tagLesbian SexYaz's Adventurous Weekend

Yaz's Adventurous Weekend


Working away from home on the odd weekend suited Yaz really well; she thought a lot of Cal, Yaz didn't want anything to serious they had spoke about it and Cal was fine with the situation after all she got the odd weekend to do what or who she wanted too.

"You have remembered I'm working away this weekend haven't you chick?" Yaz asked Cal before heading out of the door.

"Yeah babe; I'm off out with the girls tonight, you don't mind do you?"

"No chick; have fun and I'll see you Monday morning," Yaz told her lover, before giving her a quick kiss.

Heading down the stairwell and out into the car park Yaz got a text message; after putting her weekender bag in the boot of her car, she settled in the driver's seat and pulled out her mobile and read the message envelope...

"Hi babe...have a good weekend...see you on Monday...missing you already...love you Cal...xx

Hi chick...I'll try...miss you too...xx Y xx..." Yaz replied.

Reaching the haulage yard Yaz parked up her car and went into the office; Leila the receptionist was stood at the filing cabinet, she was a cute little thing; she was about nineteen years old, standing about five feet six inches in high heels, long curly blonde hair, deep blue eyes and very pretty facial features; today she was wearing a plum coloured button-through blouse, a slate grey knee length pencil skirt with a small vent at the back and black patent, three inch kitten heeled shoes; Yaz had fantasised many times about having her over the desk and giving her the licking of her life, but it had not yet come to fruition...

"Hiya Leila; what have you got for me?" Yaz asked smiling as entered the office, trying not to leer as the blonde turned round revealing her ample cleavage; she loved asking the pretty blonde loaded questions.

"Oh hi...Mr Logan left these few jobs for you; they're all in the same area, but you'll be away for the weekend." Leila replied smiling and handing Yaz the paperwork.

"Okay thanks chick; do you fancy coming with me?" Yaz purred, smiling wickedly and winking.

"Maybe another time!" the little blonde beamed.

Looking at the paperwork Yaz saw that there were three drops all in Cheshire, two in Chester and the other in Davenwich which was a smaller town on the outskirts; handing the papers to Brad so that he could load up her lorry, Yaz did the checks on her lorry and climbed into the cab, before switching off her mobile she googled the area she would be visiting to see what gigs were on in and around Chester, she found that on Saturday night 'The Coolers' a tribute band to 'The Jam' were playing a gig at The Lost Sprocket a pub about one mile away from Davenwich; Yaz decided that they would suffice for her Saturday night entertainment. After the lads had loaded on the pallets Brad gave the papers back to Yaz...

"All done Yaz; have a safe journey and a good weekend."

"Cheers Brad and thanks...I'm sure I will," she replied with a cheeky wink.

Now that she had checked out the area she was ready to get moving, switching her mobile phone off she checked her mirrors and gear stick then started her engine; as Yaz was about to pull off she noticed Leila from the office waving some papers as if trying to get her attention; winding down her window Yaz shouted...

"What's up...have you changed ya mind...you coming with me?"

"I told you not this time, maybe on the next one!" she told her winking; "Mr Logan asked me to ask you if you could give this letter to Ebony who works at Finches please?"

"Anything for you chick; as long as you come out for a drink with me sometime?" Yaz purred.

"Okay then you win, just let me know where and when," the blonde beamed.

"Write ya number on there and I'll text you over the weekend!" Yaz smiled handing the girl a piece of paper.

"Look forward to it!" she replied smiling coyly.

Driving out of the yard Yaz could see Leila waving her off, 'you little minx' she thought to herself as she felt her clit tingling from the thought of getting the little blonde on her own; Yaz could feel her pussy wetting as she thought of all the things she would do to her, with her permission.

Pulling herself together Yaz turned on the radio and headed for the motorway; her journey to Chester would take her about six hours, she would do the two drops then drive the short distance to Davenwich find some digs for a couple of nights and do the drop at Finches on Saturday morning; the cab did have a sleeping space but Yaz preferred to sleep in a proper bed, more room to play...

After finishing the two drops in Chester, Yaz parked up the lorry in a secure lorry park and after a quick chat with one of the other drivers, she headed towards Davenwich town to find The Royal Arms Hotel a low budget hotel, that would suit her purpose for a couple of nights...

"Do you have a room for a few nights please?" Yaz asked the old guy behind the desk.

"A single or a double Miss, with or without a bathroom?" he replied, looking Yaz up and down.

"A double please with a bathroom; how much is that?"

"£65 please Miss in advance," he said, glaring as Yaz thumbed through her wallet for the cash. "Room 14, it's on the first floor at the end of the hallway; enjoy your stay Miss."

Picking up the key Yaz headed for her room; opening the door she walked in to finding a dimly lit but fresh smelling room, sparsely furnished with a wardrobe, small chest of drawers and a double bed; placing her bag on the floor and opening the curtains she looked outside to find the view over looked the railway line and the main road through the town, 'could be worse she thought'; un-packing her bag she hung her clothes in the wardrobe and found the few toys she had took with her and placed them in the top drawer, going through to the bathroom she started to run herself a deep bath...

Lying in the bubbles Yaz found herself fantasising about a threesome with Leila, Cal and herself; feeling her clit tingle she began to imagine the whole scenario...

'Yaz would be lying on her bed with Leila sitting on her face, her sweet tight pussy dripping juices into Yaz's mouth as she licked and tongue fucked her bringing the little blonde to the climax of her life, meanwhile Cal would fuck Yaz with an eight inch strap-on after teasing Yaz's rock hard clit with an electric ball vibrator, not letting her come until Cal gave her the okay, as her juices squirted she would catch them in a glass and then Leila would drink them; then they would take it in turns fucking each other before Yaz would eventually encourage Leila to let her fuck her tight little arse while Cal filmed it...'

Yaz couldn't get the vivid scenes out of her mind; her clit stiff from the erotic thoughts, she rubbed at her love button until her pussy burst like a dam and her juices mixed with the bubbled bath water...

"Fuck if only I could make that happen," she groaned as the last of the heavenly climax subsided, leaving her body enveloped in a warm blissful glow.

Stepping out of the bath she went through to the bedroom and started to dress; she decided that jeans and a casual t-shirt for an outfit, but she would wear some nice underwear just in case she got lucky; adding the final touches of make-up she finished styling her hair and grabbed her jacket and headed out onto the street below to find a place to eat and have a cold drink...

Walking up the main street Yaz spotted the local Wetherspoons pub 'The Hanging Cow', knowing that the food was good she decided that she would have her meal there and then move on; going to the bar she ordered a rump steak with all the trimmings and a diet soft drink, after finding a table Yaz waited for her meal to arrive; she took in her surroundings and checked out the local talent in the pub; she was particularly taking notice of a pretty little thing that wore a pink Trilby styled hat, she was with a small group of friends and Yaz surmised that they were more than likely students, the girl in the hat was slimly built, short cropped soft brown hair with a bright pink fringe...

"Excuse me Miss, did you order a steak?" the young guy asked smiling, snapping Yaz out of her daze.

"Sorry...yes I did." she replied smiling back.

"Enjoy your meal Miss."

"Thanks...I'm sure I will."

Finishing her meal she went to where the group of friends stood...

"Hi could you tell me where I would find The Lost Sprocket please?" Yaz asked smiling.

"Yeah sure...just follow the main street for about half a mile and it's on the left hand-side of the road," the young girl in the hat replied.

"Thanks very much."

Following the girl's directions Yaz headed out of the pub and down the main street; after about ten minutes she could see the sign for The Lost Sprocket, walking inside she noticed that it was a converted bingo hall; she ordered her drink and settled herself on a stool at the end of the bar, taking out her mobile phone she decided to send Leila a text message like she'd promised...

"Hi sexy ass...what are you up too? xx Y xx"

"Just having a soak in the bath...xx"

"Wish I was there...washing your bit's!"

"So do I...I'll send you a pic when I've finished!"

"Erm can't wait..."

Taking a sip from her glass Yaz noticed a familiar figure entering the pub it was the girl in the Trilby; seeing her phone light up she had one new picture message, after opening the picture message her clit started to tingle and her pussy was moistening by the second; Leila had sent her a picture of herself, naked, lying on the bed with a dildo up her waxed pussy and a caption saying 'Wish you were here!'...

"Fucking hell so do I; you little minx," Yaz whispered, her pussy now needing desperate attention; finishing her drink she headed for the ladies toilet, going into a cubicle she pulled her jeans down and rubbed on her stiffened clit, she knew it wouldn't be long before her release, stroking her bud with her thumb she dipped two of her fingers into her soaking wet pussy; her veins tingling with red hot desire, her legs almost buckling beneath her...

"Oh fuck...yes...yes...yes..." she groaned quietly, as the orgasm tore through her body leaving her gasping and the thought of fucking Leila still at the front of her mind. Licking her fingers she adjusted her clothes and left the cubicle, only to find the girl in the hat washing her hands at the basins...

"Are you okay?" the girl asked winking.

"Yes thanks..." Yaz answered smiling.

Returning to the bar she ordered another drink from the friendly face behind the bar...

"Orange and passionfruit J2O please...Krisie?" Yaz asked, spotting the girls name on her I.D.

"Would you like ice?"

"Yes please...pretty name..." Yaz replied smiling.

"£1.80 please...your new round here..." Krisie said, striking up a conversation.

"Yeah I'm here for the weekend; I've got a few drops in the area and thought I'd make this my base."

"Ah right you're a delivery driver then?"

"Sort of...I drive a lorry," Yaz answered with a smile, all the time studying Krisie's assets, she had soft facial features with stunning big brown eyes, she was slimly built but had ample sized tits...

"You look like you work out?"

"Yeah I do...I used to be a personal trainer but fancied a change! So what do you do besides bar work?"

"I'm at Uni studying Sports Science," Krisie told her.

"Well Krisie it's been lovely meeting you, but I'll have to get going shortly I have my final delivery tomorrow."

"Will you be in tomorrow night? There's a good tribute band on." the young girl asked.

"Yeah I will...are you working?"

"Yes but it's my early finish...I'll let you buy me a drink or three," she said smiling coyly.

"I'll look forward to it!" Yaz beamed winking...

Out on the street Yaz heard her message alert, checking her phone she saw that she had a new video message from Leila, but decided to leave it until she got back to her room...

Settling herself on the bed Yaz opened up the message envelope "Fucking hell you saucy bitch," she said to herself out loud; Leila had her hair in pigtails and was wearing a short mini skirt and a blouse which she'd tied in a knot at the front and long white socks; on the bed behind her Yaz could see a double ended dildo; pressing play Yaz watched as Leila provocatively and playfully removed her clothes revealing her scanty white panties which she dropped to the floor; leaving her socks on she playfully knelt on the bed before picking up the dildo, sucking the end of it she then pushed it into her wet glistening pussy thrusting it in and out, panting and groaning pushing herself to a satisfying release; pulling out the dildo she licked her juices from the end before looking at the camera, smiled wantonly and said...

"I can't wait for you to join me!"

Yaz played the video over and over pushing herself closer to another ecstatic climax; thrusting her dildo deep into her sopping lovebox faster and faster...

"YES...YES...YES..." she groaned loudly, as a torrent of warm juices trickled down onto the bed beneath; picking up her mobile phone she simply sent a message to Leila which read...

"Thanks...look forward to seeing you and your bedroom...xx Y xx"...

After doing her final drop for the weekend and a little shopping, Yaz went back to her room and got ready to go and meet up with Krisie; she was glad she had checked the internet to see what was on; putting on her matching red and black bra and panties, union jack t-shirt, black jeans and knee high boots, she wore her hair down and applied a little make-up, Yaz decided that she wouldn't need a jacket as it was a warm summer evening, grabbing her bag she went out of the door and down the main street...

"Hey darling...fancy a bunk up?" some moron shouted to her from the other side of the road, spurred on by his moronic mates.

Totally ignoring him Yaz carried on until she reached The Hanging Cow...

"Yes please; what can I get for you?" the young guy behind the bar asked.

"Jack Daniels with ginger please?"

She drank her drink and went on to The Lost Sprocket; settling on the bar stool she waited for Krisie to serve her...

"Hey there...glad you made it...what are you drinking?"

"JD with ginger, in a tall glass with ice please and one for yourself." Yaz replied.

"I see you know what you want!"

"Erm I'm looking at her right now," Yaz smiled lustfully.

"I'll get you your drink," Krisie said rolling her eyes and grinning.

Yaz sat enjoying the music and a little later Krisie joined her; as they sat drinking and chatting the young girl's body language became more tactile; she began stroking Yaz's thigh...

"Which hotel are you stopping at?" Krisie asked.

"The Royal Arms, why do you ask?" Yaz answered smiling.

"Cos I'd love to see the inside of your room," Krisie told her flirtatiously.

"So why aren't we there?" Yaz said before finishing her drink...

Krisie collected her hat and jacket from behind the bar whilst Yaz waited outside...

"Do you have anything we can drink in your room?" Krisie asked.

"No I don't, is there an off licence open?"

"Asda is still open...it's down here." Krisie told her grabbing Yaz's hand and heading down an alleyway.

A little further down the walkway Yaz stopped and pulled her young friend closer to her before kissing her wantonly, squeezing her cute little ass cheeks...

"That was lovely," Krisie told her.

"Come on let's get you a drink and get back to my room!"...

Arriving back at the hotel Yaz had a word with Alan the night porter then the two friends went to Room 14; once inside Yaz put the drink on the chest of drawers and knelt on the floor in front of Krisie and tenderly kissed her before pulling off her friends t-shirt and taking off her bra exposing the young girls ample tits; softly squeezing them Yaz took one of the pert nipples in her mouth and teased it with her lips making Krisie moan blissfully; gently pushing her back onto the bed Yaz un-fastened Krisie's jeans and slowly pulled them down revealing the girls fuchsia pink satin panties, Yaz hooked her finger around the panties and felt the soft, waxed moist lips; smoothing her thumb over Krisie's firming clit she rubbed it, the young girl groaning blissfully as Yaz began working her fingers slowly in and out of her soaking wet pussy...

"Oh my god..." Krisie groaned.

"Move up the bed sweetie," Yaz whispered.

Moving up the bed Krisie lay there rubbing on the bud through her panties; Yaz walked over to the chest of drawers opened the top one and pulled out a little ball vibrator, switched it on and softly threw it on the bed, landing it next to Krisie...

"Try that chick! Would you like a drink?" Yaz smiled as she watched her friend massaging her clit with the ball...

"Erm please..." Krisie groaned blissfully, as she brought herself closer to release.

After pouring the drinks Yaz took out a bag from the drawer, pulling out her new purchases she noticed how Krisie's eyes lit up when she saw the thrasher and nipple clamps; walking back to the bed she handed the girl her drink and started to undress, now totally naked she stood at the side of the bed...

"Take off your panties...and then lie with your head at the side of the bed..." Yaz purred.

"Okay..." Krisie obeyed, quickly removing her panties...

"Now lick my clit until I tell you to stop!" Yaz told Krisie, slowly lowering her soaking wet pussy down onto the girls face...

Doing as she was told Krisie licked and sucked her friend's clit, making her groan lustfully...

"Finger fuck me..." Yaz demanded, gently thrashing the girl's pussy making her yelp... "More fingers pleeaasssee..." she begged.

Yaz could feel that she was close to sexual release, her veins filling with red hot lust; so she began to thrust her body onto the fingers, she could feel her juices beginning to trickle out and knew that soon a torrent would follow...

"Harder...harder...OH...FUCK...YES...YES...YES..." she screamed euphorically, as a stream of her love juice splashed on Krisie's face; beads of sweat trickling down her back as her body was awash with heavenly euphoria...

Krisie lapped at Yaz's pussy, drinking the juice that flowed, sucking and licking her friend's clit; Krisie herself close to another orgasm, moaning and groaning loving every second; as the last of the sensation left her, Yaz eased herself up off the young girls face...

"Thanks...that was fucking amazing..." Yaz said with delight, kissing Krisie.

"Anytime...your juices taste so sweet," Krisie replied lustfully.

"They do don't they...fancy a drink?"

"Erm...yeah...I bet it won't taste as good as you!"

"Maybe not but you'll need it...'cos these might hurt." Yaz beamed as she held up the nipple clamps.

Having got the drinks Yaz took a sip and went back to the bed, passing Krisie the glass...

"Do you fancy doing something different?" she asked.

"What do you mean different?" the young girl replied.

"Well I have this friend...who I would like to join us..."

"Do you mean a threeway?" Krisie smiled.

"Yes...but first we will have to let her watch us."

"What you mean she's here in town?"

"No not yet...we will have to send her a taster! A video of us playing together..."

"Kinky...I like kinky!" the girl purred lustfully...

Getting out her phone Yaz played Leila's video for Krisie to watch, her beautiful eyes widening, as she watched the film of Leila dressed provocatively before fucking herself with a double ended dildo, then inviting Yaz to join her...

"Fucking hell she is hot! Is she your girlfriend? Krisie asked excitedly.

"No she's just a work colleague." Yaz laughed, as she watched the young girl on the bed getting really animated.

"When is she arriving then?"

"I can get her here for tomorrow..."

"Shit I have to work...it's my last shift before I head home for summer break." Krisie said glumly.

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