tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYardwork Ch. 01

Yardwork Ch. 01


This is my first attempt at writing here. Please let me know what you think. I am working on part 2

I would like to thank sugarlips24 so very much, for helping me with the editing process. I`m not sure I would get this posted without their help.

This is a work of fiction! If you have heard of situations occurring similar to this it is a mere coincidence.


When Cynthia called to have some landscaping done she had no idea what the weekend would hold for her. Her husband had been complaining that the yard was starting to look like hell due to the work left unfinished. She had big plans with stones and a fountain possibly fresh sod and cedar chips. The plans had been drawn up for months but there was little follow through. She had spoken to a few companies but couldn't get the pricing she wanted. Her daughter's ex-boyfriend had just started working for his uncle who ran a small company so she figured she would give them a call.

Her husband was going to be gone for a couple of days with her son for a father son camping trip. She was hoping she could get a couple of guys in and have the job done before he got back.

She arranged for them to come by and discuss the job. After the meeting she was satisfied with what they said and decided that they would be perfect for the job. They would be by around noon Friday after picking up supplies.

The next morning she was feeling pretty good. She got up and did her work out and took a quick shower. As she was getting dry the workers arrived. She answered the door in her robe with her hair in a towel. She showed them the area and went back in the house to get changed. She changed into a sundress and sneakers. She went out back to tell the workers she would be going on a quick market run. They told her not to worry they would keep the job going while she was gone.

She called her daughters ex, Terry, over. "There is water and juice in the fridge and you're welcome to help yourselves to whatever is there. I should be back in time to make lunch."

"Don't worry about anything Mrs. B. we will get this done without a problem" he said.

"I know you will Terry and please call me Cynthia or Cyn, you're not dating Erin anymore."

"OK if you want" he said shyly. She couldn't help but notice how his t-shirt was sticking to his well-developed chest due to the heat and the yard work he had been doing. Her mind drifted for a second and she snapped out of it.

"OK then I will be back" she smiled.

He went back to work but turned around to watch her walk away. He noticed how her sundress floated around her as she walked. He had always found her attractive, but being married and the mother of his girlfriend, he never let himself fantasize about her.

She came back about an hour later and brought her groceries in the house. While she was putting them away she looked out the window to see the progress. She could see the job was coming along fine.

She watched as Terry and his uncle Frank worked and how their muscles flexed. It's good to have a fantasy life, she thought as she smiled to herself.

Terry was a typical jock, more muscles than brains, and he was very well built. She had allowed herself to think about him on occasion while her daughter was dating him.

His uncle was older probably about 45 or so. Obviously he had been working with his hands for most of his life. He was rough looking, but his muscles were even bigger than Terry's.

She prepared some sandwiches for them and brought them a tray with drinks and food. "I figured you gentlemen could use a break." she smiled as she walked up to them.

"We can take a break in a few minutes," Frank replied "thanks for the food Mrs."

"You're welcome," she said, "I am going to be reading by the pool if you need anything."

She walked away and Frank noticed how when the light was on her he could almost see through her sundress. He could just make out the shape of her body under the thin fabric. He watched her as she went and sat by the pool with her book.

She wasn't really reading, she just wanted to watch these guys for a while and maybe head inside to satisfy herself. She wished her husband Gary was coming home so she could turn her frustrations on him but she would have to fly solo tonight.

Terry and Frank took a break to eat the sandwiches and have some juice. Terry was completely oblivious to Cynthia watching him and his partner. He probably would have thought it was his imagination had he noticed anyway.

Frank on the other hand was watching her enough to see she was paying attention. He peeled off his wet T shirt to expose his sweaty chest. Cynthia was looking almost unconsciously unable to look away. Frank smiled to himself and told Terry to take his shirt off as well. As he did Frank paid close attention to Cynthia sitting by the pool, her eyes glued to this young Adonis right in front of her.

As they went back to work she tried to calm herself down. She told herself that it was alright to fantasize but to remember they were only there to do a job.

She was getting back to her book when she was startled by Terry standing over her. "Would it be possible to get more lemonade"? He asked towering over her.

She looked up at him and smiled. "Of course let me get it for you."

"I can get it" he said.

"No that's alright I don't mind at all". She replied.

"I was going in to use the washroom anyway", he said.

"OK then I will have it ready for you before you're done."

They walked up to the house together. Frank watched and smiled to himself, pulled out his cell to make a couple of calls.

Cynthia was getting the tray ready with glasses and some snacks when she was startled by Frank coming up behind her.

"Hi Mrs. How are you?"

She spun around "What? Oh Frank you scared me I wasn't expecting"

I'm sure you weren't expecting anything" He interrupted.

She looked puzzled not sure what he meant when he moved closer to her and put his hands on her shoulders. "I've been watching you watching us work. You like what you see?"

She tried to back away from him. "I don't know what you're talking about", she insisted.

As she backed away she backed right into Terry coming from the other room. "What's going on" he asked.

"Well" started Frank "this little lady has been watching us while we worked. Probably getting all turned on like the slut she is."

Cynthia was shaking her head no and protesting trying to get away from Franks grasp. "Please Terry, I don't know what he's talking about, he came in here and grabbed me."

"Come on Ter, you saw her watching us. Do you think she wore these slutty clothes for any other reason? She is either running around looking to get fucked or she's a tease and deserves to get fucked. Well which is it?" He asked turning his attention to Cynthia.

"Please I wasn't doing..."

Her words were cut off by a quick slap to the face. "Shut up I don't want to hear your lies bitch. Here hold these"

He grabbed her hand and pulled them behind her back handing them to Terry who was now pushed right up against her. He could see down her dress. Watching her breasts rise and fall as he mindlessly grabbed her wrists.

Cynthia cried, "Please stop this, I don't want..."

Again she was cut off this time by Frank grabbing her chin, "I said shut up, now this is going to happen one way or another. You can try to enjoy it or you can fight and not enjoy it as much."

She could feel her body reacting to this treatment, her legs were quivering and she could feel her pussy start to get wet.

He roughly grabbed her right breast. "You have nice tits. Not to big but firm and full." he squeezed and pinched her nipple until he got some sort of reaction. "Now we won't need this will we?" He grabbed the front of her dress and ripped it open exposing her breasts and her panties.

"Please you need to stop this, my husband will be home soon" she pleaded.

"Will he, didn't you say he was gone until Monday? I'm pretty sure you're lying to me. I don't like little bitches that lie to me." He cruelly grabbed her left nipple and twisted it.

She started to scream in pain and panic realizing this was not a situation she could talk herself out of.

"Please Terry don't do this, help me." She pleaded hoping this boy she had watched grow into a man would save her from this sex crazed man before her.

Frank slapped her in the face. "Do you think he is going to pass up this opportunity? You don't think he wants to fuck your brains out?" He said pushing her up against Terry.

She could feel Terry's cock straining in his pants pressing up against her back. She knew he wasn't going to save her.

"I will make you a deal if you're not wet then I am wrong and I will let you get out of this. If you are then you are the slut I think you are and you are in for quite a time."

"Frank, are you sure you want to do this?" Terry asked.

"I don't know Terry what do you think, slut?" He asked looking at her running his fingers down her pussy lips. She let out a low moan despite herself. "I think she is saying yes my boy. Now my young friend would like you to give him some head."

Cyn was shaking her head and starting to cry. "Please, I don't..."

"That is where you're wrong, you do, and you will." He said grabbing her by the hair and shaking her. "You better start cooperating or this is going to be very unpleasant for you. Now get down on your knees and start sucking his cock, and you better be nice."

He pulled her down to her knees by her hair. She reached up and started fumbling with Terry's' pants.

Her mind was racing trying to figure out a way to get out of this mess. She unfastened his belt and popped the button on his jeans. As she unzipped his fly she could see just how big he was. It must have been 8 or 9 inches and maybe 2 around. Her husband was bigger but still impressive for his age. She let his pants drop and pulled down his boxers. The large cock stuck out like a flag pole.

"OK, look," She started "I will do this for both of you but then you have to get back to work and forget it ever happened deal?" She hoped they would agree to the conditions she laid out.

"No, you look." Frank said grabbing the back of her hair. "You are going to do whatever we say or your husband will find out about everything you did here to coax us into fucking you. Now you are going to start sucking his cock and enjoy it, or he is going to shove that monster in your ass without lube. You are not in a position to make deals here. So shut the fuck up and start sucking like the little slut we all know you are."

His words hurt her and she started to cry. "OK, fine, but please don't hurt me or tell everyone." she replied.

She reached for Terry's cock and started stroking it. She let her tongue glide over the tip and took as much in her mouth as she could. She worked more in her mouth little by little. Terry grabbed a hold of the back of her head as she bobbed up and down on his shaft. Gagging and gasping for air.

"That's better", Frank said, "we are going to use you for a little while and then get back to the job we came here for. Our time line would have had to be adjusted, so I called in some extra help.

Cynthia tried to turn her head and ask what he meant but Terry wouldn't let her off his meat.

"Don't worry I have a couple of people coming to help with the yard work and the job will be done before your husband gets home." Frank continued. "That is what you wanted right?"

The word "right" rang in her ears. She knew the yard needed to get done before her husband got home but she didn't want anyone else seeing her like this.

"I know you can't answer so just shake your head yes or no." He knew she had no choice and so did she and she nodded yes and mumbled uh huh.

"That feels fantastic, Cyn, you are a great cock sucker." Terry said feeling his orgasm building.

"I told you she would be. Like mother like daughter." Frank continued.

Cynthia hadn't thought about her daughter doing the same thing to this massive cock and the idea scared her.

What did Frank know about her daughter? She assumed men talk as women do so Terry must have told him about her.

"I walked in on your daughter giving the boy head a couple of times. She sure could suck dick, I think she liked it too, maybe not as much as you do though. I tried to get her once when she was loaded, but she woke up before I could put it in her mouth." Frank said chuckling. "The most I could do was play with her sweet tits and jerk off on her face. I don't think to this day she even knows it was me."

Cynthia was getting madder hearing this man talk about her daughter like this. She couldn't believe Terry wasn't stopping him from saying these terrible things.

Terry was just enjoying the blow job he was getting. He wasn't listening, or even caring what Frank was saying.

Thought of little Erin sucking this huge cock was a little frightening, let alone anything else they did. Her mind was snapped back to reality when Frank gave her ass a stinging blow from his belt.

"You should be concentrating on your task at hand. I am not getting the impression you like this as much as you should."

She immediately got her mind back into sucking Terry's cock and trying to make him come as soon as possible. "Don't come in her mouth, this bitch deserves a facial. Tell her when you're close." Frank said walking out of the room.

"Listen Cynthia," Terry started to explain while keeping her impaled on his pole. "I'm sorry about this but I have always wanted to fuck you and Frank told me if I followed his lead I would be able to. I know this will be easier on you if you cooperate. Frank is a bit of a sadist and he will hurt you if you give him trouble. I wouldn't like to see that happen. I'm sure as soon as we are done he will move on to the next person."

This didn't make her feel any better but he did seem sincere.

Frank came back in the room with 2 other men and a girl. "OK slut, take your face off that cock and listen up. This is my son Barry and his friend Eric from New York and this is my daughter Beth, a proper little slut in her own right. Beth, boys, this is our plaything of the day Cynthia Barrett, but you can call her slut, bitch, whore or anything else you'd like. Now you little slut finish your blow job and give these 2 boys a hand job while you're at it."

Frank left the room. The 2 boys pulled down their pants and stood on either side of Cynthia as she took their cocks and started stroking them. Beth pulled out a camera and started recording the action.

Not having much of a choice Cynthia started giving the boys a hand job while Terry's cock slid back in her mouth. Terry kept a hold of her hair which allowed her to keep balanced.

"Come on you filthy little slut make those cocks cum. You know you want to be covered by the cum of these 3 guys. That is just the kind of thing a little whore like you wants." Beth was calling out to her while catching everything on video.

Pretty soon Eric started to come. Terry pulled out of her mouth and stroked himself off on her face.

She was having the hot sticky goo sprayed on her from 2 sides still stroking Barry trying to make him come. Finally he did and covered the other side of her face. They dropped her on her back laying on the floor looking up at them.

Beth zoomed in on her cum covered face. "Now tell me how much you love to be covered with cum you dirty little bitch."

Cynthia couldn't believe how turned on all this was making her. She couldn't bring herself to say what the girl wanted. She knew she wasn't a slut, but she was covered in the jizz of 3 different guys 2 of who she just met.

"You will learn how to listen I can promise you that" Beth said kneeling down over her and twisting her nipple making her wince in pain. "You like that do you? Well then Daddy has a surprise for you now." Beth said laughing.

Frank came back in the room and took a look at Cynthia lying on the floor. "Well look at this little bitch covered in cum. I like what I see, you are a natural." He said smiling. "You still have a long way to go today slut but I will give that a minute to dry before we proceed. I am going to show these boys what needs to be done outside. Boys get dressed and we will come see this little bitch later. As they walked out she was left with Beth.

"Please help me" she pleaded, "I don't want to be treated this way."

Beth was kneeling beside her still filming her. "Daddy says all women need to be treated this way so they understand their place." She reached down and felt her pussy to see how wet she was. "It feels to me like you want this. I would say you're enjoying it. I don't care about you or what you think you want. If you're here to play with, I don't have to do anything except watch and film. Daddy has a big thick cock and you are going to love it. It may hurt at first but you get used to the size after a while."

Cynthia couldn't believe this was happening. This girl not much older than her daughter was telling her about her father's cock and how much she liked it.

Beth reached down and rubbed Cynthia's clit lightly making her moan and writhe on the floor. She could feel the skin on her face getting pulled tighter as the cum dried on her face.

She could only imagine how she looked laying on the floor with her tits exposed and a large build-up of cum drying on her face. She felt ashamed and humiliated and incredibly turned on. This embarrassed her more than anything.

This girl rubbing her clit and she was getting wetter and wetter by the second. Frank came back in and saw the situation.

"What the fuck are you doing? Did I say you could play with her pussy?" Frank grabbed Beth by the arm.

"No Daddy I'm sorry I just thought..." Beth seemed scared.

"Thinking is not what you do best sweetie. When I want you to do something I will tell you, now sit her up and go find something slutty for her to wear. You better be ready for me when you get back here."

He let go of her and she replied "Yes sir". She sat Cynthia up, and ran upstairs to look through Cynthia's closets.

"She is pretty, but kind of stupid. She doesn't listen well but she can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. Her mother was pretty good but my little girl is way better." He seemed to be boasting while searching through a gym bag.

"OK now this is a little collar I want you to wear." He snapped it around her neck. "It is for training dogs, since I've decided you are my bitch for the day you may need some coaxing into doing what I say." He said smiling. "If you do what I ask without hesitation then you will be a good little bitch and if you don't then."

He pressed a button on a remote sending a shock through the collar in the back of Cynthia's neck. She collapsed on the floor shaking. "You will call me sir at all times. If I say it you do it. The rest of them will not be giving you orders. If they tell you to do something you will repeat the request back to me starting with a please sir may I? Do you think you understand all that?"

"Yes sir." She quickly replied.

"Good you will be just fine if you keep that attitude up. You must be thirsty would you like some water?"

"Yes please." She answered quickly, too quickly as she felt the zap from the collar. "Sir sir, sir yes please Sir I would like a drink of water." She cried.

"That's better; you will get the hang of it." He filled a bowl with water and placed it at his feet. She looked up at him puzzled. "Well don't sit there looking stupid crawl over here and drink your water. Unless you don't want it" He bent down to take it away.

"Please sir I do want it, thank you for letting me have it." Tears started rolling down her face as she crawled over to him and started licking the water from the bowl.

Beth returned wearing a stockings and garter set and a peek-a-boo bra and boots. "Daddy she doesn't own anything really slutty. It's all kinda conservative and boring."

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