tagCelebrities & Fan FictionYes, Dear: Walk ins and Revenge

Yes, Dear: Walk ins and Revenge


Jimmy came rushing into the bathroom connecting to Greg and Kim's bedroom. Finding Kim in there but before she could let out any kind of shock he pretty much picked her up under her arms putting her outside the door. Standing there eyes wide and shock overwhelming her, before she could let any response out the door shut in front of her and she can now hear a full stream of urine hitting the water. Waiting there unable to believe this. Didn't do or say anything! Just kicked her out of her own bathroom-- which is apart of her bedroom!

Finally after what seemed to be forever the bathroom door opened and Jimmy came out to a shocked and appalled Kim. His eyes doing a quick sweep over her naked body. "Kim, why are you naked?" Standing there in front of her just as shocked now.

"Well, Jimmy, I am naked because I was about to take a bath before you came charging in and kicked me out of my own bathroom. Why did you come in here?" Keeping herself covered with her arms and hands.

"Guesthouse toilet is messed up and the door to the bathroom downstairs is jammed again. I didn't think you would be in here." Pushing him out of the way and going back into the bathroom Jimmy went to turn and say sorry when the door closed right in his face.

Later in the day Jimmy came into the kitchen finding Kim drinking coffee and looking at a magazine at the kitchen table.

"Hey Kim." Heading to the refrigerator.

"Come to toss me out of here too?" She snidely joked.

"No, you're not naked." Saying that caused Kim to turn red in the face from embarrassment. Calm down Kim not like it was intentional. Heck, I didn't even notice you were naked when I went into the bathroom. I just needed to go really bad."

"It's ok." Kim knew it was an accident and can't find herself being mad at him forever over this. Not like this is the first time she been walked in on like this. House full of kids there is no such thing as privacy and Jimmy almost being a grown kid himself it is understandable.

"Besides, Kim, you shouldn't be ashamed of that body. It is really nice." Yes, a big kid, Kim thought after his kind words.

"Thank you." She shyly said, hoping he would just drop it.

"I mean, if you want to see me naked or something we can call it even. Or if you barge in on me some time I won't get all bent out of shape and upset, and consider it even." He kept going on, feeling bad, he is in his own mind trying to make amends. The Jimmy way.

"Jimmy it's ok." Kim acting like she is still reading her magazine. Mixed between emotions now. Embarrassed, slightly turned on, and annoyed.

"No. I shouldn't have done it and have to make it even. Here, no one is home, you can see me naked." He started unbuttoning his jeans and Kim heard his zipper go down. Her eyes wide, she wanted to leave but didn't. She even tried protesting; but he heard nothing of it. Next thing she knew he had his jeans off and him standing in his underwear with a noticeable bulge.

"Jimmy. Jimmy, it's ok, rea-" Kim stopped when he pulled his underwear off and his dick came into view. "Whoa!" Her eyes on his cock. Much thicker than Greg's.


"That's thick!" Turning around facing him now. Interest high. Arousal emotion now blocking the embarrassed and annoyed ones, now she's ready to forgive. "I had no idea, I thought you'd be average or smaller, I don't know, never really gave it thought, but I didn't expect this!"

Kim straightening out her lounge shorts she wears for around the house, they are quite short, stopping shortly below her hips leaving most her legs bare to see. A cotton camisole, used for professional dressing under a jacket or alone, stopping low allowing eyes to see a little bit of her cleavage. She sat there just staring at Jimmy's dick.

"Well, uh, thanks." Lifting his leg to pull his underwear off completely. "Just stare away until we are even or no longer alone."

"Yeah." She mouthed more than spoke. Looking straight at his cock and noticing his balls now. They were fine, kind of came off smaller compared to his large cock, still a handful they seem.

Motioning him over wanting a closer look Kim kept sitting and Jimmy came over and immediately felt Kim's hand grab his dick.

"I don't think this is apart of looking." Jimmy went to step back but felt her hand squeeze his cock preventing him from moving back.

"Should of thought of that before you got naked and showed me this." Kim started stroking his dick with her soft hand immediately feeling it start to harden. "Don't get me wrong. Greg is nice. Just not as thick as you. He makes up for it by being long."

"Oh, foot-long, and I'm the bratwurst in manner of speaking."

Smiling, completely ignoring the food analogy, she kept stroking his cock getting it up as hard as he can get it; the thickness getting thicker. "Yes. Umm, something like that."

Jimmy finding himself getting closer and no longer about an arm length away Kim kept the stroking up. He has to admit, it is hot seeing her delicate petite hand stroking his big dick. His dick few inches away from her small cute face, her curly brown hair done up in a ponytail number and her eyes glued on his cock.

Bringing her head closer to his dick she let out soft warm breaths over the head of his cock while she kept her hand wrapped around under his fat head, squeezing it and pushing her fingertips softly into his underside. She traced his head along her lips still breathing heavy on it. Jimmy let out a deep breath.

"Let me lick and suck it?" Looking up at him, still holding his dick in her hands, talking with her mouth close to his cock so he can feel her breath still hitting it. She knows he will say yes.

"Lose the shorts first."

Letting out a giggle, Kim got up from her seat still holding his dick while standing close to him. Taking hold of her shorts with her left hand on the left side and pulling down on it past her hips, she reached over and did the same to the right side. Doing a little wiggle with her hips stroking his cock each time she wiggled and her shorts dropped down to her ankles. No panties and a little patch of pussy fur came into view. Kim stepped out of them and crouched down with her legs open letting Jimmy look between at her pussy.

Opening her mouth and taking his cock as far as she can take it. She strained at first, but after getting use to the thickness and length of it she is able to touch her mouth to his pelvis. Looking down at the job being performed by his wife's sister enjoying watching her petite head move back and forth on his cock.

Christine came in through the front door she found to be unlocked. She didn't make as much noise as it would have by unlocking and keys jingling. Heading towards the kitchen she stopped once everything came into view. Jimmy's back towards her nothing on below his waist and between his legs Kim's small body. Looking at her pussy from having her legs open while crouching and one hand reaching around grabbing his butt and the other one obviously holding and stroking is cock.

She felt herself become overwhelmed with anger and betrayal. Though at the same time she kept watching his hips move back and forth and her sister's pussy in view from Jimmy's legs being parted. Two can play at this game, Christine backing away silently to the front door.

Licking up and down while stroking Jimmy's dick she focusing her tongue on just his head while she stroking his thick shaft. Taking his balls in hand and taking his whole cock in her mouth again Jimmy feeling the time is near.

"Kim I'm abo --"

With that said Kim knew and pulling back some keeping the head of his cock inside her mouth, jerking his dick and twirling her tongue all around his head. It isn't anytime after that pleasurable combo Jimmy shot two big loads of cum in Kim's mouth. Swallowing all of it Kim took his cock out of her mouth and let the smaller loads shoot over her face. Shutting her eyes and feeling the warm semen hitting her face.


"Hey, Christine, how are you?" Greg watching the TV noticing her coming in. Quite late it is. Normally she's in bed.

"Hi, Greg." Answering back, taking a seat on the couch next to him, but with a bit of distance between the both of them to not raise his suspicions.

"What's wrong? Jimmy snoring keeping you from a wonderful martini induced sleep, huh?" Greg not once looking at her.

Crossing her legs letting the bottom of her bed gown slide more down her leg and holding back a snide reply to his usual Jimmy putdown quips. But instead, to get where she wants. "Oh, gosh!" Laughing lightly, smiling big, and rubbing his shoulder. "Always quick on putting down my husband. Funny." Scooting a little bit closer to him during the laughing hoping he didn't notice.

Looking at Christine laughing Greg noticed her in a slinky bed gown with a low cut top showing off a considerable amount of cleavage. Leaning in allowing more to show. "Can you hand me that magazine over there on the table, please?"

Giving a sigh and looking over at Christine, "Can't you get it yourself? Just let me watch my program in piece, please."

"Fine," leaning over more, placing her hand on Greg's shoulder lifting herself up and over him making sure her breasts are right in front of his face inches away.

"Christine! What are you doing?" Greg moved his face out of the view of her chest, smelling the flowery soap she uses and the warmth of her flesh. He felt her even straddle him reaching over to get the magazine. He started squirming under her shocked and left clueless about what is exactly going on here.

"What?" she asked with a perplexed look, sitting back down with her, taking a quick look at it, golf magazine. Of course, she thought, magazine around Greg it has to be golf.

"What was that!?"


"You climbing all over me and . . . and putting your chest in front of my face! Like you really want a golf magazine."

"Well you wouldn't give it to me. And," quickly thinking of a reason, "I am looking for a present for Jimmy for his birthday."

"Yeah, yeah." shaking his body as if he is shaking her touch off of him.

"Oh, come off it! You know you didn't mind it. You are just too chicken to admit it. I see you looking at my breasts. My breasts which are bigger and fuller than Kim's but nothing you haven't already noticed. I even seen you checking my butt out when I bend over to pick something up. You're not fooling anyone, Greg."

"You're delirious."

Not saying another word she took hold of his hand and pushed it right against one of her breasts, and, squeezing his hand making him feel her. Greg too much in a state of shock to do much of any thing except feel the softness in his hand mixed with the feeling of the soft fabric of her bed gown.

Taking his hand and moving it up to her exposed cleavage letting him feel her warm flesh she quickly moved his hand under her bed gown feeling him automatically cupping a breast. Her grin of satisfaction showing clearly but to Greg he thinks it is "expert" handling skills. Taking hold of his other hand she guided it to her other breast just letting him feel her and do to her as he pleases. "That's it, big boy. Feel how lovely they are."

In a matter of moments Greg already pulled them out of the top of their covering and started kneading them wildly, but gently. Surprising, she thought. Thinking he'd be all over like a horny teen's first time with how twitchy he normally is.

Without any kind of nod or suggestion from Christine Greg bent down and took the closest breast into his mouth kissing and sucking and licking all over it. Flicking his tongue over her soft pink nipple and kissing all around it, and tracing his tongue all around in a spiral lick.

"Whoa!" Christine did not expect such initiative from Greg. "Mm. What's this?" Reaching down at Greg's crotch seeing it tent up under his pajama slacks, she reached inside and pulled his cock out stroking it. Not as thick as Jimmy but impressively long. She kept stroking his length while he sucked and fondled her soft breasts for a little while longer.

"Are they everything you imagined?" Christine asked, cupping his balls and rolling her palm over them.

"So much more!"

Again, without further invitation Greg pulled back and took Christine by the back of the head and pulled her head down to his cock. She definitely did not expect him to take such authority! She thought she'd be in control of the situation. But it is nice, and quite a turn on seeing Greg take such control when he is normally so formal and conservative. Opening her mouth she took his cock in her mouth and sucked on it wildly. Her tongue licking under his dick while her lips sliding up and down firmly on his length. Rolling his head back in pleasure.

"Just keep sucking until I cum. I'm going play with your titties more. Do a good job now and earn your stay in the guesthouse," he instructed her, putting her in her place while he's at. Reaching down slapping the side of one of her breasts, he then roughly fondled them.

Normally she would argue about being talked down to like that but this force and authority he is exhibiting is turning her on.

After a while Greg took hold the back of Christine's head and pushed down on it making her take all his length. Choking her at first, keeping it there and pinching her nose shut, about six seconds went by when she pulled up hard coughing and sputtering saliva and cum spilling out of her mouth all over his cock and crotch, the remaining rest slavering out. Looking up her eyes red and watery completely taken over by the authority. Never having experienced such force and control like this. Normally she is in control. But Greg, he just became a different person altogether, seeing him now in a whole different light. And seeing why, after all these years, Kim is with him. Being a little bit on the submissive side.

Not saying anything, Greg got up and took Christine by the hair and pushed her off the couch and bent her over on the cushions. Lifting the bottom of her bed gown up exposing her bare behind and pussy peeking out between her legs. He took his saliva and cum coated cock and, without saying a word, shoved it inside Christine's wet pussy hole. She screamed out but only for a second before she found herself face first in the couch cushions to muffle her screaming and yelping.

Feeling his long length pushing in and out of her pussy fast and hard. Her pussy wetting up immensely. Is this the same man she was sitting next to on the couch when she first put her plan into action? she thought, feeling the inside of her pussy stretch wide each time he shoved his cock all the way inside her. Her screams still audible but coming off very muffled in the cushions. His hand on the back of her head keeping it in the couch and the other violently grabbing her butt, squeezing her left butt cheek and pulling on it exposing her butt hole.

His cock sliding in quickly due to the saliva and cum making her all the wetter and slippery to fuck her senseless. Releasing his hand off the back of her head she went to look up before he pushed her face back into the cushion and removed his hand once again from the back of her head. With his free hands he spread both her butt cheeks apart and watched deliciously while her anus slightly opened. Pulling his cock he rubbed it against her pussy opening and moved it up to her butt and back down to her pussy lips. Moving it back up to her anus he began to slowly push in Christine kept her face in the cushions feeling with anticipation what is about to happen.

But lost it when she felt him stop pushing against her rear opening.

"Get back to the guesthouse you little slut!" He said, grabbing her by the back of the head with her hair, fondling a breast. "Maybe now you will start treating me with a little more goddamn respect! Or I will tear both your pussy and ass up! Got it?"

"Yes." Christine said shaking, wishing he would have at least brought her to an orgasm. The one that was building up in her she knew would have been great and powerful but he pulled out right before it happened. Did he know? she wondered.

"Good. Now get back to your husband. Hope you enjoyed it." He said in a sharp tone, unlike his usual.

Silently walking out of the living room back to the guesthouse feeling her juices slowly descending down between her thighs from her pussy being so wet and seeping. She can't wait to get back to her room and finish herself off with her toys.

The next morning everyone went on with the morning as usual sitting at the table enjoying their breakfast. Kim and Jimmy thinking about what happened yesterday, Christine thinking about last night and Greg reading the newspaper like always in the morning.

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