tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYellow Dress Ch. 02

Yellow Dress Ch. 02


I escorted you to my car, a silver and blue Mustang. You glanced over your shoulder at, a bold sexy smile upon your lips. I could not resist. I pulled you into my arms and pressed my lips to yours. I loved the taste of you. You returned my kiss with equal desire. I pushed you against the car. You slid your leg up mine. My cock growled to have you right there in your front yard.

I sucked on your lower lip then regained my control. I took a step back and smiled.

I opened the door for you. You looked crestfallen and I knew you had wanted me to take you right there. You turned to enter the car.

"You must never sit on your skirt," I commanded quickly.

You looked at me, puzzled by just how you should sit. A mischievous smile appeared as you raised your short skirt above your hips, baring your ass to the neighbors, and sat bare bottomed upon the cool leather seat.

I beamed my approval before closing the door.

We drove in silence a few miles before I laid my hand upon your leg. I stroked your soft skin, luxuriating in your tender flesh. You spread your legs and raised your skirt. I slid my hand across your inner thigh, hot and moist. You gasped in expectation as I let my fingers browse the folds of your sex.

I pulled my hand away and you pouted. I placed my fingers in my mouth to taste you. I was inflamed with the urge to spread your legs and devour you right there.

My manhood was aching for you and pressed impatiently at my pants. I reached down and quickly unzipped my pants. Your eyes glowed with pleasure as you reached over and carefully freed me. You stroked my erection a few times and started to lean over to suck me.

"No mouth. Just your touch."

You pouted again, obviously unhappy with my command, yet you complied. We drove the remaining few miles with your gentle touch massaging me.

I pulled the car into the parking lot of Christopher's Restaurant. You smiled at my choice and reached for the handle.

"Doors," I said firmly, reaching to take your hand.

You hesitated then yielded. You were doing well, but I felt a small punishment was in order.

I opened the door for you, standing there with my cock still uncovered, and watched your legs step out, catching a slight glimpse up your skirt. My cock twitched in delight.

"Kiss me there then zip my pants."

You bent down obediently and firmly placed your puckered red lips upon the crown of my cock. Then you gently returned my member to his captivity and sealed him inside.

"You almost opened your door," I scolded.

You hung your head down. I knew it was difficult for you to submit. I had to admit you were doing admirably. But there should be some repercussion for disobedience.

"Turn around and bend over," I commanded.

You bit your lip but did so. I pulled your skirt up over your hips, revealing your nakedness. I took just a moment to admire the view before bringing my hand firmly down upon your vulnerable bottom. A sharp clap ruptured the quiet evening. You gasped in pain and started to pull away. Before you could retreat I delivered two more spankings in quick succession. You gasped and groaned, your eyes wide with surprise.

I admired the bright pink hue upon your cheek. Yes, I thought, much better.

"Come my dear," I held my hand out to you. It took you a moment to take my hand, your bottom and pride still stinging from your punishment.

The restaurant was not very busy. Only a few tables were occupied. As we passed every male face turned to look at you with unabashed lust. A few women did so as well, but most were made no attempt to hide their jealousy and envy.

I held your chair for you. You started to sit, but I cleared my throat, and you remembered the rule. You looked me in the eyes and raised your skirt, displaying your pink bottom to everyone watching as you sat.

The waiter raised an eyebrow at me and tried to hide a smile. He handed us menus. I took yours and handed it back to him. "The lady does not need a menu," I said firmly. The waiter nodded in understanding.

I browsed the menu only a moment. "I'll have the crab legs and my lady will have the pasta and lobster. We'll have the white wine."

"You remembered," you said with a smile.

"Of course I did.". I slid my foot just inside yours and prompted you to part your legs.

I could tell you were a little excited to be exposing yourself here, even if it were just under the table. However, I was quite sure the motion did not go unnoticed by several patrons who were subtly watching you.

The waiter promptly returned with our wine. I dropped my napkin upon the floor and slowly leaned to retrieve it.

"Allow me, sir. And I will bring you a clean one."

The waiter knelt to retrieve the napkin. He remained there several moments, no doubt admiring your exposed femininity. Your eyes glowed with excitement and you licked your lips.

"I will...umm...return with another, sir."

I knew we would have excellent service tonight.

Dinner conversation was casual. We discussed your studies and my travels. We skirted around sexual inuendo constantly.

Finally I ordered strawberry cheesecake for desert. When it arrived, I told you to come sit on my lap. You stood slowly and gracefully walked to me. Everyone was staring at you. You turned and raised your skirt to your waist and slowly sat on my lap before carefully lowering and arranging the skirt. There was no doubt that every one in the restaurant had seen either your bared bottom or shaved loins.

I ordered you to feed us and I lowered my hand between your legs. You moaned and spread your legs for me. The man at the table across from us had a clear view as I stroked your wet labia.

You tried to keep your hand steady as I explored your sex. But when I finally caressed your clit you rolled your eyes and dropped the desert upon your breast.

I pulled my hand from your sex, and with fingers glistening with your juices I pulled down the neckline of your dress, exposing your left breast. I licked the sticky desert from your chest before licking rolling your nipple between my lips.

The waiter quickly appeared. "Sir, please, the other guests."

"Yes, of course," I replied. "We are finished anyway." I laid several bills upon the table and had you stand, breast still fully exposed. As we slowly left I reached around you and slid my hand under the skirt of your little yellow dress, and raised it to your waist.

I escorted you to the car. You sat bare bottomed, and I quickly joined you.

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