tagBDSMYes, Ma'am, Yes, Sir!

Yes, Ma'am, Yes, Sir!


Let me take you to a place where you've never been before. You've heard it several times in your lifetime, but you have never truly experienced it and some people think it's bad. I'll tell you a story about a Mistress, Master, and Submissive living under the same roof. Some people make BDSM into something horrible, where Mistresses and Masters are cruel, but really they aren't.

Meet Lola- A stunning beauty with long black hair and the most beautiful hazel eyes you've ever had the honor of ever looking at. She's 5'5", 44D, plump in all the right places. She's the Mistress you wish you could have and be, for she is firm but fair.

Meet James- A gorgeous man with short black hair, green eyes, slim, has a 9" cock, and is almost 6'. He's gentle and can be quite controlling at times, but he's also very fair. A Master who is very Daddy-like. He is a sweet talker who can charm any female into doing whatever he wants, except one.

Meet Lucy- A 5', 40C stunner with long blonde hair and brown eyes. She does whatever she's told by her Mistress and Master without complaint. Always aiming to please those she serves and she does it with such style and grace. A Submissive and Masochist by nature she loves being loved, cared for, and protected by Lola and James for she knows they will never harm her or let anyone else.

This is their story...

"LUCY!" hollers Lola from the other room

Lucy comes running, after catching her breath, she asks, "Yes, Ma'am?"

"Are you happy here?" asks James

"Yes, Sir." comes her answer

"Why?" asks Lola

"You take such great care of me, provide for me when no one else will, and I love pleasing you and my gorgeous Mistress."

"Indeed. Now, I have a chore for you."

"How can I serve you, Sir?"

"I've had a rough day at the office and would like for you to stroke my cock with that warm and wet mouth while I talk to my wife, your Mistress and if you're a good girl, I'll give you a present."

"A present, Master?" she asks

"Yes, Lucy, a present." he grins and she gets the clue

She gets on her hands and knees and starts crawling ever so slowly knowing that they love the way her breasts look in the black corset. She reaches Master, slides in between his legs happy that he already has his cock out for her. With enthusiasm she grabs his cock and shoves it in her mouth, he lets out a soft moan and goes about talking to Mistress. She swallows, licks, kisses, and teases her Masters cock with her mouth and tongue and he's having trouble concentrating on what he's saying. She giggles around him, which makes Them stop talking.

"What's so funny, girl?" Mistress asks

Pulling away from his cock, she bends her head, saying, "I'm sorry, Mistress to interrupt the conversation, I was just really into what I was doing and I heard Master stop talking, that's why I giggled. Please forgive me."

"Lucy, you think making your Master lose concentration is funny?" asks Mistress

"Yes, Ma'am, I do." replies Lucy

Mistress stands up, walking closer to Lucy. Knowing she really isn't in any trouble especially when Mistress leans down sliding her fingers between her thong and deep into her hot, wet pussy. She moans loud as her Mistress starts finger fucking her.

"I think she likes this, what say you Lola?" interjects James

"Mmm, I do!" comes Lucy's answer

Her Mistress keeps finger fucking her for a few minutes before she abruptly stops and removes her fingers from Lucy's cunt. Feeling empty, she tries to get her Mistress to fill her once more, but Mistress denies her by simply standing up and walking away. Feeling sorry, Lucy quickly crawls over to where her Mistress sits and begins coaxing her Mistress' legs open to lap at her sweet, wet pussy.

Moaning with approval Lola opens her legs to let her slave, pet lap at her pussy. Lucy is very good at what she does and in no time has Lola writhing in pleasure and cumming on her tongue. Not to be ignored, James gets up, walks behind Lucy, quickly and effortlessly removing Lucy's thong, and buries his cock within her body. Both moaning, he starts thrusting hard and fast, Lucy having trouble keeping her tongue on her Mistress' pussy, she thrusts her tongue deep inside Lola's pussy, causing Lola to orgasm hard..again!

With both Master and Mistress being pleasured, Lucy allows herself to being overwhelmed by her own pleasure, letting Master take her to that mountain where she will fall into glorious bliss. Soon, all three are cumming again and again until they can't take anymore and breaking apart to catch their breaths.

"Good girl, Lucy." says both her Master and Mistress

"Thank you, Sir and Madam. I am happy that you are pleased."

"We are and now you are dismissed." says James

She gets up (from the floor, where she's always been) and hurries out of the room. Leaving her Master and Mistress satisfied until they call on her again.

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