tagGroup SexYellow Ch. 01

Yellow Ch. 01


"Where is he now?"

"Sleeping. In my bed. He was pretty tired."

"What did you do to the poor man, Susan? My God."

Susan Reimann listened as her pragmatic best friend, Tricia Fields, berated her good-naturedly. This sort of tirade was nothing new when it came to Tricia.

"Nothing," she said innocently.

"Nothing, my ass. What did you and Matt do the rest of the day?"

"You mean after he gave me three love bites? We just went out to lunch and went shopping. Then we came back here, made out and he went to sleep in my bed."

The brunette twenty-two-year-old waitress stretched her legs out on the couch and rubbed absently at her feet. "Yuck, my nail polish is peeling off. You want to come over so we can redo ours together?"

"I have something else in mind," grinned Tricia, running a hand through her dirty blond hair and almost bursting at the idea she was about to suggest.

Susan sat up straight on the couch. Tricia's ideas were usually sexual in nature, and with an incredibly hot and muscular guy sleeping half-nude in her bed, her tone left little room for deviance. Susan was up for anything. Especially if it included Matthew Herring.

"You crawl into bed with him," Tricia said excitedly, her mind already ahead of her words, fantasizing about what she wanted to be done to her. "You get in bed with him, but don't wake him up. Then you gently massage him through his boxers until he either gets hard or he wakes up—he'll probably do them at the same time. Then tell him you want him so bad, like you never wanted him before, and that you will fuck him right then and there. Trust me, he'll want to marry you on the spot."

Susan was laughing so hard that she could barely respond. "Tricia...you are the best friend ever! I never would have thought of such a thing. Only you could have."

"Trust me, it will work." Tricia turned away from the phone so Susan wouldn't hear her stifle a gasp of ecstasy. The decadent suggestion had even turned her on, although she had thought of it first, and she felt her inner muscles clenching and hardening. She was getting aroused by her own idea. God, had it really been so long since she'd had sex?

Tricia felt dirty all of the sudden, and to relieve the ache, she reached inside her sleeping shorts and rubbed firmly against the outside of her panties, stimulating her clit. The sensation was amazing, and she pulled her hand away with another gasp. "So, are you gonna slip it to him?"

"Like hell I am. This will be the most unforgettable afternoon of his life."

"You'll make it happen. I know you will."

"Me, too. I'll call you back to let you know how it went, okay?"

"I just thought of another idea, Suz."

"What is it?"

Tricia hurriedly whispered her plan into the receiver, and Susan laughed. "Oh, my God, you naughty girl! That is so bad! You have to do it! It'll be hilarious."

"I will, but you better get going, woman, or you'll lose your opportunity."

"I've never lost anything, smart-ass." Then she hung up.

Tricia replaced the receiver and went in search of her vibrator. It was hidden in one of the kitchen drawers. Yanking it out excitedly, she stripped off her shorts while walking to the TV and switched on the illegal channel. Carnal moans and grunts emanated from the fuzzy screen, but that was enough. With a quick head turn, Tricia acknowledged that the front door was, in fact, locked. She threw back her head as she went to work on herself, the buzzing device pressed deep into her skin. Soon, her own screams filled the air.

Back at Susan's house, she hung up the phone and turned to the kitchen doorway. Matt stood there, seeming dazed from sleep, his eyes shining. He wore only boxers, showing off his magnificent chest and developed arms.

"Hi, sweetie, did you have a nice nap?" Her voice was practically dripping with honey.

"Don't act all sugary with me now." His was closer to a low growl. He seemed irritated.

Matt stood in the doorway, contemplating his ex-girlfriend. They'd had a rocky past together, her reuniting with him whenever her boyfriend at the time dumped her, and then her leaving him for the idiot again. The last time they'd been together, it was set up by their friends and it was at his home in Michigan. She was 15 at the time, and he was 19.

Now, years later, now that they were finally able to have sex legally, she'd wanted nothing to do with him physically. Oh, sure, they fooled around, but she had always managed to stop before he started to really get going. That damn tease. He'd teach her not to play her games with him. Not this time. Not ever again.

She knows I want her so fucking bad, Matt thought. Just look at her standing there in her halter top and Daisy Dukes. How can she be so beautiful and yet so cruel? Despite his conflicting emotions, he felt himself getting hard, the swelling inside his boxers becoming painfully obvious. He knew without looking, that she could see it, too. God, she was so hot. He tried to edge towards the bathroom, to "take care of business", but she moved faster and put her hand on the door frame so he couldn't move. He squirmed inside.

"You must be so tired. " Her voice took on a seductive tone. "Why don't you sleep with me?"

"Why are you doing this to me?" His voice was getting weak. She smiled.

"You know you want it. I want it, too. Why are you so afraid of being a man now?"

"Stop it. You're confusing me! I just wanted to..."

"Let me make it a little easier for you."

Her arm came down and she brushed her hand right against the bulge in his boxers. Matt swallowed hard. "You can't hide anything from me, you silly boy. You kept begging me, now you resist me. Why?"

A fiery look suddenly entered his eyes, and he grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her up against the cabinet, wildly, out of control. His desire for her took over his momentary confusion, and he put his face right next to hers. "I'm gonna make you beg, bitch," he growled, resolute once again.

"That's more like it..."

"Shut up!"

He slapped her hard before she could interrupt him again, and he was on her, all over her, kissing her in a million places at once. His fingers groped through her top, pulling it down, and probed her supple breasts. He was kissing her neck and mouth simultaneously, while touching the tips of her breasts lightly, making them stiffen. He moved down and took one in his mouth, sucking on it gently. A whimper escaped her lips. "Oh, Lord, Susan, I don't think I can stop now. I want you so bad. I want to be inside you so bad..."

She clamped a hand over his mouth, and then started kissing him with a crushing force. She thrust her knee between his thighs, rubbing against his rock-hard manhood, while they necked and he continued to suck on her nipples, one by one, until she could take it no more. He ignored her moans at first and continued to flicker his tongue around her hardened nipples, getting more and more excited by the feeling of her leg grating against his dick. He almost shot off in his pants, but held it in somehow.

She was so wet by then that the entire bottom of her shorts was soaked through. Susan cried out and gripped his shoulders hard. Matt himself was about to cum. He wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up against the counter, nearly tearing her shorts off in a frenzy. He entered her swiftly, and in less than thirty seconds, neither of them could remember where they were. They climaxed around each other, the vibrations from hers setting him off for an extra round. He finished last and collapsed, his skin perspiring heavily, as his head rested against her shoulder. She kept gasping for air. He carried her to the bedroom and dropped her on the bed, smoothing his hands over her bare chest, shuddering at the sight of her exposed body.

They had both climaxed quickly the first time, but Susan wasn't quite done yet. She rubbed herself down south hard and started to moan. "Oh," she gasped. "I need it again, Matt. Please."

"Again?' he teased. "I'm still recovering from this time." When would she ever stop having this power over him, he wondered. He would meet the challenge. He could beat her at her own game, too. Couldn't he?

She rolled over to face him, pressing her finger against his nose. "Don't be such a baby. I thought men were the horniest creatures alive."

"Fine. Give me ten minutes and I'll be ready."

He went into the bathroom. The second he left her, Susan rolled over and called Tricia on the phone.

"Well? How did it go?"

"It was amazing."


"Did you do it yet?"

"No. I'm about to, though."

"Perfect. I have to go; he's coming out of the bathroom. Later."

Susan hung up, looked at the bathroom door and smiled as Matt emerged.

"Who was that, babe?"

"Just my mom. She wanted to know if I could meet her for dinner, but I said I had plans." She rolled over on her side, displaying her bare chest for him to admire.

"Have I told you lately how beautiful you are?"

"Shut up and get on the bed, asshole."

"What do you have in mind now, huh?"

She reached into the nightstand and pulled out a silk bandanna. Fluttering it across her breasts, then into her mouth, she bit a corner of it and gave him her most wild, animalistic, sexiest look. "This," she said simply. He was speechless.

"And I won't take no for an answer."

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