down on the bed.

"Come join me Robbie"

"Yes sir", was the reply as Robbie crawled up on the bed and looked at Mr. Dell's naked body.

"Suck and lick my cock. Get busy. Be my slut".

Robbie didn't need to be asked again. He dove between the muscular thighs face first, kissing and licking the shaft. He loved the feel of the heat and hardness against his face and lips.

"Lick and suck my balls. Take them in your mouth one at a time."

Robbie dropped his mouth towards the ball sack. The texture and feelings were different, but still very exciting. He carefully sucked one big ball into his mouth and rolled it around with his tongue. He stroked the fat cock with his hand while he did it. Mr. Dell moaned his approval and then called Robbie "a great cocksucker".

"Now, get your mouth stretched around my big cock, you little slut! Suck it like you love it!"

Robbie opened wide and felt the pulsing head pass his lips and fill up his mouth. He circled his tongue around the big mushroom as well as he could, given its size. Mr. Dell then roughly grabbed a handful of Robbie's hair and jammed his head down further on the shaft, causing the head to jam against the back of Robbie's throat. Maybe half of the huge cock was in his mouth, but it was more than he could take. He couldn't breathe.

Mr. Dell released the grip and then pushed Robbie away roughly. He sat up and then pushed Robbie down on his back. He then stood and went to his nightstand, retrieving a bottle of coconut oil. Standing at the side of the bed Mr. Dell rubbed a large handful of oil onto his swollen shaft, leering at the young man laying before him.

Mr. Dell joined Robbie on the bed and crawled between his legs. He then filled his hand again with oil and reached between Robbie's legs to apply it to his ass. The sensation was surreal for Robbie. Warm oil and strong fingers between the crack of his ass, knowing he would soon be impaled on that huge cock with the fat head. The finger inserted easily in his ass with no pain at all. Mr. Dell removed the digit and then forced the nozzle of the bottle into Robbie's tight hole and squeezed. Warm oil shot into his ass, making final preparation for the fucking.

Mr. Dell took Robbie by the ankles, spreading them wide and pushing them back to his shoulders. His asshole was on open display. Hairless, shining with oil.

"Beg for it".

"Please", Robbie says meekly.

"Please, what?"

"Please do it."

"Do what?" hissed Mr. Dell.

"Put it in me, please."

"Put what inside you?"

"Your cock, please put your cock inside of me", whined Robbie.

"You asked for it, you slut", as he pressed the obscenely fat head against the tight hole. He applied gentle but constant force until the head disappeared inside. The sphincter tightly gripped the shaft just behind the head.

Robbie's body pulsed with overstimulation. The head was so big that he saw stars from the sudden stretching. His muscles spasmed. Mr. Dell gave him plenty of time to get used to it, until the tight passage became more comfortable with the thick intruder.

"Now, tell me what you want."

"Go deeper, slowly please."

Mr. Dell gently pushed deeper, getting about half of the 8-inch shaft inside his young friend. Then he slid out an inch and back in two. He repeated this until his pelvis rested firmly against Robbie's ass cheeks. Robbie was completely filled. It felt overwhelming. A little too much.

But Robbie loved it. Being taken. Doing as he was told. Taboo, dirty stuff!

Mr. Dell took Robbie's legs and placed them over his shoulders, then leaned forward a little so his arms could rest on the bed. He slid the stiff shaft out of it's velvet encasement until only the head remained inside, then slid slowly back inside until he was fully penetrated.

"Do you like that, slut?"

"Yes sir."

"Then ask for it, slut."


Mr. Dell was getting tired of the timid responses from his lover. He sat back on his calves, still firmly inside the young man. Without warning his large muscular arm swung down, landing hard and loud with an open palm on the side of Robbie's ass cheek. Robbie lurched in surprise.

"Hey, what the fuck?!"

"I told you to ask for it and you act like a timid little bitch. I'm going to teach you a lesson now, little timid bitch."

Reaching quickly with both hands Mr. Dell grabs both of Robbie's nipples, clamping down hard. His thumbnails dug into the tender flesh as they pinched hard.

"Ouch, that hurts", whines Robbie.

"Then let's see how you like this", as Mr. Dell hunches over and guides Robbie's left nipple into his mouth and begins nipping with his sharp teeth. Sometimes light, sometimes harder and painful.

Robbie literally screamed as his nipple was tortured by the teeth. "Oh please, don't do it that hard! It's killing me, please!!"

"Was that so hard, little bitch? If you want something, ask for it. Loud and direct. Don't be a whimpy little bitch."

"Yes, sir."

"Now tell me what you want."

"Please slide in and out really slow like you did a minute ago."

Mr. Dell started a slow, gentle fucking session. All the way in, all the way out to the head. Slow, erotic, sexy.

The short session of pain had released millions of endorphins in Robbie. His body vibrated with pleasure. The fat cock in his ass was welcomed. His asshole was relaxed and receiving. The feelings were incredible. He thought he might come without even touching his cock.

After several minutes Mr. Dell slid all the way out of Robbie's tight ass, then immediately stuck the head back in. The sensation was amazing for both men. Mr. Dell grabbed his cock and began rapidly popping in and out of Robbie. Twenty or thirty times until the feelings got too intense.

"I'm going to shoot my cum all over you, Robbie. I'm going to cover you." Mr. Dell aimed his cock from between Robbie's legs and released a torrent of hot sticky cum, landing on Robbie's chest, stomach and cock. He left quite a mess all over the young man.

Mr. Dell stood and pulled Robbie towards the restroom. He stationed Robbie just outside of the door of the walk-in shower. Mr. Dell told him, "stand here, don't wipe the cum off."

Mr. Dell entered and started bathing himself.

"So, I hear you are going over to Billy's tomorrow afternoon, is that right?"

"Yes, sir. He has some yard work for me to do."

"It has nothing to do with yard work, and you know it."

Robbie didn't know what to say at this point. He had no reply.

"Robbie, I want you to listen to me. There are leaders and followers in this world. I'm a leader. So far with me, you have been a follower, but I know that's not the real you. You are a leader. A big, strong, studly leader. You're just young and don't have the confidence to take what you want. Are you following me at all?"

"I think so", Robbie said. Not truly sure of where this was going.

"You are a leader. Billy is a follower, through and through. When you see him tomorrow, you need to act like the leader. Take what you want. It's what he really wants. Walk in there with your shoulders back and your chin out. Take what you want."

"I understand. I can do that."

"Another thing, you're not a boy. You're a man. Is Robbie your given name?"

"No, It's Robert, but everybody calls me Robbie."

"That's because you were a boy. Now you're a man. Your name is Robert. Use it. When someone calls you Robbie, you correct them. Ask them to call you Robert. Understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"One last thing. I see the way you look at my wife. You primarily like girls, right?"

"Well I don't look at your wife, but yes I like girls."

"Bullshit! I've watched you check her out and I've seen you get hard. Don't deny it. Own it. Be a leader here pal, be confident."

Robbie became Robert. He said, "Yes, I look at her and I get excited."

"There you go! That's what I'm talking about. Know what you want and be brave enough to ask for it. That goes with men and women. Be a confident leader and you will get most things you want. Don't force anyone to do anything. Just, confidently ask for it. You'll have more women than you've ever imagined."

"Thanks, Mr. Dell. I'll try to remember that."

"Be a leader Robert. Tomorrow is your first test. Make me proud. Now, put your clothes on and let yourself out. Text me tomorrow after you leave Billy's."

Robert reached for a wash cloth to wipe the drying cum from his body but was harshly scolded; "I said not to wipe it off. Now get dressed and head out."

He slid the shirt over his head. It felt weird to have the fabric brush against the thick liquid. Then he slid on his shorts and grabbed his flip flops. As he walked out to the living room his heart stopped. Sitting in the chair reading was Mrs. Dell. "How long had she been there? Had she heard everything?"

"Hi Robbie! How are you today?" Mrs. Dell was wearing a tight tee shirt that showed off her massive tits and hard nipples. The young man's eyes were drawn to them like magnets.

Robbie stammered, thinking his world was coming to an end. 'Uh, just leaving Mrs. Dell. I'm done with my work for the day."

"Well, it was nice to see you Robbie", she said as she rose from the chair to see Robbie to the door.

"Uh, please call me Robert, Mrs. Dell." He couldn't believe he had the balls to say it. He was ready to hear her laugh. He got quite the opposite.

"Absolutely. Robert is such a masculine strong name. It fits you much better than Robbie! I would also rather have you call me Patti, instead of Mrs. Dell. Deal?"


Patti opened the door to allow him to leave, but then turned to him for a goodbye hug. Putting her arms around his neck she pulled strongly towards him, crushing her beautiful chest against his. He tentatively put his hands around her waist and hugged her lightly and trying to push away before she realized the bulge in his shorts. Patti did not let go of his neck, pulling him even closer until her tits were flattened against his chest.

"Now give me a real hug, Robert."

Roberts hands once again went around her waist, this time pulling her tight. His hard cock was lightly pressed into her stomach. He knew there was no way she didn't feel it. When she pushed herself hard against it, there was no room for misinterpretation. He had a hard on and she ground on it, even if for only a few seconds."

"Goodbye Robert."

"Goodbye Patti."

Robert glided to his car, feet not even touching the ground. This may have been the best day of his life. It was certainly a turning point!

Monday was busy from the first minute. Robert worked 10 hours at the Nursery. It was hard physical labor that kept his mind off his evening plans. When he finally clocked out he had only 10 minutes to get to the Morton's house. No time to shower or change clothes.

When Robert knocked on the door he had his plan. Be a leader. Get what he wanted. Be very direct.

The door swung open and Billy happily chimed, "Hi Robbie!"

"Call me Robert, please."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Sure, Robert it is. Come in!"

Robert walked in the door and into the stylish living room. The cool air felt great after working hard outside all day.

Billy was a little put off by Robert's appearance, having just come from his outside job all sweaty and dirty. "Wow, you look hot and tired! Why don't you grab a shower and get cleaned up?"

"I'll take you up on that a little later. Billy, come over here"

Billy was confused by the different demeanor from the young man. It dawned on him that Robert was intentionally directing the dynamics of the meeting. It was a little strange because the kid was so young, only 18. But, he was also tall with great broad shoulders and handsome to boot! As he walked the few paces to Robert he said, "What's up Robert? What do you need?"

"I need you to unzip my pants, Billy. Right now."

Billy did as he was told, reaching out with both hands. He found the zipper and pulled down until it was fully open.

"Now, get on your knees and take my cock out."

Billy dropped as ordered and reached into Robert's fly, using two hands to free the rapidly hardening member from the underwear and then pull it from the fly. It stuck out straight. Long. Hard. Proud.

"I'm all sweaty Billy. Clean me up with your tongue. Lick me clean."

Billy smiled and leaned forward. The cock was sweaty and had a strong musky scent. He inhaled as he moved towards the base of the shaft. Sticking his tongue out he slowly ran it from the base to the underside of the spongy head. Billy repeated it agonizingly slowly until he had licked the entire shaft clean as he was instructed. Then, instinctively he took the head into his mouth bathing it with his tongue.

Billy moaned as the small mouth stretched perfectly over his aching shaft. He had been horny since the prior day when he was with Richard, but had abstained from cumming in order to save a huge load for Billy. He reached for Billy's head, clutching it to where Billy couldn't move.

"I'm going to fuck your mouth, Billy. You are my little cocksucker."

Billy was in heaven as Robert began to stroke his hard cock in and out of his mouth. He had always dreamed about this and now it was coming true. He loved the feel of the hot shaft. He could feel it pulse between his lips.

Robert knew he wouldn't last long. He was too excited. He picked up the pace and soon was fully fucking the hot mouth. He slammed into Billy's throat, causing the older man to gag. He loved the power and domination he was exerting over Billy. As the tingling feelings began to rise from his balls Robert drove his cock as deep as he could, feeling his cock erupt against the back of Billy's throat.

Billy struggled against the strong young man. He was gagging and couldn't breathe as his mouth filled with hot thick cum. Tears ran down his face and drool and cum ran down his chin. Just as he thought he might pass out, Robert pulled from his mouth. Billy gasped for breath. He was a mess. His chin and neck were coated in saliva and cum. He had been used, and he loved it!

Robert said, "Show me your bathroom. I need a shower now."

"Right this way Robert", Billy said as he got to his feet to follow the directions his young powerful lover was giving. They made their way to the master bathroom and Billy took the initiative to start the shower and lay out clean towels. He watched as Robert stripped off his dirty work clothes. Nude, he looked like a young Adonis to Billy. 6'3" made him virtually a foot taller than Billy. His thin but muscular build was something to behold. The long cock was still almost totally erect after having cum only a couple of minutes ago.

Robert stepped into the shower and let the warm water run over his body.

"May I come in and wash your back?"

"Sure. Come on in." Robert watched as Billy got naked. He was a tiny man at 5'4" and very slight of frame. Narrow shoulders, thin body with no fat at all, and a small thin 4" cock that seemed to fit his dainty size. His body was completely hairless.

Billy got in behind Robert and began washing his back with smooth cleansing strokes from a loofa. He took his time on the broad shoulders, muscular back and tight firm ass cheeks. He bent down to wash the big thighs and calves before asking Robert to turn around.

Robert turned towards Billy. The washing felt wonderful. Billy took his time on the amazing chest and tight abs before tentatively moving to the once again rock-hard cock that was pointing directly at Billy's face.

"That sponge is too rough on my cock. Just use your hands."

"Yes, sir", said Billy as he filled his hands with the luxurious gel and moved to slowly stroke and massage the young man's cock and balls. Billy loved the feeling as well as the visual. This stud was going to have his way with Billy, and he could hardly wait for it to happen! As Billy rubbed the big tight balls he saw Robert slightly spread his legs, giving Billy permission to clean between his legs, and further if he dared.

Billy ran his small fingers between the 18-year old's legs and then into the crack of his ass. Billy couldn't believe his good fortune. Here was this beautiful specimen and Billy's soapy fingers were dancing over his tight asshole.

"Slide a finger inside of me."

Billy applied light pressure against the rosebud and his narrow feminine finger slid in easily. He felt the tip of the finger rub against the smooth surface of the prostate. Robert moaned his approval as Billy deftly massaged the pleasure point.

Robert knew he needed to change directions unless he wanted to blow again so quickly. He moved Billy's hand from his ass and moved away. Robert quickly washed his hair and face as Billy stood next to him awkwardly.

Billy wondered why Robert had stopped him. He was worried he had disappointed his lover, as he usually disappointed his wife. His mind started going crazy on him, making things up that weren't true.

"Ok, Billy, I'm going to wash you now." Robert took the shower gel and squeezed a large dollop into his hand. He reached both hands around Billy's skinny body and firmly grabbed the cheeks of his ass. Billy moaned as Robert began kneading his ass, slipping his long fingers into the crack, teasing his hole.

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