Yearbook 2005--b/w


"Spicy, it was burning my mouth, but it was soooo good!" Bobbi said.

"Ah, that was the vegetable psandah," Hashim smiled and turned to Marlon. "It a good thing you brought her. Without her, you'd be starving; you wouldn't know what to eat."

"Yes sir," Marlon laughed. "It's a real good thing I brought her."


He stopped, a little surprised, when she took his hand. She noticed the hesitation and felt foolish and tried to pull her hand away but he gripped it tightly and began walking toward his mother's car again. She relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of his large hand holding her smaller one.

The movie was scary, but predictable. Most of the dialogue was clichéd, and much of the plot points were far-fetched. Neither Bobbi nor Marlon really noticed, though.

"Hey, let me ask you something," Bobbi asked when the lights dimmed and the first very loud preview blared out.

"Yeah, what?" Marlon asked, bending over to hear her better.

In answer, her arms went around his neck and her full lips pressed against his.

For the next ninety three minutes, they made out with each other. When they weren't jamming their tongues into each other's mouths, her small hands were pressing his large ones to her thirty six C breasts.

"No, please don't," she wheezed when his hand strayed to her crotch.

"Uh!" he groaned.

He could feel the heat in her crotch, feel the moisture of her crotch, knew she was just as excited as she was, but pulled his hand away.


She blushed hotly as she looked at the crotch and seat of her jeans. They were soaked; a very large dark patch was clearly visible. It actually looked as if she had urinated in them.

Carefully, she dabbed at her pubic hair and the crotch of her panties, and then flushed the commode.

Julie Vogel, Mandy Hebert, Kaitlin Monroe, and Kizzy Clark were crowding into the bathroom as she washed her hands. Kizzy was the only one of the clique that actually greeted her; Julie smirked at her and the other two girls dashed into the cubicles.

"Have fun with Marlon," Julie taunted as Bobbi left the bathroom.

Bobbi wondered briefly what Julie meant by that remark; why did she say it in such a mocking tone? Marlon was cute, and at least she was out on a date, a real date, not out with a bunch of girls.

Marlon smiled politely as he watched the group of girls crowding into the bathroom and wondered briefly why he'd asked Julie out on a date. Yeah, she was beautiful; problem was, she knew it.

He wondered how many of her friends really liked her, how many of them were just caught up in her aura.

He smiled as he watched Bobbi walking toward him. Her smile made him smile all the wider.


"Ooh, we better hurry," Marlon said, looking at his watch.

"Nuh uh," Bobbi laughed. "That's what my mom was telling me; Dad's at work. As long as you get me home before midnight, she's cool with it."

"No ma'am," Marlon said firmly. "I made a promise to your dad. I ain't taking no chances."

"Manuel, what you doing, huh?" Marie insisted when Manuel came barging into the house.

"Waiting to see if that white boy's got my little Roberta home on time like he said," Manuel said loudly.

Bobbi's eyes grew wide; Daddy's car was in the driveway.

"And five minutes to spare," Marlon announced and shut off the engine.

"He's here," Bobbi agreed.

"Um, I um, you want to do something tomorrow?" Marlon asked.

"Um, like what?" Bobbi asked.

"Um, my um, my little sister, she's been bugging me to go to that petting zoo they got in Lafayette," Marlon said.

"I didn't know you had a little sister," Bobbi said.

"Yeah, she's um, she's nine and she's always bugging me and stuff," Marlon said. "She's a total pain in the butt."

Bobbi smiled. He might be complaining, but it was obvious that he loved his little sister.

"Sure," she agreed.

"Come on, let's go ask your dad if it's okay," Marlon said and opened the car door.

"We don't got to ask him," Bobbi said defiantly.

"You don't, but I do," Marlon said.

Manuel wanted to hate the boy, wanted to hate him with every fiber of his being, but had to grudgingly agree that Bobbi could go with him to the zoo in the morning.


"Marlon's got a girlfriend," Debbie sang out as they drove to the Quarveros house.

"Uh huh, let you out right here," Marlon threatened as Debbie and Emily giggled to each other.

Maria was charmed as the polite young man introduced his sister Debbie and her friend Emily to her.

"Yeah, this one?" Marlon said, grabbing Debbie by the collar of her shirt. "Had her locked in the trunk of the car, but somehow she keeps getting out."

"He does not!" Debbie protested loudly.

"Hey," Marlon smiled as Bobbi entered the small living room.

"She's black?" Debbie asked, shocked.

"He didn't tell you that?" Maria asked the little girl.

"No ma'am," Debbie said, still gaping at the dark skinned girl.

"Didn't think about it, really," Marlon admitted, blushing hotly.

"But that's okay, huh?" Maria pressed, looking at the little girl.

"Well, I guess so," Debbie conceded. "She goes to school with Marlon, right?"

"Yes she does," Maria said.

"Well then I guess its okay," Debbie said, nodding her head in approval.

Maria laughed as she watched, through the window of the living room. Marlon had picked his little sister up and was trying to put the thrashing, squealing and laughing girl into the trunk of the car.

"No, no!" Debbie squealed. "Emily! Bobbi! Save me!"

"Put her down," Bobbi ordered.

"Oh thank you," Debbie said and hugged her new friend tightly as Marlon slammed the trunk shut.


They were mindful of their surroundings and did not kiss or grope each other.

It was hard to keep his hands to himself, though. She wore shorts and a white tank top with white socks and white canvas sneakers, looking both cute and sexy at the same time. The denim shorts emphasized the fullness of her hips and buttocks and the tank top was snug over her firm breasts.

He had on his favorite sneakers again, snug jeans, and a wife beater shirt.

Debbie decided that Bobbi was 'one of the girls' and so Bobbi had to do everything she and Emily did. Before long, Bobbi was having as much fun as the girls, feeding the animals and feeling their soft pelts.

"Watch them," Marlon mouthed to her and Bobbi nodded her head yes.

He sprinted away and she watched as he ran.

"Damn, but that boy's got him a fine ass," she thought, looking at the snug jeans ripple and flex as he ran.

"What you got in the bag?" Debbie demanded when he rejoined them.

"Boogers," he said. "All kind of boogers and snot and stuff; want to see?"

"Ew!" Debbie, Emily, and Bobbi all screeched.

"You are so gross," Bobbi laughed, looping an arm around his waist.

"Uh huh," he smiled. "Okay, who wants Taco Smell?"

"I do, I do," Emily and Debbie said.

"Uh huh, and who wants Burger Dump?"

"Um," Debbie and Emily hemmed, now undecided.

"And Smack Donald's?" Marlon asked. "Anyone want Smak Donald's?"

"Ooh, they got the best malts," Emily said.

"What you want, Sweetheart?" Marlon asked.

"What'd you call her?" Debbie demanded.

"Yeah, what'd you call me?" Bobbi asked, hugging him tightly, looking up into his face.

"Um, Sweetheart?" he said, blushing hotly.

"Um! You like her," Debbie and Emily taunted.

"Yes I do," Marlon admitted.

"I guess McDonald's is fine," she said, squeezing him even tighter.


Marlon and Bobbi, sitting in a tree," Debbie and Emily sang out from the rear seat as they drove down I-10, toward Bender.

"Let them out here if you want me to," Marlon offered.

"No!" Debbie and Emily screamed out.

"No, no, better not," Bobbi said.

"K. I. S. S. I. N. G," Emily and Debbie whispered loudly, and then burst into gales of giggles as Marlon tapped the brake pedal, as if he was going to pull over.

"Hey, um, I'd um, I really want to see you tonight, but I um, I got to baby sit Debbie; my mom and dad are going out to eat tonight, Marlon said as he pulled up in front of Bobbi's house.

"Oh that's all right, my dad's going to need me to work tonight," Bobbi said.

"Um, I um, I got you this," Marlon said and pulled a small stuffed lamb out of the bag.

Aw!" Bobbi exclaimed, hugged it to her chest, then leaned over and kissed him.

"Um!" Both girls screeched from the back seat.

"Shut up!" Marlon demanded and the girls squealed louder.

"I'll see you later," Bobbi said, getting one more kiss from him before opening the door to her house.

"Bye," Marlon agreed then shook his fist at the two girls that hung out of the rear window of the car, yelling and catcalling.


Hey, I got only a couple of minutes, but um, on Sunday, we're closed and what we do is we all go to nine o'clock Mass, and then we come back here and then we, um, my dad cooks a big old meal and we all sit around and you want to come over?" Bobbi jabbered into the phone.

"Roberta! We don't got no time you on the phone!" Manuel yelled as he barreled his way through the kitchen.

"Yeah, what time?" Marlon asked.

"Well, nine o'clock Mass starts at..." Bobbi said.

"Oh, okay, see you at Mass," Marlon agreed.

"Was that your girlfriend?" Emily teased.

"Yeah, jealous?" Marlon teased back.


It was killing him. His little Roberta, his Bobbi, giving that boy all of her attention, shooting him those loving adoring looks.

He loved his beautiful wife, loved his son Juan, even if Juan was lazy, didn't want to work hard, didn't want to learn nothing about the restaurant, had to threaten the boy just to get him to work, but his Bobbi was the very breath of his life.

"Manuel!" Maria hissed. "We're in church! You better pray to God He forgive you!"

"Baby you just don't..." he said, the words catching in his throat.

"Yes, yes, Manny, yes I do understand," Maria whispered. "You forget? She's my daughter too."


"Mr. Quarveros, can I help with anything?" the cursed boy was in his kitchen now.

His kitchen. Bad enough the boy was an intrusion in his home.

But Juan was nowhere in sight. There was his precious Bobbi, looking at him, that look in her eyes, begging him for acceptance, for approval.

"Sure, boy, I let you cut up some onion, you going to cut yourself?" Manuel asked.

"Might have to show me what end to hold, but I'll try," Marlon smiled.

"I'm proud of you," his wife whispered to him.

His little Bobbi; she wouldn't take her eyes off of the boy. Even Juan was animated, loudly joining in the conversation, instead of sullenly sitting there, pushing food around on his plate, and then slamming away from the table after an argument.

"Uh huh," he agreed then sipped his glass of wine.


Her breasts were cone shaped capped with dark nipples. Her belly button was a deep tunnel in her slightly pudgy belly. Her hips swelled out into beautiful round hips and her buttocks were high, proud, full globes. Her pubic hair was dark, tightly curled wisps that could not fully cover her fleshy lips as they peeked out.

She groaned as he drove a finger into her drooling pussy, then slowly sank to her knees and gripped his swollen manhood in her small hand.

"Do it like this?" she asked as she put her full lips around the head of his cock.

"Aw, shit!" he groaned as he shot stream after stream of his semen on the wall of his shower.

"Damn!" he gasped as his legs almost gave out from the force of the orgasm.

Ch 4

"Hey, saw you out on a date with Bobbi," Julie smirked at Marlon.

"Yeah," he smiled.

"Well, Jack said since you did your part of the bet, it's cool if you want to go out with me now," Julie said.

He heard the gasp come from behind him and turned in time to see a small blob run away.

"Bobbi! Wait!" he cried out.

She felt so stupid. He didn't really like her; it was just some stupid game he was playing so that he could go out with that blonde bitch, Julie 'my shit don't stink' Vogel.

But he'd hugged her and kissed her, oh my God! When he kissed her, it was so beautiful. He had called her 'sweetheart.' Sweetheart. But obviously that didn't mean anything. And he even brought his little sister over and they went out to the zoo, and he bought her that stupid little lamb and it had a little heart pendant around its neck.

Boy was she ever stupid for believing he could ever like her. She was just a n*gger to him, a stupid n*gger.

"Bobbi?" he asked.

"Go away!" she screamed at him. "I fucking hate you!"

"No Bobbi," he said determinedly. "I don't know what you think you heard, but it's not like that. Yeah, I did have some stupid bet with Jack 'cause I wanted a date with Julie, but then we went out and I don't want her no more, it's you I'd rather be with and..."

"Hey!" Kizzy yelled out as she entered the girls' restroom.

"Leave us alone, please?" Marlon begged.

"Damn, could've locked the door, huh?" Kizzy complained and left the room.

"Is this another stupid bet?" Bobbi sullenly asked.

"Yeah, right, Bobbi, where am I huh?" he said. "I could get kicked out for this; you really think this is another bet?"

"It's cool," she said after she scanned the hall in both directions.

She and Marlon quickly got out of the girls' restroom and tried to 'casually stroll' down the hallway, but the excitement of evading detection mounted and they began to giggle, and then laugh out loud.

"Stop it," Bobbi gasped, trying to catch her breath.

"You stop it," he laughed back.

"And what, may I ask, is so terribly funny, Mr. Dublachon?" Sister Theresa asked harshly.

"Hi Sister Theresa," Marlon gasped out.

"Well?" she demanded.

"Okay, okay, why did the chicken cross the road?" Marlon asked.

"That is not what you two are laughing at," Sister Theresa snapped.

"No, no, come on, guess. Why did the chicken cross the road" Marlon insisted.

"I don't know, to get to the other side?" she snapped.

"No, to show the armadillo it could be done," Marlon said and both teenagers again burst into giggles.

"Get to class," sister Theresa ordered and stomped away.

"Ooh, you quick; I'm going to have to keep an eye on you," Bobbi said, slapping Marlon's arm.


"This," Marlon said as he showed Bobbi the 1959 Chevrolet. "Isn't it unbelievable? And he only wants nine thousand 'cause it's not all original."

"Naw, hell only thing's original is the body," Bob Robichaux agreed, walking up from the garage. Even the chassis is bastardized."

"How can you tell?" Bobbi asked, looking at the car.

It looked just like any other old car to her.

"Stamped on it," Bob smiled. "Marlon, what you doing here, huh?"

"Hi Mister Robichaux, I'm showing my girlfriend the car," Marlon said.

Girlfriend. Her heart actually skipped a beat when he said that. That blonde bitch, Julie Vogel could kiss her big black ass; Marlon Dublachon was calling her 'his girlfriend,' not Julie.

"How much you got?" Bobbi asked Marlon.

"I got about five saved up," Marlon said.

"Mr. Robichaux, there any way he can work off the rest?" she asked the older man point blank.

Bob looked at the boy for a long moment.

"Know anything about cars?" he finally asked.

"Well, any time my mom's car breaks down, she don't ask my dad, she comes and gets me," Marlon agreed. "Oh! And my grandfather? I was always helping him with his tractors and his boat motor and stuff!"

"Your grandfather's Marlon Huvall?" Bob asked.

"Yeah, owned the Texaco..." Marlon agreed.

"Corner of Benson and fifty two," Bob finished for him. "Worked for him back when I was in high school! And he let you work on his boat motor?"

"Yeah, well, he was right there the whole time," Marlon admitted.

"Believe it; he was the same way with me," Bob laughed. "You even farted wrong, Mr. Huvall was jumping all over you."

"Yeah, well, my Uncle Jimmy's running it now, but Paw-paw stops in every now and then, tells Uncle Jimmy he's doing it wrong," Marlon laughed.

Bob smiled, thinking back to his high school days.

Dating Rebecca Davis, needing a couple of bucks. Mr. Huvall was a crotchety son of a bitch to work for, but he had a real weakness for the ladies. If Bob asked for Friday night off, the answer was an immediate 'NO!' But if Rebecca cane in and asked Mr. Huvall if Bobby could please have Friday night off to take her to the Westgate Drive-In, he'd blush and fuss and mutter and then agree.

"Here, boy, get her popcorn, treat a lady right, you hear?" Mr. Huvall would snap and slip Bob a couple of bucks.

Bob missed having his son, Paul, at the car lot. But Paul was up in Monroe, Louisiana, at college now. Bob wanted to be home, with his wife Maria, and their two year old daughter, but couldn't be in two places at once.

"What are your grades like?" Bob asked.

"They're okay, I guess," Marlon said and shrugged. "Spanish's kicking my butt."


"Oh my God, Maria, you have to see this," Manuel laughed as the baby blue Chevy pulled up to the curb. "And I'M the n*gger? Look at them white walls!"

"Daddy!" Bobbi said, horrified. "Please don't embarrass me!"

"Boy, what you got there?" Manuel laughed as he walked outside.

"It's a 1959..." Marlon said proudly.

"Ooh wee! You are something!" Manuel laughed, walking around the large automobile. "Love them white walls!"

"It all right if I take Bobbi to school?" Marlon asked.

"Boy, ain't no worry she'll get hurt in this big old tank, huh?" Manuel laughed, putting an arm over the boy's shoulder.

"Think my Daddy likes you," Bobbi said happily as they cranked up Gwen Stefani.

"Think he likes the car," Marlon agreed.

"Man! Wish we didn't have to go to school today!" Bobbi declared.

"Oh yeah?" Marlon smiled as he pulled up into the school parking lot. "What'd we be doing?"

"Oh, I don't know," Bobbi said coyly, playfully edging the hem of her plaid skirt up a few inches. "Maybe go to the zoo again? Maybe go to Bombay's? Oh! I know! We could go to the Basin!"

"Man, wish we didn't have school today!" Marlon groaned.

Bobbi giggled happily as she got out of the car. The large door was heavy and she had to put her weight into slamming the door shut.

He walked behind her, admiring the way her skirt flounced back and forth with each step, the way her dark thighs looked above the white knee socks. His cock began to stiffen at the thought of easing her skirt down; her panties were probably as white as the socks and the blouse.

"Hey, you're my boyfriend, right?" she loudly demanded.

Several students looked at them, including Julie Vogel and her entourage.

"Well, yeah," Marlon stammered, blushing hotly.

"Ain't you supposed to be carrying my books?" She demanded.

"Well um," he stammered.

"It wasn't until they were past the scowling Julie Vogel that Marlon realized what Bobbi's little game was.

"Uh huh, I see how it is," he said and Bobbi laughed out loud.


In a lot of ways, it was just like having his son Paul on the lot again. Marlon was bright, energetic, polite, and very interested in the automobiles he worked on. Often, he would come in and tell Bob what he'd found out about a particular model on the internet.

"Uh huh, still don't tell me why the transmission's locked up, huh?" Bob would grunt.

"Or why the guy had it never changed the oil," Marlon would agree. "You seen the oil filter?"


"Got three of them in Houston," Bob said as he filled the flatbed with diesel. "Just call Miss Marie when you're ready to lock up and she'll come and arm the alarm, okay?"

"Be careful," Marlon agreed.

"Uh huh; you too," Bob said. "You run into any trouble, any trouble at all, don't be no hero. Nothing here worth dying for, hear?"

Bob laughed as he pulled the truck's horn and made Marlon jump. He backed the truck out of the lot onto the road, and then headed west, toward Houston, Texas.

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