tagCelebrities & Fan FictionYes, Dear: Breakfast Table Manners

Yes, Dear: Breakfast Table Manners


"Come on!" Jimmy came into the room dressed and ready for the day. "Breakfast done, Christine." He yanked the covers off of her. She quickly pulled them up to her waist since she wasn't wearing anything except a white undershirt camisole.

"Jimmy!" Christine was already being annoyed by him at the start of the day. "Breakfast is all cooked and not going anywhere, chill out." She slowly sat up and Jimmy took notice of his wife's hot body in this natural position. Her camisole clinging to her chest and stomach, really showcasing her breasts and revealing them plentifully. Topping it off with no panties and seeing her light furry pussy between her legs.

"Speaking of breakfast," he leaned in towards her breasts running his fingers across them.

"Jimmy!" Christine swatted his hand away. "Breakfast time, we don't have time!" Sticking her tongue out at him giving him a teasing look.

"Fine, you have to put the pajama pants on only then and leave the shirt on until I say otherwise," he countered her teasing with his own. Despite it being even more of a tease on his part he knew she would get just as turned on thinking of him being turned on. The perfect lose-lose winning situation.

They finally made it to the breakfast table and Kim and Greg had already started on their breakfast. Christine greeted her sister following Jimmy, Greg looked up seeing Christine in the revealing undershirt.

"Oh great, it's usually Christine wearing a shirt with no bra and now she is wearing a bra with no shirts," pointing out the living condition he is in since Kim's sister and brother-in-law are now living in his house, well, guesthouse outback.

"Not a bra you stiff," she countered. "It's a undershirt camisole." She said with a fake sophisticated voice holding her nose in the air.

"Well anymore sophistication coming from you we will be--"

"Greg," Kim gave him a stern look to keep his joke back. Christine followed Kim's warning by sticking her tongue out at him.

"Teach you to try and talk about my wife," Jimmy laughed at his failed attempt to joke on Christine being foiled by his wife.

"Thank you, Jimmy," she replied sweetly to him surprised with the compliment by him.

"Your welcome, dear," reaching around her body under her arms and squeezing her round breasts slightly pulling the top down a little with his fingertips squeezing.

"Jimmy!" Christine pushed his hands away, stepping away and taking her seat next to Kim at the table. In a subtle way she situated her breasts using the side of her arms to get them comfortable.

"Well, with that presentation, I am glad the kids are away at my parents this week," Greg got up to get another cup of coffee trying to put the image out of his mind to hopefully finish his breakfast in peace.

"Yeah is kind of great, huh?" Christine arched her eyebrow with a playful stare.

"Yeah, yeah!" Greg made a bunch of noise with the cup and coffeemaker to drown the talking out.

"Oh, Greg," Kim leaned back in her chair turning towards him, "stop being such a prude, not like anything was shown."

"Yeah, yeah," he came back and took his seat. "Can we just all eat our breakfast and enjoy the morning with no kids? And, minus Jimmy and Christine, try and pretend there are no kids here?"

"Ok Greg, fine, we will all act like adults like we always do and have no fun because none of the kids are around and Jimmy and Christine will act like adults too." Kim said with a hint of annoyance.

"Thank you." He started to eat again and read his morning paper.

"Good thing you didn't say anything about me," and with that she reached over and yanked Christine's undershirt down exposing her big breasts at the breakfast table.

"Oh God!" Quickly getting up from his seat he left his plate and took the newspaper with him heading to the living room. The thought of Christine's breasts, their roundness and pale softness. Burned in his mind.

"Kim!" Christine looked first over at Jimmy with a grin on his face while having a mouthful of eggs, then over to Kim the last person she would ever expect to do something like this. "Jeez, could have give me a warning at least." Putting her breasts back inside her shirt one at a time, taking a few seconds to situate them, getting them comfortable once again.

"Then I wouldn't have been able to see that look of shock on your face for when I did."

In the living room Greg settled down on the couch reading his newspaper, trying to get the image of Christine's breasts out of his mind. But that was hard to do. He kept thinking of the soft pink nipples and the full roundness of them, he enjoyed Kim's, but Christine's were big, round and full. He felt his dick begin to twitch and jump inside his flannel pajama pants. Oh God, he thought. What the. . .?

Feeling his dick come to the stiff hardness. Poking upwards inside his pajamas. And just as it became fully hard Kim came into the living room to try and get him back until she saw his hard on.

"Greg?" Surprised by what she see is happening inside his pajamas. "What is this? If I had known you'd of gotten hard like this from seeing Christine's boobs I might have had done that a long time ago."

Greg quickly covered his crotch with the newspaper hoping he could hide it and Kim was talking as she was walking in and not after she came in. His heart racing and head turning around quickly with a look of fluster.

"W-what," he tried acting calm as if he was reading the newspaper being on his lap. "What're you talking about?"

"You know what!" Kim wasn't fooled by his act of surprise of being caught reading the newspaper. "You have a hard dick because of seeing Christine."

"W-w-what? No I don't. You're crazy. Crazy!" He kept the newspaper on his lap returning to his pretend reading hoping she will go back in the kitchen.

"Hey? What's going on in here?" Christine came in wondering what Kim was doing that was taking so long getting back to breakfast.

"Greg has a hard on from seeing your boobs!" Kim explained in a entertained voice.

"Really?" She smiled, and felt flattered by the gesture. "Well, then, I guess here you go Greg. Give Kim a good time today!" Christine pulled her undershirt up exposing her soft, round belly and lovely breasts again to Greg.

Greg looked back to see what she meant without thinking. As he did she had already lifted her shirt up exposing herself this time by her own hand, for the second time this morning almost back to back. He quickly got up, keeping the newspaper on his crotch to hide his pajama tent running up the stairs.

"You know," Kim looked over at her sister's breasts. Reaching over she patted the bottom of one and felt their soft but firm fullness. "They aren't actually all that bad, I can see why he is hard over them. Haven't seen them since we were teens and they turned out quite well."

"Thank you," keeping her shirt up to keep the admiring and flattering to continue on, smiling playfully.

"No. Thank you." Kim countered and pulled her hand away. She started for the stairs.

"What you doing?" Christine kept the shirt above her breasts.

"Going to go finish what you started with my husband."

"Well glad I could help." She turned back walking into the kitchen with her top above her breasts. "Jimmy! To the bed!" She ordered him. Without a second thought after seeing her walk in he quickly finished his eggs, downed his juice, and in a matter of seconds of Christine's morning offer he took off running to the guesthouse.

"Greg?" He heard a soft knock on the master bathroom door.

"Go away. Using the restroom! Really bad and stinky in here. Can't come in!" He rummaged the newspaper around acting like he was turning a page while reading and coming up with excuses to keep her out, when really, he was trying to get his hardness down with cold water rushing onto it.

"Greg I hear the water running." she opened the door knowing he wouldn't lock it in his rush to get his dick back down to save his humility.

"Close the door! Close the door!" He said standing on his tiptoes holding his hard dick under the cold water failing at trying to get it back down.

"What are you doing? Why don't you just jerk off?" She laughed at him and his prude ways.

"I am not going to masturbate thinking about your sister, the sister of my wife, the wife of," with a shudder given the current situation, "Jimmy."

"Oh come on!" Kim said, taking his waist with her hands pulling him away from the sink and lowering the other hand now to his hard cock. Wrapping her fingers around his stiff cock she started stroking it up and down. "See? Not so bad and it is ok, you can think of Christine's tits if you want. I don't mind. They are pretty nice aren't they?" She kept her hand on his cock stroking it's full length feeling the skin begin to get soft and smoother from his precum leaking out getting on her hand when she strokes over his swollen head.

"You know," Kim, behind him still, pushed her body up against his grinding her hips against his butt and pushing her breasts into his back, keeping her hand at a steady stroking pace. "I touched them when you ran up here and they feel just as soft and full as they look. I didn't touch her nipples though, but they did get quite stiff and they look even better hard, too. Even when they are stiff she still remains that soft wideness when her nipples are all pointy and lickable. . . and I am sure they fun to nibble on too while cupping them with your hands. You know? Like I just told you I did with her, holding the bottom of her soft and firm boobs."

"Oh, God," Greg kept thinking of Christine's tits and that mixed with the feeling of Kim's hand stroking his cock he felt his cum build up. "Kim, I'm about to --"

"Well, let me take care of that and make sure no mess is made then." She kept her hand on his cock, quickly spinning around him getting in front him on her knees face in front of his cock. Kim quickly took it inside her mouth. Greg felt her warm and wet mouth now sucking on his cock with her tongue wriggling gently underneath it. She removed her hand when she felt her mouth touch her fingers and she tried her best to deep throat him. But still found it hard to do that without choking and gagging because of her small mouth.

"Oh! Kim!" Greg let out. Feeling her mouth over his cock and hearing the slurping and sucking sounds she did for his pleasure. He looked down as she was looking up, her cheeks looking sucked in from her sucking hard on it. Her long curly brown hair getting in her face from moving her head up and down his dick so fast. Looking down the red undershirt she wears to bed to her breasts, and the cute short little satin shorts that stopped a couple inches below her butt. He couldn't take it much longer. He had to cum or else he would lose it completely.

Kim cupped his balls and began to play with them in her hand and her other hand reaching around him holding the back of his thigh. She tried her best to take all of his cock inside but couldn't do it. Not that it mattered at this point, anyways.

"Kim I am going to cum!" He warned her to get ready for it. She kept her mouth on his dick halfway preparing herself for the blast of tasty cum to rush inside.

"Hey, Kim? Greg?" Christine opened the bathroom door without knocking and saw Kim on her knees with Greg's cock in her mouth. She pulled out instinctively, and some shock, to ask Christine what she was doing and felt his cum hit the side of her face, some of it even hitting her hair. Another load hit her again in the face when she thought that was his only big load, like usual, but this time he had a serious load of cum coming out. Her face dripping with cum now. The last few shots weren't as strong as the first two and they landed on her chest slowly dripping down between her breasts.

Greg finally felt his pleasure slowly fade away and when he looked over he saw Christine standing in the doorway naked and she was grinning at the sight in front of her.

"Ah!" he let out seeing Christine once again naked this morning but this time being fully naked. His eyes traveled down her body as if they had a mind of their own. Starting with her cute face and long black hair, her round and plump body and her heavy tits. Her pussy was hairy surprisingly, her black hair fanned out and cut short. Her legs, her sexy legs, they were round and soft and quite long.

"Greg, you are still being a goodie-good even after you had your cock sucked and shot cum all over your wife's face." Kim gave a naughty smile looking over at her sister, not minding the cum now over her face and on her chest. "Hope you don't mind I watch a little. Jimmy fell asleep. Guess I should have taken him up on his offer before breakfast after getting up this morning."

"Well," Kim moved her hips side to side shaking her shorts off, "you can stay and finish yourself off while watching Greg and I." Before Greg could say anything she gently pushed him to the bedroom where Christine moved out of the way and took a seat in a chair in front of the bed.

Kim looked over at Christine in front of her on all fours on the bed, wiping cum away from her eyes, waiting for Greg to take her. She wanted to feel him pound her hard and the fact her sister is watching is actually a huge turn on. Looking at Christine's pussy Kim noticing cum leaking out of her pussy when she started rubbing it having her legs spread wide, one propped on the armrest of the chair. As if it was perfectly synched Christine pushed two fingers inside her pussy when Kim felt Greg's dick push inside of her.

"Ugh. . . oh yeah!" Kim held her head back feeling his dick push deep inside of her. Opening her pussy up her breath is already heavy from the blowjob and being so turned on. She felt Greg's hands on her butt, rubbing it, getting a faster rhythm fucking her.

Christine kept her fingers deep inside her wet and cum filled pussy pushing them back and forth. Keeping her fingers up to the second knuckles inside her hot, wet pussy hole. Her eyes on her sister's body rocking back and forth from getting fucked doggy style by Greg. Her head hanging low and she can sort of see her tits bouncing a little bit from still being inside her shirt and the cum on her chest making it look even sexier to her. Christine pulled her fingers back. Feeling her fingers slide along the soft, wet inside of her pussy. Bringing them to the first knuckle she put a third finger inside and pushed them back in feeling her pussy spread a little bit more causing her to let out a moan getting Kim's attention again.

Kim feeling her husband's dick push inside of her fast, her body rocking back and forth, the thrusts harder now and each time her grunts getting louder. Kim found the strength to look up noticing Christine was fingering faster now and she could see her pussy juices all over her fingers. Her pussy and thighs were wet even. Her pussy lips wrapping around her fingers moving back and forth, in and out, each time she would push her fingers back in. With the blowjob, her sister's fingering, and feeling Greg's cock pounding her little pussy. She felt her insides begin to heat up even more and her pussy starting to get wetter and sensitive.

"Fuck me Greg! Pound my little pussy with your fucking cock!" Christine looked up in shock from hearing the usually clean-mouth sister of hers talk such filth. It was a turn on for even her.

"Oh. . .fuck Kim!" Fingering faster now, slouching in the chair to shove her fingers inside her pussy as far as they can go now. "I didn't know you could. . . talk like that! Keep doing it!" Feeling her wet pussy becoming even wetter, her fingers sliding in and out of it becoming more sensitive to the touch.

"Why? Because you're a fucking filthy sister who loves getting off -- ugh, fuck!" Feeling Greg pick up speed from the filthy talk too and his eyes lingering on Kim's butt to Christine's fingering. "Love watching me getting fucked in my little pussy you filthy bitch! Fingering your pussy like a dirty girl!" She let out a long moan, following a grunt after saying all that while getting fucked even harder now.

"Oh God Kim!" Greg started slapping her petite ass, the noise loud and clear in the room. "About to cum!"

"Fuck yes!" Kim started pushing back on his hips feeling his dick push deeper and harder in her to the point of feeling her pussy starting to hurt. "Come on Christine! Cum you slut! CUM!"

Christine was so wet and turned on now by the last thing she ever thought would get her like this. Her hips starting to bounce on the edge of the chair, her legs keeping her from falling off and her back and shoulders pushing against the back of the chair, she kept pushing her pussy into her fingers hard and deep. She let out a long moan and soon following was Kim. Greg pushed his cock in deep inside Kim's pussy letting out another load of cum, but this time being inside her pussy upon hearing Christine let out a orgasm and seeing her face twist in pleasure, her mouth open wide and eyes shut tight.

"Oh fuck, yeah! Fill my pussy up, Greg!" Fill it up." She started to slow down now, speaking breathlessly telling him to fill her pussy up. Shoving her hips back into Greg's, feeling his spent cock sliding in and out slowly in her pussy.

Christine softly rocking her hips around keeping her three fingers inside halfway feeling the cum and juices surround her fingers, slowly seeping out from so much. Greg pulled his cock out of Kim's pussy and placed it on her ass wiping the cum and pussy juice on her ass, then softly pushing against her tight closed ass hole for fun before falling back in the bed exhausted. Kim plopped down on the bed feeling the cum on her chest give her a cold sensation and a cold feeling on the side of her face catching her breath. Getting over the orgasm and pleasure that felt like a train go through her body.

Getting up Christine walked over and patted Kim's butt and gave it a pinch. Kim looking up at her naked sister seeing the juices running down the side of her legs at a slow pace.

"Whew, that was fun." Christine ran her hand up her sister's back, trying to catch her breath too. "We should find a time to do something like this again." Pushing her hips outward, spreading her pussy lips apart showing just how soaked she was to Kim. "I haven't been this wet, turned on, or have had a orgasm that strong for a long time."

"Mmm, I can see." Kim kept her eyes on her wet pink pussy, her pussy hair matted to her skin and lips from being wet and sticky. "Well I think we are going to take a quick shower Christine, maybe a quick nap, and we will," looking behind her at the front of the bed at the alarm clock, "see you at lunch downstairs since it'll be about noon by then."

"Well if this is breakfast then count me in for lunch," she gave a playful smile. "And you're welcome Greg." Looking over seeing he is already asleep. Rolling her eyes and giving Kim a smile she started to leave to head back to the guesthouse.

"What about Jimmy, though?" Kim called out before Christine walked out of the room.

"What about him? He was too tired to come up and check on you guys like I did and missed out because of his sleeping." Sticking her tongue out, biting it a little with her teeth, giving a mischievous look in her eyes. "See you at lunch."

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