tagCelebrities & Fan FictionYes, Dear: Christine Relaxing Nude

Yes, Dear: Christine Relaxing Nude


"Christine! What are you doing?" Greg yelled out just as he walked in his home. Returning home from a few hours finishing up work at his job. He walked in to find his sister-in-law naked and sitting on the couch watching television.

"Oh God!" She jumped in her seat, scared from the surprise of someone coming home early.

"W-what are you doing?" He stepped slowly down the steps into his living room. Face twisted in shock, appall, and a little hint of arousal, but that was buried from the shock and appall from seeing Christine going around freely naked in his own house. "What are you naked for," he yelled out, keeping his eyes moving from her face to the television and quick glances at her curvy plump naked body. "And most of all! Why are you naked sitting on my couch where I sit and watch TV?" he couldn't believe this. "And sometimes even lounge?!" adding to the list.

"Look," she stood up in defense naturally, "Jimmy is away with Kim dropping off papers and picking up some things for me since she is going to the groceries and then picking up the dry-cleaning."

"That's great and all but still doesn't explain why you are naked sitting on my couch!" He interrupted her.

"Well if you let me finish. . ." She kept standing, not caring at all she is standing naked in front of her sister's husband. "I finally had some alone time with all the kids being away at our parent's house, it's really hot out, and I can't walk around like this without Jimmy always wanting sex and-" She was cut off and folded her arms annoyingly.

"Ok, ok, ok!" Greg covered his ears with his hands and closed his eyes until he knew she stopped talking. "Couldn't you at least put a towel down on the sofa cushion?" He pointed towards the couch in distress.

"Why? You thinking of something nasty to do with me?" Christine teased him, always enjoying a time where she can watch him squirm and get all beside himself like he always does.

"Oh my God!" He stormed to the kitchen for a beer.

"Well you know where to find me if you want some of momma's pie!" She yelled at Greg, laughing to herself as she heard him mutter out loud in the kitchen.

Greg returned with a bottle of beer and a dishtowel. Tossing it at her and landing on her head, Christine looked to see what it was and sighed.

"There," Greg took a seat in his recliner. "Sit on that. Kim and I hear you and Jimmy at night with it being summer and we keep the windows open on the cooler nights. I know how wet you can get from your narrations and would appreciate it if you didn't stain my cushions." He was over the initial shock of walking in on her naked.

He has to admit it though that it is kind of nice seeing her naked. She isn't all that bad looking at all and the way she is just naturally sitting in his couch is pulling at his better judgment. Her long black hair going past her white shoulders.

"Do I look wet?" She opened her legs and exposed her pussy to Greg and stuck her tongue out at him.

"Oh God! Jimmy isn't even home and you already prepping up for tonight." He closed his eyes, still picturing her plump pussy lips and black pussy hair fanned out above them in his mind.

"Oh, come on. Don't pretend you don't want to see, or not the least bit curious of how I stack up against Kim." She kept her legs open and Greg turned his head away towards the TV and away from Christine.

"No. . . I am fine, thank you." He kept forcing himself to stare at the television.

"Jeez. Fine then, if you won't look over I will just come over there." She jumped up and headed towards the recliner and stood in closely in front of him. "See?" Christine jutted her hips out a little and used her fingers to reveal her pussy again to Greg.

"God are you always horny? I thought it was Jimmy but now I see it must be you that does the instigating." He was trapped in his chair, he knew he could never get past her if he tried to stand up and take a run for it. But it was very nice, the back of his mind kept telling him. Arguing between his logic and his lust.

"Come on, Greg! Don't act like you don't want to take a look at your wife's sister. I mean we are alone and no one will know if you looked at me or not." She moved closer, her knees touching his knees now, making him inching as far back as he could in his chair.

His lust overwhelmed him and he looked up at her, eyes trailing her body as they went from her eyes to her pussy. He noticed her thin black curls showing on the sides outside her hand where she has her fingers keeping her pussy in view. It was nice, he admitted to himself. Kim was nice too, but Christine had a full figure and he always liked that about her. She was curvy, plump, and soft while still remaining feminine. Noticing her hip bones jutting slightly out. His eyes kept moving more towards the middle noticing her hand was covering most of her pussy hair, then he noticed her outer pink lips that softly faded to her natural pale skin tone.

"See Greg?" She smiled at him. Her one eyebrow arched a little looking playful now. "It isn't so bad seeing another naked woman now is it? Not like anything wrong is being done." She answered the question for him and then turned around. Showing off her round fleshy butt.

He was speechless. He really did not know what to say about all this. He just sat back, little bit more comfortable now, and enjoyed the show. She rotated her hips a little, then swaying her butt back and forth then bouncing it gently up and down. Running her hands all around her hips and she bent over, sliding her hands between her legs from the front where her fingers peeked out under her fleshy butt cheeks and she parted her cheeks for him exposing her butt hole.

"Does Kim let you play with her ass?" Christine asked, figuring Greg might, for once in his life, be lightening up and will want to actually have a fun and enjoyable conversation.

"No. She doesn't like that really," he said awkwardly. Feeling his dick start to twitch even more than it already was since he was letting his lust have the best of him. It started to grow hard and he didn't know if he should put a stop to this or keep talking. "We only do the main three." He shyly said, wishing more could be done.

"Main three?" Christine looked back at him. And then it dawned on her. Being her sister she figured it out, "Ohhh. . .the main three. Ok. Got ya."

"Yeah. Oral, top and bottom. But sometimes doggy." He said excitedly with the mention of doggy position, feeling weird still, but more comfortable, especially with seeing her expose herself so freely towards him.

"Oh, well the main three for. . . never mind. Well, she was always kind of prudish and uptight. But nothing we both don't already know," her tongue sticking out a little bit gently biting down on it as she was grinning at him. Keeping her butt open for him. "I know! Here, I will let you put a finger in my ass if you want to since Kim's is obviously airtight there just like her attitude." They both let out a chuckle and Greg now didn't know what to do.

He kept looking at her wrinkled hole and saw how inviting it actually did look. A little dark in the middle and fading out softly into her natural skin tone. Christine's was slightly open and he could mentally see and feel his finger touching around and sliding on inside with considerable ease. He thought of Kim too and wondered if it would be cheating and his brow twisted in confusion.

"Look, I am Kim's sister and it is just like doing stuff with her since we are bloodlines." Christine pushed her butt closer to Greg. Getting a better grip on her luscious butt cheeks, spreading them apart more, stretching her little butt hole open but not by too much.

"I don't know. . ." He quietly said, his eyes still never leaving her butt and he could see between her fingers her pussy as well.

"Oh come on, Greg." She cooed. "You know me and I know you. It isn't like you are meeting up with a total stranger and cheating on your wife. Especially since Kim doesn't even let you finger her ass anyways. So is it really cheating if it is something you don't even do with her?" She tried to convince him. Never thinking she would ever be trying to get Greg to touch her, hell, or even seeing her naked like this in her whole life. She was doing fine until he came home and the joking turned into something else.

"Well. . ." still looking at her rear end and with each passing second he is all the more closer to doing more than just fingering her, "I guess you are right. What about Jimmy, though?" He just thought of him now since she brought up cheating and remembered she too was married.

"What about him? He is so pressed on having a threesome anyways, so I figure if he wants that he is already ok with me being with someone trustworthy. Besides this is just between you and me. Now you going to play with my ass or not?" She was starting to get impatient with his stalling.

"Ok. Ok." He took a deep breath and took her in a whole new light. She was looking back at him again, her fingers pulling her sweet cheeks, and he placed his hands on her outer thighs feeling her soft skin.

"That's a boy." She smiled and felt his hands touch her finally.

Moving his hands up her legs, feeling her soft skin it was almost better than that of Kim's. With her being thinner than Christine her legs are soft but also bony. But Christine's was feeling good, he squeezed some just feeling her soft flesh in his hands. Reaching her hips he rubbed her butt, then moved them over her fingers and kept rubbing his hands all over her cheeks. She kept letting out little moans and encouragement, her eyes closed taking in the feeling of his touching.

He kept one hand on her left hip facing him and moved his right hand between her cheeks, and, using his index finger, he touched her butt hole. He felt the kind of rough, but soft, opening and traced his finger in a circle over it.

"Mmm." Christine closed her eyes and felt his finger play with her hole. "Push it on in whenever you want. It should slide right on in there with ease as long as you use one finger." She kept encouraging him, taking in his slender finger against her bare flesh.

Greg was tracing around it in circles until he felt he was ready to do something he only dreamt about doing with Kim. He pushed against the hole, tighter and little harder to get in, he pulled his finger away and tried again. This time he felt Christine push against his finger and he felt his finger slide on in. It was warm and sticky. Feeling his finger slide in to the second knuckle. Finger wrapped tightly in place by her butt hole.

"Yeah." She felt his dry finger in her ass, gently and slowly, she rocked her butt on his finger. "Wet your finger up and you can take it in deeper." She instructed him on something he thought he would have known to do when it involves fingering any part of a woman.

"With my mouth," he was already excited enough to cum and his cock was pushing against his suit pants. "or?"

"Yes, if you want. Or you can use my pussy to wet your finger." She knew where he was already headed despite missing the fingering hint. He never did play with a girl's ass before, she thought. Hoping he chose to finger her pussy since she was over the edge in arousal. She enjoyed teaching him and letting him use her body as a educational resource.

He pulled his finger back out of her ass and as he did that Christine moved her hands away from her butt putting them above her knees. Keeping bent over and letting Greg take over on the touching and spreading now.

Greg watched her open her legs a little wider and bend over lower. He placed his hand between her legs and felt her wet pussy, sticking a finger inside. Feeling her hot pussy hole and how wet it was, was getting him all the more aroused and in need of relief. Her pussy lips rubbing and touching his hand as he pushed his finger deeper in until he had it all inside her. Christine started breathing a little harder and couldn't wait now until he could finger her right and proper. With a well lubed finger and just shove it all inside of her little ass hole! She would brush her long black hair out of her face to watch Greg play with her when she wasn't closing her eyes taking in the sensations of the slow, but very hot, playing of her pussy and butt.

Pulling his finger out and seeing it all wet and glistening from her juices he returned back to her ass and parted her cheeks from the top with his other hand as much he could. He thought she looked all the more delicious with her cheeks being parted only halfway and not completely stretched apart. Placing his now wet finger to her ass, he started to push in and, at the same time, Christine pushed with her ass and felt it go in much easier now and deeper than the first try.

"See?" She said with a slightly moaning voice. "Feels good. . . with a finger in the ass doesn't it? Imagine your cock up there." She was rocking faster now up and down his finger. Letting him take in the tightness and newfound feeling of her butt.

"Oh God! This is great!" He let out with excitement, pushing his finger inside her ass each time she pushes down on it. Keeping a rhythm up. He moved his free hand away from her butt and felt her cheeks close around his hand as he kept his finger in her ass. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out and started stroking it as he took in the feeling of her insides.

"Don't cum, Greg." Christine took a look at his cock and pushed her butt even faster on his finger now. "I might want to play with it after this. Quick! Stick another finger in my ass! Use two!"

Greg didn't know if she could take it and hesitated at first, but saw the look in her eyes, and he licked his middle finger, then slid it in her ass along with his index. He felt her ass stretch quite easily and then wrap around his two fingers even tighter now.

"Oh God!" She screamed, tossed her head back and let out a long moan. Feeling two fingers push in her ass, both the fingers rubbing against each other when he pushed inside of her more, creating a wriggling feeling inside of her. She moved a hand to her pussy, then shoved three fingers deep inside of her and let out another grunt, followed by a long whimper like moan. Taking in both of her holes being finger-fucked with five fingers total. "You want to feel your cock up my ass?" She let out between shuddering and moaning. Hoping he said yes and just shove his cock straight up her ass.

"Sit right on it!" He yelled out, no longer worrying about Kim and taking in all he can with this all new anal play.

Christine pulled away from Greg's two fingers and, reluctantly, pulled her three fingers out of her fired up wet pussy. Reached around and opened her cheeks up, Greg saw her ass wet and ready to take anything with the way she is going on. He held his cock and was going to guide her but she looked behind her and saw where he had it. Before he could take hold of her hip, she had his cock shoved halfway up her ass.

"OH FUCK YEAH!" She let out the loudest groan Greg has ever heard a woman scream out. "Push it in! Push it right on in! Don't be afraid of hurting me! Just shove that cock all the way inside my ass!" She said with all the breath she could muster. Half yelling and half grunting. She put her fingers back inside her pussy and started to rotate her hips feeling Greg's cock pushing in and out of her ass at a fast, now rotating, pace, along with her three fingers inside her pussy. She rolled her head back and her hair was in Greg's face. Which he enjoyed smelling her scent and the softness of it.

Greg felt the tight hole just surround his cock. He couldn't believe it. His first time anal with his wife's sister! He felt his dick just stretch her ass open and felt her insides rub against it. As he was pulling out of her hole he could feel it close up inside, then he would push back inside of her, feeling her insides open back up for him with better ease than the last time. He felt her pussy juices leak down to his balls, and his dick when he was pulling out, making it wetter and all the easier to fuck her faster.

"Oh. . .God! Christine, I am about to cum!" He yelled out, his hands under her soft arms grabbing her fleshy big tits.

"Keep it in and. . ." she let out another moan feeling her fingers touch his cock when he pushed back in balls deep, "cum in my ass! It's ok!"

With that said, Greg felt his balls tighten and dick stiffen and he tried to push it back in deep but was already shooting his load inside her ass before he could do so. After his first shot inside her ass, he wasn't so stiff and frozen, he pushed his cock up her ass as deep as he could and felt his cum surround his cock. Mixed with the already natural lube inside he let the rest of his load shoot deep inside. Christine was yelling and carrying on, feeling her body shake and buck now as she started to cum. She bucked after every few seconds of sitting still, taking in her orgasm, feeling her fingers getting drenched with her cum and wetness. She kept fingering her pussy, but slower, and each time she pulled out some would leak out and down her pussy to between her butt. Pushing her fingers back inside would cause her to squirt some.

Greg was catching his breath. His cock still inside her ass feeling her slowly come to a stop with her bucking and bouncing, just slowly sliding up and down on his length. She leaned back towards the side, wrapping her hand around his head, catching her breath now. He placed his arms around her hips and rested them on her lap. He wish he was naked now so he could take in the feeling of her soft, plump body on his. But was thankful for what had happened today anyways.

"Well big boy," Christine finally caught her breath. She slowly stood up, feeling his softening cock slide out of her ass. She felt his cum in her and some of it leaking out, she put a hand over her butt and kept her cheeks together from more leaking out. "I am going to go take a shower and get this cum out of my ass." She wriggled her hips while holding her cheeks closed with her hand, smiling at him.

"I need to go shower too and get out of these clothes. You soaked my pants when you came." He saw the big wet spot in his black pants. Feeling the wetness against his legs even. "Thanks for," he didn't know how to really word this. "Umm, that, uh, lesson. . ." he mustered out. He got up and headed for the stairs after watching Christine walk away holding her bare butt.

"No problem. My pleasure. Since we are all family and if this happens again where we are alone in the house maybe you and I can have another round but with a little something more," she kept walking out of the room, but awkwardly walking, from holding her cheeks together making sure a drop of cum didn't drop out onto the floor.

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