tagCelebrities & Fan FictionYes, Dear: Morning Exercising

Yes, Dear: Morning Exercising


"Come on Christine, hurry up!" Kim called out to the kitchen, waiting for Christine to come out in her workout wear to begin the morning's exercises.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Pulling her workout shorts up, well, yoga shorts is the technical term, she thought to herself before going to the living room.

"Ready?" Kim asked in a energetic mood. Her tight sports bra hugging her upper body and her short yoga shorts looking like they were painted on her. "See? It isn't so bad! I'm glad you wanted to do this with me because it is so much better having someone to do this with you."

Christine took a spot next to Kim and waited for the exercise show to start on the TV. The cheesy music and graphics of the show came up showing different stretches and bending and breathing techniques in the opening video sequence. The instructor of the video came on and Kim and Christine quickly noticed her pink and white one-piece thong spandex leotard as the video finally started. Her long straight red hair flowing down to the middle of her back. Standing perfectly still now in front of the camera, pale long legs together, with a space between her thighs from being so lean and fit. Her arms high above her head in the middle of a stretch. She acted to notice the people who would be watching this.

"Hello. I am glad you are here. As many of you know, and for the newcomers of my workout videos, I am Tanya. . ." Christine was watching her recorded instructor turn around and put a chair to the side of her.

"And I enjoy making videos of me wearing thong leotards and showing off my ass for men to jerk off to!" Christine mocked her. Kim laughed, following giving Christine a nudge.

"Pay attention. She is really good at what she does."

Kim and Christine quickly retrieved some of the dining room chairs to do the exercise. Placing their closest hand on top of the chair just as Tanya is doing on the video. They lifted their outer leg out to the side. Christine having trouble at first with the balancing and Kim doing it better for having done it so many times.

Half-hour into it Kim and Christine bending over with the palm of their hands flat on the floor. Feeling her shorts ride up between her butt cheeks, Christine wanted this to end. Kim had her tight spandex shorts on that did not ride up on her as much as Christine's.

"Whoa, look at that!" Both women heard Greg's voice as he came from the kitchen with Jimmy.

"Man, that is nice! That butt is nice."

"Guys, please, we are trying to do a workout here. Stop bothering us." Kim scolded while still bending over.

"No, no, don't worry. We just enjoying the woman on the video doing the exercising." Jimmy said, taking a seat in the recliner.

Both women stood up straight, Greg rolled his eyes at his brother-in-law's stupidity. "Excuse me?" Kim put a hand on side of her hip looking at Jimmy.

"Umm, uh," Jimmy wriggled in the chair trying to quickly think something up. "What I meant, was, you two have nice asses." Greg rolled his eyes again and headed for the front door slowly to avoid the mess Jimmy created in his living room.

"So you saying you like Kim's ass?" Christine jumped in, just having fun at the expense of her husband's stupidity. She didn't really care, but Kim, well, Kim is just like this Christine knows well.

"No, I didn't say that." Jimmy's mouth open, not blinking, and unable to say anything to help him.

"Come on Jimmy. Let us leave our wives to their workout while we go do what we had planned to do." Greg couldn't take seeing Jimmy bury himself.

"Right." Jimmy said, getting up quickly. Greg opened the door gesturing for Jimmy to hurry up and get out of the house. "And only you have a nice butt, honey." Jimmy smiled at Christine, giving her a kiss before he leaves. "See?" In a matter of seconds Christine felt her shorts being pulled down and now down by her feet exposing her naked self from the waist down.

"Jimmy!" Christine scolded, but he was already out the door leaving Greg near the open door getting angry leers from both women. He quickly made his escape.

"I can't believe that." Kim said.

"I know. I can't believe Jimmy yanked my shorts off." Christine confirmed the disbelief with her sister, pulling her shorts back up.

"Not that," Kim quickly corrected her. "I mean them gawking over her!"

"Oh, calm down, scarlet letter." Rolling her eyes not believing Kim is actually bothered by this. "Not like she is actually here in the living room with us showing her ass off for them."

"I guess," Kim calmed down some. "But that does give me an idea, though."


Before Christine knew it, her shorts were down around her feet again when Kim quickly pulled them down. Christine standing there, completely shocked by this.

"What is with everyone always stripping me?" She couldn't believe it. "Do I have a sign saying I want to get my clothes pulled off or something?"

"Oh stop, you like it." Kim told her, pulling her own shorts off now. She too had nothing on under them and both women standing in front of each other naked from the waist down. "I figure they will be back soon, and when they think we are calmed down. When they get back we will give them something to admire besides that skank on the video!"

"But, 'she is really good at what she does!'" Christine mocked Kim from earlier.

"Oh, she is, just not when she takes attention away from me though."

Christine couldn't believe how Kim could get sometimes, she thought, lifting her leg up pulling her shorts off knowing Kim won't let her put them back up now.

"When did you start shaving down there, by the way?" Christine noticed Kim's pussy being completely bare.

"Couple months ago. I wanted to see what the bid deal was."

"Doesn't it bother you?"

"A little. Which is why I keep it shaved now, but I might grow it back out, I don't know. According if I can handle all the itching and annoyances of it coming back in."

"Well you can just keep it trim and neat like mine." Christine pointed to her crotch, showing off her short but fanned out curly black pussy hair. "It keeps it neat and nice, and don't have to worry about all the itching and crap. Plus, I think it looks good." Looking down at herself, admiring her fur.

"Ok. Enough pussy talk. I still want to get my workout in this morning."

Rewinding the video back to where they were before Greg and Jimmy came in they were back to bending over with their hands flat on the floor.

"I didn't notice before, but it is kind of chilly in here." Christine joked.

Hour went by before Kim heard the car come into the drive and she quickly put her plan in action. Jimmy was the first to come in checking to see if the girls were still in the living room, following Greg. They quickly stopped in their tracks staring at their wives.

"Kim!" Feeling Kim push her pelvic region against her butt and wrapping her arms around her waist while she was bending over again after finishing the last exercise. "Wha--?!"

"I'm your anchor." Leaning across Christine's back, Kim whispering in her ear, "Go along with it."

"What are you two doing?" Greg became shocked by this. Kim naked from the waist down and pressing her hips against Christine's butt while bending over.

"Two more stretches Christine. Hurry." Kim's butt cheeks pressed tight together, pressing her hips more into Christine. "Exercising." She answered casually.

"Why no bottoms?" Greg slowly came closer. Still shocked at this.

"Greg!" Jimmy didn't mind at all. "If this is how they exercise, who are we to get in the way of it?" Jimmy gave him a hit on the arm, motioning towards the couch to sit down and enjoy the view.

Christine standing up, knowing Jimmy would have no qualms at all about this. Greg quickly taking notice of her pussy and the, quite tasteful, amount of hair. It was sparse and trimmed, allowing some of her white skin to peek through her hair giving it an even hotter look, he thought. Jimmy taking notice of Kim's shaved pussy and he could see her pussy lips between her legs better because of it, and her slimmer figure allowing it. Both men were getting aroused and casually sat back, Kim glad seeing the plan is working.

"Hold on to me now." Kim said, turning around, bending over and pushing her butt up against Christine. Kim felt the soft hair against her butt cheeks. "That's soft hair, Christine." Kim made sure both Jimmy and Greg heard it.

"Umm, thanks." Christine couldn't believe this. Kim was crazy!

Both the guys were getting hard from watching Christine push her petite butt into Christine's crotch as if she is getting fucked from behind by Christine while she is holding Kim by her hips. Christine couldn't help it, but she felt herself getting wet from feeling Kim rub her butt against her shaven crotch.

Kim doing five more long deep breath stretches and stood up straight, facing Christine. Looking down, knowing Christine is getting wet over this from feeling her bare pussy having no hair allowing her to feel her wetness easier than if she was unshaven. The guys were oblivious to this, Kim thought.

"Christine, you can't get wet during exercising!" Kim scolded her, Christine shocked Kim not only knew but said something about it out lout.

Feeling a quick, sharp slap on her butt, Kim gave Christine a spanking. Christine felt a tingle of pleasure from getting slapped like that, and it being by Kim, who is usually modest and prim, made it all the better for her. Christine gave Kim a slap on her small butt and Kim looked shocked by this. The guys watching the girls now slapping each other's asses, they both were thinking the same thing but not saying a thing about it, just watching. Kim retaliated by slapping Christine's crotch and raised her finger at her, giving her a look that Christine never seen Kim use and did not return the slap to Kim's crotch.

"Now let us get back to our exercises, now that you are straightened out." Kim told her sister, turning her back to the guys.

Christine wondering how long this is going to go on and what Kim is planning on doing when it is over. She herself already knows what she wants to do. Hop on Jimmy and get her pussy filled up with his hard cock riding it all the way into the night and to tomorrow morning.

Not even paying attention to the tape at all Kim bent over in front of the guys, looking at Christine to follow suit. "Ok, we have to touch our palms to the floor."

Greg and jimmy's mouths both hit the floor when they watched their wives bend over and bare themselves completely to the both of them. What started out as both of them looking at their wives, they each secretly looked at the other's wife. With both of them occupied with their staring, the both thought they are getting away with something. Jimmy staring at Kim's little furry pussy. Her hair lightly covering the sides of her pussy lips, which are partly open and her butt cheeks, thanks to her being petite, apart showing off her tight little pink puckered ass hole. Greg looking at Christine's butt, pleasantly plump and slightly apart, round shadow where her ass hole is and her shaven pussy lips under her soft cheeks, glistening from being wet, open slightly more than Kim's, showing off a lot of sparkling pink between two plump pussy lips.

Neither of them unable to take it any longer with their hard ons straining hard against their jeans. Casually reaching down, they both started rubbing their jean covered cocks, straightening them out to the side of their jeans against their legs, rubbing.

Kim getting up and turning around watching them touching themselves. "You guys doing that for us," Kim getting Christine's attention. She stood up and watched both of them with their hands on their cocks still inside their jeans. "Or are you doing it for Tanya?"

"You girls." Both of them managed to say, their eyes going back and forth to their faces to their breasts and down to their bare crotches. One hairy and the other shaved bare.

"That's right," Kim slowly walking up to Greg. She slowly crouching between his open legs and unzipping his jeans. Normally he would protest with Jimmy and Christine in the room, but not really caring right now. Sliding her hand inside his jeans, grabbing his cock and slowly stroking his hardness. "Christine, you should try out Jimmy. Greg is really hard from all this, harder than usual. Jimmy probably is too, then."

Not having to be told twice from her aroused state Christine quickly went to Jimmy and unzipped his pants, pulled them down and took his hard cock out. Kim was right, she felt his hardness in her hand when she started stroking it. Not worrying about frivolous petting. Christine took Jimmy's cock in her mouth, almost all the way down. Slurping and sucking noises coming from Christine. Jimmy sitting back letting Christine suck and lick away at his dick.

Kim looking over watching Christine suck on Jimmy's cock with a smirk. Pulling Greg's dick out, Kim holding it under his dick head slowly rubbing it over her lips, letting her tongue lightly flicker over it as it slid over her bottom lip. After a few rotations, Kim took a long lick from his balls all the way up under his cock to his dick hole where she circled her tongue over it before taking half of his cock into her mouth. Greg let out a long moan as Christine watched, impressed by her sister's cock sucking talent. Turning back to Jimmy, she took his cock back in her mouth, sucking and moving her tongue fast under Jimmy's cock in her mouth.

Sucking and slurping sounds filled the living room. Both Jimmy and Greg enjoying the attention from both of their wives, letting them take over.

After a few minutes of stroking, sucking and licking Jimmy started to feel his cum build and about to let it go. Brushing Christine's long black hair behind her ears, she knew what that meant and prepared herself for it.

As if both had mental channeling to each other, Jimmy shot a big first load in Christine's mouth and a quick moment after that Christine opened her mouth, gasping, catching her breath, and letting the rest of his cum shots hit her in the face and wherever else it landed on her. Stroking his saliva and cum covered cock, Christine pumped his cum out, feeling the next three heavy shots of cum shoot on her face. Feeling the warm semen slowly slide down her forehead, cheeks, mouth and chin, some dropping to her breasts and sports tanktop. Licking her lips she went back down on his cock, licking and sucking it until it went soft, but still hard.

Kim watched the whole swallowing and facial with wide eyes. As did Greg, who lost control after watching Christine having all that cum shot onto her face and loving it. Kim never done that before, she swallows, but not that, Greg was excited. His mind going back to Kim's soft hand wrapped around his cock above his balls, he took hold of Kim's head and pushed her back onto his cock, fully mouth fucking her now. Kim felt his dick head bounce against and away from her throat. Gagging and trying to catch her breath, she was about to lift her mouth off of his cock before she felt his first load of cum shoot directly down her throat.

Kim pulling herself away from his dick, sitting straight up on her legs, quickly when he let his hand go from her head when his orgasm coughing and gagging from the cum in his mouth, some of it coming back up dribbling out of her mouth and spitting out of her mouth over her chest and legs. Kneeling catching her breath, feeling Greg pump his own cock, shooting the rest of his cum onto and all over her face.

Looking up at Greg, Kim's eyes red and watery from the coughing and gagging and trying to catch her breath. The cum from both her mouth and the rest from his dick slowly sliding down her face, some of it in her curly brown hair.

Christine watching amused while licking Jimmy's dick and enjoying the show. Obvious that Kim has never done anything like that before. She broke new grounds, Christine thought.

"You're right," Christine looking over to Kim, slapping her butt as Kim is leaning over with her butt in the air to stand up. "Exercising is pretty fun!"

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