tagAnalYear 5 with Jane and Tony Pt. 01

Year 5 with Jane and Tony Pt. 01


School had started once again and I was well into my graduate school program. Life was good for me as I had found out that my wife Jane was pregnant with twin girls, our gathering for our scholarship recipients went extremely well, our household was running quite efficiently and everyone in our little family seemed to be very happy. Other than my school work, I didn't have much in the way of stress at all. Another improvement in our life was that Ronnie and Rufus began dropping Little Jane off at our place as a sort of day care. She was a shy child with anyone other than her parents and me...she always loved me and I loved her.

Barb's step daughter Em and, Jiri and Amelia's daughter Jeanine had both started school and were very happy about it. They were in the first grade and would always come home with an artistic masterpiece or an 'A' paper that was promptly stuck to Barb's refrigerator. Upon arriving at home, they would strip themselves naked and go in search of Little Jane and, John and Louise, Shelly's parents who suffered from Down's Syndrome. After a few weeks, Jeanine decided that Little Jane should be called Janie and before long we were all calling her Janie.

September blew past very quickly and with October we were all expecting the arrival of our friend Anne. Anne had decided that working for the US Forest Service was a dead end due to the political squabbling in Washington DC, so she quit and was coming to work with us. Amelia, who used to be Anne's roommate in college, was particularly excited to be working with her old friend. Finally, I got a call from Anne to tell me she would be arriving the next day and that she was looking forward to being with us. Jiri and Amelia had decided that Anne would stay with them in their apartment in the second bedroom. That bedroom had, originally, been Jeanine's, but she spent every night with Em now.

As for the rest of our family, Axel had finished his dissertation and was awaiting to defend it. Astrid was making plans for returning to Sweden to live by searching for job opportunities near Uppsala, where Axel would be teaching. Sofia, Cindy and Evan were all in their senior years while Jenny was in her junior year and Elsie was in her sophomore year. Ginevra was starting her freshman year having just moved in with us from Nice.

Vigga was enjoying working with everyone at the new house. Benny had managed to get Vigga's new passport from the Danish consul and got her permanent legal resident status as well. She and Queenie continued to share a room while Queenie continued her residency at the University hospital.

Benny had been studying for the Illinois bar exam, which was coming up in a few weeks. When I talked to him about it, he said he was pretty confident he would pass it.

Busiest of all was Jane, who was preparing for the arrival of our twins. We let everyone know we were having twins, but didn't let on that we knew the sexes. Jane was buying cribs, baby changing stations, clothing (unisex) and toys for future use. She had decided that the girls would get Astrid and Axel's room when they returned to Sweden. She was also developing quite a baby bump as the twins developed and she still had that glow that we first noticed in Nice.

The day before Anne arrived, Jane, Judy, Emily, Amelia, Jiri, Vigga and I had a meeting to decide on more defined rolls for everyone. "I was thinking," I said, "That we should have a monthly email newsletter that we send to the kids who have won our scholarships. We should include news about what is happening here, what is happening with the kids, helpful hints to help get through school, that sort of thing. It would be a good way to communicate with them about the myriad opportunities there are during their school career. I was also thinking that now that we will have 4 people working full time with the scholarship program, Judy and Emily could take more of an advisory role to allow them to focus more on their primary responsibilities. What do you guys think?"

Amelia said, "I would like to work on the newsletter, if I could. I enjoy writing and this would give me an opportunity to do more of that, if nobody objects."

"I would like to organize the future gatherings of our scholarship winners," Jiri said. "I really enjoyed doing that this year. I'd also like to be involved in the selection process."

Judy replied, "I think we all should be involved in the selection process since that goes to the heart of the whole program. We really need someone to concentrate on expanding our availability to more students. We have the capacity to provide scholarships to many more students thanks to Jane and Tony's generosity."

"Perhaps Anne and I can do that," Jane said. "I was thinking that we should make our product known to other orphanages, immigrants and organizations that assist people who don't have the means to pay for a college education. Also, I think there should be a central person for students to call for assistance, if needed."

"I think I should do the student assistance thing since it ties in with the newsletter," Amelia said. "I really enjoyed speaking with the kids at the hotel and I would really love helping them when the need arises."

Vigga chipped in by asking, "Would foreign students be eligible for scholarships? I think there would be a lot of people who would like to study in the States, especially the children of refugees."

I smiled at Vigga and said, "I think that's a great idea. We should try and figure out how to reach out to those people. Lily and I can contribute to that when we are doing our field work in Europe."

"Emily, what do you think," I asked?

Emily smiled and said, "I think we have about the finest group of people I have ever known working here! I'm inclined to keep working on the two of you, sending allowances out to kids and chipping in with the scholarship program when needed. I, also, want to thank you for bringing in Benny. He's extremely bright, Bob loves him and he has taken a huge load off of Bob's shoulder's as far as you two and Barb are concerned. Actually, in the future you should include him in these sorts of meetings. He, also, needs an office since he's been working out of his room, for the most part."

"Oh, shit," Jane exclaimed! "I never thought about that. Where should we put his office?"

"I think we could partition off part of the living room here and tie him in with our computers," Emily said.

"Okay," I replied, "I'll talk to Jake and see what he can do. There is one more thing we need to discuss and that's when are you going to take a vacation, Emily? You and Bob need to take some time off! You are welcome to use either the Nice house or the Kauai house if you would like, but I want you to take two weeks sometime between now and the end of October, okay?"

Emily laughed and asked, "Is that a direct order?"

"Yes, it is," Jane replied. "You haven't taken any vacation time since you started with us and I think it's about time that you did. Don't make us call Bob!" Emily threw her hands up in surrender and then hugged Jane while laughing

I got together with Jake and told him what we wanted to do in the new house and he said that it would be a piece of cake. He told me that I should get a hold of Karen to run computer wiring. I then called Benny and asked him where I could find him. He replied that he was in the kitchen talking to Mary and that I should meet him there.

When I arrived in the kitchen, both Benny and Mary greeted me. Mary gave me a hug and a kiss while Benny asked what was up. "I was informed by Emily that we fucked up by neglecting to give you an office. We are about to rectify that mistake and make you an office in the new house."

Benny laughed and said, "I was going to ask for some office space when I needed it, but at the moment I'm okay working out of my room."

"I'm really sorry about not thinking of it before," I said. "There's just so much going on this summer. So, did you two ever go out on that date you asked me about?"

Mary laughed, blushed and said, "Yeah, we've been on about 8 dates now, thank you for asking."

I laughed and said, "Well, that's good news. Are you and Gloria doing alright? Do you need any help in the kitchen? I don't want you to hide anything from me like if you are over worked or anything."

"Gloria and I are fine, especially with the new kitchen. I'll let you know if we need any help." Mary said.

As I went into our living room, I saw that Jane was sitting there reading, so I sat next to her and pulled her into a hug and said, "I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be responsible for so many people. It's, sort of, weird trying to stay on top of everything like who's dating who, making sure people take vacations and so on. There's one thing that I would like to do right now, however."

Jane looked at me and asked, "What would that be?"

"I would really like to take a shower and bend you over the vanity!" I replied.

Jane got a huge smile on her face, kissed me deeply and said, "Let's go!"

Jane and I made our way up to our bathroom and stood and kissed while we waited for the water to get warm in the shower. I loved making out with my wife and could have just stood there all day with her in my arms kissing her. Finally, the water got warm so we stepped into the hot water and began washing each other. I stood behind Jane and ran my hands over her baby bump down to her pussy and back up to her breasts while lathering her up. "You are so beautiful," I said. "I love running my hands over your wonderful body." Jane turned and kissed me over her shoulder as I continued soaping her torso.

After a while, Jane said, "I want you in me now! I'm so horny, I just want to feel your cock in my ass!"

Jane quickly rinsed the soap off herself and then pulled me out to the vanity where she folded a towel carefully for her to lean on. She assumed her position by leaning on her arms and watching me in the mirror. I grabbed a tube of KY and then knelt down to prepare Jane for her anal assault. I licked and probed her anus with my tongue for several minutes before applying the lube to her opening with my fingers. When I had her ready, I stood, applied some lube to my erection and then pressed into Jane's backdoor slowly. We both moaned loudly as I slowly sank my cock deep into Jane's rectum.

"Oh, god! I do love that feeling when you first push into my ass, Tony!" She was looking into my eyes via the mirror as she spoke and I could see so much love in those eyes. We established a nice slow tempo as I stroked in and out of her ass. I loved the view of her large breasts swaying as I sodomized her. Jane began moaning loudly as she began playing with her clitoris. I, however, kept going with my nice easy tempo, enjoying every millimeter of Jane's ass. All of a sudden, Jane let out with a loud groan as she squirted my leg as she had her first orgasm. "Nobody does for me what you do Tony! I love you so much!"

After a while, I began to feel the buildup of my own orgasm. As it got closer I told Jane I was going to cum soon. Jane indicated that she wanted me to cum in her mouth, so when the moment arrived I pulled out of Jane's rectum while she twisted around, knelt on the floor and then took my cock into her mouth as my sperm burst out of me and into her waiting gullet. Jane drank it all down and sucked on me to make sure she got every drop. When she was finished, she stood up and we kissed each other passionately and then returned to the shower. "Have I told you lately how much I love you," Jane asked?

I laughed and said, "You don't need to tell me because I can see it in your eyes, can feel it in the way you kiss me and know it by the way you hold me. But, it is nice to hear and I want you to know I love you more with every passing day!"

After we dried off, we went and lay down on our bed and spooned together. After cuddling for a while, Jane asked, "Did you ever get together with Shelly after the wedding?"

I had totally forgotten about that and said, "No, I had forgotten and she hasn't said anything since. I had better talk to her, huh?"

"Yes, you should," Jane said. "She has a big crush on you, kind of like Sofia and Jenny. You should do something special with her like take her downtown to dinner and then spend the night at a nice hotel like the Palmer House. She would like that and she deserves it after you forgot about her."

I thought for a moment and then asked Jane, "Really?"

"Yes, really," Jane replied. "She's a wonderful woman and deserves a treat. Maybe take her dancing as well."

"Okay, if you think so," I said.

"Who's the goddess of love and sex in this house? I know what I'm talking about!" Jane came back.

Jane and I cuddled together until supper time and then made our way down stairs. Jane told me I should ask Shelly out after dinner before she and her parents went to their home. She said we should go out Saturday night.

So, after dinner I asked Shelly if I could have a word. She told me 'of course', so I said, "I'm very sorry we haven't gotten together like you asked. I would like to make it up to you this Saturday, if I can. I thought we could go into the loop and spend the day, then go to a very nice restaurant for dinner, maybe go dancing and then spend the night at the Palmer House. Would you like that?"

Shelly smiled and said, "I would love to."

"Okay, it's a date. We should leave around 10 in the morning." I replied.

Shelly beamed and said, "I can't wait!"

The following day, Anne arrived with her car stuffed with her belongings. She arrived in the early evening, so everyone who knew her were available to welcome her to her new home. She and Amelia had a particularly joyous and tearful reunion. Everyone pitched in and helped carry Anne's possessions to her room in Amelia and Jiri's apartment. Once all of the boxes were in her room, we all retired to our house for dinner. While we ate, Lily asked what had happened with the three men who had assaulted our group and attempted to rape Jane and Judy.

"Well," Anne replied, "They were sentenced to 70 years in a federal prison. The guy whose nuts you stomped on had to have them removed due to the damage. He attempted to sue you for assault, but the judge deemed it a trivial suit due to the initial assault perpetrated by he and his buddies. Federal prosecutors and federal judges take a dim view of assaults on federal employees!"

After dinner, Anne hugged Jane and I and thanked us for taking her in and reuniting her with Amelia and Jiri. Jane replied, "You are our friend and we love you very much. I hope we get to enjoy many years of your presence in our lives."

When Saturday rolled around, I had arranged for Ernesto to drive Shelly and I downtown in his limo. He dropped us at the Palmer House and then took his leave. I checked us into our suite and then we went up to drop our bags. The room was very nice and had Shelly oohing and ahhing at the splendor of it all. After she finished exploring, she asked, "Would it be possible to just have room service for dinner tonight? I have always wanted to do that having seen it in movies over the years."

I laughed and said, "We can do anything you want. This night is all about you." Shelly hugged me tight and kissed me passionately. When she broke the kiss, I asked her, "So, what would you like to do this afternoon?"

Shelly smiled and said, "I would love to go to the Art Institute. I have never had a chance to go there. I really want to see their collection of impressionists if possible." I told her 'let's go' and off we went.

We had a wonderful day admiring the collection. Shelly had said that she had spoken with Bea when she visited last year and was intrigued with what she talked about. She said that Bea was drawn to the impressionists and had suggested that Shelly should view the collection here. We spent 4 hours in the museum and by the time we finished it was early evening. When I asked Shelly what she wanted to do next, she said, "I want to go back to the hotel and I want you to make love to me."

I smiled and said, "That is very easily arranged."

We walked hand in hand back to the hotel and when we entered the spectacular lobby, I asked Shelly, "I could order a bottle of Champagne, if you would like?" Shelly smiled and nodded. I walked up to the concierge and asked that a bottle of Dom Pérignon be brought up to the room as soon as possible. When we returned to the room, Shelly excused herself and said she would be out in several minutes. I found a radio that was connected to Sirius and found a station that played old mellow jazz. A few moments later, there was a knock on the door and I let the valet in with an ice bucket stand with the bottle of champagne and 2 glasses. I tipped him and then waited for Shelly to return.

When Shelly returned to the parlor, she had changed from her street clothes into a sheer, white, chiffon peignoir with nothing on under it. She was a vision of beauty and sexiness as she walked towards me. I stared at her for a few moments as I took in her charms and then turned my attention to the bottle of champagne. I popped the cork, poured two glasses and handed one to her. I held mine up and said, "To a beautiful night with a beautiful woman."

Shelly smiled as we sipped our champagne. When she noticed the music playing softly, she asked, "Didn't you say something about dancing?" I smiled, took her into my arms and began dancing with her as we held our wine glasses. "I feel like I'm in a movie and I'm Audrey Hepburn and you're Cary Grant. This is so perfect!" We danced and drank our wine for quite a while until we killed the bottle. Finally, Shelly asked, "Will you make love to me now?"

I smiled, picked her up in my arms and carried her into the bedroom. I laid her on the bed and began to take my clothes off. When I was naked, Shelly stood up and untied her peignoir, let it fall to the floor and stood before me naked. I took her in my arms and kissed her passionately while running my hands up and down her back and over the cheeks of her ass. She felt so warm and nice in my arms and her skin was so soft. When she broke the kiss, she turned and crawled onto the bed, lay down and held her arms out to me. I followed her onto the bed and lay in her arms and resumed kissing her. I ran my hands over her breasts, down her belly, over her thighs and back up to her breasts.

We kissed like that for quite a long time until Shelly said, "Make love to me now." She may have had certain expectations, but I had plans of my own, so I worked my way down her body and stopped to pay homage to her wonderful breasts. I licked her areolae, sucked and nibbled on her nipples, I then kissed my way down her belly until I got to her vulva. I could smell Shelly's arousal as I kissed my way down her labia, alternating sides as I kissed my way down. They were smooth and soft and bereft of hair. I then worked my tongue between her lips until I was able to sink it into her hot, wet vagina. I lapped at her dew that was oozing out of her excited hole, while Shelly moaned in pleasure. I then worked my way up to her clitoris and lavished that sensitive little nub with enough attention to give Shelly her first orgasm of the night.

After Shelly had a couple of orgasms, I decided it was time to move on to the main event. I crawled my way up Shelly's body until I could kiss her once again. I looked into her eyes and saw they were dilated in lust. As I kissed her, I reached down and ran the head of my cock up and down her slit for a few moments before I slowly plunged into her waiting pussy. Shelly groaned loudly as I slowly skewered her with my cock as she cried, "I'VE WANTED THIS FOR SO LONG! OH, TONY, FUCK ME NICE AND SLOW AND DEEP!" Her wish was my command as I slowly impaled her and then, just as slowly, pulled almost all of the way out. Shelly pulled my head down for a kiss as we entwined our tongues together. After a good long time, I began to feel my orgasm rising and told Shelly of my imminent release and in a few moments, I let go and flooded her womb with my sperm. When my pulses stopped, I collapsed on top of Shelly while she held me tight.

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