tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYearly Exam Ch. 05

Yearly Exam Ch. 05


Mark released his hand from my mouth but kept pulling my hair and whispered in my ear, "Kelly told me all about you. I'm impressed. I will have you."

"No please..."

"What's the difference between me and the other strangers you've been with? Nothing."

"But that's different! They've forced me into it! They threatened me, they know where I live!"

"But you also like it. I told you, Kelly told me everything, slut."

He turned on the light by my bed and looked me over. He was very good-looking, trim, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes. Sexy. But still, he was not even someone the doctors knew. He was just a stranger from the subway.

He slid his hand underneath my robe and started feeling my nipples, pulling them, making them diamond hard. I tried to pull away but he grabbed my arm and held it firmly.

"I told you not to make me hurt you. I'm not going to tell you again."

"How did you get in?"

"The fire escape that leads to your kitchen window."

"It was unlocked?"

"No, but I happen to know how to get around that. Lucky you."

He undid his pants. His member stood straight up, hard. He was about eight solid, thick inches. I gasped.

"Stroke it," he commanded.

"No...please!" I begged.

"Do it."


I tried to get away but he grabbed me and threw me down on my stomach. Holding me down by the back of my neck he picked up his pants and swiftly removed his belt. Then he wailed on my ass with it. I screamed. He did it again. And again. I groaned in anguish, nauseated from the pain. He stopped. He climbed on top of me, laid on my back, and whispered, "Don't make me do that to you again."

He slid his hand between my thighs and, as usual, my body betrayed my mind.

"Well, well...your mind resists but your body craves it. Isn't that right?"

"Mhm," I whimpered.

"And I bet you liked giving yourself a facial with your own cum, didn't you? Kelly told me about that too." He kept rubbing my slick slit.


"I just love eating and fucking a wet pussy like yours. You gonna cum like Kelly says you do for me?"

"Yes..." I moaned.

"Good girl."

He got up and flipped me over. "Spread those legs, show me your cunt, slut."

I spread them for him, turning my head away, ashamed to show him my wet pussy even though he'd already felt it.

"Mm...look at that juicy cunt..." He dove in, lapping and suckling and probing and teasing. My fluid started dripping down the crack of my ass.

"Oh yeah..." he groaned, rubbing the juice around my asshole.

He stuck two fingers in my pussy and one in my wet asshole and pumped me as he licked at my engorged clit. I started screaming, waves of pleasure coursing through my body and down my thighs. I came hard, drenching him.

"Ungh," he moaned. "Come here, lick it off my face." He kneeled up, I kneeled up and started licking my juicy cum off of his face.

He started kissing me, his hands gliding over every part of my body.

"Now, stroke it," he commanded.

I wrapped my smooth hand around his hard cock and started stroking it.

"Suck it."

I laid down, leveraging myself on my arm and started sucking it. He started grunting and groaning.

"You've got a great little slut mouth, Lila."

He started thrusting, gagging me, making me salivate on myself. It dripped down to my tits.

"You messy, filthy girl. I'm gonna fuck that hot pussy. Would you like that?"

"Mhm!" I moaned on his cock.

He pulled his dick out of my mouth and made me get on all fours. He spanked my ass, making my pussy clench as he drove it in, then pulled my hair hard as he rode me.

He pulled me up so that I was on my knees, and as he impaled me deeply he started smacking my face and squeezing my tits hard. I yelped and he stuck his fingers in my mouth so I could suck on them. Then he tweaked and pinched my nipples and slapped my tits.

"Oh god!" I cried out.

"You gonna cum, baby? Ask permission when I fuck you. And address me as 'Sir.'" He smacked my face again.

"Please, Sir, can I cum?"


"Please Sir?" I sobbed.

"Not yet, slut."

He started fucking me faster as I teetered on the edge. I started crying because it felt so good and I had to force the orgasm away.

He kept smacking me and squeezing me and fucking me relentlessly. He was pushing me hard, it took all I had not to cum on his dick.

"Please, Sir!" I sobbed. "I wanna cum on your dick so badly!"

"No, slut. I like seeing you struggle like this."

I whimpered and moaned. He pulled my head to the side by my hair and started biting and sucking on my neck.

"Ohhh god!" I shrieked.

"You like this, don't you, slut?"

"Yes, Sir!"

"That cunt feels amazing on my dick."

"Thank you, Sir," I moaned. "I'm glad you like it."

"Mm I love it. I wanna own this pussy," he growled, cupping his hand over my mound.

He started fingering my clit. It was too much. Tears ran down my face as I held myself back.

"Aw, look at you cry. Does it feel that good?" he said as he pinched my clit between his fingers.

"Oh god...Yes! Yes, Sir! It feels amazing!"

"Do you like how I fuck you?"

"Yes, Sir! I love how you're fucking me!"

"Mm I believe you. Cum. Cum for me."

I screamed as I released it, my orgasm ripping through my body as I gushed and squirted all over his pumping cock. I was shaking.

"Oh god!" I whimpered.

"Mm, Lila. I want you to do that again."

He pulled out and flipped me onto my back, then pulled my legs up like Matheson had done, hooking them around his shoulders and making my pussy point up in the air.

He entered me again. "I'm gonna watch you cum all over that pretty face, and then I'm gonna cum all over it too. Would you like that, slut?"

"Yes...Sir..." I moaned as he fucked me hard.

"Good girl."

He started rubbing my clit again, hard and fast. It was all too much.

"Please may I cum again, Sir?"

"Cum. Cum all over your pretty face, slut."

I erupted, my cum streaming into the air and splattering down on my face. He pumped it all out of me. I was shaking again. He pulled out and straddled over my face on his knees and pumped his hot dick juice all over my face and into my hungry, open mouth. He tasted so good. I cleaned my own cum off of his dick when he was finished, then he fell onto his back next to me on the bed.

"You look like such a delicious fuck slut with cum all over your face like that....I wanna own that pussy, Lila. Would you like giving me ownership of your pussy?"

"I don't even know you," I said, panting.

"You'll get to know me."


We laid there in silence. I fell asleep. When I awoke in the morning, he was gone. I thought about the night before, and how well he had used me. My hands started sliding down, and I started playing with myself as I thought about him, and his cock, and his cum, and his hands, and how he'd broken in and dominated me.

I came quick, my cum spurted out onto my bed. Even though no one was watching and no one told me to, I got on my knees, bent over it, and licked it up.

Wednesday came again. I'd been thinking of Mark since that night. He hadn't come back. He was so powerful, like a drug. I got chills thinking about him. I wanted him. I craved him.

I wound up getting to the office late because I didn't rush. I wandered over there, replaying what Mark did to me over and over. I didn't even know where he was from, where he called home. I knew nothing about him. But I yearned for him. It was illogical and yet made perfect sense.

Kelly noticed that I was a little off. I explained what had happened, and how I'd been thinking about Mark, and she smacked me hard across the face.

"We own you. Not him. Remember that."

I nodded and looked at the floor.

"And you're late. You will be punished for that. Now come on, the patient is waiting and hungry for pussy."

When we got into the exam room I quickly stripped. Andrews ordered me to sit on the woman's face. She was older, about 40-something. She had dyed blonde hair and a thick, slightly overweight body, but was still attractive.

I climbed on top of the table and hovered over her face as Andrews actually did the exam.

"Mm, what a nice pussy," she commented. Then she started licking it.

"Mm...tasty too..." She started eating it voraciously, her tongue swirling up and down. I watched as my juice dripped onto her face. She was lapping me up, holding her tongue out underneath my hole as strings of juice dripped down, and fingering and eating and savoring my cunt.

"Mm...I'm gonna cum..." I moaned. I started cumming and she worked my clit with her thumb and slurped from my spewing hole as my pussy pulsated around her tongue.

I didn't realize that Andrews had started fucking her until I was done. He beckoned to me, "Come over here and get on your knees."

I climbed off and walked over to the space between her thighs and knelt, watching as Andrews's cock pumped in and out of her hole. He slid out and filled her entrance with his thick, white cum.

"Eat it."

I started gathering his jizz on my tongue and swallowing it. I hungrily ate, digging his thick semen out with my tongue as I massaged her clit with my fingers. I sucked it out of her, not missing a drop, until I'd cleaned her out. Then I clamped my mouth onto her pussy and suckled on her clit until she came. I ate that up too.

I'd started to feel better, but then remembered I was going to be punished for my lateness.

After the patient left, Kelly brought me into the room where I'd been gangbanged and made me lay down on the table. She put the restraints on me without a word then left again.

When she and Andrews entered, she was holding a crop and he was holding a cane.

"Lateness will not be tolerated, Lila," said Andrews.

"I'm sorry, I have no good excuse. Please, please take it easy on me?" I begged.

He smacked the cane against my titties and Kelly smacked the crop against my clit. Hard.

"Oww!" I yelled.

"You did this to yourself, slut," said Andrews.

He smacked me again, in the same spot and so did she. They were tenderizing my erogenous zones, making me yell and scream and struggle against the restraints.

Then Andrews smacked my belly, and Kelly did my thighs.

"Please! Please! It hurts!" I whimpered.

"It's supposed to hurt. It's punishment," said Andrews.

They tortured me, inflicting pain everywhere. My body was turning red and sore, I was sweating. Andrews took the cane to the soles of my feet and Kelly cropped my breasts. As he hit my feet I shrieked and writhed and twitched. My breasts and nipples stung. Pain radiated through me, shooting up my thighs and down my abdomen.

"Take the restraints off. I wanna cane that round ass of hers," said Andrews.

Kelly took the restraints off and I got on all fours, whimpering and whining as he caned my ass. Kelly cropped the backs of my thighs. I started getting nauseated.

"Please, please no more!" I cried.

They did not relent. Andrews tenderized my ass, smacking the cane all over it. I started crying.

"Please! I'm so sorry!" I wept.

"How sorry?" asked Andrews as he smacked me again.

"Very sorry! I won't be late again! Please!" I sobbed, tears running down my face.

He smacked me very hard once more, and I screamed. Then finally they stopped.

"Get on your knees, slut. I wanna fuck your slut mouth."

It hurt to move. As I sat on the table to get down the soreness of my ass made me groan. I slowly got on my knees at his feet and opened my mouth. He slid his hard cock in and started fucking it, gagging me hard, making new tears slide down my face.

Kelly got on her knees and started fingering me, but stated, "You are not allowed to cum."

I whimpered on the cock in my mouth as she brought me to the brink of orgasm, and then away, and then back again. Andrews exploded in my mouth.

"Swallow all of that cum, slut."

I swallowed all of it as Kelly continued her assault on my pussy.

"Please, please let me!" I cried.

"No. And now you're going to eat me out. Lay down."

I laid down on the floor. Kelly lifted her dress and sat on my face. As I started eating her out, Andrews started cropping my engorged clit. I yelped and moaned into Kelly's dripping cunt as he smacked mine repeatedly. She slid her pussy back and forth, grinding my mouth.

"Eat that pussy, slut. I'm gonna cum all over your face."

I moaned and felt an orgasm welling up as Andrews cropped my clit. I licked and sucked at Kelly harder, trying to focus on just that. I remembered how Mark had forced me not to cum, and how hard it was. The pleasure mixed with the pain was intoxicating, and feasting on Kelly made me almost delirious.

She started cumming, I was on the verge and forcing it back and I started crying as her delicious juices spilled out of her and into my mouth and on my face.

"Oh! You fucking slut!" she moaned.

Andrews stopped as soon as she stood up. Some stray juice dripped out of her pussy and onto my nose and cheeks.

"Get up, get dressed, and get out. We'll see you on Friday at 5:30." said Andrews.

He and Kelly left the room. I wiped my tears away and rubbed Kelly's cum into my face, and got up and got dressed.

When I walked through the office it was quiet and Kelly was not at the front desk. I almost started crying again but choked it back and let myself out.

That night I lay in bed staring at the ceiling, wondering how much farther this was going to go. Kelly said they owned me. Did that mean for life? Until they decided they were done with me?

And where was Mark? Why hadn't I seen him again? Did he get in touch with them to schedule an appointment? Would he?

I was distraught, and tired, and needed sex. I didn't just need to cum. I needed to get fucked. I was becoming addicted to it.

I started playing with myself, imagining the gangbang. I shut my eyes and moaned as I fingered my starving pussy. I heard a noise, and opened my eyes. I gasped and jumped. Mark was standing at the foot of my bed, unzipping his pants.

"You scared the shit out of me!" I exclaimed.

"Shh...keep playing with that pussy. What were you thinking about?"

"...Getting gangbanged..." I said, feeling my cheeks heat up.

He started stroking his cock. "Oh, yeah...that's my little slut. Come on, play with that pussy for me. You were doing so good."

"Did you get in through the window again?" I asked as I started fingering myself again.


I watched as he stroked himself while watching me.

"They punished me today for being late. They wouldn't let me cum, the cropped and caned me all over."

"You poor little slut...although I don't blame them. I'd punish you if you were late too."

"Would you?"

"Of course. I like my sluts disciplined...although I do like punishing them too."

I moaned and started rubbing faster.

"Stick your fingers in that dripping hole."

I obeyed, and fucked myself with two fingers as I rubbed my clit.

"Good girl. Now..." He walked over to me and stuck his dick in my mouth. I started sucking it as I rubbed and fingerfucked my cunt.

"Mmm very good. You love cock, don't you?"


He brushed my hair from my face gently as he used my mouth. His cock tasted and felt so good as he thrust it in and out slowly, feeding it to me an inch at a time. I felt the orgasm building. I looked up at him pleadingly as he watched me.

"You wanna cum, baby?"


"Push that cum out for me baby."

I started oozing and gushing onto my bed. A puddle formed beneath my ass.

"Oh yeah," he grunted. He withdrew from my mouth and got on top of me.

"I'm gonna get my dick nice and wet with your cum, and then I'm gonna slide it into that tight little asshole."

I moaned at the thought of him stretching and filling my ass with his cock.

He slipped his dick inside me. He was different this time, gentle but still forceful, fucking me slow and deep.

"Rub that clit for me."

I started rubbing it, it was still sensitive from my orgasm. I forced myself to keep rubbing it, even though I started yelping from the pain of too much pleasure.

"Sensitive?" He chuckled. "You're doing real good, slut. Real good." He slammed hard into me, then pulled out slowly, penetrating just the entrance of my hole in quick, short thrusts.

"Oh god..." I moaned.

He slammed hard into me again and I yelled, "Yes!" Then he went back to teasing my hole with the head of his cock.

"Oh Mark..." I moaned.

He slammed hard into me, then kept slamming my cunt, making me yelp, "Yes! Yes! Please, may I cum, Sir?"

"Cum, slut."

I gushed and squirted all over his cock and him. He flipped me over and penetrated my tight asshole.

"Ungh," he grunted. He pumped my asshole slowly, slipping his cum-covered cock in and out. "Your fucking asshole feels so good."

"Thank you, Sir," moaned.

"I'm gonna feed you my cum. How badly do you need it?"

"So bad! I need your cum so bad, Sir! I've been thinking about it every day! I want it to fill my mouth and my belly so bad!"

"Oh god!" he exclaimed, pumping faster.

It hurt and felt good at the same time. I could feel my pussy dripping. He reached around me and started playing with my clit.

"I want you to cum for me again."

"I wanna cum for you again," I moaned.

He milked my clit hard as he pumped my ass. "I'm gonna own you, slut. You're gonna be my little cumslut."

"Oh god!" I wailed. I started cumming for him, my juice spewing out for him. "Oh! Fuck! Sir! You make me feel so good!" I moaned.

"Good girl. I know I do. Now, drain my cum from my cock like the dirty slut you are."

He stood up and I knelt at his feet and did as he said, draining every drop of cum he could give me with my dirty, slutty mouth.

"Mmm..." I moaned as it hit my tongue. I savored the taste and swallowed all of it.

"Good girl," he said, stroking my chin as I looked up at him.

"Thank you, Sir."

"You're welcome, slut. How much did you miss me?"

"More than I thought I would. So much."

"Good girl."

We laid down again, and I fell asleep happily.

Again, he was gone when I awoke.

Work was getting harder, I kept thinking of my new activities and had a constant puddle in my panties.

On Friday it got bad. I was thinking about Mark, about Kelly, about the doctors, about the gangbang...everything. I kept shifting back and forth in my chair, crossing and uncrossing my legs. I was restless. I felt like I was going through withdrawal. I contemplated going into the bathroom to masturbate, but was too afraid someone would walk in and hear me.

My boss, Mr. Schwartz, kept walking by my desk and peering at me. I smiled each time he walked by and kept working and trying not to think about my slutty double life.

At four he called me into his office.

"Lila, have a seat."

I sat down across from him at his desk and crossed my legs, my gray mini dress riding up my thigh. I pulled it down self-consciously and looked at him.

Mr. Schwartz was in his 60s, tall, stocky, with white hair and blue eyes. He was decent looking. I'd fantasized about him taking me in his office a few times.

"Lila, we need to talk about something..."

"Is everything okay?"

"Yes...well...it's a little intimate. I hope you won't take offense."

"What is it?" Did he know how horny I'd been? Was it that apparent?

"I'll just show you. But please, don't take offense if it's...if I'm wrong."


He clicked on something on his computer. I heard moaning. He turned the screen and there I was, sucking Andrews's cock and stroking the other man's cock as I got fucked. I gasped.

"Is that you, Lila?" He looked at my face. "That's you, isn't it?"

I nodded, my mouth agape and my eyes wide.

"Well, Lila, we can do one of two things. Either I fire you-"

"Please, please don't fire me Mr. Schwartz!" I pleaded.

"-Or, you give me something."

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