Yearbook 2005--ow/ym


"You?" she asked.

"Eighteen," he said, puffing his chest out slightly.

"Oh, fucking great," she laughed. I'm like twice your age, Honey!"

She almost laughed when she dropped him off at his home and he looked like he wanted to kiss her in parting. She nodded with her head toward a stunning blonde that looked on from the open front door. Jack turned and scowled at his younger sister and Anna squealed away.

"Where you been?" Julie asked, watching as Anna took the turn onto Highway 52 at an unbelievable rate of speed.

"Basin," Jack bragged and Julie looked at him, and then smirked.

"Yeah, right," she said and went back inside where it was cool, air-conditioned.


Paul looked up from the newspaper when Anna strode in. She walked over to him and kissed him hotly.

"Hey Baby, want to fuck?" she asked in a husky voice. "My motorbike got my motor running but I bet you can really kick it into gear; what you say, huh?"

"I say, get that fine ass in the bedroom," Paul growled and Anna squealed and ran down the hall toward their bedroom.

He was surprised at how wet she was, how easily he slid into her, how quickly she came.

"No, no, pump it in me, baby, let me feel your come inside of me," she begged when he struggled to pull out before coming.

"Oh," he sighed heavily as he spent inside of her.

"Now, let's see if we can do that again," she giggled as she rolled him onto his back.

"I love you," Paul wheezed as they thrust into each other.

Anna looked into his glazed eyes and realized he did mean it.

"Love you too, baby," she lied and rocked her pubic bone against his crotch and groaned in orgasm.


"I don't like you riding on motorcycles; they're dangerous," Marnie Vogel complained.

"What ever," Jack sneered and shoved more stew in his mouth.

"I mean it; I don't want you riding on that thing ever again, do you hear me?" Marnie demanded.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Jack said again, mouth full of food.

"Gross, close your mouth," Julie screeched, and then screeched louder when Jack opened his mouth wide to show her all of the food in his mouth.

Ch 2

"Hey, where you going now?" Paul asked as Anna sauntered to the door, dressed in short skirt, blouse, and heels.

"AA meeting; it's Wednesday night," Anna said. "You ain't going to your Alanon meeting?"

"Oh, shit, that's right, it's Wednesday," Paul slapped his forehead. "Give me a minute; I'll be ready."

"Okay," Anna agreed as Paul bustled to get ready.

They were quiet for the five minute car ride. When they got to the church, Paul went down the hallway to the left, Anna went to the right.

"Jamie, I need to talk with you," Anna said when she burst into the room.

"Good to see you too, how was your day, did you remember to pray?" Jamie said and John joined Jamie in the mild laughter.

"I'm serious," Anna declared and Jamie patted John's hand then walked toward the lounge.


"Dude, you are so full of shit!" Mike roared into the phone.

"Now why I got to make up shit, huh?" Jack spat, defensively.

"You ain't never fucked her," Mike sneered into the phone.

"Man, I'm telling you, and she's got these fucking humongous tits, man!" Jack crowed.

"Yeah?" Mike asked. "Big as Julie's?"

"Man, that's my sister, doesn't be looking at my sister," Jack warned.

"Sister or not, she's still got some nice ones," Mike said.


"Oh, Anna, you didn't!" Jamie said.

"Yeah I did," Anna admitted.

"Well, what's done is done," Jamie sighed. "Hope you got it out your system."

"You kidding?" Anna said then lowered her voice. "Jamie, I ain't come in like forever from Paul's itty bitty thing. I'm about to lose my fucking mind, known what I'm saying?"

"Yeah, I'm afraid I do," Jamie sighed. "Anna, I can't tell you what to do, but I can tell you, sooner or later, we all got to pay the Piper. You willing to do that?"

"Look, he's fucking happy, I'm fucking happy, it ain't like I'm planning on leaving his stupid ass," Anna said angrily.

"Yet," Jamie cautioned.

"Oh, fuck you, Jamie," Anna spat and got to her feet.

"Anna, I've seen people drink over shit like this," Jamie warned. "Is it really worth it?"


"So, what's her name?" Mike asked.

"What's her...?" Jack thought. "Dude, beats the shit out of me!"

"Ah ha!" Mike yelled. "Fucking knew it; lying sack of shit!"

"Dude, I ain't fucking lying, all right?" Jack yelled back. "She's thirty four; I know that, all right?"

"What?" Mike laughed. "Dude, she's like old enough to be your mom!"

"Uh huh, fuck you, ass hole," Jack said and hung up.

"Lying ass mother fucker," Mike said and hung up.


"Look, It ain't like I'm going to drink over this, all right?" Anna defended as the meeting was underway.

"Uh huh, you sure?" Gabe asked.

"Oh fuck you, going to pick up another white chip tonight?" Anna spat.

Gabe had a great deal of difficulty staying sober for any length of time; four months was the longest he'd managed in the nine years he'd been trying to sober up.

"No, not tonight but I'll make sure they got plenty for you," he shot back.

"Children, children," Chloe chided them and called on Terri.

"You know, any time I got to defend something, it probably ain't God's will, you know?" Terri said. "I mean, you know, whenever I got to make excuses for it, you know, it probably ain't a real good idea, you know? I mean, you know, I got a sponsor for a reason, you know? And if I run something past her and I got to argue about it, you know, and then maybe I might want to take a look at it, you know?"

Paul was pumped from his meeting; a new male to the group had asked him to be a temporary sponsor. Anna sat quietly, not listening as Paul went on and on about their meeting.

"Yeah, the topic was Honesty; I just love Leah, she gets up there and she says 'I could write a book on what I DON'T know about Honesty,'" Paul went on.

"Cute," Anna responded, more out of instinct.

"How about you; good meeting?" Paul asked.

"No, you know, Terri you know went on and on, you know, and I swear to God, you know, she don't know it, but it drives me fucking crazy, you know, how many fucking times she says you know, you know?" Anna said cattily. "I mean, you know, she could, you know, like try to string together one sentence, you know, without eying you know like fifty fucking times, you know?"

"Yeah, I got a co-worker like that, you know, and I swear, every other word that comes out of his mouth is you know, and you know, it drives me crazy you know, having to listen to that, you know?" Paul agreed. "But, thank God, that's not as annoying as Gil! That son of a bitch drives me up the wall! Laughs at everything, even when it just ain't funny!"

"Oh, damn it!" Anna said, feeling around on the seat.

"What?" Paul asked, stepping on the brakes. "What's wrong?"

"Oh, I forgot to put my drawers on," Anna said and flipped the hem of her skirt up.

"Well, guess we better get on home so you can put some drawers on, huh?" Paul said, increasing his speed.

"You really want me to put some drawers on?" Anna asked, flipping the hem of her skirt up again.

"No, not really," Paul agreed.


Her pubic hair had been light brown. Jack stroked his cock remembering the sight of her magnificent breasts, large nipples and light brown pubic hair.

He wondered what color his mother's pubic hair was; her own hair was blonde like that woman's hair.

His cock throbbed and he spurted heavily into the wadded up tissues.


"Come on, Sugar Tush, I got work tomorrow," Paul said as Anna tried to coax him into one more round.

"Fine, go to sleep," Anna said. "Just make sure you sleep on your back, okay?"

"You, um, you thinking maybe you might be ready, I mean, you ever think maybe me might want a baby or something?" Paul asked.

He'd brought the subject up one other time and Anna had spent the night crying bitterly.

"I been thinking it might not be a bad idea," she admitted and laughed when his cock responded to the idea.

"I'd really love to have a baby with you," he admitted when she straddled his hips and took his three inches easily into her sloppy pussy.

"Shut up, Paul," she warned as she bounced on him.

Ch 3

"Do you think you could possibly go look for work today?" Marnie asked, trying very hard not to let her annoyance show.

"Possibly," Jack agreed flippantly.

"God damn it!" Marnie exploded. "Do you have any idea? Any God damned idea how hard it is? I have got to bust my ass every God damned day, put food on this table, a roof over your head and don't get one tiny bit of help out of you?"

Jack stared at the woman; she'd never raised her voice to him before. She was always so meek and mild and seemed to defer to his every wish and desire.

"I am sick of it!" Marnie screamed. "I am absolutely sick of watching you lying around here, never doing a God dammed thing. You don't even cut the grass! Who does? Huh? You got any idea who does? ME! That's who! After working all day, come home, cook all night, then clean the house and then on the weekends I got to go and cut the grass? No more! You hear me? No more!"

She shoved herself away from the breakfast table, glaring at her lazy son.

"When I get home, that grass better be cut, you hear me? Huh?"

"Uh huh," Jack said, trying to act nonchalant.

"I said, do you hear me?'" Marnie screamed, hooding onto a hank of his hair.

"I hear you," he screamed back.

She left the breakfast room and stomped up the stairs, still muttering to herself.

She came back down the stairs, dressed in her work clothes.

"Two weeks, you hear?" she snapped at him. "You got two weeks to find yourself a job or you can go live with your aunt in Baton Rouge, you hear? I have had it up to here with you just laying around doing nothing. Two weeks."

"God damn, what the fuck crawled up her ass?" Jack asked Julie when the front door slammed.

"You," Julie snapped. "I mean, come on, Jack, just 'cause you didn't get into college, you think you can just lie around the whole time, doing nothing?"

"What about you, huh?" Jack yelled at her.

"What?" Julie laughed, incredulous. "Are you serious? Hello. Jack? Touch of Sicily?"

"What about Touch of Sicily?" Jack asked.

"I been working there all summer!" Julie said, picking up her cereal bowl.

Jack left his bowl on the table for Julie to clean up and stomped up the stairs.


Paul sat at his desk, pushing paperwork from one side of his desk to the other. Being the Clerk of Court was boring work but he was grateful his uncle had gotten him the job.

Judge Monroe's assistant dropped another stack of papers on the desk for Paul to file and smiled as Paul swore under his breath.

"Let me guess, more Probation decisions," Paul sighed.

"Yep, 'Fraid so," the tall red head agreed, turned and walked away.

Ethel Yacks looked over her shoulder a few times to see if Paul was checking her out and sighed in disappointment; he was not.

If anyone had told Paul that the woman pined over him, if anyone had told Paul that ANY woman pined over him, he would have laughed. He knew he wasn't anyone's idea of a 'hunk' or 'hot' and was still surprised that he'd managed to hook up with Anna.

Nellie, he understood. That was a business arrangement. Had anyone told Nellie their marriage was just a legal form of prostitution, Nellie would have shrugged it off. Paul would have been embarrassed, but he'd have to agree; it was prostitution.

Ethel looked one last time, and then turned the corner.


Anna smiled in empathy as the young woman tried to fill out the paperwork. Anna could smell the woman's body odor; she'd not had a shower in quite a few days, had been unable to say when the last time she'd eaten.

"What this mean?" Sara asked pointing to a line on the paper.

"You're deductible," Anna explained, hiding her disgust at the sight of the woman's teeth. "It means, well, Sara, do you even have insurance?"

"Um, I don't think so," Sara said.

"Then just put 'NA' and go on to the next one," Anna said, still smiling.

"In a, in a what?" Sara asked.

"N.A.; not applicable," Anna said and sipped her coffee.

That was why Dr. Istrey had Anna in this cramped office, helping with the Intake of new patients. Despite her faults, despite her petty fault-findings with others, her flighty and pretentious nature, her selfishness and self-centeredness, Anna was patient and empathetic with people still feeling the ravages of drugs and alcohol. She was able to calm and soothe even the most belligerent, intoxicated persons, and comfort the most grief stricken, self-pitying people.

"So where it says 'insurance,' I just put NA, right?" Sara asked.

"Yes ma'am, unless you can think of some insurance you might have," Anna agreed. "Husband? Maybe he's got some?"

Sara started to cry at the mention of husband and Anna soothed and comforted the woman as the woman let Anna know she probably didn't have a husband any longer, after screwing the dealer and a number of strange men for the meth her body craved.

"I ain't even seen him in I don't know when," Sara sobbed.

"After we get you to your room, I'm going to see if I can get in touch with him," Anna promised.

"Tell him I know I messed up," Sara sobbed.

"I will, I will," Anna assured the woman.


Jack cursed, ranted, raved, and screamed as he shoved and jerked the lawnmower through the dense growth. Julie didn't help by smirking at him from the shade of the back porch.

His rage cooled some when Mike joined Julie on the back porch and joined her in smirking at him.

"Good, you're here," he spat at his friend. "You mind giving me a hand here?"

"What?" Mike laughed. "You're kidding, right?"

"No, dude, I ain't kidding," Jack said, wiping his face with the front of his tee shirt.

"And where the fuck was you an hour ago when I was over at my house, cutting the grass?" Mike asked.

"Then what the fuck you doing here?" Jack demanded.

"Julie asked me to give her a ride to Sicily," Mike smirked.

"Bye," Julie said lightly and Jack had to grab onto something as his former best friend made a show of licking his lips as he watched Julie's tight rear end in the shorts that were a part of her waitress uniform.


Paul pulled his can of diet soda in closer to give Ethel room as they sat down in the cafeteria.

"So, anything new?" he asked as he nibbled the tuna salad.

"No, least of all that tuna salad, from the looks of it," Ethel said, wrinkling her nose.

"I'm eating it, okay?" Paul said lightly.

"Uh huh, brave man," Ethel said and stuffed a forkful of her macaroni and cheese into her mouth.


"No, Mr. Langlinais, unless you can show me a decree of divorce, dated on or before June nineteenth, she is still your spouse and you are still liable for her medical expenses," Anna said into the phone.

She listened as the man unleashed more obscenities at her, and then shook her head as if he could see her.

"Sir, your opinion of my sexual orientation and marital status are just that; your opinion and they have no bearing on this matter. Well, sir, have your lawyer contact our accounting department before the end of the business day today. ," Anna went on.

She smirked as Charles Langlinais unleashed more of his opinions and finally cut him off.

"Sir, as I told you at the beginning of this conversation, we are recording this conversation, for your benefit as well as the benefit of the DeGarde Chemical Dependency Unit; would you like to repeat that?" Anna asked sweetly.

"Fuck you, God damned fucking dyke," Charles screeched into the phone and slammed it down.

"Well I never!" Anna adopted a haughty, shocked tone.

"I bet you have, and plenty," Dr. Istrey smirked from the doorway.

"Uh huh, good news is, though, is Sara Langlinais does have insurance; her husband works at Home Depot in Lafayette," Anna said and entered the information into the computer.

"Bad news?" Amber Istrey asked.

"Bad news; I don't think her husband will be showing up for family week," Anna said and smiled widely when the computer gave a soft 'ping.' "And we're approved."

"You're good," Amber praised and sauntered down the hall.

"Well yeah," Anna called out, adopting a superior tone. "That's why I get paid the big bucks around here. Next year, I'm going to want minimum wage, you hear?"

"What?" Amber said, sticking her head in the doorway again. "You want a raise?"

"Minimum wage!" Anna said firmly.

Both women laughed and Amber again walked off. Anna finished Sara's paperwork and turned her attention to the next case on her desk; an indigent woman that had been brought in by a Good Samaritan.

She went through the list of government agencies and local and state charities, looking for someone that would pay for the woman to get the help she needed. Anna's skills were why she was paid seventeen dollars an hour, far more than the six twenty five she was making when she'd started working there.


Julie giggled as she heard Mr. Bonani yelling at Kelli Mouton. The man found fault with everything the unattractive girl did, but found no fault whatsoever with anything that Julie did, even when Julie managed some large mistakes.

The difference was, Julie flirted with Mr. Bonani, pretending to find him fascinating, sexy, and desirable. Poor Kelli worked and worked, often picking up Julie's slack, but got no recognition for it.

She did smile somewhat sympathetically as the red head girl wiped the tears from her face.

"What?" Mr. Bonani roared. "What's with this crying, huh? No time for you crying, feeling all sorry for yourself, huh?"

"Twelve inch combination, no mushrooms," Julie called out and Mr. Bonani dismissed Kelli with a wave of his hand.


Jack thought briefly of not sweeping up the clippings, just leaving them on the sidewalk and driveway, but knew his mom wouldn't put up with it, so bent to the task of gathering the clippings into a pile.

Julie's IPod blared Jessica Simpson; he didn't know what Julie saw in the singer, but some noise, any noise was better than listening to the deafening silence in his head. He knew she'd be highly irritated that he'd borrowed her IPod without permission; he would have slapped it off of her if it had been his and she'd borrowed it without permission.

"Mother fucker!" he screamed, startled when he turned around and nearly ran into Anna.

"Good to see you too," she giggled. "Up for a little..."

"Hey, uh, hey, how you doing?" he said.

"Horny; you?" she said, looking over his shoulder at the house. "Anyone home?"

"No, no, my old lady's working; so's my sister." He stammered.

She made him kind of nervous; he was used to taking charge, telling women what he wanted, what they were supposed to do.

"You look like you could use a break," she commented and started walking toward his front door.

She reached the steps and looked back at him.

"Coming?" she asked.

"Yeah, yeah," he said.

"I like sucking cock, like getting your cock sucked?" Anna asked as they entered the cool, dark interior of the house.

"Uh, you uh, you want me, maybe I ought to grab a shower or something," Jack stammered.

"Fuck that; I'm on my lunch break, I ain't got time for you to take no shower," Anna said and sank to her knees in front of him.

She rubbed her crotch with her left hand while she jacked his cock with her right hand. Moments later, she was swallowing his come and shuddering through her own orgasm.

"Hmm," she said, looking at her watch. "Got time for a little..."

She pulled him over to the couch and flopped on her back and pulled the crotch of her panties aside.

"Come on, Sweetie; Mama's waiting."

Jack slipped his cock into her and she Grunted.

Even though he had just come, he was still quick to come again and Anna smiled up at him as she came down from her own orgasm.

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