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Yellow Chair


I entered the room casually and spotted you in the yellow chair. Legs hanging over one side, the shape of your hip and legs revealed with your red dress tucked beneath you.

Approaching, I walk around the chair as I looked you over. Not paying attention the side table was bumped, waking you with a start. It took a second for you to recognize who I was. You stand and your hands pull down your dress as I embrace you. Leaning in for a kiss you are pulling back as I pull you closer to me. My lips finding yours hungrily searching, hands exploring.

Sinking to my knees, my hands slowly rise from your ankles achingly trek up soft skin slowly raising your dress. Wanting to devour you, I am restrained and only kiss your thigh. Lips sliding on warm silk, fingers wandering upward find the upper most hem of your most secret garment and slowly hooks my fingers inside as I pull them down to the floor.

The garment around your ankles, I kiss your thigh high up on your right hip and breath in the intoxicating perfume. At this point my body feels like it is visibly shaking.

Halting my adoration of your skin, I push you softly into the chair. I lift your right leg and as I pull the garment free lift your leg over one arm of the chair. I hook something around your foot. My left hand lingering as my eyes run from your toes to your parted lips and smoldering eyes which seem to hold my gaze as I hook your left leg over the other arm of the chair, looping another restraint.

Raising up I take your hands and pull them together as I kiss you. The soft cloth I put around them secures your hands so they can't be pulled forward past the top of your head. hands and legs secured I contemplate my new playground.

Almost panting, lowering down to your sweet sex I loose upon your quivering skin a kiss unrestrained. Intent, seeking, my tongue trying to nourish a hidden fire continually growing.

I pull back and you hear a noise as I apply the small vibrator to thigh an inch or two above your clitoris. Slowly drawing circles with it as my tongue digs from top to bottom. After one or two minutes easing the vibrator down around past your clit without ever touching your magic button I plunge it inside you.

One hand roaming up to your knees as I push your legs back further apart after the first wave hits. I selfishly send them continually up till your breasts are each subjugated to my patronage. Hands almost thinking on their own, each rolling and ministering to your beautiful nipples. I want to look up from my heady kiss and revel in the beauty of your bosoms, but a wave comes over you and I'm forced to hang on as the surf of your pleasure rocks us both.

My hands releasing your nipples and sliding back. My left hand grazing along your right leg slides from your knee down to your lovely sex. My index and middle finger sliding up in the crease of your lips to the top I lean in and kiss you. My mouth a lips wet with the wonder of you, trying to convey my need to merge with your sweet self.

I climb onto the chair. With one knee on each arm of the chair, I push myself up against your lips. Rubbing against your lops I tell you to "Suck". Tongue swirling, holding my gaze as I push into your mouth, plunging repeatedly, hungrily as though my body would explode without it. My focus on using you crumbles as my insides boil. I look at you and see a girl who is both my muse, my salvation and the most primal sexually charged person in the world. I put my hands on your head and pull back. Almost abruptly I stop.

Looking into your eyes I go back to my knees. Quickly pushing your legs higher over the arms of the chair I lean in and kiss your mouth. Almost simultaneously my left hand seizes your right breast as my tongue splits your lips apart. Search out your tongue, hoping to convey thoughts too primitive for words.

The chair base is rough on my upper thighs as I scoot forward. My right hand going behind you to pull your ass toward me before taking myself in hand. I place myself at your entrance and look into your beautiful eyes. My left hand switches positions with my right and as I roll your right nipple gently between thumb and forefinger I move myself up and down against your lips.

You made a noise and looking up at your parted lips I had to push inside, but only about an inch. My breath is ragged from anticipation. I pull almost entirely out and push back in two inches. Leaning in, I fastened my lips to your left nipple. Twirling my tongue around it before very setting my teeth against it. I pushed myself into you. Pulling back and watching your closed eyes I lean in and kiss you as I pull back and push back into you again. Your tongue and mine sharing in something. Panting. I'm euphoric as I pull out and push back into you again... speeding up and to a consistent tempo. I'm lost in your tight sheath as both of us tense and buck in a final seismic orgasm.

I lean into you exhausted, enraptured by your lovely, sexy self.

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heartjogzs, Shefatbelly and 8 other people favorited this story! 

by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/02/18

Great First Story

I love the mystery. Who is her lover? Her husband? A coworker? A friend? A neighbor? His brother? What follows? My mind is full of thoughts. That is what a great story does for its reader.

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by WillieTurner09/21/18

Anonymous posters are cowards

ignore them, this is good.

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by cruiser_201509/17/18

Good first story.

Delicious description. Looking forward to more stories!

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by pegjim09/17/18

Feedback from "author"

Thank you for your comments! I'll fix it! Totally get what you're all saying. :)

I wrote this for my wife, Rachel, or rather about her/us.

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by oldbearswitch09/16/18

Not bad, nay pretty good for a first time

Heed what the others said, put some dialog in, even if it is just moans and "fill me with your cock stud." Set some tension, and relieve it.

Don't let the hosers get you down, keep going!

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