Years Ago, Back in Texas

byVon Hauffen©

"The movie time got changed and we didn't know, and Tommy threw up pizza all over the van, so..." my cousin said, rolling her eyes.

I just shrugged and got myself something to drink before heading down to the barn again; still too shook up to think about food. I stayed down there for about an hour before Marie came down. It was dark by then and moths were flittering around the lights in and outside the barn. Marie immediately started bugging me again. After a few minutes, she hopped up on her dad's workbench and was looking at me kind of funny. This kid was crazy, I thought. No way was I going to get caught with my underage cousin who treated me like shit all my life! In my eyes, she was still that ten year old that got me into trouble all the time.

Right then my mom walked in and saw Marie talking to me and acting rather goofy. She didn't help things by acting guilty and rushing out of the barn before my mom said anything.

"What was she doing down here?" my mom insisted.

"Who knows? I'm just ready to go home. Isn't there any way we can get out of here sooner than Thursday?" I said, changing the subject.

My mother then proceeded to explain all the reasons why we couldn't and if I was that intent on it I could just fly back home, that she would manage without me, as usual.

Whatever. I started to head outside when she stopped me, gripping my arm hard.

"If Marie comes out at night, you make sure you tell her to stay the heck away from you. You hear me?"

"What are you talking about?"

"You know what I'm talking about. You are not to mess with her. She's your cousin."

"Damn, Mom! I can't believe you'd even think something like that!"

Her face softened a little, but not much.

"I don't mean you. But I see the way she is acting. Older boys can have a bad influence on a girl her age."

"I'll remember that." And I angrily turned to leave again.

"I mean it! Remember what I said!" she yelled after me.

I was so pissed by that point and rather disgusted that anyone could think I would do that with my cousin, my younger cousin that I just walked around the edge of the property in the dark before heading back in.

A little while later, I was looking in the fridge for some leftovers or something to eat as I was starved by then. Kathy was already in there washing dishes. It felt so tense being in the same room with her, yet having to act like she had not seen what she had earlier that day. I tried not to notice the short jogging shorts she was wearing that showed off her legs so well. She was my aunt, and the thought made me feel so guilty that I could look at her like that. Especially after she had seen me with her dildo right beside my own ...

"You're old enough to know why I have that," she blurted out. I spun my head around to look for my cousins or anyone else in earshot, but no one was around. I heard Tommy throwing a tantrum somewhere in the back of the house.

"I'm sorry," I said weakly. I was so embarrassed that she was even bringing it up again.

"You had no right to go through our things like that."

"I know. I'm sorry," I said again.

She was silent for a minute before continuing. "Carl works a lot. Night is really bad for me sometimes."

I didn't know how to respond, so I said nothing and went to heat up some chicken wings I'd found.

"I won't tell your mother. But don't you ever tell them about what you found either."

I looked over at her and saw her looking very irritated as she scrubbed the last pot. Without saying another word, she grabbed a towel to dry her hands and left the other dishes by the sink - for me I guess, since I was the only one in the kitchen.


I ate my wings alone and then stayed in there a long time, taking my time washing what was left, thinking about what she had said. I was relieved that she wasn't going to say anything. Listening to that the entire way back in a Ryder truck for two days would have been more than I could bear.

That night, after my mom and sister had left to go back to their hotel and everyone else was in bed, I just lay there in the dark on that couch, wishing I had never agreed to come. She might not say anything to my mother, but who knows what she would tell my uncle after I left. He already thought I was a wuss for liking computers instead of engines. He would think I was a sneak and a liar now ... or something worse too.

The room was so quiet that I could hear the crickets in the garage and the refrigerator turning on and off around the corner in the kitchen. It was very uncomfortable and strange sleeping on that couch, which did not pull out, so I had trouble falling asleep. There was really only one sure way of taking my mind off the day's events.

I had my hands in my pants, stroking slowly and trying to forget what had happened earlier. I started thinking about the girl I had been with a few months earlier that was good for me actually, except she transferred to a four year school in another state and I was still trying to work full time and take classes at community college. I was just to the part where she had reached into my pants and got that huge grin on her face, when I sensed, more than heard a presence.

I opened my eyes and had difficulty adjusting to the darkness. My heart started pounding from instinct as I lifted my head to see who was standing at the end of the couch. Too tall to be my cousin and definitely not Tommy; Kathy slowly stepped around to where I was and bent down close to me.

"Come with me," she whispered.

I had no idea what was going on as she reached under the blanket and found my arm, pulling me up off the couch firmly. I struggled to bring my lounge pants back over myself so that she wouldn't see, as I had no shirt on at all. She was leading me back to her room, gripping my forearm, not my hand, almost hurrying down the darkened hall.

Kathy closed the door carefully behind us and let go of me for only a few moments as she lifted her big t-shirt over her head, revealing her completely nude body to my stunned eyes. She still didn't say anything as she reached for my arm again and pulled me closer to the bed then sat on its edge. Not looking at my face, she moved her hands to my waist and quickly lowered my pants, revealing my still large, if not almost hard shaft. And then she let go and moved back onto the bed, resting her head on the pillow as she looked into my eyes for the first time.

I could see everything a little better in here, because the light from the moon or something was coming in the window on the other side of the room, but I couldn't see much better. Although I could see when she reached out and grabbed my arm again and spread her legs to accommodate me as I climbed on top of her.

My aunt Kathy quickly brought the sheet and blanket back over us in order to hide what we were doing, and to keep us from freezing with that air conditioner so cold in that room. I couldn't believe what was happening and was afraid to move even an inch so that I didn't ruin the whole thing before it started.

She didn't say a word; she just looked into my eyes as she reached down between my legs and took hold of my cock, which was so hard right then I could hardly breathe. I felt the head brush through the coarse little hairs on her mound as she quickly slid me inside her and then reached for my hips with both hands, pulling me down before I could react.

I heard her inhale sharply as I slid inside. She was very, very wet. Much more so than the girls I had been with. And she was not tight at all until I was over halfway in. Then it was like I'd just bottomed out or something.

Kathy had her hands on my ass, orchestrating my movements: releasing when she wanted me to pull back and then gripping me hard when she wanted me to slide back in. She still hadn't broken eye contact or moved in any other way except for her hands and her hips. The tips of our noses were touching and we were staring back at each other. It was so very strange to be looking at her that close at all, but especially in a situation like this.

I will always remember how amazing it felt to have her full, soft breasts beneath me; my chest flattening them out. They were so much larger than the girls I'd been with. She was a 38-C, I had seen that much on her bras, but I had no idea how big that was back then. Her nipples were poking into me, and that very thought made me jerk inside her almost uncontrollably.

She started breathing heavier as we got into more of a rhythm; our hips moving harder against each other and then retreating over and over again. I was still not all the way in, and Kathy was still staring into my eyes; only now I could feel her parted lips brushing mine every time we arched together. Her breath smelled like toothpaste, and I hoped to god mine smelled as fresh. It's funny, the things that you think about at a time like that.

I felt her hands sliding slowly up my back until they were finally resting at my shoulders. She held me tight and allowed me to determine the speed and firmness of our thrusts for the next few minutes. There were no words spoken; no loud crying out or moaning. My aunt Kathy just lay there beneath me, firmly pushing her pelvis against mine and holding me tight inside her. I felt her feet and lower legs pressing on the backs of mine, keeping me in place as she moved against me. She kept moving her hands back to my ass every minute or so, pulling me into her deeper -- even though it became almost painful at times. Her mouth was open a little wider now and I could feel her hot breath against my face every time I thrust forward again.

I was looking into her eyes so intently, that I actually saw the moment her lids fluttered while staring back at me. She was suddenly struggling to keep her eyes open at all, speeding up the grinding of our hips. I let her control our movement again, willingly pushing and withdrawing at her instruction, going at a much faster pace.

Kathy's nose and upper lip started to transform into a snarl almost, with her jaw clenched, and for a few moments I thought she was upset. But then I saw her close her eyes tight as she gripped my shoulders again and threw her hips up at me extremely hard.

For the next few seconds I lifted my face just a little and watched my aunt come. Her head was moving in tiny circles, pushing back into the pillow and lifting slightly, or moving from side to side as if she were saying "no." She was trying with all her might not to make a sound, with her teenage daughter sleeping right across the hall and her two year old son just two doors down.

I was not certain what she wanted me to do as her body relaxed somewhat beneath mine. So I just did what my own body demanded and continued working myself inside her. She was so warm and so wet now that I was sliding in with ease. I had nearly all eight inches stuffed inside her and could feel her wetness tickling my balls as they pressed against her soft ass.

Kathy opened her eyes now and took a very deep breath as she stared up at me. A part of me was afraid that she was regretting this already and that at any moment she was about to push me away in disgust. She did push me away - only she put her hands on my chest and shoulder and pushed me up so that she could see my body above her. Then, for the next few minutes she just looked down between us and watched my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. And that was the first time I felt my aunt's long legs wrap snug around my body.

It was a sensation that I will always remember. Not because they were smooth and shapely -- although they were the latter. Rather, it was because they felt "prickly." As if she had not shaved them for two or three days. It was by no means un-sexy. To the contrary; the feel of her bristly skin rubbing against my thighs and hips and ass just made me want her more. The only downside was that forever afterward any time I made love to a woman that hadn't shaved for a couple days, it made me picture my aunt Kathy beneath me rather than them. I have always felt ashamed of that and have confessed that only to my wife -- until now. She sometimes deliberately goes without shaving, knowing what that does to me.

Kathy hooked her legs around my waist loosely, causing her thighs to spread wide open as she locked her ankles behind me. She looked up into my eyes and I shivered when I felt her hands moving up my body and then resting on either side of my face. I could tell by her expression that she was intent on coming again: lips parted seductively, head tilted back just tempting me to sink my teeth into her neck.

I did just that. I lowered my body and gathered her tight in my arms, burying myself inside her and kissing the side of her neck, even sucking there.

"Don't mark me!" she whispered suddenly.

I instantly stopped and resumed kissing the side of her face, her ear, her shoulders -- anywhere I could reach that I thought would not offend her. I don't know why, but I was afraid to actually kiss her even though we were being so intimate otherwise. I was afraid she would be revolted to have her nephew's mouth on hers, having only given me hugs up until that day, not even a peck on the cheek in greeting. So I just kept kissing the side of her face, just behind her jaw, and inhaling her scent. It wasn't perfume, but I think a facial cream or maybe just plain soap. Nothing fancy, but the scent just made me insane.

Kathy was lifting her ass higher now, angling her body so that I was able to slide in as deep as possible. She was still so tight deep inside and it made both of us groan softly each time I hit bottom.

I felt her lips on my shoulder at first, but then over the next few seconds they gradually made their way to the side of my neck. All the while she was rubbing her legs and feet up and down my legs or wrapping them around me for seconds at a time before starting all over again.

Her mouth was suddenly at my chin and I lifted my head to look at their oak headboard as my aunt first kissed me there lightly, but then began using her teeth and tongue on me. Feeling that, I couldn't resist a moment longer. I lowered my face back down and set my mouth over hers.

Not only did Kathy not recoil, but I felt her tongue sliding into my mouth almost instantly. Her hands had gone back to my ass, pulling me into her just as before while at the same time she thrust her tongue in and out of mouth as if she were fucking me there as well.

The initial shock of being with her had finally come to an end. I could feel the familiar stirring in my balls and I knew I would not last long. She sensed this I think, just from the way I was breathing differently or possibly because I was holding my breath for longer, in all actuality. I felt her lifting her legs to frame my hips once again and humping up and down very forcefully now.

I moved my hands to the back of her neck instead of on her shoulders, where they had been most of the last few minutes, and held her still as I filled her with my cock as deep as I could. I thrust particularly deep when she lifted her hips to meet mine and Kathy moaned deep in her throat as she kissed me hard.

We came like that -- both of us. I felt my cock lurching and shooting inside her as she gripped and released me, thrashing beneath my body but holding me tight. I was in utter shock at the realization that I had just come inside my aunt and even more than that -- that I had made her come again as well.

Both of us continued to grind against each other for the next minute or so, kissing just as furiously as when we had started just minutes before. But all things come to an end and I felt her legs relaxing to the bed and her hands lowering to just hold onto my hips lightly. Our kiss slowed to nothing -- just our lips touching -- and finally we broke apart, each of us burying our faces in the other's neck.

We stayed that way for a few more minutes. I remember her skin felt sweaty there against my cheek as well as on her chest. I suddenly felt like we were roasting under all those covers and reluctantly rolled away from her to lie not on my uncle's side of the bed, but on the small space still left on Kathy's side. She rolled onto her side and draped one long leg over my hip and threw an arm over me before just looking into my eyes.

I don't know what she was thinking because we still had not spoken really. But I know I was amazed at how hard I still was and was thinking about that. Obviously just being with her in such a taboo situation had set something off in my mind that did that to me.

Kathy closed her eyes and just stroked my back and she let me run my hand up and down her leg from hip to ankle a few times before she rolled onto her back. I laid there watching her staring up at the ceiling for a few moments before I felt that I was overstaying my welcome for some odd reason. She draped her arm over her face, covering her eyes and then rolled away from me completely now. So I got out of the bed slowly and grabbed my pants, struggling to get them on properly.

Having managed to do so, I looked at her lying in the bed and didn't know what to say or do. So I simply touched her arm that was on top of the blanket and squeezed her gently. Kathy's hand reached up and touched mine, gripping my fingers for a few long moments and then she just let go.

I quietly retreated back to my couch and pulled the blanket over me as I lay down. My mind was just racing at what had happened, almost not truly believing. But I could still smell her somehow, could still feel my lips throbbing from her sucking on them, and could still feel how hard and sticky I was.

I was amazed that after all that, I felt like I needed to come again. I couldn't get the image or the feel out of my mind of my aunt's prickly legs wrapped around me, or her tongue in my mouth, or her nipples pushing against my chest. God, I wanted her again already!

I felt almost more frustrated now then when I had laid down at the beginning of that night. It was just after 1:30 and I stayed there like that, with my cock getting hard and then soft for a few minutes at a time, or rather me doing that to myself as I thought of my aunt right down the hall. In that bed. All alone.

My heart started pounding again as I contemplated going back in there. It was like the thought just suddenly occurred to me or something. But I was afraid of her getting upset with me. Telling me to leave or rejecting me now. I fought like that in my head for nearly an hour -- until I gathered enough courage to head back down that dark hall, and into my aunt's bed.

As quietly as I could, I made my way back to her room, careful not to touch the wall and knock a picture or anything off on my way down. It was almost pitch black at the end with no windows there and I had to feel on the door for a few seconds in order to find the knob. I did find it, and I turned it as gently as I could before stepping into the room through a barely opened door.

The light was good enough to see her form under the covers, but I could not see whether she was facing me or the other wall. I turned around and used both hands to close the door as softly as I could, locking it just as quietly. I took a deep breath and turned around, then took the three steps across the small room to the side of her bed.

Just as I was about to speak, Kathy lifted the covers off of her body to reveal that she was facing me -- and waiting. My cock was so hard that it ached. My aunt reached her hand out and grabbed my cock as I lowered my pants and stepped out of them. And for the next minute or so I just stood there and let her grip me hard and stroke me before she relented and moved back toward the center of the bed to let me in.

The kissing started almost as soon as my head hit the pillow. And she gathered me close to her body with that arm and leg before I could even react. I felt myself being pulled on top of her and I lifted up as she spread her legs wide enough to accommodate my own legs and ultimately my cock. She reached down and spread her lips apart, letting me slide myself inside her this time.

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