Yearbook 2005--ow/ym


"Thanks, Honey; see you around, okay?" she called out, readjusted her panties and sashayed to the door.

"Hey, um, what's your name, huh?" Jack asked as he caught his breath.

"What, why, writing a book?" Anna asked and opened the door.

"No, but I would kind of like to know, you know?" he called out but she'd already shut the door.


"Hey, what you doing here?" Julie asked as Mike Chamblee sat down.

"Um, restaurant?" he said, looking around in am exaggerated manner. "Um, I thought I might actually try eating here. That is what you do at a restaurant, right?"

"Shut up," Julie said. "I'll get you the menu, okay?"

"Uh, yeah, that's what you're supposed to do," Mike agreed. "You are a waitress, right?"

"Butt hole," Julie said as she turned away.

"Your boyfriend?" Mr. Bonani asked, keeping his voice light and playful.

He didn't like it when their boyfriends would come in, distract the girls, expect preferential treatment, expect discounts, or freebies. But Julie had not disappointed him yet. He had to admit, she was good, and so far there had been no trouble from the boys. Sure, a lot of them hung around, asked her for her phone number, asked her for dates, but she seemed to have a level head on her shoulders, seemed to turn them down without inviting rancor.

That stupid little Kelli, however, didn't seem to have a brain in her head. Of course, there was no trouble from the boys; she was too ugly, but still, he didn't hold much hope for her ever becoming a good waitress.

"No, brother's friend," Julie said.

"Hey, I gave you a ride, huh?" Mike said petulantly when Julie brought him the menu.

"And?" Julie said blankly. "I did say thank you, and I did offer to pay for the gas, right"

"Well, yeah, but, you know, I kind of figured that'd make me a little more than just 'Jack's buddy,' right?" Mike said.

Julie looked at him, fighting the urge to sneer. He wasn't ugly; was tall, and had brown hear which he was letting grow out now that they were no longer in school (St. Thomas made all males cut their hair to above the ear and collar) and nice hazel eyes.

No, it wasn't his looks that drove Julie away. He had a nice smile, nice body, didn't seem to ever have a job, but had no shortage of money either.

But he had the same personality as her brother. The same arrogant sense of superiority, the same smug self confidence, the same mannerisms, the same immaturity.

"Mike, look, no offense," she finally said. "Really, you're just not my type, okay?"

"So, uh, what is your type?" Mike asked and she smiled and shrugged.


Paul smiled when Anna insisted on cooking their meal dressed in nothing but an apron.

"Oops, I dropped a pot holder on the floor, I hope my husband doesn't come up behind me when I'm bending over to pick it up," she called out and made an exaggerated display of bending over.

"Come on, lover boy, what you waiting on?" she asked then sighed as he slid into her from behind.


"So, did you look for a job today?" Marnie snapped.

"Jesus!" Jack yelled. "I cut the God damned grass, Mom! When the hell I had time, huh?"

Got plenty of time tomorrow," Marnie said tightly. "And don't raise your voice to me, hear?"


Julie put a smile on her face and waved as Kelli drove away.

"Really?" Kelli had asked when Julie asked her for a ride home.

"Yeah, Mike gave me a ride to work, but he probably ain't coming back to get me," Julie sighed.

"What? Why not?" Kelli asked as she grabbed her purse.

"Turned him down, told him he wasn't my type," Julie admitted and made sure to give Mr. Bonani a little smile before leaving the restaurant.

"Really?" Kelli squeaked.

Julie walked in the house, into the screaming argument between mother and son.

"No sir; I pay the insurance on that thing; least you could do is put the gas in it," Marnie screamed.

"And I'm going to do that with what?" Jack yelled back.

"Your good looks, since you couldn't be bothered to find a job, huh?" Marnie screamed.


Jamie pursed her lips tightly as Anna described the afternoon's tryst. Finally she nodded her head grimly.

"So, you've decided, since you can't drink, you're going to fuck, huh?" she asked.

"What you mean?" Anna feigned ignorance.

"You know good and well what I mean," Jamie said tightly. "Can't stand the way I'm feeling right now, can't medicate it away, can't drink it away, I'll try sexing, seeing if that works. What you going to try when that quits working?"

Anna looked at her sponsor for a long moment, and then finally shook her head no. She didn't have an answer for Jamie.

CH 4

Paul smiled at the intern that was filling in for Ethel Yacks. It was very clear the girl was overwhelmed and was most likely reconsidering her decision to become a lawyer.

"Believe it or not, it does get better," he offered.

He smiled to himself; that was the same thing he'd told the new Alanon he was sponsoring.

"I hope so," the girl whispered and bustled out of the office.


"I am sorry, ma'am, I can neither confirm nor deny whether or not we have anyone here by that name, but if we do, I will pass on the message that you called for her, okay?" Anna intoned into the phone.

"Tell her I miss her, tell her I love her, tell her I got the money," the woman pleaded with Anna.

"Again, ma'am, I can neither affirm, nor deny if we do have such a person here, but if we do, I will pass that message along; thanks for calling," Anna said and terminated the call.

"Miss Vodoin again?" Amber asked from the door.

"Yeah, why them lesbians got to be so fucking clingy, huh?" Anna asked and shuddered.

"Wouldn't know," Amber said lightly. "Why don't you ask Paula?"

"Like I want to know," Anna said.

"Oh, remember, graduation for her today," Amber said.

"Yeah, Paula's already been in here twice, making sure I'll be there," Anna smiled.


Jack looked through the want ads listlessly. He'd even called a few of them but the majority of them were looking for people that already had the experience, or had a degree.

"Hey, Mandy and I want to go to the mall; take us?" Julie asked.

"Fuck you," Jack spat

"God, you're such an ass hole," Julie spat back. "Like you got anything better to do, huh?"

Jack was waiting for her to make the offer, cash, gas, a piece of Mandy, but Julie was in no mood for bargaining.

"God, what an ass hole; you could be, you know, looking for work out at the mall, but no, rather b a jerk," Julie snapped as she walked off.


Ethel felt better. She'd been up all night, alternating between vomiting and diarrhea, but had managed to fall asleep at around four o'clock in the morning, and now managed to keep some toast and coffee down.

"There, how's that?" her seventy nine year old mother asked her.

"Better, Mom," Ethel agreed.

"Now, you don't need to be going in to the office tomorrow, you hear? No sense in getting everyone there all sick; you go ahead and stay home tomorrow too, okay?" her mother went on.

"We'll see," Ethel agreed.


Mandy managed to whine and wheedle her mother into letting her use the car and she and Julie drove out to the mall.

Jack had hoped Julie would continue to beg for a ride; he had wanted to pound Mandy. As big a gossip as Julie's friend was, every girl in Bender would know that Jack Vogel had fucked her, and fucked her well. Even if the sex was one sided, Mandy would exaggerate it to the point that Jack was an unbelievable lover.

But Mandy somehow managed to get some wheels, killing Jack's plans.

He took the newspaper outside onto the back porch and continued to pore through the want ads.

Clark International was looking for painters but he didn't want to do that; that was hard work. Blanchard Construction was also looking for painters, but again, he wasn't willing to work that hard.

"Hey, Stud, how come y'all don't answer the fucking door?" Anna asked, startling him.

"Jesus Fucking Christ!" he yelled.

"Aw, scared you?" Anna smirked.


Ethel looked at the digital camera her dad had sent to her for her thirty fourth birthdays. It was a nice one with many features. She aimed it toward the window of her bedroom and looked through the viewfinder.

That rude boy was on his back porch. With a woman.

Ethel almost dropped the camera when she saw the woman reach out and unzip Jack's shorts.

She got her composure and zoomed in to watch the woman bend and take Jack's penis into her mouth.

Ethel had heard of oral sex, had heard the other girls at the courthouse giggling about it. Had even heard more than one defendant offer Judge Monroe fellatio for a reduced sentence. But she never thought she'd be watching it being performed, out in the open like this woman was doing right now.

She snapped several frames of it and almost shrieked when she managed to snap a few more of Jack's ejaculation seeping out of the woman's mouth.

"mm hmm," Anna praised. "Now, how 'bout you return the favor?"

Ethel almost shrieked again as she watched the woman lay down on the outdoor table and raise her skirt up. The meaning of her actions, even though silent in the camera's lens, spoke volumes. She snapped several more frames of Jack performing oral sex on the petite woman.

The camera captured the woman's excitement, pulled the vibrant pink color of her splayed labia, and showed the pleasure on her face as the younger lover delved his tongue into her light brown thatch.

Ethel moaned as she watched Jack's cock press against the opening of the woman's pussy and force its way into the woman. She snapped shot after shot of the two lovers.

"Oh shit yeah!" Anna called out as Jack pounded her fast and hard.

Ethel snapped several shots of the woman as she pulled the panties back on, capturing the white globs that dotted her light brown thatch.

"See you," Anna called out cheerfully as she sauntered back to the gate and let herself out of the back yard.

Ethel let out a deep breath and giggled when she realized she'd been holding her breath nearly the entire time the two lovers played out their silent tableau.


Julie and Mandy wandered from store to store in the Acadiana Mall. Neither of them really wanted anything; they were just killing time.

"Look, there's, oh what's their name?" Mandy said as she saw Gretchen Dunbar pushing Becky Trahan down the corridor.

"Um, oh yeah, that's oh, damn! Gretchen and Becky," Julie said.

"I heard they're, um, you know," Mandy whispered.

"They're what?" Julie asked and held up a very sheer top.

"YOU know," Mandy whispered again.

"No, what?" Julie asked and put the top back; her mother would never let her wear it.

"Lesbians," Mandy whispered, and then giggled.

"What?" Julie asked then looked down the corridor, even though she could no longer see the other two. "Really?"

"What I heard," Mandy nodded her head emphatically. "That's why they tried to kill Becky's dad and brother; they found out about it and were going to tell everyone that Gretchen and Becky are..."

"Uh huh," Julie said, not believing Mandy.

Mandy was the worst gossip Julie knew; she'd spread it all over the school that Jack, her brother, had put Gretchen in the back seat of his car and pimped the girl out to about twenty guys, most of them from the mattress factory.

She'd also heard it from Mandy that Lawrence Dumensnil and Richard Boudreaux were lovers; that's why they'd run off and joined the Marines. She wasn't surprised to hear that Lawrence was gay, but Richard was dating that ugly little red head, Bernie what's her name. To compound that rumor, Mandy also let it slip that she'd heard that Bernie was knocked up, forcing Richard to make a choice between fatherhood or coming out of the closet.

She herself had been the subject of one of Mandy's rumors; Mandy had it on good authority that the reason she had not been hired at Manny's Restaurant, was because Bobbi Quarveros was afraid that Julie would steal Marlon Dublachon, Bobbi's boyfriend, away from Bobbi.

"Mandy, like I'd really WANT an n*gger lover?" Julie had spat indignantly. "Really, that fat ass n*gger bitch can have him."

"Mandy you're so full of shit," Julie finally laughed.

"Nuh uh!" Mandy protested.

"Fine, let's find them and we'll ask them," Julie said and they left the shop.

"Like I'm so sure," Mandy said, balking. "What? We're just going to come up and say 'Hi, um, so tell me, are you two a bunch of big old dykes or what?'"

"Don't have to say it like that!" Julie protested.

They saw the two approaching the coffee shop in the center of the mall.

"Hey," Julie smiled.

"Hey, what you doing here?" Gretchen responded.

"Bored out of our flipping minds," Julie laughed. "Getting mocha or a cappuccino?"

"Love mocha," Becky agreed, voice quavering.

"Me too," Julie agreed and the quartet approached the counter.

She had to admit, there were a lot of tell-tale signs that Becky and Gretchen were very close. Becky had a large dollop of whipped cream on her nose and upper lip and Gretchen reached over and swiped the cream from Becky's face with her thumb then sucked her thumb clean. She looked up at Mandy and Julie and blushed slightly.

The next time she cleaned the whipped cream from Becky's face, she did it with her napkin.

"Well?" Mandy demanded when they were out of earshot of Becky and Gretchen.

"Mandy, they might be; I don't know," Julie said, exasperated with her friend.

She stopped and Mandy stopped and looked at her expectantly.

"Okay, I was in a wheelchair, you push me around?" Julie demanded to know.

"Well, yeah, I mean, you would if it was me, right?" Mandy agreed.

"And if I was getting my food all over the place, you'd wipe it up, Huh?" Julie demanded.

"Yeah, probably," Mandy agreed.

"Or would you lick it off?" Julie asked, getting close to Mandy to ask the question.

"Gross!" Mandy shrieked and the two girls laughed out loud as they headed for the exit.


Anna hummed happily as Paul licked and sucked at her pussy lips then groaned blissfully as Paul flattened his tongue and swiped at her clitoris.

She thought briefly that Paul was lapping up what was left of that boy's semen. But then again, that boy had licked and sucked her husband's semen; Paul had been so easy to coax into a quickie before he left for work.

"Stick it in me," she demanded. "Come on, fucker, give me that cock."

Paul loved it when she talked dirty. During sex. Anna had a potty mouth, had always had a potty mouth. His parents had excused it; after all, the girl grew up on the construction sites of her daddy, hung out with the crude, uneducated men that labored for her father.

"Oh, yeah," Anna groaned when Paul jammed his small cock into her.


"Did. You. Even. Look. Today?" Marnie screamed at Jack.

"Yeah," Jack lied.

"Where?" Marnie demanded. "Huh? Where? I want names, damn it!"

Julie was grateful for the IPod; T.A.T.U. was warbling something in Russian, drowning out the bickering and screaming of her mom and brother.

She thought back to see Gretchen and Becky at the mall; Jack had laughed when she mentioned it to him.

"Yeah?" he smirked. "And how's 'Cum Dumpster' and "Crips' doing?"

"Ew gross!" she shrieked at him. "God, Jack that's so disgusting!"

Maybe Gretchen and Becky were gay, like Mandy said.

"Who cares?" she asked aloud.


Ethel looked at the thumbnails on the computer screen again and toyed with the idea of deleting them. They were pornographic, to be sure.

"What am I going to do with them anyway?" she asked hrself and reached out to hit 'Delete' on the screen, but couldn't bring herself to delete the eighty seven images.

"Still got plenty of room for more," she told herself. "Not like they're hurting anything."

CH 5

Jack listlessly threw his clothes into the cardboard box his mother had brought home for him. It really seemed surrealistic to him; his own mother was throwing him out of his home.

"Your two weeks is up," she shrilled at him as she dropped the stack of boxes on the floor of his bedroom. "Start packing; Aunt Jackie's all ready; says she's got a ton of things you can do at her house."

Anna had come over that morning; she'd finally told him what her name was.

She looked at the boxes, and then listened as he told her of his mother's unreasonable expectations. She closed the door; Julie was lurking around, then stripped out of her clothing and urged him out of his.

"Man, I just can't fuck believe it, you know?" he muttered as he pulled out of her.

"Damn, that's a fucking bitch," she agreed as she lay in his bed, his semen drooling out of her pussy. "Going to miss you."

"Well, I uh, hey, ever think maybe you and I could...?" he asked.

She looked at him for a long moment, and then burst out laughing. She waggled her left hand at him.

"Oh, Honey, really," she said. "I'm married, okay?"

She got off the bed and slid her slacks on.

"Like I'd leave my husband for you?" she asked, still laughing.

He pushed her away when she came over to him.

"Aw, doesn't be like that, Honey," she cooed and stuck her panties into one of his pockets. "You didn't really think it was about love, huh?"

"Well, maybe," Jack admitted.

"Oh, Baby, that's so sweet," she cooed as she walked to the door. "You take care of them panties, now, you hear? They're real silk."

"Come on, ain't got all day," Marnie snapped from the doorway. "Aunt Jackie's expecting us for dinner tonight, you know?"

"Ooh, think she's going to make that brisket?" Julie asked.

"Yes, Julie," Marnie said. "It's your favorite."

Jack did not increase his speed and finally Marnie marched into the room and began to pack for him.


Anna held her breath as she looked at the test strip.

"Hey you," Paul called out through the bathroom door. "About ready? Meeting starts at..."

"Hey," Anna said, opening the door, revealing her nude body. "What you say we stay at home and fuck? We're celebrating, 'Daddy.'"

"Really?" he whispered, scarcely able to believe it. "You sure?"

"Hey, both tests came up positive," Anna agreed and jumped into his arms.

"Changed my mind," Anna teased when Paul put her down on their bed.

"What?" Paul asked as she struggled to get out of his shirt.

"Think I'd rather you eat me; them we'll see about fucking," Anna said, fingers digging in her pussy, making squishing sounds for him.

"Yes ma'am," he said and bent to the task.

She thrilled in the idea that Paul was licking her lover's semen and did not give a second thought to Jack Vogel.

Paul was eager, too eager and was spurting his sticky globs onto her belly and pubic hair before he could even get his cock into her.

Laughing, Anna sucked him up to task again and hummed happily as he pounded her fast and furious.


"See you," Julie said to Jack, kissed him once and then got into the car.

"Bye, behave yourself," Marnie said and gave her son a kiss and then got into the car.

"Love you too," Jack said darkly as the two women drove away.

Morning rush hour traffic was heading into the city, driving east, so once they got on the other side of the Mississippi River; they were able to drive quite quickly toward Bender.

"I um, I kind of feel kind of bad, you know?" Julie finally broached the subject.

There was no response so Julie pushed her sunglasses up and looked at he mother. She saw the tears streaming down her mother's face.

Marnie Vogel felt like a total failure. First, her husband had told her he was leaving her. Not just leaving her, but leaving her to go live with a man.

"Just think, Honey," she had hissed bitterly to him. "The kids will be just THRILLED to go visit their faggot father and his sissy boyfriend for Thanksgiving dinner, won't they?"

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