tagAnalYear 4 with Jane and Tony Pt. 04

Year 4 with Jane and Tony Pt. 04


Year 4 with Jane and Tony, Summer Vacation Pt. 2

Once again, Jane and I were flying across the Atlantic enroute to Nice where we had a home that we inherited from Jane's parents. Jane was asleep in her first-class seat next to mine. She was several months pregnant now and felt rather fatigued from time to time so had been sleeping quite a lot. I sat reading and listening to music while I drank from my bottle of water.

Jane and I had had a busy July following our road trip to California. Our friends Jiri and Amelia, along with their daughter Jeanine had moved into one of our houses and began working with us at our scholarship program. Judy and Emily got Jiri and Amelia up and working very quickly and made them feel as a part of a team. Emily and Amelia worked on contacting our scholarship winners while Jiri handled their travel and hotel needs. He had, also, arranged for a large conference room to be used for meals and gatherings for our event.

Jeanine and Little Emily, Barb's step-daughter, became friends instantly. Little Emily was so pleased to have a friend her own age that the pair had become inseparable. They played, read books, ate and slept together all of the time. Because of the confusion of 2 Emily's, Jeanine decided that Little Emily should now be called Em. Em liked this new moniker because she really didn't like the 'Little' that was prefixed to her name. Before long, everyone called her Em.

We, sort of, forgot to tell Jiri and Amelia about our dress code, or lack of one. Thankfully, neither one of them minded and before long, they were as naked as the rest of us. Jeanine took to nakedness right away because her friend Em was naked.

We spent a lot of time trying to get Vigga's passport issues fixed and then to get her legal permanent resident status. Benny turned out to be a big help in this regard because he had worked with immigrations while he was a Marine. Benny said we should hire Vigga to the scholarship program and say she was our international study program liaison. So, we gave her a job and a salary in order for Benny to use that in her status fight. For the most part, she just helped out in the office until she spoke to Judy about how they could make her position a real thing. When she was younger, her parents used to take in US students for 3 months at a time and she could see developing something along this line with our students.

This time, while going to Europe, we had a very small group with us which consisted of Judy, Sofia, Jenny, Elsie, Mary and Gloria. Mary and Gloria were very excited to use their French with the people we met the last time we were there. Gloria asked if we could visit the Col d'Eze, while we were there, because it was a famous climb in the Paris-Nice bike race. Jenny and Elsie were excited as well for their first trip to Europe. Jenny and Elsie were, also, really enjoying the first-class service on their first international flight.

We had an hour and a half layover in Paris before our connecting flight to Nice, so we were escorted by an agent to the first-class lounge where we were offered food, coffee and showers, if we wished. Jenny and Elsie decided to take showers just because they could. When they had finished, and rejoined us they were giggling like school girls. For some reason our connecting flight was delayed, but since we were in the lounge it was not that big of a deal. Finally, the agent who had escorted us to lounge came back to escort us to our gate for Nice. In the end, we were 30 minutes late arriving in Nice. Since none of us had checked bags, we walked directly to the car rental desk, upon arrival, to get the car that Judy had arranged for us.

When we pulled into our driveway, we were greeted by Mme. Giroux, Bea and JP. We all got hugs from Bea and JP and the traditional 2 cheek greeting from Mme. Giroux. After we went into the house and dumped our bags in our various rooms, JP told us that we were all invited to dinner at their house that night. He promised not to keep us up very late as he knew we would be tired. After Bea and JP left, Mary and Gloria went into the kitchen to determine what food we would need. As usual the cabinets were bare, so Judy, Mary, Gloria and I went off in search of food.

We hit the grocery store first and managed to fill 2 carts. Mary said she was always surprised that the grocery store had pretty decent meats. Next we hit the produce shop that Mary absolutely loved. She said the produce was even better now than it was at Christmas. Third on our list was Sylvain's fromagerie.

When we walked in, Mary said, in French, 'I hear the cheese in this shop is pretty good.' Sylvain looked up at us and stared for a few moments and then it clicked who we were. He threw his arms in the air and cried "Oh! Mary! Welcome back! You've learned French! It is so good to see you!" He had run around the counter and gave Mary a big hug and a peck on each cheek. He held Mary by her shoulders at arm's length as the two spoke in French together. He asked how she learned it so well

Mary said, "Gloria was learning it from Tony and Judy, so I decided I would learn as well so I could surprise you!"

Sylvain laughed and called for his wife to come see who's here. A few moments later, Imogene strode into the store, saw us and ran around the counter to hug us as well. Finally, Mary said, "This Saturday, we would like to invite the two of you over for dinner. Jules, Anaïs and Ginevra, from the bakery, will be invited as well." Sylvain smiled and said they would be more than happy to come.

"Now, what cheeses would you suggest for us, Sylvain," Mary asked? Sylvain discussed several different cheeses and gave Mary samples to taste. Mary made her selections and insisted on paying even though Sylvain was happy to give her the cheese. We left the shop amongst more hugs and kisses.

We then went next door to the bakery. Gloria lead the way in and it was Ginevra who was surprised by our appearance. Ginevra dashed around the counter and pulled Gloria into a bone crushing hug while kissing Gloria's cheeks. When she let Gloria go, Ginevra cried out for her father to come see who's visiting. When Jules saw Gloria, he imitated his daughter and gave Gloria a bear hug and kissed her cheeks multiple times. When Gloria and Mary began conversing with the pair in good French, both father and daughter had big smiles and raised eyebrows. Gloria then made the same invitation to dinner that Mary had made. Jules smiled and said that they would be happy to come. We bought several loaves and as we were going to leave, Jules said, "Gloria, you are welcome to come and bake with us if you wish. If you do, I want to show you some special breads we bake in the summer." Gloria was beside herself and said that she would love to and that she would call Ginevra and let her know which days. We were, again, escorted to the door amidst hugs and kisses.

As we got in the car, I noticed that both Mary and Gloria had tears in their eyes, so I asked them if they were both okay. Mary smiled and said, "Thank you for teaching me French, all of you. This experience today was one of the most profound of my life and I owe it all to you three!"

Gloria pulled Mary into a hug and said, "I love you, Mary! You are like the sister I had always wished for. I love you two as well! Thank you for helping me learn French. I agree with Mary that the past hour has been one of the best of my life!"

We made our way home and put our purchases away. We then retired to our rooms for much needed naps. I found Jane in our bed along with Sofia sound asleep. I stripped off my clothes and was asleep in a matter of seconds.

I was prodded awake by Jane who said that we needed to get ready to go over to Bea and JP's place for dinner. Jane pulled me into a hug and said, "Have I told you how much I love you lately?" I smiled and kissed her and when I told her she hadn't, she said, "Well, you know how they say there may be more than one universe? Well, the love I have for you could fill each of those universes! That's how much!"

I replied, "Wow, your love for me just keeps growing and growing. I really like that because my love for you keeps growing as well!"

Jane then said, "You are going to be in high demand during these two weeks. I know Sofia, Jenny and Elsie are really pining for your love and my guess is Mary will be too. Don't worry too much about Judy and me as we can take care of ourselves. Just make sure you satisfy the other girls, okay?"

"Are you sure," I asked. "It seems that we don't get to be together too much on these trips. You are number one in my heart you know!"

Jane smiled and pulled me into a big hug and kiss. When she released me, she said, "I know I am and that's what makes it easy for me to let you be with the others. I want you to fuck each one of them until they have a hard time walking the next day. I want you to satisfy them as I know only you can, especially Sofia and Jenny. Will you do that for me?"

I laughed and said, "I'll try my best. So, let's take a shower. Are we dressing tonight?"

Jane replied, "No. Bea loved being naked at our house so much that she runs around naked here all of the time now."

Jane and I took a quick shower and then headed downstairs. When we were all ready, we headed out the back through the gate into Bea and JP's yard. We were greeted by our hosts and were handed flutes of Champagne. Jane took hers and then said, "I'm afraid I forgot to tell you. I can't drink for a while because I'm pregnant." Both Bea and JP whooped in joy and hugged Jane and myself offering their congratulations. JP then said, wait a second, ran out to the kitchen and came back with a sparkling drink of some sort. "It's lemonade! So, I would like to welcome you all back to our home. We are so glad to have our friends back with us. So far you have made quite a splash because I got calls from both Sylvain and Jules expressing their happiness that you are back and that their favorite girls have gone and learned to speak French! So, on behalf of Bea, myself and the nation of France, it is my honor to welcome you back to all of us!

We all raised our glasses and then drank. Bea and JP made a point of talking to Mary and Gloria in French and complimented them on their usage. Both women were very pleased and had huge grins on their faces. The bulk of our conversation, later, was in English so Jane, Sofia, Jenny and Elsie weren't excluded. JP had prepared a wonderful meal for us. Mary liked it so much that she asked JP about the recipe. Bea spoke at length about how well the jewelry line she designed was going. "Nils is a marvel! He has hired wonderful artisans to make our things and has hired a wonderful team to market it. I think that before the year is up we will be able to pay back your investment!"

Jane replied, "That is wonderful! I'm very happy for you and Nils. However, there is no rush to pay us back. If you and Nils have some other projects that the two of you would like to pursue, well, this would be a good time to do that. I do have one request of you though."

Bea raised her eyebrows and said, "Whatever you wish, I will make it so!"

Jane smiled and said, "Would you paint a portrait of Tony and myself? Just and old fashioned portrait."

Bea laughed and said, "It would be my pleasure! We will start tomorrow!"

At around 8pm, our group began getting the yawns, so JP began to usher us out so we could go to bed. Bea told us to drop by her studio at our convenience. We all trundled home and we all went to bed for sweet sleep.

When I got up the next morning, I found I was missing my coffee buddy, Axel, again. It was going to be traumatic for me when he and Astrid returned to Sweden. They were such good friends and had become a huge part of our lives. Axel was putting the final touches on his dissertation and Astrid had received her teaching certificate already. I was afraid that they would be leaving as early as December.

As I drank my coffee, Judy joined me in the kitchen. She sat down after giving me a hug and kiss, while I poured her some coffee. She looked at me and asked, "You seem a little down in the dumps. Are you okay?" I told her that I had been pondering life after Astrid and Axel left us and that the thought left me a little bluesy. Judy hugged me again and said, "Well, why don't you buy a house in Sweden? A nice big one so that Astrid and Axel can live in it and then you can visit it whenever you like."

I smiled and said, "I like that idea. We were having problems finding places big enough to house all of us while in Sweden. Remind me to run that idea past them when we get home."

Judy then said, "You know, when they do leave, the two of you can skype or face time together in the morning. Modern technology has some cool attributes to it."

I laughed and acknowledged that she was right. After breakfast, Jane and I went to sit for the portrait that Bea would paint, while Judy tagged along to watch. It was like sitting around and talking like we usually do, only we couldn't gesticulate or move around too much. Like the last time, JP brought his guitar and played and sang for us. He had written three more songs in English because the song he wrote for Jane was so well received in the US and Britain. Bea was kind and only kept us in the studio for short periods of time so we were able to do other things during our visit.

After our first session of posing, we all hung out at our pool. It was a very hot day, but the pool made it just perfect. Jane decided that she would swim laps in our pool to keep her promise to Queenie that she would continue exercising. Sofia, also, insisted that all of us do Tae-kwan-do exercises every evening as well.

That first afternoon, I had dozed off while reading in the shade of the awning by the pool. I was awakened by a wet body stretching out on top of me and a sweet kiss on my lips. I opened my eyes and found myself staring into Sofia's pretty brown eyes. I pulled her tightly into a hug and returned the kiss. My penis reacted instantly to Sofia's presence which caused her to smile. She said, "As nice as this is, I would prefer to make love with you tonight. It has been way too long since we last had sex. Also, I want you in my ass because I don't get that very much anymore."

I looked at Sofia with a confused look on my face. She laughed and said, "Martin, for some reason, doesn't like anal. He really likes my pussy and mouth, but says my ass is all yours! Frankly, I'm happy my ass is yours because nobody is as good at anal as you are." I laughed, but she said, "Seriously! No other man gives me the pleasure that you do. Actually, and don't tell this to Martin, but you're the best lover period. I had wondered if it was like when you hear a song that you really like and then later you hear someone else sing it and it's never as good. Because you were the first person I had sex with, nobody else could measure up to you. I thought that for a long time, but have since decided that it's just because you are the best. A perfect penis, a caring attitude and superior technique! That's you Tony!"

I thanked her for the rave review and promised that we would be together tonight and that I would strive to make it memorable. Sofia laughed and said, "Jenny, Elsie, Mary and I cleared our schedule with Jane and she said you were ours for the whole 2 weeks. We may give you one night off!"

I asked Sofia how her relationship was going with Martin and she said, "After you, he's the greatest. He and I just click, you know? I compare us to you and Jane a lot and I find our relationship is very similar. He isn't possessive or jealous. He loves the same things I do. He really wanted to come on this trip, but decided it was more important to keep working in order to make money for our savings.

"Speaking of savings, I haven't had a chance to thank you for the allowance that we all get these days. It was a total surprise. Jane said it was Judy's idea and I intend on thanking her very personally sometime this week. Anyway, Martin and I have been saving most of that money and his salary as a just in case fund for the future."

"That's good thinking," I said. "So, in your perfect scenario, what would you like to happen in your future?"

Sofia smiled and said, "My perfect future would have Martin and I getting married and having 1, maybe 2, children. After I get my PhD, I get hired by our university as a professor so that we can still live with you, Jane and whoever is left. I get named chairman of the department and win a Nobel prize in math for being the cleverest fuck in the world of numbers! We all grow old and love one another until we die."

"Wow!" I exclaimed. "I hope that's what happens! I look forward to attending the Nobel presentation in Stockholm!"

After a while, Sofia got up and jumped into the pool again. I just lay there pondering what a marvelous person Sofia was. I sincerely hoped that her plans developed like she wanted because there would be a massive hole in my life if she went away. I didn't let it get to me because, she was the apple in the eye of the Math department and I'm sure they would hire her the minute she was handed her doctorate. With her, they would have the best Math department of any university in the world.

I decided to go get something cold to drink in the kitchen where Mary and Gloria were preparing dinner. Mary asked me to sit and hangout with them while they fixed our meal, so I did. As was our habit now, we all spoke French the whole time. Mary asked me if she could go all out on the dinner on Saturday evening. She said she wanted to reward our new friends for the lovely greeting they gave us and to give back for all they had given she and Gloria.

I smiled and said, "I think that would be a great idea. They are all very kind and very generous people. Do you have an idea of what you would like to fix?"

Mary said, "Yes. Gloria and I have been discussing it since we got here. We will start with canapes with Beluga caviar and foie gras, followed by a langoustine bisque soup. The main course will be roast quail with aioli and ratatouille followed by a small salad and then dessert. We can't decide on dessert, either crepes or...ooh, how about an apple pie? Throw something American in there!"

Gloria's eyes widened and said, "Yes! That would be perfect with a little vanilla ice cream and a warm cinnamon sauce!" Gloria hugged Mary and said, "You are a genius! We'll knock their socks off!"

That evening, I spent the night in Sofia's room. As I entered, Sofia came to me and kissed me lustfully as she pressed her groin into me as we hugged. As we pulled apart, Sofia lead me to her bed and said, "Judy told me about how you 'fucked her into a jelly' while on your road trip. It sounded wonderful, so I want you to fuck me into a jelly as well.

We climbed onto her bed and began kissing. With most any other woman, satisfying them the way Sofia described would have put undue pressure on me to perform. There was no such pressure with Sofia! As long as I managed to stay awake, I was pretty confident that I could satisfy her needs. We kissed, rubbed, fondled and penetrated each other with our fingers for quite a while until I pushed Sofia onto her back and crept down her body to her steaming hot vagina. I was, already, in that state of lust that I get with she, Jane and Jenny and ate her pussy like a starving man eats food.

I licked, lapped, probed, sucked, nibbled and pulled every millimeter of Sofia's pussy and anus. Sofia was writhing on the bed groaning with pleasure as I devoured her. I managed to keep her just shy of an orgasm this whole time which was driving her crazy. Finally, I took her 'triangle' piercing between my lips causing her to gush with a big orgasm. I collected as much of her essence in my mouth as I could and then crawled up her body, kissed her passionately and released her girl cum into her mouth as I speared her hot, wet vagina with my raging erection. I stroked in and out of Sofia several times and then sat up and pushed her legs back, so I could plow into her ass!

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