tagLoving WivesYes, I am a Pervert

Yes, I am a Pervert


Let me start this story by saying that yes I am a pervert. I don't care what the world says but the truth is, that the thought of watching my Lover, my wife ravished by another man is a tantalizing idea and it gives Me a boner. At least I have the guts to admits it, most guys out there(Almost everyone) have the same fantasy but won't admit it.

At first it was only a fantasy But I made it a reality.

My name is Bob and my beautiful wife's name is Tina. We got married 3 years ago she is 29 has a face of an angel. Fair complexion, dark eyes, Thick eye brows and jet black shoulder length hair. She stands 5'4'' and has huge jugs. Tina's big breasts are her best feature. She has cute feet and has a hairy body. She doesn't shave her pubic hair (actually I don't Let her).

It was after our engagement 6 years ago when I started reading naughty stories on different websites. And I loved the slut wife, adultery group Sex and gangbang stories. I don't know how, but I started to imagine Tina is the woman in all those stories. I thought it will go away. But every time I read a new story, this feeling became stronger. It was then, when I realized that I am one of "those men" who like to watch their wives Fucked by other men.

The feeling wasn't that my wife would have an affair or have a lover. But it was of rough, dirty and kinky fucking. It was not a neat clean thing. I imagined Tina fucked like a whore. Involved in a gangbanged. I imagined her in every possible way that a slut would be fucked. We don't do anal so I particularly looked for stories where a husband watches his Wife being anally fucked in front of his eyes. But the best part was to watch her all three holes fucked at the same time.

I have realized most of these fantasies in real lifebut gangbang, and db are still a fantasy. But I will make those fantasies reality one day. After all there was a time when even watching her just kiss another guy was "just a fantasy". Well, not anymore.

In the beginning I used to think that this feeling would go away once I get married. Little did I know that it became stronger by the day.

It took me a while to realize what I really wanted. Was it just a fantasy Or I really wanted it to happen?

So After about two years of our marriage I decided I should tell Tina about my fantasy. Tina and I are best friends so I wasn't afraid she would leave me or hate me if tell her my fantasy. I won't ask her to do anything, my idea was to tell her that I have had such fantasies. If she likes the idea things might go further otherwise it I'll think it was never meant to be. At least i told her what i imagine.

So one day when we were watching a porn movie when a cute girl was sucking on a huge cock. We were both very horny looking at the screen

She asked me "Do you like what you see on the screen? Do you want me to suck you off?"

I said something that shocked her, I said "No"

She said "why?"

I said, "I want you to suck him off"

Shocked at my comment she asked "what?"

I said "you heard me"

She said, "Comon Hon, I am serious, and i am really horny, don't you want me to take your cock in my mouth? stop teasing me"

I said "i am serious too. Wouldn't you like that handsome guy's huge cock in your tiny little mouth?"

She paused for a second and before she said anything I said," Honey I have been holding back something from you for years. I have a fantasy to watch you with another man. I love it when men stare at your body and specially your huge tits. I am sorry, it's been a while but I wanted to be sure".

Tina said, "Sure of what"?

"Whether it is just a fantasy or I really wanted it"

"And?" she asked

"I am afraid it's NOT JUST A FANTASY! There you go I said it"

"I don't know what to say. You really want that or you just want to role play while we fuck?"

I said, "Well, I have been role playing in my head for years while we were having sex. I wanted to tell you for a long time now, but today I finally had the guts it tell you"

The movie still going on and the girl was about to make that hunk cum.

I guess since she was already horny and wet she didn't make an issue out of it and played along.

She spoke again," So, you want to watch me suck some guy's cock?"

"Babe I would love to watch you suck a guy's cock. I've secretly wanted to see that for a long time."

"Are you sure you can handle seeing your wife with another guy's cock in her mouth?"

"I can handle it. The thought of seeing you with your lips wrapped around the head of a cock makes me so horny I'm about to cum just thinking about it."

"Do you imagine me with someone in particular?

"No, actually I think it would be sexier if it was just a random guy or A total stranger. We could go down to the hotel bar and maybe meet someone there"

She kept staring at me, amazed at my comments.

"So...when do you think you might like to suck your first strange cock? second cock you will suck after your husband"

"I don't know, what do you think?"

"So you are willing to do this?"

"Yes. If that is what you want. I love you and you love me. I know I won't loose you if i do this.

Especially if I am doing it for you and in front of you. Its not that I am cheating, rite?"

"What if we go out on a trip this weekend?"

Tina said "Hmm... let's do it. I want to experience it as soon as possible"

"God, I love you so much."

That weekend we went of town. For just one purpose.....TO WATCH MY WIFE SUCK A STRANGER'S COCK


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