tagAnalYear 3 with Jane and Tony Pt. 01

Year 3 with Jane and Tony Pt. 01


Jane, my beautiful wife, and I were in my VW camping van heading west towards Denver, Colorado, on our way to pick up our friend Sue. We were on a two week break between the end of summer session at our University in Chicago and the beginning of the fall term, where Jane and I would be beginning our third year. I had enjoyed the classes I took over the summer, all of which were in Psychology, one half of my double major. Sue, unlike the rest of our little family, had to return home over the summer to be with her mother.

Barb, Jake and Emily had spent the summer in domestic bliss. Barb spent her time with Emily while Jake was at work and the two had developed quite a bond. The bond reached its zenith when Emily asked Barb if she could call her 'Mom'! When Barb told Jake, he said that he would like to make it official and asked Barb to marry her. She, of course, accepted and they decided that they would have a small ceremony at our house the weekend before fall term started. When we told Barb that we were driving to fetch Sue, she said that we shouldn't worry as she would take care of everything and that Astrid had volunteered to help.

Sofia and Cindy, along with Sofia's brother Pavel, spent the summer working for Barb's fiancé Jake, who owned a construction business. Both women wanted jobs so they could remain in the Chicago area over the summer. Jake had received numerous remodel jobs on some of the older houses in the University area. With all of the physical labor, both Sofia and Cindy were quite lean and muscular by the end of summer. While Jane and I were away, both women took the opportunity to return home to visit their families before the fall term started.

Axel had to remain close to the University during the summer because of an experiment he was part off in the physics department. Because Axel had to stay, Astrid remained in Chicago as well so, she opted to take a couple of classes as well.

Denise began work on her dissertation, so she remained in Chicago also. Debbie, Denise's former roommate and Pavel's current lover, had completed her research and was now in the throes of writing her dissertation.


"I really love these road trips," Jane said as we drove west towards Denver. Jane, as she had last summer on our road trip, was in the front passenger seat without a stitch of clothing on. "I think we should spend the night in Hiawatha, Kansas. I just love that name! 'The Song of Hiawatha' by Longfellow was one of my favorite poems as a child."

We were driving across Missouri, close to St. Joseph on US 36. Fields of corn stretched out as far as the eyes could see. We were driving longer stretches this year since we had limited time before Barb's wedding. When we arrived in Hiawatha it was around 6pm and we were both hot and hungry. We decided that we would get a hotel room for the air conditioning! Once we found a room we asked about a place to eat and were directed to a diner nearby that was said to have the best food in town. Jane and I seemed to attract the attention of the locals as we walked into the diner. A cute young Asian woman directed us to a booth and gave us menus. Once the waitress took our orders and gave them to the kitchen, she returned to our table and asked, "Where are you two from?"

"We are students in Chicago, currently," Jane replied. "This is a lovely town. We love your big maple trees that line the streets. Have you always lived here?"

"Yeah, born and raised. I'm off to college though, in a few weeks, in Chicago as well. Which University are you attending," she asked?

When we told her, she shrieked and said, "That's where I'm going to go! I got a scholarship for biology. What are you two studying?" We told her about our majors and told her if she had any questions she should feel free to ask. "Tell you what, I get off work at 8pm, we could talk then, perhaps?"

We told her that would be great and that she should come to our hotel room since it was air conditioned. We introduced ourselves and she told us her name was Jenny. When we had finished eating, we went for a stroll and enjoyed the relative quiet of the small town, even though there was a constant insect noise. At 7:45 we returned to our room so we would be there when Jenny arrived.

Jenny knocked on the door at 8:30 and we let her in. She apologized for being a little late but, she wanted to shower and change before coming over. It turned out that Jenny's family had come to the US as refugees from Vietnam after the war. She was the first of her family to be born in the US. She was very pretty, quite petite and quite bright. We talked until 11:30 when Jenny said she had to get home. We told her that, if she wanted, we could stop back through and take her to Chicago with us on our way back. We told her we were fetching another student from Denver. Jenny said that would be great because she didn't want to have to take the Greyhound bus.

Jane said, "There is something you should know. I generally don't wear clothes while we are driving or at our home. Sue, the woman in Denver, probably won't wear clothes either. I hope that doesn't bother you. You can leave your clothes on or take them off, whatever you are comfortable with. We didn't want to surprise you."

Jenny thought for a moment then asked, "Does Tony drive naked as well?"

Jane laughed and said, "No. If something happens it's more difficult to get dressed behind the wheel, so he remains clothed."

"Ah," Jenny replied. "Too bad!"

Jane burst out laughing and said, "You will fit in wonderfully with our family! We will give you all of the details when we pick you up."

We swapped phone numbers with Jenny and gave her big hugs when she left. Jane and I then took quick showers and then went right to sleep. After we breakfasted at Jenny's diner, we hit the road again with the intention of driving through to Denver. We arrived in the Denver area at around 5pm and had to fight with commuter traffic. Jane had called Sue about a good place to stay that was close to Sue's house. She gave us the address of a motel that was only 3 blocks from her house that seemed pretty nice. When we arrived at the motel we were happy to see Sue waiting for us out front. When we got out of the van, Sue shrieked and ran up to us and gave us both big hugs and kisses.

"It's so wonderful to see you both again." Sue said. "I've missed all of you very much. Let's get you settled and then we can walk to my house. Mom has made dinner for you!"

Jane and I checked in, dropped our bags in our room and then walked hand in hand with Sue to her house. When we walked in the door, the most amazing aroma hit our senses. Sue's Mom came out to the front room with a beaming smile and flaming red hair like her daughters. She gave us each a big hug and told us to call her Emily. Emily led us into a small dining room and said dinner was ready if we were. She brought out a large ceramic contraption that looked like a tepee and a bowl of couscous.

"This is a tagine," Emily explained as she pulled the tepee off the bottom bowl. "It is of Moroccan origin as is the food. There's chicken, olives, apricot, pepper, carrots, potatoes and onion. Just serve yourself some couscous and put the tajine on top."

I couldn't believe how good everything smelled. When it was my turn, I dished up my food and then took a taste. The flavors were wonderful; the chicken was very tender as were all of the vegetables. "This is amazing," I said. "Where did you learn about this?"

Emily replied, "My father was in the US foreign service and we were posted in Morocco for 10 years. We had a housekeeper/cook who taught me the magic of the tagine. I'm glad you like it, Sue told me you were majoring in International Relations as well as Psychology."

We had a wonderful evening talking to Sue and her Mom. Emily had many wonderful stories about her life overseas as a child. She asked about Jane and my upbringings so we both related our stories. When Emily heard about my upbringing in the orphanage she said, "You may not realize it, but those Nuns did a wonderful job raising you."

I smiled and said, "I know and I realize it more with each passing day. You should know that you have done a great job raising Sue as well. She is one of the most wonderful people we have ever met and we both love her very much!"

We sat and talked until about 10pm when Emily said she had an early morning. We thanked her profusely for the incredible meal and told her it was a great pleasure to meet her. Sue offered to walk us back to the motel but we told her we would be fine and that she should come by in the morning.

When we got back to our room, we took a quick shower and then got into bed. Jane leaned over and kissed me for a bit and then swung her legs around and straddled my face with her pussy. We hadn't had a 69 in quite a while and once I sank my tongue into Jane's pussy I discovered I had missed it. When Jane took my erection deep into her throat, I discovered I missed it even more! I lapped at Jane's vagina taking in as much of her moisture that I could while enjoying the sensations she was giving my cock.

After licking and prodding Jane's vagina for several minutes I decided it was time to tackle her clitoris. I moved myself down a bit and began licking around her clit while, at the same time, sinking a couple of fingers deep into her pussy, which caused Jane to moan loudly. I flicked her piercing a couple of times causing Jane to moan again while she sucked hard on my cock. When my fingers were good and wet, I pulled them from her soaking vagina and pushed them roughly into her asshole while, at the same time, I took her 'triangle' between my lips and began lightly tugging.

The effect was almost immediate as Jane cried out, "OH FUCK! I'M CUMMING!" as she squirted her girl cum into my waiting mouth. Once I had swallowed her deposit I started sucking on her clit and piercing yet again. Jane, in the meantime, was, basically, fucking her throat with my cock by taking me all of the way in and then pulling back up in rapid succession. What she was doing felt so good that I could feel my climax begin to rise up. I managed to make Jane cum two more times before I shot my load into her throat.

When we had calmed down, Jane rolled off of me, turned around and laid in my arms while we kissed. After a while Jane said, "That was nice. We haven't done that in a while and I found that I missed it." I told her I thought the same thing. Before long we both fell asleep.

The next morning Sue knocked on the door and we let her in. We had been up for about a half an hour and were awaiting her arrival. When she walked into the room she was smiling brightly and was radiant in her happiness. She hugged and kissed us both and then said that we should walk across the street for breakfast. We crossed with the light and then were seated at a table. We talked about what we had done over the summer and Jane and I reported what our friends in Chicago had been up to, including Barb and Jake's engagement.

"I'm sorry to say it but, we're going to have to head back to Chicago tomorrow in order to get back in time for Barb's wedding," Jane said. "We really wanted to spend some time with you here."

Sue said, "It's no problem, really. Mom has to work the rest of the week and Denver doesn't really have all that much to offer as far as tourism goes. The mountains are nice but require a fair amount of driving. Besides, I really want to see everyone again."

Jane smiled and said, "I'm glad you are okay with it. On our way out, we stopped in a little town in Kansas called Hiawatha. We met a young Vietnamese woman there who is starting class at our school this term, so we offered her a lift. We will spend the night there since it's about halfway. Her name is Jenny and she's quite sweet."

When we had finished eating we made our way back to our motel room. When we got there, Jane and I brushed our teeth and then sat down to talk with Sue some more. I asked Sue, "So, did you do it?"

Jane looked from me to Sue and back again and asked, "Did she do what?"

Sue smiled and said, "Yeah, I did and I think it turned out great! Do you want to see?"

Jane's curiosity was killing her as she asked, "See what? What are you two talking about?"

Sue laughed and said, "Close your eyes until I tell you to open them and then you will see!"

Jane and I closed our eyes and waited. We could hear Sue take her clothes off as we sat. Finally, Sue said, "Okay, open your eyes."

I couldn't believe my eyes. Sue had a giant peacock tattooed on her back in full color. Its head was just to the left of her right scapula and was turned to look to the left as we looked at its back. The tail feathers were not fanned out but were swept around to the left across her left ass cheek and towards her front. Both wings were extended with the left wing covering her left scapula and the right wing wrapped around towards the front of her body. When Sue turned, we could see that the tail feathers reached just short of her now shaved vagina. The right wing reached around across the lower part of Sue's right breast, just below the nipple.

I looked over at Jane as she gawked at Sue. Finally, Jane found her voice and said, "My god, that has to be the sexiest thing I have ever seen! You look absolutely beautiful!" Jane stood up and examined the tattoo close up and then hugged and kissed Sue.

Sue then asked, "What do you think, Tony?"

"I agree with Jane. You look incredible! The women you showed me on that website pale in comparison," I said.

"Look closely at the 'eyes' in the tail feathers," Sue said.

Jane and I looked closely at the eyes and we could see the names Mom, Tony, Jane, Barb, Sofia, Cindy, Astrid, Axel, Evan, Jake and Emily worked into each feather. "The names of all of the people I love the most," Sue said.

Jane asked, "It's so intricate, how long did it take and did it hurt a lot?"

Sue smiled and said, "It took a month and I went in to the tattoo parlor every day to have a part worked on. I told Kenny, the artist, that I needed it done in a hurry. It did hurt, but it was a nice hurt, especially the parts on my ass cheek, breast and the part near my vulva. I liked those parts a lot."

Jane and I continued to examine Sue's tattoo. Jane sank to her knees and was looking at the part near Sue's vulva. She was very close looking at the detail when Sue began to tremble. "I can feel your breath on my pussy. It feels so different without the hair down there. It's making me very wet."

Jane looked up at Sue without moving away and asked, "Would you like me to lick you?"

Sue shivered and whispered, "Oh yes!"

"Would you like Tony to do anything," Jane asked?

Again, Sue whispered, "Oh yes! I would like him in my bottom. It has been so long and I need it so much!"

Jane smiled, leaned into Sue and kissed her where the tattoo was close to Sue's vulva. Sue moaned with the contact and then groaned loudly when Jane ran her tongue up Sue's slit. After a few seconds of licking, Jane stood and kissed Sue deeply while holding her tight. When she broke the kiss, Jane whispered, "I'm going to undress and then lay down on the bed. I want you to straddle my face and then lick me in a 69. While we do that, Tony will take care of your anal needs. Does that sound good?"

Sue smiled and whispered, "Yes, thank you so much!"

Jane quickly stripped and lay down on the bed. Sue crawled over the top of her and settled her pussy over Jane's mouth while running her tongue into Jane's pussy. Both women were moaning with the pleasure they were receiving. I got up onto the bed and began attending to Sue's anus, getting her ready for my penis by licking, then probing with my fingers and then lubing her up with KY. When I deemed Sue was ready, I bent down and kissed Jane quickly and then straightened up to push my cock into Sue's rosebud. Sue let out a long low moan as I slowly sank into her backdoor. Sue lifted her face from Jane's vagina long enough to utter, "Oh yes! How I have missed this. Thank you, so much!"

I slowly pumped in and out of Sue's ass, savoring how good it felt. Sue was moaning constantly due to the dual assault on her senses and climaxed several times. Jane groaned loudly, leading me to suspect that Sue was pulling on Jane's 'triangle' piercing. After a while Sue asked me to fuck her harder so, I began thrusting with more gusto. As I picked up the pace I could feel Jane's hand fondling my balls and then, a little later, she worked a finger into my ass and began prodding my prostate. That little trick pushed me over the edge as my seminal fluid rushed into Sue's rectum.

I rolled off Sue as Sue rolled of Jane. A little later Sue said, "I've missed you two so much!" We told her we had missed her as well. We spent the day in our motel room giving Sue numerous orgasms making her the focus of our love making. Around 4:30, we returned to Sue's house so we could spend some more time with her Mom. Jane and I took Sue and her Mom out to dinner and then spent another evening talking. At 10:00 Emily said she had to turn in so, we said our goodbyes and how we looked forward to seeing her again. As we left we told Sue that she needed to be ready to leave by 8am to head back to Chicago.

By 9am we had picked up Sue, had breakfast and were back on the road heading back east towards Chicago. Sue followed Jane's lead and stripped her clothes off as I drove. Once we got out of the Denver metropolitan area the traffic became very light. Sue mentioned that she was feeling a bit horny so Jane shared one of her butt plugs and a vibrator. Both women were on the bed in the back using the vibrator on each other while they both had plugs in their asses. When we hit the town of Sabetha, Kansas I told Jane she should call Jenny and let her know we would be in Hiawatha soon.

We had booked a room at the same motel we used before and when we walked into the lobby Jenny was waiting for us. Jenny hugged Jane and I and then we introduced her to Sue. When we dropped our bags, Jenny said, "My parents would like you to come for supper to thank you for giving me a ride to Chicago. It's a short walk if you don't mind." The four of us walked the 5 blocks to Jenny's house.

After a couple of blocks, Jane asked Jenny, "What is making that awful noise?"

Jenny laughed and replied, "Those are cicadas. For most of their lives they live underground and then emerge after 15 years to mate. This is a particularly bad year for them."

When we arrived at Jenny's home she introduced us to her parents and her younger sister, Elsie. We were ushered into the dining room and were presented with a veritable feast of various foods. There were a couple of noodle dishes, a soup called Pho in which you could add various meats and vegetables to suit one's taste, and a couple of, rather spicy, dishes that contained chicken. Everything was delightful as I sampled everything.

Jenny's parents didn't speak much English so Jenny and Elsie, translated their questions and our answers. Her parents seemed to be concerned about Jenny's safety because of Chicago's reputation in the days of Al Capone. We assured them that the campus was quite safe and that we were personal friends with a Chicago policeman. We also said that we would keep an eye out for Jenny and that she was always welcome at our house.

After a while, Elsie told us that she was hoping to attend our University next year as well. She was hoping to secure a full scholarship like Jenny did. Jane asked Elsie what she wanted to major in and Elsie replied mathematics. We told her about Sofia being a math major and that when she arrived we would introduce them to each other.

We all talked for quite a while until we decided we needed to get back to our room and sleep. We told Jenny that we would pick her up at 9am. When we got back to the room we were all tired and just wanted to sleep. I took a quick shower and crawled into bed with Jane. There were two queen size beds in our room, but, the three of us slept on just one bed.

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