tagAnalYear 3 with Jane and Tony Pt. 03

Year 3 with Jane and Tony Pt. 03


Just a heads up, this story got rather long because it transpires during most of a summer. There was no natural place to break it up, so I just made it one long story. I introduce some new characters that will be a part of stories to come. I hope you will enjoy this segment and will continue reading as I add to the ongoing saga of Jane and Tony.


Thanks to our friend and business manager, Judy, Jane and I were winging our way across the Atlantic once again. Judy had become an indispensable part of our lives ever since the death of Jane's parents. Neither Jane nor I had any plans for summer break, which was a first for us. But, our lives had been turned upside down and we hadn't, really, thought about ourselves for the past few months. Judy recognized that and suggested we check out a couple of properties we now owned and make a nice long vacation of it.

Being ridiculously rich had its perks. We were flying in first class on a brand new 777 and it was pretty remarkable. Jane and I had 2 seats in the middle while Judy was across the aisle on the window. The cabin crew were very attentive and provided excellent service. When we arrived in Paris, we had our own personal valet who escorted us to a lounge area where we could await our connecting flight and then the valet escorted us to our next gate.

When we arrived in Marseilles, we rented our car and then Judy drove us to Arles. It took a little work to find our hotel in the maze of streets but our phones GPS was a great help. We checked into our room (Jane decided that it wouldn't be fair to make Judy sleep alone in her own room), dropped our luggage and then went for a nice walk through the town. We were all amazed by the Roman ruins that proliferated throughout the central city. We ate lunch in an outdoor bistro having Jane's and my favorite ham and cheese on a baguette. Judy and I were having fun speaking French as we gabbed with the young woman who waited on us. Before long, though, the long hours caught up with us so we made our way to our hotel for a nap.

The three of us got naked, piled onto the bed and were asleep in moments. I was awakened several hours later by Jane as she stroked my cock. She smiled at me as she said, "Europe makes me horny! Too bad we don't have a balcony here, but any port in a storm will do, as they say!" We began kissing and rubbing each other's bodies and the incipient noise and motion woke Judy up from her slumber.

"I like the way you guys nap," Judy said! "Should I leave you two alone for a while?"

Jane broke our kiss and replied, "Heaven's no! Get in here and help me out with this man!"

With that, Judy joined us. She turned my head towards her and began kissing me deeply, while Jane made her way down my torso to suck my cock. Jane pushed me onto my back as she took me down her throat. Judy, then, broke our kiss and then straddled my face planting her wet pussy on my mouth. A few moments later, Jane swung herself up, straddled my cock and sunk it deep into her wet vagina. I was in a state of bliss with Jane fucking herself on me and Judy rubbing herself on my face. I heard Jane say, "My god, Judy, you are so fucking beautiful!"

I felt both women lean towards each other, so I assumed they were kissing and fondling each other's breasts. I was in heaven as I slurped at Judy and Jane continued to fuck me. Before long I felt my climax rising and tried to alert Jane of the fact, but with Judy grinding herself on my face all I could do was grunt as I released my load into Jane. Jane, however wasn't too far behind as I felt her gush on my crotch. In an effort to expedite Judy's orgasm, I took Judy's piercing between my lips and began tugging at it. That was enough to push her over the edge as she gushed her girl cum into my waiting mouth. Both women rolled off me with Jane kissing me deeply as I shared Judy's cum with her and Judy licking my cum from Jane's vagina.

After we had showered, we decided to go out and find some dinner. After 20 minutes, we found a small restaurant which specialized in Provençal fare. Jane had Pissaladière, a French style pizza, while Judy and I had ratatouille. We, also, had an excellent Rosé which complimented the food nicely.

After dinner, we walked around the town enjoying the warmth of the early evening. As we strolled, we entered a small square with a café on one side. I stopped, looked around and said, "This looks so familiar to me. I know I have never been here before, but I feel like I have!"

Judy pulled out her phone, typed and scrolled for a minute and then smiled. "Of course this is familiar to you, look at this!"

Judy held her phone out for me to look at the screen. I was staring at a painting by Van Gogh of this very spot! "Wow, it looks as though it hasn't changed at all over the years."

When Jane looked at it, she smiled and said, "I'm so glad you wanted to come here Judy. This is just too fantastic!"

We wandered a bit longer until the jet lag began catching up with us. We returned to our room and got ready for bed. After performing our ablutions, we crawled into bed and turned out the lights. I asked Judy, "How did you know about that Van Gogh painting?"

Judy replied, "When I first went to Stanford, I wanted to be an art history major. But, it was pointed out to me fairly early in my studies that it's a pretty tough way to make a living. So, I changed to business management, but I continue my love of art. I hope you don't mind if I drag you to a couple of museums while we are here in Europe."

I replied, "I don't mind at all. After tonight I want to see more!"

We spent half of the next day exploring Arles some more, by viewing the Roman colosseum and other antiquities. We then drove north to see the Pont du Gard, an immense aqueduct erected by the Romans around 40 AD. There are three tiers of arches and everything is held together by gravity! After the Pont du Gard, we continued up to Avignon. It was early evening when we arrived, so we checked in to our hotel and then went looking for a place to eat dinner.

We had another fine meal of Provençal cuisine and then did a bit of exploring while walking around the streets of Avignon. As we walked, Jane casually said, "I trust that you saw that our hotel room had a balcony, Tony."

"I did indeed," I replied

"Then you know what is required of you tonight," Jane continued.

"What is required of him," Judy asked?

Jane smiled and said, "He gets to sodomize me while I lean over the railing. It's a little fetish of mine."

"Ooh! That sounds pretty hot to me," Judy said. "Perhaps I can give it a try as well someday."

Jane laughed and said, "Perhaps tonight, if Tony is up to the task. I have another treat in store for you as well, Judy. One of these nights we're going to use the chains on you!"

"Chains? Really? Nothing too severe I hope," Judy asked.

"Oh, no. You'll, definitely, love the chains! But, tonight it's all about the balcony," Jane exclaimed!

I think all of the talk was getting Jane worked up, so we made a bee line back to our hotel. Jane threw the French doors open to the balcony and looked around. "We aren't too high up, so there's a good chance we'll be seen! I'm so excited! Come on Judy, let's go get our rectums squeaky clean for our Tony!"

I stripped off my clothes and lay on the bed waiting for Jane and Judy. I wasn't so keen on the exhibitionist part of sex on the balcony, but I really liked how excited Jane would get with the thrill of getting caught. Finally, after a lot of laughing and giggling, the two women emerged from the bathroom. They were both beautiful as they walked past me towards the balcony in all of their naked glory. I stood and then followed them out into the warm night air. When I got onto the balcony Jane kissed me passionately as we hugged. When we broke the kiss, she said, "I love you to the depths of my soul and my love grows more with each day." She then released me and pulled Judy into a hug and kissed her as passionately as she did me. She then said to Judy, "I love you as well and that love grows with each day too. You have been a god send to us and I don't know what we would do without you."

Judy smiled and said, "I love you and Tony too. My life had been a bit of a mess until you both took me in. I thought I would never find love but I have found it with the two of you, Barb, Sofia and Jenny. All of you have made me so happy these past few months." Judy then turned to hug and kiss me.

When Judy released me, Jane said, "Judy and I have worked out what we are going to do this evening. We played 'spin the bottle' to see who goes first and Judy won. So, you, Tony, will bring Judy great pleasure by fucking her ass until you cum in her. When we have revived you, you will then fuck me until we both cum. We are both adequately lubed and are ready for your attention."

With that Judy leaned over the balcony railing. Her breasts were hanging in space and swayed gently with her breathing. I stepped up behind her, positioned myself and pressed forward firmly. She and I moaned loudly as I penetrated deep into her rectum. I began fucking Judy's ass with a nice easy tempo. I watched as Judy's beautiful ass cheeks rippled with every time my pelvis struck her. Cars were constantly driving by but there was no foot traffic as yet. I began to pick up my pace as my lust built up until I was plowing into Judy with everything I had.

At some point, Jane reached under Judy and began rubbing her clit and pulling on Judy's piercing. This caused Judy to start climaxing constantly as she squirted her girl cum on my balls and began convulsing. My orgasm was building as I continued pounding away at Judy's sweet ass. Finally, my release hit me as I unloaded my semen into Judy's backside. As I pulled out of Judy and sat back on one of the balcony chairs, Jane kneeled before me, took my cock in her mouth and began to resuscitate my half hard penis.

While Jane worked on me, Judy was still leaning against the railing with her breasts hanging for the world to see. She looked back at me and smiled as cum dripped from her anus. Between that view and Jane's mouth, I was hard again in no time. Jane leaned over the railing next to Judy, her breasts hanging down and her ass ready for my assault. Before I pushed into Jane, she turned her head and pulled Judy in for a passionate kiss. I then pushed into Jane fast and hard, the way she likes it. Jane broke her kiss with Judy and began muttering, "Oh, yes!" over and over.

After a while a man walking down the sidewalk yelled up, "Qu'est-ce que tu fais?"

Jane asked Judy what the man said and she replied that he was asking what you are doing. Jane told Judy to tell him that 'I'm being ass fucked by my husband!' Judy called down and said "Elle fait l'amour dans mon cul avec mon mari!"

The man yelled back, "Mon Dieu! Son mari a-t-il besoin d'aide?" Judy laughed and told Jane that the man asked if your husband requires his assistance.

I reached around Jane and pulled on her piercing which caused her to climax, almost, immediately. Jane told Judy to tell the man, "Heavens no! He just made me orgasm for the fourth time! Good evening to you!" Judy cried out, 'Cieux non! Il vient de me faire l'orgasme pour la quatrième fois! Bonne soirée à vous."

The man below smiled and said, "Si cela ne vous dérange pas, je pense que je vais rester et regarder un peu de temps! J'aime la façon dont tes seins se balancent ... tous les deux!" Judy translated once again saying that the man wants to watch because he likes the way our breasts sway! Jane smiled at this, reached for both of her nipples and pulled them very hard stretching her tits out.

This whole scenario was pretty hot and I began to lose my load in Jane's ass. Judy called down to the man, "Il a juste tiré sa charge dans son cul! Il est temps de se coucher et de faire de beaux rêves!" As both Jane and Judy stood, the man clapped in applause. Both women blew him kisses as we returned to our room. We closed the French doors and went to the bathroom to shower. When we finished with the shower and returned to our bed, Judy said, "That whole thing was so hot! I'm still horny after Monsieur Voyeur!" Jane said she was too, but I was done for the night. Since the room had two large beds, I went to the other bed to let Judy and Jane sate themselves.

When I awoke in the morning, Jane and Judy were sleeping in one another's arms. I put on some shorts and a t-shirt and went out onto the balcony to read the news on my iPad. After an hour or so, a pair of hands reached over my shoulders and rubbed my chest. I turned to see a nude Judy standing behind me. She kissed me and said good morning. I asked if she and Jane had a good night. Judy said, "Hmmm! Yes, indeed! She'll be out here in a moment." A few moments later, a still naked Jane walked out onto the balcony and kissed Judy and then me.

"I think we should tour the Papal palace this morning and then head to Nice. What do you two think?" Jane asked.

Judy and I agreed, so we dressed and went down for our breakfast of croissants, baguettes and coffee. When we had finished, we went up to pack and stow our bags in our car and then walked to the Papal palace. The place was huge and took several hours to tour. When we had finished, we jumped in our car and headed for Nice. We made a lunch stop in Aix-en-Provence and then proceeded to Nice. This time I was driving and Judy was calling out directions from her phones GPS.

It dawned on me, when we arrived, that we didn't have a key. Judy, however, had the situation under control because she had called the caretaker while we had dined in Aix. The caretaker came out to greet us as we got out of the car. Madame Giroux ushered us inside and gave us a tour of the place. In a word, the place was huge! There were seven bedrooms, a living room with foldable doors that opened out to the patio, pool and spa, a gigantic kitchen and large dining room.

Once Madame Giroux left, the three of us hauled our luggage up to the master bedroom. The room was very large with more folding doors that led out to a balcony that overlooked the pool. The bed was enormous by European standards as was the bathroom. We explored the house for a while and then went to the kitchen to see what was in there. There were a few canned odds and ends, but there was nothing fresh. Judy checked her phone and found a grocery store about 5 km away, so we piled back in the car and went shopping.

We had decided we were going to spend a week here, so we shopped accordingly. We had noticed a produce shop and bakery on our way to the store, so hit those on our way home. Jane and I put the groceries away while Judy continued exploring. After a while, Judy returned to the kitchen and said that we should follow her. We went down into the basement and then walked into a room with around 600 bottles of wine...not counting the 100 or so bottles in a cooler. After our awe tempered a bit, Jane said, "I guess we will have wine with dinner!" Judy and I laughed as we made our way back upstairs.

Since none of us were hungry at the moment, we decided to go out to the pool to swim and lay in the sun. The cool water of the pool felt good considering it was quite warm outside. We had a nice view of Nice below us and of the Mediterranean Sea. After a while Judy announced that she was hungry and would begin fixing dinner. I went into the kitchen to assist when Judy said, "I think we are going to miss Mary's wonderful skills. The next time we come here, we need to bring her along!"

After we had eaten, we were lounging around on the patio when the doorbell rang. I, quickly, threw on my shorts and a t-shirt while Jane and Judy put on robes. I answered the door to a very handsome couple. When they saw me their smiles quickly turned to looks of confusion and then back to smiles. The man put out his right hand and said, in English, "Hello, my name is Jean-Pierre and this is my wife Beatrix. We live next door. Are you friends of Stan and Bettina?"

I invited them into the house as Jane and Judy walked out towards the entryway. "My name is Tony and this is my wife Jane and our friend Judy. Jane is Stan and Bettina's daughter. I'm afraid that Stan and Bettina were killed in an accident on New Year's Day." The shock of the news caused Beatrix to gasp, grab her husband in a hug and begin crying.

As Jean-Pierre tried to comfort his wife he held out his hand to Jane and said, "My dear lady, please accept our most heartfelt condolences. Your parents were the most wonderful people we have ever met." Both Jane and Judy began crying as well as Jane choked out a thank you. Beatrix then turned away from her husband and pulled Jane and Judy into a hug. After several minutes the tears ebbed and we invited our guests to come sit down.

We asked our guests if they would like something to drink they said a glass of wine would be nice. I asked Jean-Pierre if he would accompany me to the wine cellar explaining I didn't have a clue about wine. He replied, "That is fine. I'd be happy to explain what you have down here someday." I told him that that would be appreciated. Jean-Pierre chose a couple of bottles and then we returned upstairs.

While we were in the basement, Jane had grabbed 5 wine glasses from the kitchen and a cork screw. We let Jean-Pierre open the bottle as he explained the properties of the bottles he chose. He poured out a small measure in his glass, smelled it and then tasted it. "This wine is superb; I think you will all enjoy it. Stan had wonderful taste in wine." He filled all of our glasses and then held his glass up in a toast and said, "To our friends and your parents. A finer couple of people I will never meet again. Also, to a new friendship which, I hope, develops and lasts a lifetime." We all touched glasses and sipped. Jean-Pierre was correct...the wine was superb!

As we talked and got to know each other, Jean-Pierre asked us to call him JP and Beatrix asked us to call her Bea. It turned out that JP was a musician and Bea was a painter. JP was a quite well known folk singer in France with 8 CD's to his name. They asked about us and we told them that Jane and I were students at University while Judy was a business manager with us. As we talked, Jane's robe opened slowly exposing parts of her breasts as did Judy's. Both Bea and JP took note and found it hard to tear their eyes from the two women. The five of us talked for several hours and it was pretty late when JP and Bea got up to leave. The couple invited us to dinner the next night, which we happily accepted.

As we prepared for bed, Judy said, "They were very nice and so interesting. I look forward to seeing Bea's paintings and hearing him sing."

All of us were a bit tipsy from the wine as we got into bed. Jane crawled onto me and straddled my face while Judy began giving me a blow job. Probably due to the alcohol, Jane decided that this was the time to teach Judy how to deep throat me. I could hear Jane say, 'Relax your throat and try to ignore your gag reflex.' Judy tried several times to deep throat me and got quite close before her gag reflex kicked in. At one point, I assumed that Jane had pushed Judy's head down because she engulfed me very quickly and stayed for quite a while before being let up. After that, Judy managed to take me all of the way down her throat several times.

All of this time I was eating Jane's pussy and caused her to cum several times. I felt myself getting close as Jane lifted herself off of my face. Judy, having decided she had enough deep throating, crawled up my body and sank my penis deep into her soaking wet pussy. Judy lowered and lifted herself while I met her with thrusts of my own. Jane straddled my legs behind Judy and reached around and began pulling and pinching Judy's tits and nipples very hard. Judy was crying out in ecstasy as Jane mauled her breasts. Judy reached down and began pulling on her piercing while we kept fucking. Before long Judy climaxed very hard as she gushed her girl cum all over my cock and balls. I was getting close to my own orgasm and when I let go it felt as though I shot a gallon into Judy's pussy.

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