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You know, the last time you and I got together, we almost got caught. I still wonder how you were able to control your breath enough to keep your wife from asking if you were okay. I was very impressed. After all, I think you're the only man whose voice didn't crack or waver while I was licking my juices off their cock.

...your cock. mmmMM! That's my cock, too. I can't stand waiting for it again. I know you probably just think "yeah... it's a penis, like millions of others..." You're right... but you're also wrong. It's not just like any other. I've had others. You know I have, but I keep coming back to you. Listen... very.. carefully and I'll tell you why...

I love your cock. I crave it. I've never felt another one throb in my hand... not the way yours does, feeling you tense and the veins pulsing against my palm, my fingertips. Those huge fucking balls..god.. they're just massive for a man your size, and the way they squirm and wriggle before my eyes while I'm stroking your thighs... teasing you. Your cock fills me up without making me pay for it the day after. Just long enough that your beautiful, smooth cockhead taps my cervix no matter what position we use. The killer, though, is that you're deliciously thick. I have bracelets that won't fit around your pole, baby. Nothing... fucking nothing is like feeling you open me up with that thing. It makes my pussy spasm thinking about it.

Still don't believe me? Do you think I give any other man the kind of worship your.. well, my... fat cunt-pleaser receives? Maybe you're too busy mumbling and cooing to notice, but your cock is a challenge, baby... one that I adore overcoming. I can't fucking breathe when you've swollen extra-thick in my throat...but it's like you're plugged right into my pleasure nerves, baby... every twitch and flick of your cock as it slides between my lips and into my throat, the way I have to gulp air when I pull off of you... the way you fight so gallantly to not just use my mouth like I'm your whore... I feel it.. every flicker of the urge to grab me...waste me with your hard, raging cock, baby. I know that for every sweet, thick drop of your precum that hits my tongue, I'm building you up to give me the hungry, deep, hard fuck that makes me cum for you... the way you make me keep cumming. Ungh... my pussy just clenched again... I hope you get here soon because if these panties get stained I'm going to have to replace them...

I can't stop thinking about how you feel when you nudge that slick, wet head against my pussylips... fuck I remember the last time I was so wet you slammed it all the way in... I came instantly and then you just kept fucking me... right through my orgasm and into another one a minute later... god the pillow had a big wet "O" in it when I was returning to consciousness... and then you kept pistoning, hammering, digging your way deeper into my pussy for another hour... I lost track of how many times you made my pussy explode around that thick beast you keep in those boxers. I know I felt you cum once inside me and never stop fucking me. You got so fucking hard... I could feel it in my stomach, my spine... nobody fucks me like that... nobody fucks me like you, honey.

What's not to worship and adore about you and your cock, baby?

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