tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYasmine's Fantasy Ch. 01

Yasmine's Fantasy Ch. 01


He had assured her that she had never been to a party quite like this one, but wouldn't tell her any more than that. Her mind raced with anticipation, a slight touch of fear, and pure unadulterated excitement. She had never been with a man his age before and the way he treated her was special. He made her feel special, desirable, beautiful, smart and sexy. This was so different than anything she had known before. He knew Yasmine was special the first time he laid eyes on her.

She showed a maturity well beyond her age, and her beauty was astonishing. Her tanned skin was like velvet pulled tight over firm round breasts, and that amazing butt made him want to bend her over as he watched her walk. Yes, she was special, but there were unanswered questions. Could she accept the things he wanted to share with her.

Would she accept it? He would find out this night. Yasmine felt all eyes turn to her as she entered the room. She could hear the whispers, ooohhhs and ahhhs, and felt just a touch of embarrassment. Maybe she had worn the wrong thing. The tight, short skirt barely covered her cheeks, and the very revealing top showed the fullness of perfect breasts nearly to her nipples.

The people here were dressed as if they were attending a banquet. Tux's, gowns, and enough diamonds to fill a jewelry store, fit well the elaborately decorated room. It seemed strange though. The sofas, chairs, and benches all faced the center of the room. There in the center of the room covered by a luxurious mohair rug, was a single piece of furniture. It looked like some sort of exercise bench advertised on late night TV.

Handles on the back, hinged in the middle, and heavily padded in white, she wondered why it was there. The lights grew dim and a spotlight appeared illuminating the center of the room. One by one the couples walked to the center and were introduced by an unknown voice. He took her hand and led there as she heard her name and his called. In a quiet hush she heard the onlookers calling Yasmine, Yasmine, Yasmine, Yasmine.

He turned to her, looked deep into her eyes, and said in a quiet voice, "Yasmine, you are chosen. Will you make love to me here, now, for all to see the wonder of you?

She never answered as he kissed her and cupped a gorgeous breast in each hand. Her mind reeled as he slowly undressed her. She heard the ahhhs from the people but they seemed far away. He gently pushed her back as she sat on the bench. Her mind was racing now as she noticed the soft blue glow of the spotlight as he undressed only inches from her face. This was the fantasy she had dreamed of many times and she gave herself to it as she reached for him. She slowly stroked him as she watched him grow harder in her hand.

They want a show, "Well .. I'll give them one" she thought as her mouth pulled him in.

She could feel the wetness start in herself as she felt him grow larger in her mouth. Slowly licking his shaft and cupping his balls, she could hear the quiet musings from the crowd and it turned the fire inside her into a raging inferno. She grabbed his butt and pulled him deep inside in one swift motion and the heard them gasp. Her hand found it's way between her legs to the wetness and she began to massage herself.

Yasmine, Yasmine, Yasmine... the people started in a whisper, growing louder each time.

Still holding him firmly in her hand she lay back on the bench and raised her legs to his shoulders. The juices from her excitement had covered her and ran between the cheeks of her butt for all to see.

With a confidence he had been sure she possessed, she looked up at him and said "fuck me now!" She never took her eyes off his as she guided him closer.

Gently pulling his rock hard shaft to her, she stroked her opening with the tip. Slowly, deliberately, she used him to please herself. Her juices now flowing from the excitement of it all, she slid his member down between the cheeks of her butt and then upward to her clit, now screaming for attention. There was no sound from the room as she held captive the trance-like attention of each and every one there.

The delicate lips of her treasure now unfurled like a rose in bloom as she used him. They surrounded him and he moved slowly closer and closer, until the swollen head disappeared inside her. He pushed forward as her hands reached above for the handles on the bench. Deeper and deeper he pushed slowly inside her until she felt his body pressing against her.

He leaned forward and placed his hands on the handles beside hers. Gently and slowly they found the rhythm of each others body. In and out, gliding smoothly with the crystal clear fluids of their bodies making his entry easy, his shaft plunged deep inside her again and again. She pulled at the handles and used her legs on his shoulders to help arch her back with each thrust. He pulled at those same handle for leverage as he started to increase the power and speed of his insertion.

The crowd sensed it too, and began the hushed chant Yas-mine....Yas-mine....Yas-mine.... in time with each thrust.

Through the fog of passion in her brain she heard them and it stirred the fires burning inside her. This was it, this was her fantasy, she was pleasing everyone in the room, men and women alike. She had imagined it many times, but had never imagined it could be like this. The thought of it drove her wild. Pounding away now her perfect breasts shook as his body slammed into hers time and time again.

She could feel his balls slapping against her butt with each stroke. The muscles in her belly were tight as she strained to greet him. Louder and louder the voices urged her on, and the excitement washed over her in waves. She reveled in her ability to stir so many at one time and wanted to give them more.

It took only a moment for her to come up with a way to do just that. In an instant she had turned and was on her knees, her hands gripping the handles now in front of her. She looked back over her shoulder and smiled, as if directing him in his role. She couldn't help but hear the gasps from several onlookers as she started to rock her perfect body in the undulating motion of invitation.

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