tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYasmine's Fantasy Ch. 03

Yasmine's Fantasy Ch. 03


Her hand held him firmly as she lowered herself slowly. Pausing to rub the swollen head between the also swollen lips of her entrance. She could feel her body swallowing him as she took him deeper. Lower and lower until she rested on his body feeling the fullness inside her. Yasmine tilted her head back, closed her eyes and absorbed the pleasure of it for several moments as she waited for the room to react. She arched her back as she heard the chant once again.

Yasmine... Yasmine..... Yasmine.....

Her body started to sway with the rhythm. Round hips moving forward and back, the perfectly shaped breasts glistening with a light sheen of sweat and tipped with nipples erect and taut with anticipation made her appear a goddess to all who beheld her. She was truly amazing this woman. Mature beyond her years, beautiful beyond description, passionate beyond belief, and at this moment she felt all these things he had often told her. His hands reached up and cupped the supple mounds., rolling each nipple between a thumb and forefinger, he gently squeezed her. The room fell silent as the low moans escaped her. The muscles in her belly drew tight as she rocked again and again. The soft blue light sparkled in the stone hanging from her belly button ring and gave the scene a wonderful aura.

She leaned forward to take the handles in her hands and used them to help her body move. She leaned forward more and dangled a pert nipple near his waiting mouth. She felt his tongue as he tasted the sweat on it and pulled it into his mouth. Her body moved frantically now, the desire in her driving her to places she had never been. She could feel the orgasm starting deep inside her and struggled to free it. The primal sounds coming from deep inside her now held the crowd silent as they watched her in awe. Deeper, harder, with each thrust of her body the flood rose inside her. Her body shook with the eruption of the orgasm. Waves of ecstasy washed over her and left no part of her untouched. She was unaware of the sounds coming from inside her as the pleasure rushed through her body again and again. She felt the need to cry at the sensations pricking every nerve of her being as she continued slamming herself to him.

Only as the waves of passion subsided did she slow the rhythm and feel her body start to relax. Slower and slower, she began to return to the awareness of her surroundings and realized the cheers and applause were for her. Each and every person there was on their feet urging her on. She felt the pulse of his hardness inside her and knew there must be one more act to her show. She hadn't felt the hot spewing of his essence inside her and realized he had held back to allow her this ending. As she stepped away she pulled him up and kissed him gently as he stood beside her. With that perfect smile she sat down and marveled at the wetness between her legs. Her hands went to him as she fondled and caressed the hardness that her body had caused. Tasting her own juices she licked the swollen head with the tip of her tongue. Her body still tingled from the orgasm as she fondled the hard swollen shaft oozing his clear sweet nectar.

The hushed oooo's and ahhhhh's from the onlookers made her feel as if they felt the same satisfaction that she was feeling. Her body was relaxed and satisfied with an occasional aftershock of the orgasm rushing through her. This part of the show was for the people who had admired, encouraged, appreciated, and reveled in her tonight, and for him. He had allowed her the stage, her fantasy, and the confidence to let it all go, to throw away the fear, and to experience a feeling few ever achieve. This would be her encore, and she wanted the night to end with a gift for all who had given her the pleasure.

Her hands gently massaged him as he stood before her. First one hand grasping him and sliding over his hardness, then the other, as she occasionally licked the tip and tasted the fluids she was squeezing from him. Slowly, deliberately, her hands moved over him as she gazed intently at the effects of her touch. As her hands became wet from the excitement flowing from him, she paused, arched her back, closed her eyes and wiped them invitingly on her breasts, chest, and neck.

She noticed the silence of the room as the crowd became mesmerized by her movements. As her head lowered, her eyes met his and stayed there. She watched him intently as her tongue stroked the sensitive underside of his, pulsing shaft. She felt his body tense as she slid her lips over the swollen head and took him deep into her mouth, and felt the pulsing throb of his excitement deep in her throat. His need for release was obvious now as she felt the tremors start in him. The contractions were beginning as her hand assisted in his pleasure. She wanted all to see the wonder her efforts had wrought and gently pulled her head away.

Her hands squeezed firmly a she stroked him. The pulsing quickened now and she could see the orgasm building urgently as he climbed nearer the point of no return. Raising her head to look into his eyes she squeezed harder and her strokes quickened. The flood of passion escaped him with fury, and she felt the hot sticky juices landing on her chest and breasts. Her eyes lowered and she watched as his essence spurted again and again. The room erupted with applause and bravo's as she licked her fingers and smiled. As if on cue, dozens of roses landed all around her amid the cheering. It had once been a fantasy, but now the sight of roses lying on the white rug at her feet brought her to the realization that this had been indeed her night, her reality, and she reveled in the feeling. He took her in his arms, looked deep into her eyes, and kissed her gently.

In barely a whisper she heard him say.....

Yasmine...... Thank you for the most wonderful experience I've ever known.

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