tagNovels and NovellasYearbook 2005--gm

Yearbook 2005--gm


*Author's Note: Any persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Ch 1

In the 2005 yearbook of St. Thomas Aquinas, in Bender Louisiana, are the usual groups of photographs.

The first few pages are dedicated to the graduating seniors, Individual photographs of each senior in cap and gown, then the entire group of the seniors and Sister Andrea, the Homeroom teacher of the Seniors of St. Thomas Aquinas. The last two pages are dedicated to the seniors that won awards, i.e. valedictorian, solitarian, Scholarship winners, etc. The last page is of the seniors awarded titles by their peers. Elise Simone won 'Best Christian Example,' which makes her stepfather snicker, which makes Elise screech "Shut up!" Rayne Sneed was voted 'Friendliest,' a title well deserved; she was everyone's friend.

Then there are the photographs of the junior class, the sophomore class, the freshmen, and Eight Grade, then faculty and staff, the sports and clubs, and then random photographs displaying daily life at St. Thomas Aquinas.

Appearing in only the individual senior photograph group, and the group photograph of the graduating seniors, Lawrence Dumensnil passed through St. Thomas Aquinas without casting any shadows.

In 2002, he did cast a small shadow, being the son of one of the persons killed in the horrible fire at the mattress factory, but that shadow was brief and in time, most forgot that he had suffered a loss. Moments after graduation, most forgot that he even existed.

Some of the girls at St. Thomas Aquinas knew him as 'Mr. Avon;' his mother, an agoraphobic, made Lawrence deliver to her clients. He distributed her catalogs to his classmates and brought them their orders. If they placed their order with him directly, his mother gladly gave him the full commission from that sale,

But if they called it in, or e-nailed it in, she kept the commission for herself.

Neither one said it out loud, but neither Lawrence nor Nancy Dumensnil missed Paul Dumensnil. When he was alive, he was a loud, brash drunkard that belittles both wife and son with loud drunken harangues.

Every now and then, his verbal outbursts would be punctuated by physical blows.

But he had filled out the insurance policy and his death made Nancy a quarter of a million dollars richer.

Lawrence was the one that brought the paperwork down to the bank and, with Emily Broussard's help, put it into various savings accounts, checking accounts, and IRA accounts.


"And this one goes to..." Nancy said as she stapled the order invoice to the bag.

"Mom, it's right there, on the invoice," Lawrence said.

"Okay, smarty pants," Nancy said. "Don't be gone too long; it's a school night."

"Yes ma'am," he said and took the cardboard box to the front door.

"Thank you, Lawrence," Nancy said and he smiled at her.


"Ooh, tell your momma I like that color," Carmen said as she examined the bottle of nail polish.

"Hey Lawrence," Elise called out from behind her mother.

"Hey, um, Elise," Lawrence said and blushed a hundred shades of red.

"Okay, here you go, sweetie," Carmen said and gave Lawrence the cash.

"Thank you, Ms. Simone," Lawrence said.

"It's Mrs. Davis," Carmen reminded him and smiled as he slapped his forehead.

"Man, I'm sorry, Mrs. Davis, I keep forgetting!" he said, embarrassed.


"Um, Avon," Lawrence said, standing on Bob Bishop's doorstep.

"Oh, hey, all right!" Bob said, swinging the door wide open. "Come on in, y'all take personal checks, right?"

"Uh yes sir," Lawrence said, stepping inside the foyer of the small house.

"Man, this skin so soft is the best stuff, repels mosquitoes like nothing else out there!" Bob praised as he stepped into the small kitchen. "Wear it when I go hunting; tit up in the deer stand all day, never get a single bite."

Lawrence stood, rooted to the spot. On the large television, Bob had been watching a pornographic movie. But this wasn't your typical pornographic movie. He could see three men, one man on his knees, sucking another man's cock, while a third man prepared to shove his cock into the ass of the second man.

"So, you ever hunt? I got this deer stand up in the Atchafalaya," Bob said as he came out of the small kitchen and headed toward the living room.

"oops!" Bob laughed nervously and turned the television off.

He glanced over his shoulder at Lawrence and smiled sheepishly.

"I um, I kind of um, kind of like porn, you know?" Bob admitted.

"Um, yes, yes sir," Lawrence stammered.

It had only been a moment, but he knew he'd be pulling his manhood to memories of what he'd seen on the screen.

"Ever watch that stuff?" Bob asked, holding out the check to Lawrence.

"Um, no, no, don't really have any chance to, it's um, just me and my mom and she's always right there, you know?" Lawrence stammered.

"Oh, eye, um, you ever want to watch it, I um, I got a bunch of the stuff," Bob offered hopefully.

"Um, yeah?" Lawrence squeaked.

"You are old enough, huh?" Bob asked.

"Eighteen, just turned eighteen um, last week," Lawrence admitted to the burly man.

"Well, want to?" Bob asked, licking his lips nervously. "I'll start it at the beginning; it's one of my favorites, stars Scottie Harrison? Boy grew up right here in Louisiana, Mumphrey?"

"Um, no, no, I still got about ten more stops to make," Lawrence stammered, wishing his erection would go down.

"Um, oh, maybe some other time, huh?" Bob said.

"Uh, yeah, yeah," Lawrence said and took the check from the man.

Bob watched the slender youth leave, licking his lips again.

He was a good looking boy, with his dark hair and light blue eyes. Those lips looked like they were made for kissing and Bob just loved the way the boy kept blushing.

"Man oh man," Bob said, locked the door, and returned to the leather couch.

He hit the button and started the movie again. He decided to go back to the beginning and watch the hour long movie from start to finish.


A well muscled young man, in his mid to late twenties, dressed in leopard print thong, lay on a chaise lounge, another chaise lounge right next to his. Another well muscled man, dressed in black thong swim wear, also in his mid to late twenties, sauntered onscreen.

"Uh huh," Zeke said to Dwight. "Checking out the yard boy again, huh?"

"Oh, I would just love to suck that boy's cock," Dwight admitted to Zeke. "I bet it's all hot and sweaty, just like I like them! But don't you be acting all innocent! I know you'd just love to bust that boy's ass cherry!"

"Oh you fucking right I would," Zeke laughed as he lay down on the chaise lounge next to Dwight's chaise lounge. "You know it's nice and tight.

The set was obviously an indoor location; the grass was Astroturf, the sound of the lawnmower never varied in volume or intensity and the lighting was almost garish.

"Hi, Mr. Zeke," Scottie called out as he pushed the lawnmower past the two sunbathers

Scottie was a well muscled youth, with longish blonde hair, dressed in cut off shorts and a very tight tee shirt.

"Here, get my back," Dwight asked, handing Zeke the bottle of suntan lotion.

"Uh huh," Zeke said and took the offered bottle.

"Tell me the truth; what would you like to do to that Scottie?" Dwight asked as Zeke slathered the lotion onto his back.

"Oh, I'd grab his shorts, slide them down," Zeke said, sliding Dwight's swim trunks down. "Then I'd get those buns of his all good and slippery."

"Ooh yeah," Dwight moaned as Zeke roughly rubbed his rear end.

"Hey Scottie!" Zeke called out.

"Yes sir, Mr. Zeke?" Scottie asked, 'turning the lawnmower off' and pushing his sunglasses up to sit on top of his head.

"Hey, we're all men here, right?" Zeke asked, swiveling off of Dwight's back.

"Um yeah, I guess so," Scottie agreed, 'wiping the sweat from his face' with the back of his hand.

"It wouldn't freak you all out if Mr. Dwight and I sunbathed out here, nude, now would it?" Zeke asked.

"Um, I guess not," Scottie said, looking slightly uncomfortable.

"You wouldn't run home and tell your mommy, would you?" Dwight asked, peering over his shoulder, his swim trunks still pulled down to his upper thighs.

"No, I guess not," Scottie said.

"Oh goody," Dwight said and pulled his swim trunks off.

"That's a good boy," Zeke smiled and made a show of pulling his swim trunks down and off, bouncing his cock a few times.

"Um, okay, I um, I better finish this grass; getting kind of hot out here," Scottie said, looking from Zeke's cock to Dwight's rear end.

Scottie pulled the cord and the sound of the lawnmower started up again. He kept looking at the two nude men, actually running into a 'tree' with the lawnmower.

"What else would you do?" Dwight asked Zeke as Zeke lazily stroked his erect cock.

"After I got his tight little hole good and greasy?" Zeke asked, looking at Dwight. "I'd fuck him until he came."

"Um, okay, um, Mr. Zeke, Mr. Dwight, I'm all finished," Scottie said.

A split second after Scottie appeared back onscreen without the lawnmower the sound of the lawnmower died.

"Good, good," Zeke smiled, pushing his own sunglasses up. "Look kind of hot there, Scottie; like a beer?"

"Yeah, it's kind of hot out here," Scottie said. "But I'm only eighteen; I'm not old enough to have a beer. Got any milk?"

"Oh come on, Scottie!" Dwight said, getting to his feet. "Why, when I was your age, I drank beer all the time!"

"Yeah, but I'm not supposed to," Scottie said.

"We won't tell," Zeke smiled. "Have a set while Mr. Dwight gets us all a beer, okay?"

"Well, if you insist," Scottie said and sat down on the chaise lounge formerly occupied by Dwight.

"So, tell me, Scottie, got a girlfriend?" Zeke asked, still slowly stroking his cock.

"Um, no, no not really," Scottie admitted. "I did, but she wanted me to do things, you know?"

"Things?" Zeke asked. "Like what, Scottie?"

"You know," Scottie said, embarrassed.

"Here we are, three cold beers for three hot men," Dwight said, returning with three beer bottles.

"Like what?" Scottie?" Zeke asked, taking a hefty gulp of the beer.

"You know, she wanted me to put my weenie in her pussy and stuff," Scottie said, taking a big sip of beer.

"Ew!" Dwight said, face twisted in disgust. "in her pussy?"

"I know!" Scottie said. "And I said, that's wrong! That should only be for a man and a woman that are married!"

"That's true, Scottie," Zeke praised. "But what do you do? I mean, I know young men like you have urges, don't you?"

"Um, yeah," Scottie admitted, drinking from the beer again.

"So what do you do?" Zeke asked. "Do you play with yourself?"

"Um, yeah, every now and then," Scottie admitted. "Man, this beer's strong! I think I'm getting drunk!"

""And I know you have some friends, right?" Zeke asked. "You guys ever, you know, help each other out?"

"What do you mean?" Scottie asked.

"You know, help each other out with hose urges?" Zeke asked.

"Like this," Dwight said and took Zeke's cock into his hand and stroked it a few times. "You and your friends ever do that?"

"No!" Scottie said. "Wouldn't that um, be kind of um, weird?"

"No, it would just be two friends, two friends, helping each other out," Zeke said.

"Really?" Scottie said. "Man, I think I had too much to drink!"

"Really, here, look," Zeke said and unsnapped the button of Scottie's cut off shorts. "Let me help you here."

"Ooh, that's a beautiful cock," Dwight said as Zeke fished Scottie's cock out of the shorts.

"See?" Zeke said. "Just giving it a few strokes here, doesn't that feel good?"

"Yeah, that feels real good," Scottie moaned.

"And why don't you help me out too? I have those kinds of urges too," Zeke suggested.

"Um, okay," Scottie said and reached down to take hold of Zeke'serect cock.

"There, how's that feel?" Zeke smiled.

"It feels pretty good," Scottie said.

"Know what else feels pretty good?" Zeke asked and nodded his head toward Dwight.

Dwight took Zeke's cock into his mouth and began bobbing his head up and down on Zeke's cock.

"Um, that's, he's sucking your weenie," Scottie said.

"Cock," Zeke corrected. "He's sucking my cock; he's a great cock sucker and he's sucking my cock."

"He's sucking your cock," Scottie repeated.

"And he'll suck your cock, if you'd like," Zeke offered.

"Mm hmm," Dwight said and took Scottie's cock into his mouth and began to suck Scottie's cock.

"Here, why don't you take that tee shirt off?" Zeke offered and pulled Scottie's shirt off over his head.

"Oh!" Scottie moaned as Dwight swallowed Scottie's entire cock down his throat.

"Ever had your nipples sucked, Scottie" eke asked.

"Uh, no I..." Scottie said and Zeke licked and sucked Scottie's nipples.

"How's that feel, Scottie," Zeke asked.

"Oh!" was Scottie's response.

"He's also very good at sucking nut," Zeke offered and to prove it, Dwight removed his mouth from Scottie's cock and began sucking on Scottie's testicles.

"Isn't that nice, Scottie, you like that, Scottie?" Zeke asked, kissing Scottie's gaping mouth.

"Yeah," Scottie moaned.

"Hey, we're leaving poor Dwight out; he's sucking your cock, but his poor cock's all lonely," Zeke said. "Now that's not right; Dwight, why don't you let Scottie here gives you a hand?"

Dwight twisted around so that Scottie could reach his erect cock.

"Go ahead, give him a hand," Zeke suggested and Scottie began to masturbate Dwight's cock.

"Know what else feels real nice, Scottie?" Zeke asked.

"No, what?" Scottie asked.

"Letting a friend stick his cock up your hot tight little ass. That feels really good," Zeke said and kissed Scottie's mouth again.

"It does"" Scottie asked innocently. "Um, that's a pretty small hole, though; wouldn't it hurt?"

"It might," Zeke admitted. "I mean, I've got a pretty big cock, don't I?"

"Yes sir, it' is a pretty big cock," Scottie said, looking at Zeke's cock.

"But a friend would finger fuck your hole, get it nice and stretchy before he put his cock in there," Zeke went on. But you might be too tight for it. Why don't you let me see?"

"Um, okay," Scottie said and rolled over onto his knees.

Dwight sat up to watch.

"First, let's lose these, Zeke said and pulled Scottie's shorts all the way off. "Oh, Scottie, you've got such a pretty little hole; isn't that a pretty little hole, Dwight?"

"It is a pretty little hole," Dwight agreed.

"It is?" Scottie asked, looking over his shoulder.

"Oh yes, that is a pretty little hole, almost as pretty as Dwight's hole. Now, let's see," Zeke said.

He grabbed the bottle of suntan lotion and got his middle finger wet with the slippery lotion.

"When we're getting a nice virgin hole ready," he said and brought the slippery finger to Scottie's tightly clenched anus. "We start off nice and slow."

Scottie moaned as Zeke forced the finger into his rectum.

"And work it all around, Zeke continued, twisting the finger in and out, corkscrewing it as he went.

"Oh," Scottie moaned again.

Zeke squirted more lotion on his index and ring finger and slowly added one, then the third fingers to Scottie's rectum while Scottie moaned and grunted.

"You are nice and tight," Zeke whispered in Scottie's ear. "But I bet we could fit my cock in there. Want to try?"


Bob spurted heavily onto his smooth belly and kept stroking his throbbing cock, milking all the semen he could out of it.

Ch 2

"Hello?" Nancy sang out as she answered her Avon telephone.

"Hi, Mrs. Dumensnil," Bob cheerfully said. "This is Bob. Bob Bishop?"

"Oh, yes sir, Mr. Bishop, you got your order, right?" Nancy asked. "My son just pulled up; I can send him out there if it's not."

"Oh, no, no ma'am, the order was fine, just fine, no problem there," Bob hastened to assure the woman. "No, I um, I was calling to talk with your son; see if he'd like to go hunting this Saturday; I have a deer stand and duck blind out in the Basin. It'd just be two guys, going out, doing that cave man stuff, you know?"

"Well, hold on, I'll see if he's up to it," Nancy said cheerfully and waved Lawrence over to the phone.

"Here, it's Mr. Bishop asking for you," Nancy said, handing the phone to her son.

"Hello?" Lawrence asked, voice croaking.

"Hey sport, sorry, other than 'Avon' don't believe you ever told me what your name was," Bob said cheerfully.

"Um, it's Lawrence, Lawrence Dumensnil," Lawrence said.

"Well, hey Lawrence, I'm planning on doing a little hunting this Saturday, leave here at about four in the morning, get out to the deer stand, wait for the sun to come up, then see what we can get, wondered if you'd like to come along?" Bob asked.

"Um, uh yeah, sure, I um, I guess so; that'd be great," Lawrence agreed.

He gave Bob the address and they hung up.

"He um, he wants me to go hunting with him," Lawrence told his mother.

"Oh, that's nice; get you out of here," Nancy agreed. "Taking your father's twelve gauge?

"Um, yeah, where is it?" Lawrence asked.

"Garage," Nancy said.

Lawrence went and got his father's shotgun, and found his father's camouflage clothing. He put the musty smelling clothes into the washing machine and started the washer.


Bob started the disc again and slowly began to stroke his erection.


"Oh no, no, shh, shh," Zeke crooned to the now whimpering Scottie as he poised his cocked at the entrance to Scottie's anus.

Here," Dwight said. "You guys stand up; I'll suck his cock, that'll get his mind off your big cock going in his little hole."

"That's a good idea," Zeke agreed and the two men got off the chaise lounge.

"Mm, I just love young cock," Dwight moaned as she slipped his mouth over the head of Scottie's cock.


"Me too," Bob agreed and stopped pulling on his cock. "Damn, almost going to come again!"

He stroked and squeezed his testicles then pulled on the smooth scrotum, twisting them slightly.

"Love a tight virgin hole too," he mused aloud as the camera zoomed in to show Zeke's cock entering Scottie's ass.


"Ah!" Scottie moaned out loud, a sharp exhalation of breath.

"Mm, hmm," Zeke groaned and twisted Scottie's face around so he could kiss the gasping young man's mouth.

"I think he likes it," Dwight moaned, Scottie's cock spurting a copious amount of semen onto Dwight's face.

"Yeah?" Zeke asked, stroking more semen from Scottie's spurting cock. "You like it? Huh sweet little Scottie? Like getting my great big cock up that pretty little hole of yours?"

"Uh!" was all Scottie could say, his face a grimace of pain.

"Yeah, I think he likes it, having that great big cock fucking his tight little hole," Dwight said and began sucking Scottie's cock again.

The camera again showed Zeke's large cock thrusting vigorously in and out of Scottie's ass.


"Aw, shit," Bob cried out as he spurted onto his smooth belly again.

"Damn, guys, y'all are some hot ass mother fuckers, that's for sure," Bob said as he scooped up his semen and then licked the semen from his hand.


The jacket and pants were a little large, but a belt, pulled as tight as he could cinch it, and the hunting gear was good enough.

"And you wear those ratty old sneakers; you like hunting we'll get you some hunting boots, okay?" his mother said and Lawrence nodded in agreement.

And even though Saturday was still two days away, Nancy proceeded to lecture Lawrence on how to behave for Mr. Bishop, reminding him that he was lucky that a man showed such a fatherly interest in him.

Finally, she ran out of things to say, kissed his cheek, and then left his room.

"Good night," she called out from her room.

"Good night," Lawrence agreed.


Bob smiled; he didn't even have to get out of the truck; the boy was waiting for him outside.

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