Yearbook 2005--b/w


"And you're there, all by yourself?" Bobbi whispered into her cell phone

"Yeah, Mr. Bob's gone to Houston get a couple more; one of them's a 1957 Thunderbird, rag top, you believe?" Marlon asked.

"Uh huh," Bobbi said, not really caring what kind of cars Mr. Bob was going to get. "So, need any company?"

"Roberta, you finish your homework first, you hear?" Maria interrupted.

"I did," Bobbi said petulantly.

"An hour," Maria decided. "Go there, see him, be back at..."

She looked at the clock on the wall.

"Eight o'clock," she concluded.

"Eight o'clock?" Bobbi complained.

"Roberta, it is a school night, you forget that?" Maria said tersely.

"Yes ma'am," Bobbi said and dashed out the house.

"Oh, okay, good bye, no no, I love you too, don't worry about kissing me good bye," Maria called out sarcastically.

"Hey, what you doing here?" Marlon said happily as he looked out from underneath the 1968 Camaro.

"Came to see you, what you think?" Bobbi said, crouching down to peer at him.

"Uh huh," Marlon said, looking directly at her cotton covered crotch.

"Oh, hey!" Bobbi complained, realizing what he was looking at.

He stammered an apology, but she walked away.

"Let me finish this up, okay?" Marlon asked as she came back and squatted down again, legs clamped tightly together.

"Uh huh, hurry up, I only got until eight," Bobbi said.

She was fifteen minutes late getting home; her lips still tingling from his kisses, her breasts still throbbing from his hands. Her own hands felt tingly from where they'd stroked Marlon's cock through the rough coveralls he wore.


Bob was slightly uncomfortable in the bar, but Dirk insisted that Rooster's had the best hamburgers in Houston, and the fact that they were served by hot young ladies wearing nothing but pasties and g-strings made the place all the more appealing to the salesman.

"Hi, welcome to Rooster's," Cindy Jensen intoned as she stood by their table. "My name is Cindy and I'll be taking care of you gentlemen tonight."

Bob looked at the hazel eyes; they were cold, harsh. She was smiling as she spoke with them, but her eyes did not see them and the smile did not reach the unseeing eyes.

"Uh yeah, uh Cindy, I'd like an ice tea, unsweetened," Bob said and she sauntered away.

"How about that, huh?" Dirk crowed as Bob watched the young woman stroll away.

"Uh huh," Bob said.

It had been three years since Paul and Cindy had dated, but he recognized her right away. She probably had recognized him as well, but had not acknowledged him.

Throughout the meal, if she recognized him, it never registered. She laughed hollowly at Dirk's attempts at humor and politely declined to give Dirk her phone number.

"I don't think my husband would appreciate that," she laughed, an empty laugh.

"Oh?" Bob said. "You're married now? Congratulations; who's the lucky bastard?"

Um, Bill, bill Bagget," Cindy said quickly.

"Bull shit," Bob said after she walked away to get their pecan pies and coffees.

"You know that girl?" Dirk finally realized.

"Might say that," Bob said. "My son dated her when they was in high school."

"And he let that get away?" Dirk whistled. "Bet he's kicking himself every night."

"No, not really, the girls he's dating now? Ten times better that that," Bob said.

Cindy resisted the urge to 'accidentally' dump Bob's coffee into his lap as she set their coffees and pie slices down, practiced smile never leaving her face.

"Hey, where the fuck you going?" Victor yelled at Cindy as she pulled on her coat.

"Fucking quit, dick head," Cindy spat and stomped out of the restaurant.

The new girl that presented Dirk with the check actually did let the smile reach her eyes and shrugged amicably when Dirk asked what had happened to Cindy.


He eased Bobbi's white panties down and off and she spread her pudgy legs wide apart for him. Her dark curls glistened with her excitement and he could smell the musky scent of her arousal in the car.

"Tell me if I'm doing it wrong," he asked and bent his head close to her pussy.

"Son of a bitch," he grunted as he pumped stream after stream of his semen on the walls of his shower.

Ch 5

The pink gown set off her dusky skin beautifully. She cursed her lumps and bulges of fat; the snug fit of the gown seemed to emphasize them. A stern look from Maria to Juan stilled him from pointing that fact out to his little sister.

"Aw, come on, one more," Anna insisted and Marlon obliged her with another pose in his tuxedo.

"Me too," Debbie insisted and Marlon picked up the girl and posed with his little sister.

"So, when we going to meet this girl?" Paw-paw asked his voice thin with age.

"Soon, Paw-paw, okay? I'll bring her by one day, all right?" Marlon said.

No one had told the old man that Bobbi was one quarter African-American; he was a horrible racist.

"See there" he once told Marlon as they drove past the old cemetery nestled between Kimble and Bender. "There's some good n*ggers in there. Know why they good n*ggers?"

"No, Paw-paw," the five year old Marlon had said, looking at the rows and rows of old tombstones and grave markers.

"'Cause they all dead," Paw-paw had cackled merrily.

Benny slipped his son another hundred dollar bill and Marlon nodded his appreciation, not telling his dad that Bob had also slipped him a hundred.

"Hey, um, get me a picture, you know, of you and Bobbi, at the dance, huh?" Bob had asked and pointed to the row of photographs of his own son and the various dates Paul had brought to the Homecoming dances over the years he was a student at St. Thomas Aquinas. "Put your picture right here, okay?"

"Ooh wee, boy, you looking sharp!" Manuel said as he opened the door and let the young man enter the living room.

"Oh wow," Marlon said as he looked at Bobbi.

"Behave yourself, boy," Manuel growled.

"Um, yes sir," Marlon said and carefully pinned the corsage onto the gown.

"One thirty?" Bobbi said again as they headed to Bombay's. "You believe he said we could stay out until one thirty?"


Julie Vogel and her entourage and their dates stood in line and waited for an available table.

"I am so sorry," Hashim said, waving his arm to indicate the quite crowded restaurant. "Next time, you make reservations, okay?"

"Not going to be a next time," Julie hissed angrily.

"Ah, Mr. Marlon, Miss Bobbi, you come see me again?" Hashim said happily and ushered the two to their table.

"Hey, wait a minute," Julie protested.

"They smart, they make reservation," Hashim shrugged and wished another couple well as they left.

Marlon, usually quite attentive to her, usually quite complimentary of her, could not stop gawking at her, would not stop heaping the praise on top of praise. Even Julie's not so quietly muttered comment about 'big ass' did not mar her mood.

"Thank you, bye bye, you come see me again, okay?" Hashim said and then rolled his eyes as Julie loudly called for another diet coke.

"Um, it okay if, I'd I kind of want a couple of those pictures," Marlon said as he guided her toward the photographer's booth.

"ooh, can I get one for my mom and dad too?" Bobbi begged, batting her eyelashes at him playfully. "Plleeeaassse?"

The photographer was charging fifteen dollars a print and Marlon did the math in his head.

"Um, like six of them, okay?" he asked the bored photographer.

"Come back in about an hour, let me know which ones you like, okay?" he said and slid Marlon's change across the table.

Even having lost the 'Homecoming' game did not mar the enthusiasm of the students as they walked around in the ballroom, the school's gymnasium.

"Dude, Cabrini sucks!" Tommy McElroy loudly proclaimed and he and Marlon high-fived each other.

"Um, didn't they beat us? We lost, right?" Bobbi asked Marlon after Tommy and David Leblanc and their dates walked away.

"Yeah, thirty eight to ten," Marlon agreed, laughing. "But they still suck."

Neither one of them really knew much about dancing. Marlon suffered from terminal shyness and Bobbi rarely went out on dates; her anger kept most people away. But at least they were willing to try, which was a lot more than the majority of the students were doing. Most of the males were crowded around each other, jostling and preening and posing and the girls were chattering with each other.

At ten, Tommy McElroy was crowned as Homecoming King and donned the crown to the jeers of his fellow students.

"Fixed," Marlon yelled.

"You should have won," Bobbi agreed.

He was so handsome in his tuxedo, yet he made her feel like she was the beautiful one.

"And now for your Homecoming Queen," Brother Dominick hemmed and pretended to be squinting at the paper.

"Bet it's you," Marlon said.

"Yeah right, goofball," Bobbi smiled and waited to hear who was going to be queen.

"It was a difficult decision, I am sure," Brother Dominick said, looking at the students. "I mean, look at all of you. Give yourselves a round of applause, huh? So many attractive young ladies and young men here tonight."

A loud cheer went up when Brother Dominick announced that Elise Simone was their Homecoming Queen.

"What?" Elise said, stunned.

Her friends screamed and squealed and shoved her toward a grinning Tommy McElroy as he held out her crown.

She had been asked to Homecoming by quite a few of the Senior and even three of the Junior males dared step outside of their circle and asked her. She knew Gretchen, Rayne, Kelli, and Becky did not have dates, so she politely declined all of invitations.

The five girls had crammed into Elaine's minivan, Becky's wheelchair in the rear compartment, drove out to Manny's, then crammed back into the minivan and drove out to the dance. The five friends occupied one table, and danced to the songs they liked, danced with each other, ignoring some of the jeers and rude comments of their classmates.

"Brother Dominick, you know good and well Elise Simone did NOT win Homecoming Queen!" Sister Beatrice accused.

"Look at her," Brother Dominick said quietly. "I heard Jack, Mike, and Bill all asked her, but she told them all no; she didn't want her friends to be left out. You really think Kaitlin Monroe should have been crowned queen? That girl hasn't thought of another living soul in her life."

"It's um, it's kind of, you don't want to go home, huh?" Marlon asked.

"What'd you have in mind?" Bobbi asked.

He wanted to take her to the Basin, wanted to slip that dress off over her shoulders, bare her beautiful breasts to his eyes, wanted to lick and suck them, was tired of feeling them through layers of cotton, wanted to feel them with his fingers, skin against skin.

He wanted to touch her bare belly, wanted to taste her flesh, wanted to tongue her belly button.

He wanted to finally see her pubic mound, wanted to see the color of her hair, the density of it, wanted to see the folds of her pussy. He wanted to smell her excitement, wanted to feel the wetness with his fingers, wanted to taste her pussy, wanted to lick and suck and nibble her lips, wanted to find her clitoris and wanted to hear her call out his name in pleasure as he licked and sucked her to orgasm.

He wanted to bury his face in her magnificent buttocks, wanted to tongue her anus, wanted to pry her buttocks wide as he delved his tongue into her rectum, then wanted to kneel behind her and press his cock to her anus.

His cock throbbed painfully in his tuxedo trousers and he blushed hotly, sure that everyone could see his erection.

She could; she was looking directly at it.

"You want to?" she whispered, tearing her eyes away from his erection and looking into his eyes.

"Yeah," he admitted.


"Uh uh," she protested as he turned the car toward the Basin.

"Listen," she said, sliding over next to him in the front of his car. "This is, um, I mean, I don't want everybody knowing what we doing and everybody knows this is our car and they all going to be out at the Basin and can we go somewhere else?"

"Um, like uh where?" Marlon asked.

"I don't know," Bobbi admitted. "Just not the Basin, okay?"

"Um, okay, I um, I got an idea," Marlon said.

Mr. Bob had given him the keys to the gate and the code for the alarm, so he drove to the car lot. He slid the large chain link fence back, got into his car and drove it onto the lot, then got out and slid the large gate shut and locked it.

"I um, I kind of wish it could be a little um, more romantic," Marlon apologized as he opened the door to the storage room.

Inside, Bob had put a cot and mattress, for whenever he needed a power nap. Bobbi looked around at all the boxes and file cabinets and cot.

"It's perfect," she smiled and hugged him tightly. "It's our own little place."

They kissed for a few minutes, their hands touching each other's bodies. She hesitated for a when she felt the straps of her gown being eased down; her body was something she was not proud of. But he'd touched her body several times and had never made any disparaging remarks about it.

"Oh!" he moaned as her heavy breasts came into view.

They were round globes, not the cone shape he had imagined. Her nipples, while dark, were small little bumps as compared to the large aureole he'd imagined them to be. But he was not disappointed in them.

She groaned as he bent and took one small nipple into his mouth and began to suck and lick the small, sensitive bud. He other breasts he held in his right hand, his left arm busy pulling her closer to him.

"God, you're so beautiful," he moaned as the gown slipped down, gathering at her wide hips.

"Shut up, I am not," she protested, embarrassed at her lumps and bulges.

"Yes, Bobbi," he said forcefully. "Yes you are."

"Glad you think so," she whispered and pulled his face down for another kiss.

"You're overdressed," she whispered and tugged at his tie.


Several of the football players of Cabrini High School in DeGarde, Louisiana, not content with humiliating St. Thomas Aquinas on the football field, decided to drive out to the Basin, the make-out spot for the students of St. Thomas.

What started off as a harmless prank quickly escalated into an ugly brawl. One of the Cabrini students reached into Jack Vogel's car and pulled him off of his date. Furious at being interrupted, annoyed at his date's squeals, Jack kicked the smirking boy in the crotch, then across the bridge of his nose. Another student of Cabrini pulled a length of pipe out of his car and advanced on Jack.


"Oh my God," Marlon groaned as he flooded his briefs.

Bobbi sat on the edge of the cot, nude. Her pudgy little body was a vision of true beauty, slightly large breasts, rounded belly, ample hips, and thick profusion of black hair covering her excitement.

"I got to, I been wanting to do this," Marlon mumbled and knelt in front of the nervous, excited, apprehensive girl.

"Oh, Marlon, that's so," Bobbi protested as she felt his lips touch her puffy pussy lips.

He lifted her plump thighs and put them on his shoulders, draping her legs across his back.

"Oh," he moaned as he got his first taste of her.

"You like that?" she asked, surprised.

"Love it," he declared and she giggled, and then moaned as he growled and tugged her pussy lips with his teeth.


Dick Davis got the call; he had been cruising up to St. Thomas Aquinas high school, just 'keeping an eye on Elise.' The minivan was still there; she and her friends were helping clean up after the majority of students had vacated the school property.


She had to admit, a guy's cock looked pretty funny up close. His balls looked even funnier, just a wrinkled up sack of skin hanging there.

She had seen pictures of them on the Internet and had felt Marlon's through his jeans, but actually seeing one for real, it looked kind of funny. She did realize, though, that his ego would not be too keen on her admitting this to him, so she kept her mouth shut about the look.

It felt good in her hand, though. The coarse brown hair surrounding it was sticky but she still combed her fingernails through the tuft of hair.

"Do it, like this?" she asked and took the head of his cock into her mouth.

He looked down to see her caramel colored face hovering over the length of his cock, her small dark hand cradling it. When her hot lips made contact with his straining cock, he could not hold back.

She was surprised when he tensed up and began to pump his semen into her mouth. She quickly swallowed and kept her mouth tightly sealed over the head of his cock until he finally quit pumping his semen.

It wasn't the greatest tasting stuff she'd ever had, but it wasn't the worst either.

His cock wilted and softened in her hand and she looked up at him from her kneeling position.

"You ain't done, huh?" she asked.


The students began to scatter when the three police cars pulled up, but Dick and Orville positioned their cruisers so the students' vehicles had no where to go.

"Listen up," he bellowed, drowning out the cacophony of 'he started it,' and 'I wasn't doing nothing.' "This is how we're going to do this."


Her hymen had been broken by a vigorous masturbation session so he did not have any obstruction as he slid himself into her tight pussy.

"Oh God!" Bobbi screamed in orgasm when his crotch firmly mashed against hers. "Oh God, Marlon! I love you!"

"I love you too," he whispered in her ear.

He was grateful for the condom (Mr. Bob had slipped him three of them, as a joke) because without the latex sheath dulling his sensitivity somewhat, he was able to last a little longer. Her vaginal muscles were gripping him, milking him.

"Wait, what?" she gasped out.

"I love you," he repeated.

In the throes of her orgasm, Bobbi had not realized she had cried out her true feelings.

"You do?" she asked, looking into his warm brown eyes.

"Well, yeah," he said, confused.

"I love you too," she admitted and pulled his face down for a passionate kiss.


Cuts and scrapes were attended to and the males from Cabrini were put into one cell while the males from St. Thomas Aquinas were put into another cell. The females were forced to call their parents and explain to their parents what they were doing out at the Basin.

Having two step-daughters, Dick Davis was stone faced in the presence of their tears and stone hearted at their pleas to 'just let them go home, why they had to get their moms and dads out here?'

Kaitlin Monroe's broken arm was set in an inflatable splint and Becky Zima, the sole female officer of Bender's police force, brought the girl to University Medical Center, after getting permission from Mrs. Monroe to do so.

"Keep the little tramp there until morning," more than one father told Dick Davis.


"Ew, Marlon!" Bobbi screeched in disgust as Marlon pressed his tongue to her anus.

"You have got the greatest ass," he declared after tonguing her anus and worming his tongue into her rectum.

She had to admit, it might be gross, but it felt nice. Especially since his fingers drove in and out of her pussy, and his thumb brushed maddeningly against her clitoris.

He glanced at his watch and realized they had tarried too long. Their dressing was interrupted several times by their need to kiss and hold each other.


Manuel may have said they could stay out until one thirty, but he was more than a little perturbed when the large car pulled up to the curb at one twelve in the morning.

"Look, look," Bobbi said happily and handed him two of the pictures Marlon had bought. "Here's one for you and Mama, and one to send to Grandma; think she'll like it?"

"I think she'll love it; you're a beautiful little girl," Manuel admitted. "Good night, Roberta."

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