tagFetishYes Miss Murphy Ch. 06

Yes Miss Murphy Ch. 06


Over the next few weeks, TCC made its play: They decided to fire Mandy for incompetence, and they prepared to defend their position in the event Mandy sued. It was a strange defense, though, because they intended to argue a sort of "incompetence by proxy": It was actually "Davey, the teaching assistant" whose actions in some respects, or lack of appropriate action in others, was to blame. But since "Davey" was acting as Mandy's proxy, in the courses SHE had been hired to teach, she was ultimately responsible, not he.

Adding to the strangeness of the whole matter was the reality that this "Davey" was one and the same person as TCC's full-time faculty member David Thompson, whom they decided NOT to fire. My 19-year record with the college was unblemished except for my inexplicable presence in all of Mandy Murphy's classrooms over this last semester (which was all they knew about), and my mishandling of duties which were not my charge to begin with. In MY actual courses, though, my competence was found to be fully intact. So since I had satisfactorily discharged my OWN duties, they could not fire me on the basis of performing someone else's duties (competently or incompetently). All I got was a strongly-worded letter that went into my personnel file, warning that any future similar incidents would warrant "serious re-evaluation".

In other words, they had no grounds on which to fire me, so all they did was huff and puff. But they fired Mandy... basically because of my conduct and not hers. It was as bizarre as anything else I'd been through since Mandy Murphy blackmailed me.

To everyone's surprise, though, Mandy did not sue to get her job back. She had a much better plan in mind.

Predictably, I shielded Becky from any knowledge that my job might be in jeopardy. I had also done what I could to keep her from the awareness that Mandy was ruining our finances. But one morning, during the last week of classes for the semester, Becky called me from her office at work. She said, "David. I tried to get gas on the way to work this morning, and the credit card I used wouldn't work. I used another one, but when I got here to work, I called the number on the card that wouldn't work, and supposedly it has a 20 thousand dollar balance! It's maxed out! I think someone has stolen my identity. Or yours. What do we do??"

I told her I would check into it, and not to worry. I then called Mandy, who didn't answer, but I left her a voicemail to inform her of the conversation with Becky. I concluded by telling Goddess Miss Murphy that I loved her and worshipped her.

I also trusted her. It was true that Mandy Murphy had blackmailed me, and enslaved me without my consent. It was true that Mandy Murphy *almost* cost me my job. But it was also true that she *saved* my job, and could very likely save her own, if she were determined, and if she hired a lawyer to help her fight to get it back. And it was also true that she made me fall in love with her, and that she was a woman of her word: As long as she had a use for me, she would keep me; I could not escape. I never anticipated the brilliant way she would snatch us (or me, anyway) from the jaws of termination. But she did. Now, here was another crisis. And I trusted that she could handle it.

When Mandy returned my call, she told me that when I was done for the day, instead of heading home, I should wait in a certain spot on campus, and she would pick me up. She told me not to answer or return any of Becky's calls, if she should call again. I did not hesitate to respond: "Yes, Miss Murphy."

When the time came, I stood in the spot where Mandy had directed, and after about 15 minutes, I saw her car pull up in front of me. She rolled down the passenger side window. As she sat, looking forward, wearing stylish sunglasses and a stunningly sexy short skirt, she said, simply, "Get in." I got in. "Don't speak until I tell you to." So I remained silent.

We drove, and the first part of our route was familiar. It was the route I usually took home. I didn't know what else in this part of town might be of interest to her, or where we were heading. I didn't ask. I wasn't allowed.

But, as Mandy drove us down Pantana Boulevard, and neared the intersection with my street, she slowed down. I stiffened a bit... and then a bit more... as I realized she intended to turn ... onto my street!

Then I stiffened even more... and began to sweat... as Mandy navigated the three or four curves along my street... then stopped at the intersection with Whitestone Way... then proceeded through the intersection... then continued half a block... then slowed down... then turned right into my driveway, right alongside Becky's car!

She cut the engine, turned to me, and put a finger to her lips. "Remember," she said, "Do not speak until I tell you to. Now, reach back there and grab my briefcase, and bring it along with yours." I nodded, and reached into the back seat to get Mandy's briefcase, which felt quite heavy. As we both got out of the car, I carried her briefcase in one hand, and mine in the other, and then followed Mandy Murphy up the sidewalk to my own front door.

I anticipated that Mandy would open the outer door and then wait for me to produce my house key to open the inner door. But instead, she went to the top of the stoop, stood still, and rang the doorbell. I waited, two steps below, until Becky opened the inner door to our house. Seeing that I was outside, she opened the outer door, and started to speak, but Mandy said, "Hiiii. You must be Becky. I'm Callie. Nice to meet you." And they shook hands politely.

Ah, I thought. We're using aliases. Though I had no idea what to expect, from this unusual turn of events wherein my blackmailer-turned-beloved-goddess was showing up at my house, WITH me, I knew she must have a plan. And I could only trust that it was as brilliant as her move in that TCC conference room just a few weeks before.

"Well, come in," said Becky. "Where is your car, David? Did something happen?"

"I gave him a lift home," said Mandy.

"Why, what happened?"

"Oh, it's nothing, don't worry about that."

"Do you work with David at the college?"

"No, no... David told me about a possible financial problem? And this is something I specialize in, so... I'm here to help."

"Oh. Ummm..."

"Why don't we all have a seat somewhere, Becky. The living room OK? You have a lovely house."

"Well, thank you. So... who do you work for?"

"I'm self-employed. David contacted me today after you called him this morning, and so I'm going to help you sort through this."

Though Becky kept looking at me, and was confused as to why I didn't help supply some of the answers to her questions, Mandy, or "Callie", kept reeling Becky back into conversation with her. "Soooo," Becky asked, "What is... what is your... I guess, title? What is it that you *do*, exactly?"

"I'll explain all that. Why don't we set up right here in the living room, would that be OK? David, hand me my briefcase there, thank you. OK, let me just set up here at the coffee table, and why don't-"

"Would you like something to drink, Callie? Some iced tea?"

"Iced tea would be great, thank you."

"Some tea for you also, David?" I just nodded. Once Becky went into the kitchen, Mandy quickly whipped around to me and said, "After she comes back in, once she is through the doorway, you go back and get whatever recent credit card statements you can find, that show purchases from all those Friday nights when Katherine and I have rinsed you. Continue to remain silent." I nodded.

Mandy put her laptop on the coffee table, and opened it to face our sofa. When Becky returned with three glasses of iced tea, Mandy immediately thanked her and engaged her in conversation. Before Becky even realized it, I was out of the room, through the doorway she had just come, and headed back to my office, where I had hidden the requested credit card statements in my file cabinets. I retrieved them, as Mandy had commanded, and brought them back to the living room.

As I came in, Mandy said, "Ah, OK, there are those documents I asked for, thank you, David. I'll take those. Now David, why don't you just have a seat here on the sofa next to your wife. And Becky, I just want to show you a little video here that kind of explains the nature of the work I do. So let's just have you watch that, and then we'll talk about your situation."

As Becky and I sat side-by-side on our sofa, Mandy started up a video on her laptop screen. Once the video file opened, Mandy seated herself in a straight-backed chair across the coffee table from us.

When the video rolled, it showed a beautiful rustic living room, with a fire burning in a fireplace. In front of a vertical support beam stood a naked man, his hands cuffed behind the beam, a collar on his neck, a ball gag in his mouth, and a steel chastity tube on his penis. A long nylon cord ran from his collar to some unseen attachment above his head. He was flanked by two beautiful women, who stood unrestrained, wearing only panties. One said, "Well... Our little slaveboy here has not been permitted to cum in about seven weeks. So tonight we're going to empty his balls for him. But why should we care whether or not his balls get emptied, PussyKat?"

Her companion replied, "Well, SexyCallie, he did pay us a thousand dollars to be allowed some relief for his pent-up balls."

Long before the second woman said "pent-up balls", I heard a gasp beside me. In my peripheral vision, I could see that my wife had her hand clapped over her open mouth. I hazarded a glance above and past the laptop screen, to see "SexyCallie" sitting with her legs crossed, smirking at both of us.

Becky watched as the two women on screen counted stacks of cash, then discussed how the crazy contraption on the man's penis worked. She watched the strange woman, who had just given her husband a ride home, back against her bound husband, and slide her body up and down against him, and tease his chastised genitals with her panty-clad ass.

Becky then listened to the women talk of chores her husband had done, at the house of this "PussyKat", and watched her husband nod in the affirmative when he was asked if he loved and worshipped "SexyCallie." She watched her husband nod in agreement to paying these two women double the amount for their services next time, though she didn't completely understand what these services were.

Becky then heard SexyCallie tell her husband that she wanted him to say, "You are my goddess. I love you and worship you, and will serve you forever, no matter the cost." And keep saying it until she told him to stop. When her husband, though gagged and unintelligible, clearly obeyed SexyCallie's command, and began to repeat the mantra, my wife could take no more.

"You... BASTARD!!" With that, she assaulted me with a series of sloppy blows to my shoulder, and the side of my head. Squealing and wailing, she hit me with punch after awkward punch, battering me from the side, and pushing and shoving at me. She sobbed and shouted, saying "OHH MY GAAAHHHHHD!! DAVID, HOW COULD YOU?? HOW COOOUULLD YOUUUUUU!!?!??"

"That's all right," said Mandy, calmly. "Take it, David."

Becky continued slapping and battering me, while Mandy said, "It's all right, Becky, we understand." Becky had nothing to say in reply to Mandy; Mandy may as well not have been in the room, as all of Becky's painful emotion was being directed at me.

"David," Mandy said. "Slip down off that sofa, onto your hands and knees, and crawl over here and kiss my feet." I obeyed, and as I crawled toward Mandy, Becky stood up and pounded my back with her fists, shouting, "No! No! NOOOOO, OHHH MY GAHHHHD! DAVIIIIIID!!" Then she ran out of the room, through the kitchen doorway, shouting, "GET OUT!! GET OUT, BOTH OF YOU!!"

As I kissed Mandy's feet, I could hear Becky sob, and wail, all the way from our bedroom, where she had gone and slammed the door.

For a full minute, I kissed the tops of Mandy's shoes, while she sat calmly and said nothing. I also said nothing... as I had not yet been directed to speak.

Finally, Mandy sighed and said, "She'll be back. In the meantime, David, I'm hungry. Strip off all your clothes, get naked, and fix something to eat for all three of us." While I was undressing, Mandy went into our kitchen and looked in the refrigerator, freezer, and cabinets. When I came into the kitchen, wearing nothing but a chastity tube, Mandy was holding a package of pork chops which had thawed in the refrigerator. "Do you know how to cook these, David?"

"Yes, M-" was all I managed to say before Mandy slapped me hard.

"Can you not nod in answer to a question? Did I give you permission to speak yet?"

I nodded in the negative.

"No, I did not. Not only that, you almost called me Miss Murphy, I think. God forbid you were going to say Mandy. Your wife will only know me as Callie, and you will address me as Goddess Callie, understand?"

I nodded.

"Good. Now fix these pork chops and a couple of side dishes. And do you have any white wine?"

I nodded.


I pointed.

"OK. Fix us a nice dinner. By the time it's ready, maybe Becky will have calmed down, and we can get her to come out here so we can discuss what comes next."

After a few minutes, as I stood at the stove trying to avoid having oil pop onto my naked body, I heard our bedroom door open. For a moment I heard nothing else, then I heard Becky, who was clearly standing in our bedroom doorway, call out, "David?"

Mandy, or "Callie", called back: "We're out here, Becky. David is fixing dinner for the three of us. I hope you will come out and join us? We have a lot to talk about."

"I want to talk to my husband! David?"

"He's not going to answer, Becky, I've commanded him not to speak."

"That's ridiculous, I want to talk to my husband! David, come back here!"

"I'm sorry, Becky, he's not going to come back there. He does not disobey commands from Goddess Callie."

With that, Becky scoffed, and huffed, retreated back into the bedroom and slammed the door.

When dinner was ready, I set three plates on the table. Mandy poured herself a second glass of wine, and also poured one for Becky. She told me to bring in a glass of iced tea for myself (the one in the living room which was now diluted due to the melted ice cubes). When the table was ready, she told me to stand beside it, and stay put, and silent, until directed to do otherwise.

Then she went down the hallway to our bedroom door, and stood outside it. "Becky? David has fixed us dinner. He will not be eating at the table with us. Won't you come and join me? I've poured us each a glass of wine. Let's eat together and talk about what comes next."

"I have nothing to say to YOU, miss! I want to talk to David!"

"I think you'll find it much more useful talking to me. I can explain this situation much better than he can."

"This is between David and me, not you and me. I WANT... to talk... to DAVID!"

"Well... again, Becky, I'm sorry... but David is not allowed to-"

"Not allowed!?! Who do you think you are!!??? I want you out of my house!"

"Well, I'm not leaving. The three of us will be here until you and David have to work in the morning, if it takes that long. And if we don't settle this by then, we'll try again tomorrow night."

"What!?? Are you holding me hostage in my own house!? I'm calling the police if you don't leave!"

"That won't do any good, Becky. I'm a guest of your husband's, so the police have no authority to make any of us leave. If I hear you call the police, I will call my lawyer, who will be here before the police are. Let's not go that route, Becky. I know you're upset, and you want answers from David. But I have all the answers you need, so ... please why don't you come out, and let's have dinner."

There was a long moment of silence. Finally, I heard the door open. In a moment, I heard Mandy say, "After you." I heard footsteps coming down the hallway. Becky appeared first. When she saw me standing naked in the dining room, she recoiled, and scoffed. "Oh my ... god! Ugh." Mandy walked around and past Becky, and said, "Please. Have a seat here," pointing to the chair nearest Becky, on the side of the table opposite where I stood.

"Oh. Thank you for offering me a seat at my own dining room table," Becky huffed in sarcasm. "For God's sake, David, put some clothes on!" Becky stood a moment, coming no farther into the dining room, as Mandy sat down at the table, just to my right, and I stood, staying put, a little behind her.

Becky scoffed and rolled her eyes. "So you two are going to humiliate me further by making me sit here and look at your naked body while I eat, David?" She glared at me, and I stood expressionless. "My god, David, look at you! You're brainwashed by this girl! Who IS she, anyway??"

"Please," said Mandy. "Have a seat, Becky. As I told you before, you'll get no answers from him. He obeys Goddess Callie, so he's going to stand there and be silent. Please. Eat." She raised her wine glass, and waited for Becky to sit across from her.

Becky moved slowly to the chair intended for her. She sat. She stared at Mandy, as Mandy waited with raised glass. She moved her plate to the side. Then she spoke. "I have no appetite. I will listen. You go ahead. Enjoy my food. Since you've obviously been enjoying my husband."

At that, Mandy saluted her, and took a sip of wine. She calmly cut her meat, and sampled a bite. Becky cast a hateful stare, first at her, then at me... then back at her.

"The other woman you saw in the video," began Mandy, coolly, "is my friend, Katherine. I call her PussyKat. She is married, but... as you could see in the video, she is... kind of a naughty girl." At this point Mandy turned her head just a bit sideways, and said, "David. Go down to your hands and knees, crawl into the living room, and get my briefcase. Put in on your back, and then crawl back in here."

As I obeyed, Becky scoffed. Then as she watched my naked ass disappear through the doorway, I heard her break down and sob. When I crawled back in with Mandy's briefcase on my back, she was still sobbing. "Crawl right up here, David. I need that briefcase. That's good. Now just stay right there until I say otherwise. Good boy."

Above me, I heard Mandy produce something from the briefcase. I heard her say to Becky, "I have a letter here, which I want you to read. This letter is from your husband, to Katherine. You see, David had an affair with my friend. So I am not his first infidelity. Before me, your naughty husband did kinky things with Katherine. One of those things ... was ... to EAT ... Katherine's... PUSSY... while her PUSSY... was still filled... with her husband's... CUM."

"Ohhhh, God," Becky wailed. "This is a nightmare!"

"Funny you should say that," replied Mandy. "Because that's exactly what Katherine said to me when David became obsessed with her. You see, to Katherine, this was a casual affair. But your husband fell in love with her. When she tried to break it off, he wrote her this letter. Go ahead, have a look."

A few moments of silence followed. Then Mandy said, "Do you recognize that as David's handwriting?" I heard no reply, and since I could not see either woman's face from my position below the table, I assumed that Becky nodded. "Now I want you to look at a phony photograph David made, to send to Katherine along with this letter."

"Oh... God!" said Becky, in disgust.

"Now... Becky... I'm a smart woman. And I know something about obsessed men. They can be quite dangerous. You cannot wish a man's obsession away. It won't go away, and it needs some kind of outlet. Otherwise, it will build and build, and eventually end up as stalking, at the very least. But possibly as rape, or murder.

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