tagAnalYear 4 with Jane and Tony Pt. 02

Year 4 with Jane and Tony Pt. 02


We made it back from France with an additional person in our retinue and 3 days before the start of the next term. It had been an interesting holiday for everyone. The fledgling jewelry enterprise that Jane and I were funding was really taking off. There was, also, huge interest in the US for Bea and Nils' line of jewelry after Bea's paintings had garnered so much interest.

Queenie managed to fit in with everyone very easily. Lily and Shelly took her under their wings and showed her around and introduced her to those who didn't go to France with us. We put her in one of the guest rooms in Judy's house and we got Mary to move over there as well in order to get her out of the basement. The plan was to move Mary, Gloria and Queenie into the Miller's old house once Jake got it ready which would, probably be late spring. We, also, decided to convert our old study room back into a bedroom for Judy to stay in, so she wasn't so isolated from us.

Cindy and Matt had returned from their holiday in Hawaii well-tanned. Cindy said the resort was nice, but she preferred the Kauai house because they could stay naked there all of the time, unlike the resort. They were quite the couple and were very much in love. Matt joined us at dinner almost every night but still hadn't stripped his clothes off like everyone else. Cindy confided in me that Matt was embarrassed because he got an erection every time he saw her naked. I told her to not worry about it because he was free to stay clothed if he wished it.

Jenny and Elsie had had a nice holiday with their parents in Kansas, but were very happy to be back with all of us. They enjoyed hearing about everyone's experience in France and said they wished they had gone. I promised we would take them the next time we went, so they had better get passports.

Sue and Jackson were still dating and were very much in love as well. Jackson would come to dinner about once a week and would cause quite a stir when he arrived naked. Most of the women would stare at his penis and get goosebumps. Sue looked more radiant than ever whenever she was around Jackson. She was a woman who was smitten. I was happy to see that none of the other women tried to get into bed with either Jackson or Matt. It was nice that they respected those boundaries until such a time as Sue or Cindy allowed sexual interaction with their boyfriends.

Since we didn't do Christmas gifts in France, we decided to have gift giving when everybody returned. We invited Rufus, Ronnie and Baby Jane to join us for the day as well as Debbie, Pavel, Denice and James. It was really great to have everyone together and celebrate our extended family. Mary and Gloria put together a wonderful buffet so everyone could eat at their leisure. Debbie and Pavel announced that they were engaged to be married and that Debbie got a teaching position at one of the small private colleges in the northern part of Chicago. Denise announced that she had successfully defended her dissertation and would be awarded her PhD in June.

Unbeknownst to us, Ronnie, James and Jackson used to sing together in an a-cappella group when they were teenagers. Rufus talked them into singing some of their songs for us. Ronnie handed baby Jane to me to hold on my lap while she sang. The singing was marvelous but even better was holding Baby Jane. She was over a year old now and was as cute as can be. Judy sat next to me and said, "You're a natural. You'll make a wonderful father someday."

I smiled and said, "I hope so...someday."

I was now a graduate student when classes started up again. I met with my 2 advisors, Lane Prescott and Henry Jones, to discuss my upcoming program. I told them about my idea to investigate the trauma refugees suffer when they immigrate to different regions and countries. I also told them about how Lily and I wanted to team up on the research so she could do her dissertation from a cultural anthropology perspective. "We want to investigate refugees from different cultures like Arabs, Vietnamese and Hispanics, not only to the US, but the refugee experience to Europe as well, to see how the refugees experience differs in different regions. Lily is fluent in Arabic and is currently teaching me. We are both learning Spanish as well."

Both men looked at each other and then Lane said, "That all sounds wonderful. Have you deduced where you will go to conduct your interviews?"

"Well," I replied, "I thought that the central California valley would be excellent for the Hispanic experience and right here in Chicago in Blue Island. We ran into a sizable Arabic refugee population in Berlin and I think there's another in Toronto. I know a Vietnamese family in Kansas and will ask them where I might find a large population in the US and perhaps Europe, probably France since they were the colonizers there."

Dr. Jones said, "I think that all sounds very good and I don't think there have been many studies like what you are proposing. So, I think you should, probably take some graduate level anthropology classes. What do you think, Lane?"

"I think I can't wait to hear what your findings are! I think you're going to need to secure some serious funding for your field work."

I laughed and said, "Funding is not a problem. My wife and I inherited quite a fortune from her parents, so we will be self-funded."

"Alright," said Dr. Jones, "Well, good luck to you and let us know if you need anything. I'll call over to the Anthropology department and talk to Dr. Heinholz and explain your need for some of their classes and your desire to do research with Ms. Wilson. I anticipate no problems going forward." I thanked both of them for everything they had done for me so far and then made my way home.

I found Jane at home reading a novel that she had, probably, read 30 times. It was always an indicator that she had something important on her mind. I sat on the couch next to her, gave her a kiss and said, "What's up?"

Jane smiled and said, "You know me too well! Well, if you want to know, I've decided I would like to go off the pill and start a family. That is, if you agree."

I pulled Jane into a hug and said, "I wholeheartedly agree! What about school?"

"I think I'm done with school," Jane replied. "I think I want to be a wife and mother, now. I know I always dreamed of teaching literature, but our lives, my life, has changed so dramatically. I don't need to earn money, that's for sure! So, I want to support you in your academic career and raise our children to the best of my ability. Is that okay with you?"

"Jane, I love you so much. Anything you want to do is okay with me. I'd be more than happy to raise our children and support your academic career. As long as I'm with you I'm a happy boy!"

Jane and I hugged and kissed on the couch for quite a while until Jane asked, "So, how did your meeting go with Lane and Dr. Jones?"

I told her all of the details and how they seemed to like my field study ideas and how they were agreeable with Lily and I gathering data together. "I, also, had a thought while I was walking home. I was thinking that this summer we could do another road trip, this time to California to visit the orphanage and to start networking on some areas for my field work. I don't think the old VW is really up to the task, especially if Judy and Lily accompany us, so I was thinking we should buy a nice motorhome."

Jane smiled and said, "I like this idea! I think you could use a new car as well, maybe one of those electric ones by Tesla. They look nice and are supposed to be well made and I think they have an SUV which would be good for a family."

I laughed and asked, "Have you been researching? Are you embarrassed by me driving around in VW camper freezing my ass off?"

Jane laughed as well and said, "No, not embarrassed. I just thought you might like to drive in comfort once in a while. I love your camper, but if we get a nice RV your VW will be, as the Brits say, rendered redundant!"

"Redundant," I asked? "The thing is an antique and probably worth more than I paid for it. I think I'd like to keep it, but to be honest, I have been thinking of getting a new car. I want one where I don't have to scrape the inside of the windshield while driving in winter! Would you like to go car shopping with me?"

"Yeah, Mary had all the fun last time! Let's go!"

I looked up where the closest Tesla dealer was while Jane got dressed. The closest dealer was just west of downtown, so we drove up I-90, in Jane's car, and got there 20 minutes later. We checked out what they had, which was pretty limited. They had a test drive SUV, so we took a spin around. Overall, it was very quiet and responsive. We sat with the sales guy and found out that we would have to special order what we wanted. Jane thought we should go for it so we ordered a model X with all of the options. The shipping date wasn't set in stone, but we were in no hurry. I wrote a check for the deposit amount and we headed home.

As we drove home, Jane said, "I took my last birth control pill this morning, so I think we need to go home and practice procreating!"

I smiled and said, "I would love to practice. You know, they say practice makes perfect, so we should practice a lot so we make a perfect baby!"

"So, Tony, do you care what sex our baby will be? Would you prefer a boy or a girl?"

"I have no preference at all. Either one is good with me. Do you have a preference?"

"I'd really like a girl, at least that's what I always had pictured in my mind whenever I thought about a child. However, I won't be disappointed with a boy."

When we got home, we made a beeline for our bedroom. We stripped off our clothes and jumped into bed where we embraced each other. I never grew tired of the feeling of Jane in my arms. It was like being home for me and I would have been content to just have Jane as a sexual partner. I kissed my way down her body paying extra attention at her nipples and breasts. As I moved down her body, I gave her 'triangle' piercing a little tug garnering a deep moan. I then began to lap at her pussy eliciting more moans from Jane. As I licked deep into her vagina, Jane reached down and began pulling on her piercing, bringing herself to a quick orgasm. I was ready and waiting for the gush of girl cum that exploded from Jane during her climax.

When I had a mouthful of her essence, I climbed up her body and released the fluid into Jane's mouth as we kissed once again. As we kissed, I lined myself up with Jane's opening and slowly pressed myself inside her welcoming vagina. Again, we both moaned as I penetrated into Jane's depths. We started with a nice, slow, easy tempo as I sawed in and out of her, enjoying the feeling as we fucked one another. After a while, Jane broke our kiss and said, "I love you so much, Tony. You feel so good in me."

I smiled and said, "I love you too, Jane," as I kept slowly thrusting in and out of her hot, wet pussy. As the feelings began intensifying, we began picking up the pace of our lovemaking. After a while, Jane cried out, "OH, YES! FUCK ME FASTER AND HARDER, TONY! MAKE ME CUM!" With those words, I began fucking Jane as hard as I could, pumping in and out of her as fast and hard as I could. I felt my orgasm begin to build up as Jane cried out with own orgasm. A few moments later I released my load deep in Jane's womb with a loud groan. When my spasm stopped, I collapsed on Jane who hugged me tight to her. Despite her heavy breathing Jane whispered in my ear, "I love you, Tony. You are the one who makes me whole and the one that satisfies me. You bring me so much happiness and joy. I could hold you like this forever!"

I whispered back, "I love you as well. Nobody makes me happier or more content than you do. You are the one who makes my life worth living."

We laid together for quite a while until I decided to roll off Jane and take my weight off of her body. She spooned back into me and we lay there until early evening basking in our love and good feelings. Finally, after hearing my stomach rumble, Jane suggested we take a shower and then go down for dinner. As we waited for everyone to show up for dinner, Jane said that she would announce her decision to quit school and to get off the pill. "I just want the men in my life to know that my vagina is off limits as of now."

Just before dinner was going to be served, Jane stood and said, "I have an announcement to make. I made two decisions today which will affect the rest of my life. First, I have decided to quit taking the pill in order that Tony and I may start our biological family. All of you are our true family and our love for you will never wane. The second decision I made was that I'm going to discontinue my schooling. I have my Bachelor's degree, I have no need to work and I would like to dedicate my time to raising our children and enhance my relations with all of you. So, from this moment forward, my vagina is off limits to all men except for Tony, well except, maybe, for the occasional tongue!" There were a lot of giggles after that statement. She continued, "Oh, also, Tony and I went to purchase a new car today. The VW camper is going to be put into retirement once we get the new car. We opted to get a Tesla SUV because it doesn't burn fossil fuels. Anyway, that's all I have to say."

There were a lot of good lucks and congratulations shared with us as Jane sat. A couple of seconds later, Barb stood and said, "Great minds think the same way! Jake and I decided I should go off the pill as well in order to provide a sibling for Emily. We decided the timing was right since there are only a few months left until I graduate. However, we didn't buy a new car today!" everyone laughed and then offered their congratulations to Barb, Jake and Emily. Emily was especially happy and hugged Barb saying she didn't care if it was a sister or brother.

After dinner, everyone mobbed Jane and Barb to hug and congratulate them and wish them luck. Judy said to Jane, "You know, if you get bored with no school you can always work with Emily and me. We would value your input."

As the term moved along, I found myself really enjoying my classes. Sue was in a couple of them which allowed us to spend some time together, something that I had missed. I asked her how her relationship with Jackson was going and she said, "I really love him, Tony! He's so kind and loving. I think he's going to ask me to marry him pretty soon. I can think of nothing better than spending the rest of my life with him. I was a little scared of the thought initially, but I have you and Jane, Barb and Jake, my Mom and Bob and Ronnie and Rufus as role models. You know, Ronnie is one of the most incredible persons I have ever met. She's always telling me how happy she is that I'm with Jackson...she's just wonderful!" I laughed and said that I agreed.

I asked Sue, "So, if you get married, are you going to continue your education?"

"Oh, yes," replied Sue. "Jackson wants me to continue and get a PhD if possible."

"Well," I said, "I want you to know that I'm very happy for both of you. I really like Jackson and I love you very much. I wish all the best to both of you."

Sue laughed hugged me and said, "He hasn't popped the question yet!"

I laughed and said, "He's a bright guy, he will before long."

When I got home, I shared the talk I had with Sue, with Jane. Jane smiled and said, "That news makes my day. They are a wonderful couple and I know they will make each other happy for the rest of their lives. Speaking of weddings, I got an email from Amy and she said that she and Kaholo are going to get married and have their wedding while we are in Kauai during spring break! She wants Jenny to be her maid of honor."

I smiled and said, "This day just keeps getting better and better! Does Jenny know yet?"

"I don't know," Jane said. "I would hope so."

Just then, Jenny came bursting into the room and cried out, "Amy and Kaholo are getting married and Amy wants me to be her maid of honor!" Jane and I feigned surprise. We asked her when the event was going to take place, and Jenny replied, "During spring break! Isn't it wonderful?"

I laughed and said, "That's wonderful news. Why don't you tell Amy that she and Kaholo can use our house for the wedding if they would like, and the reception."

"That would be wonderful, I'll tell them," Jenny cried. "I'm so happy for her. I think it was love at first sight for those two. I don't think, in reality, that that happens very often."

Jane smiled and said, "It did for Tony and me. I saw him in our very first class here and I said to myself that there's a man I have to know."

"And, my initial thought when we shook hands was that this woman is wonderful. We haven't looked back since," I added.

Jenny looked at us and said, "I wish I could meet someone special like you guys and Amy. I feel, kind of, lonely sometimes. I would like to have a man that was all my own that would hold me and talk to me and make passionate love to me." Jenny let out a big sigh while her shoulders drooped.

Jane indicated that Jenny should sit between us and when she sat, Jane said, "You will find that person someday. You are extremely beautiful, kind and loving. You just need to be patient. Okay?"

Jenny sighed again and said, "I know. It just gets hard when everyone has their own special someone. Cindy has Matt, Sue has Jackson, Denise and James and so on. Even Elsie has a date tonight with a boy from one of her classes."

Jane then asked, "Would you like to spend the night with us tonight?"

Jenny shook her head and said, "I would love to, but I can't. I promised Elsie I would be home for her after her date. Maybe another time. I better get back and email Amy about your offer. Thank you for the talk. I love you guys!"

We hugged Jenny and told her we loved her as well. When she was gone, Jane said, "I'm starting to feel like a parent whose children are leaving. It will be so weird not to have these people around after a while. Debbie and Pavel don't come around much. We go weeks at a time without seeing Denise. Astrid and Axel will be going back to Sweden soon."

Apparently, Judy had been standing nearby for quite a while and she said, "Well, you will always have me! I'm not going anywhere."

Jane laughed and asked, "Don't you ever get the itch to have a man of your own? To live a perfect life with?"

Judy smiled and said, "No! I used to think that and strove to find that, but every man I ever thought would be the one always let me down...until I met you and Tony. You two give me everything I need for a happy life. With you I have emotional security, a great job, great friends, a lot of fun and the best damn sex I have ever had."

"You never get tired of sharing us," Jane asked?

"Again, no. For me, you two are the perfect partners. The conversation is always good, the living conditions are the best, if you two are busy there are myriad other sexual partners if needed, though I'm happy with just the two of you. I love having sex with the two of you at the same time or singularly because you are the best sex partners I have had...EVER! As a matter of fact, may I share your bed tonight?"

Jane laughed and said, "You may share our bed every night!"

Judy laughed and said, "Okay, I will! Just tell me when you have something going with Sofia, Cindy or Barb and I'll stay in my room." Jane and I looked at Judy as she added, "Seriously! I'm happiest when I'm in your bed whether we have sex or not. I love it when you both hold me and I wake up in your arms. That is perfection too me!"

Jane stood up, walked over to Judy, hugged her and said, "I love you so much. I want that too. Oh, by the way, Tony and I want to buy an RV so you, Lily, Tony and I can do a road trip this summer to California. He wants to visit his orphanage and scout out some areas to do his field work with Lily. We have grown dependent on you, so you get to, pretty much, go everywhere we go with us."

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