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Yes Daddy


"Now I have a surprise for you." Dr. Daddy told me.

I looked at him but I wasn't sure what he was talking about. We had already done so much in the time we had together. "What do you mean?" I asked questioning. I was almost sure he was done with me.

"Are you questioning Daddy?" he asked sternly "You know you could earn yourself some punishment for that."

"No I didn't mean to disrespect you Daddy." I was quick to respond. I wasn't sure how much more I could take. I was already feeling the effects of our play. I felt exhausted but yet at the same time I knew I knew I didn't have a choice, and we would do whatever Daddy wanted.

I watched him as he picked up the leather flogger that was tossed carelessly on the bed. I cringed as I waited for the falls to hit me. And they did, right across my belly, but they didn't hit me very hard. "Does my baby girl want my baby?"

"Yes Daddy." I answered not sure at what he was getting at.

Once again I watched his hand rise only to let the falls of the flogger hit me sharply on the pussy. "And will my little girl do anything that I want her to?" he asked in a more demanding voice than a questioning one.

"You know I will Daddy. You know that I have given you my body. You own it to do what you want with it." I told him with confidence.

"Good girl and today will be one of those times. I don't want to hear any arguments; I don't want any back talk. You will do exactly what I say this afternoon, won't you, without question."

"Yes Daddy." I answered a little questioningly. My mind was racing now. I had no idea what he had planned but for some reason, he thought I might not agree with him.

The adrenaline started pumping harder once again, as I was now on alert. I trusted him with everything I had in me, but now he was making me questioning that trust a little. He had never given me a reason to question that trust, yet I was. It was the fear of the unknown that was being etched in my mind.

"Then are you ready to begin?" he asked.

"Yes Daddy." My answer was simple but said with a nervous shake to my voice.

I watched him as he tossed the flogger back down on the bed and he picked up the roll of duct tape off the desk. "Sorry baby, but I want to silence you for this. I promise to remove it a little later." And as he spoke he ripped off a piece and placed it a crossed my lips. He pressed it firmly into place just to make sure it would stay in place.

My eyes wide with question, and I watched him walk to the television to turn it down a little. Then to my surprise he walked over to the door in the room that connected with the room next door.

He opened the door that was on our side of the room and he knocked on the door on the other side. He looked back at me with a wicked grin. "Just you wait and see baby doll. I don't want you to disappoint Daddy now in front of our guest."

The door on the other side opened, and a man appeared and he had that biker look. Our eyes locked and he smiled. Instantly I felt shame and humiliation. Here I was tied to the table, gagged, my legs spread wide apart and there was nothing I could do about anything that was going to be done with me.

My eyes darted back to Daddy, wild with fear. I squirmed in my restraints begging Daddy for answers with just the wild look in my eyes.

Daddy looked at me and laughed a little as he turned to his friend. "It seems she is a little confused. Shall we let her in on our little secret?"

"Guess we might as well, since she is looking a little stressed over the deal." The strange man answered.

"Sweetheart, this is my good friend Snake. He's the one who did my tattoos. Well we were talking one day and we both came to the agreement of this meeting. But don't worry; I'll be right here to protect you. Remember we talked about this a while ago?"

I lay there feeling shamed but nodded at Daddy. I let him know silently that I approved of this. I didn't know how I would feel about having someone else's hands feel me up. But we did talk about the possibility of bringing others into our relationship, and I did agree as long as Daddy would be there to protect me. But since we had never done this before, I was still very nervous.

I looked at this man named Snake and his eyes were roaming my naked body with desire. To me he looked like any other ordinary man who was just looking to get laid. I was still afraid but not nearly as I was just minutes ago. I didn't know what to expect but I did know that Daddy would protect me.

Daddy walked over to the closet and pulled out something in a black cloth bag. He walked back to me and stood by my side. As he spoke he pulled a portable CD player and headphones from the bag. "Sorry sweetheart but I want you to listen to music instead of our conversation. Since I'll be talking Snake through this. I know you will understand. And I know you're tired, so this won't last to terribly long." And the headphones were put over my ears and classical music turned on.

Daddy walked over to the bed and picked up on of the leather floggers. He positioned himself between my legs and proceeded to swat my pussy lightly. It didn't hurt but felt rather nice, at least for the moment. I could see his lips moving as he was demonstrating to this Snake man what the arm and wrist movement should be. As more swats fell upon my bare pussy.

I laid back and closed my eyes. I tried to become unattached to what I was feeling, but it was hard to do just that. Some of the hits were directly on my pussy, while others were to the left or to the right on the insides of my thighs. Some were thuddy and others felt stingy, but they all felt perfectly delightful. I lay perfectly still enjoying the vibrations that were flowing through me during this time.

I felt fingers roam my bare wet pussy between several swats with the flogger. I knew Daddy was showing him just how aroused I became when my pussy was directly flogged. My mind wasn't listening to my body, and I knew that I was wet because I craved this.

I was surprised at myself for realizing that I could feel the difference between whose hands was on the flogger. Daddy's strokes were firm, surer, more balanced. While Snakes were unequal, some were hard, some were soft.

Soon I felt the falls of the flogger fall upon the rest of my body, my breasts being the target most of the time. My tits were fondled, and I could feel the milk ooze out of them, since it had been a long time since I had been milked.

Soon Daddy's hands were at my breasts squeezing them, kneading them, and knowing full well that he was milking me in his own way. I still kept my eyes closed out of respect for Daddy, while he talked to his friend.

Soon I felt lips on both my nipples at the same time. It felt simply delicious, erotic and sensual. I squirmed a little trying to get more. I moaned in pleasure.

I loved the feeling of having two men suckle on my full breasts at the same time. Each man sucked at different rates, nibbling, and biting gently. I loved the feeling of each man sucking the liquid gold out of my ripe tits. I wanted the feeling to go on forever, as they sucked and their hands roamed the rest of my body.

I soon forgot the humiliation I felt earlier, for it was soon replaced with sheer delight. I was craving more and more. My pussy quivered on its own. I liked this feeling of being violated by a stranger as his hands found their way down to my pussy. He fingered me, and pinched my clit. Deep down I knew he was just a horny man, feeling me up. It felt cheap, but sinfully wonderful. As daddy's hands touched my face and rib cage. He must have known that Snakes hands were penetrating and ravaging my wet pussy.

It was over much sooner than I wanted it to be. And I opened my eyes when I no longer felt any touch on my body. I was ashamed for feeling the way that I did over this experience. I knew I shouldn't like feeling of being violated in such a way, but I did.

I looked at Daddy and he was handing Snake a latex rubber glove. And my eyes widened staring intently at Snakes hands. He had huge hands!

I could see them talking as Snake placed himself between my legs that were still very securely strapped down. I watched as Daddy poured a generous supply of lube over my pussy and as Snake used his already latex covered hand and rubbed it around. He fingered me with two fingers as he worked the lube in and around my pussy that was already incredibly turned on.

I could see them talking but I couldn't hear what they were saying. As I watched daddy drizzle even more lube over Snakes hand that was still inside me. He added another finger, and soon someone was pinching my clit as well.

Another finger was added and another and I knew that all fingers were now inside me. Because of the burn I felt, and the pain. I closed my eyes and tried to relax using deep breathing skills as the burning continued. I knew he was trying to get past his knuckles, and the widest part of his hand. He kept turning his hand, slowly trying to work it in.

It hurt like hell and I moaned and screamed against the gag that was covering my mouth. I wanted either the pain to stop or the pleasure to start. I tried to wiggle away from his hand but the ropes were still to strong for me. I couldn't get away from his large hand. It hurt like the devil himself was breathing fire directly on my pussy. I continued to scream, knowing my sounds would be muffled. I tried to force myself to breath deep, but it wasn't working like I wanted. Snakes hands were much larger than Daddy's.

I knew my body would stretch to accommodate him, but it would take time. At least they were working slowly, but the burn was almost too much for me to handle.

Yet there was a small part of me that liked this whorish attention. I liked the pain, the burn the fire. I thrived on having my pussy punished. I liked not being able to move away from it or to stop it. I liked having my body controlled, objectified, tormented till my release came. I liked it despite the pain.

I still had my eyes closed, when I felt the rest of his hand slip deep within the walls of my pussy. I knew the lips of my cunt closed around his wrist, as I could feel him now trying to open his fist as much as he could, then he would close it. Now I moaned in pleasure, sheer enjoyment to feel that fullness that I liked.

I knew the moment a blindfold was placed over my eyes, and taped to the sides of my head. I opened my eyes, trying to peek out, but I couldn't. I thrashed within the confines of the ropes, and I felt Daddy's warm and gentle hands on my body soothing me. As this other man had his fist rammed deep in my pussy.

I remember seeing the muscles that this man had in his arms, and I knew it was a matter of time before the fisting motions began. And I felt lucky that it began slowly. But it didn't take him long to work it more harshly and aggressively just like I preferred. I wanted it hard and forceful. I didn't think there was much of a point of forcing a fist deep inside if it wasn't going to hurt, before it slowly melted into feelings of pleasure.

His fist rammed in and out of my pussy an inch or so I would have guessed. It felt wonderful being stretched and then mock punched right where it would give me the most pain and pleasure. This mans fist was bigger than Daddy's and it provided me with different sensations. I certainly hoped I was pleasing Daddy in my reactions. But I felt I was responding normally to the sensations I was given.

I felt my climax begin to rise. I wiggled and squirmed as I rode the waves. I screamed and howled as much as my gag allowed. The muscles in my body reacted and tensed up. And it continued to bubble inside me.

Someone started to suck on my clit, at this point I didn't care who it was. Because that only took me higher in the string of emotions I was going through. They sucked hard on it pulling it into their mouth. As the fist continue to fuck me long and hard.

I couldn't take it anymore and my screams were now loud and forceful. As the orgasm crested it took me into that special place, as I call it. I thrashed as I continued to scream, but that didn't stop the sensations. As I went over the edge of my orgasm the screams changed to soft mewing sounds.

But the sensations continued and I could feel another one mounting. I couldn't push away the head and hand that was doing this to me. I could only endure the pleasures and the pain that they provide me with. My soft mews turned to violent screams once again. My breathing was fast and rapid through my nose, like that of a wild animal.

I withered and strained against my ropes, shaking as the pleasure turned to pain, my clit was sore from being sucked on for so long. My squeals softened as the mouth left my clit.

And slowly I felt the hand that was buried so deep inside me pull out. As it left me, I didn't feel the same pain that I felt from being stretched apart when it was being pushed inside of me. I always felt a sense of disappointment and emptiness when I was done being fisted. I loved the feeling of being stretched beyond what was considered normal.

I breathed deep through my nose, trying to calm myself and my emotions, as I felt Daddy's hands on my body once more. He was soothing me by massaging me softly.

He removed the headphones, but not the blindfold, so I could hear him speak.

"Are you ok sweetie?" He asked.

I nodded yes since I still had the gag over my mouth.

"We will soon be done with you sweetie so I can release you from these ropes, and you can rest, have a bite to eat and bathe. I know you have endured a lot, and we will soon be done with you." He spoke softly and gently. As he spoke his hands moved soothingly over my body.

I lay still and continued to breath deep. I heard doors opening and closing. I heard them moving about talking softly to each other. I could hear the mumbles but not the words. So instead of fighting my emotions I relaxed and concentrated on my breathing.

Once again, I felt someone between my legs. I didn't know how much more I could endure, I was tired and hungry. I wanted a hot bath, but Daddy promised me that they were almost done. So I waited, for yet another surprise.

I felt something cold and wet being poured over my abused pussy. I felt hands moving about my clit and pussy, almost in a washing motion. There were no words to hear, the only sounds in the room were the sounds of my breathing that was becoming more rapid.

I felt someone playing with my clit. Someone was holding it this way and that way, lifting the hood up as if giving me a through exam. I felt another pair of hands on my mounds and pelvis area, and I heard Snake say, "One, two, and three."

And it was immediately after I heard him say "three" that I felt that sudden sharp biting pain. It was a searing pain that went through the hood of my clit. Immediately I knew what was going on. A scream of death flew from my lips but was perfectly silenced with the gag.

My eyes flew open with the realization of what was happening to my body. Snake wasn't just a tattoo artist, but also a body piercer. There was a needle through my clit hood. I froze not wanting to cause damage to that sweet spot that was so sensitive. I knew why Daddy's hands were pressing hard on my pelvis area.

It continued to hurt like hell as he finished the piercing. I didn't know if it was vertical or horizontal, or if I received a ring, or a barbell. It just hurt and throbbed. I just whimpered softly as a tear fell from my eye. I couldn't help the tears; they just came naturally because of the type of pain that I felt.

Daddy came to comfort me. "I'm sorry sweetie, but I wanted to surprise you with this. Forgive me?"

I nodded, not feeling capable of anything else as my body shook.

"I'd like Snake to do a few more for me. He's done a vertical barbell on you, and it looks fantastic Baby. You're going to love it when it heals. I'd like Snake to add a few more rings to your outer labia lips. Will you agree?"

Once again I nodded, feeling a bit numb. Under the pain, I was pleased as punch that Daddy arranged this for me. I had wanted it done, but I was to chicken to make an appointment with a local piercer and have it done. And Daddy hadn't ordered me to get it done. When we had talked about it before, but neither one of us was very serious about it.

Daddy continued to sit by my head as Snake worked between my legs. I was proud of myself for not flinching much when the other 6 rings were placed in my outer labia lips. As Snake pierced me, Daddy removed my blindfold, kissed me and told me how proud he was of me.

It hurt like hell, but I knew that the pain was going to be worth it in the end. Because those rings were going to be fun to play with once they healed. And I couldn't wait to feel my first orgasm once that clit hood piercing healed. I couldn't wait to feel Daddy mount me, and rub himself next to that sweet spot.

But I knew that would have to wait for awhile.

Snaked picked up this things and thanked me for the experience. As Daddy untied the ropes that held me so secure, he promised Snake that my mouth would be showing both of them, my own personal "thank you" the next day. Since my pussy would be off limits until it healed.

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