tagFetishYes Mistress Ch. 01

Yes Mistress Ch. 01


As I was standing there blindfolded, tied to the wall, a cock ring around the shaft of my aching cock and clamps that were pinching my nipples, I was looking back at how this whole thing started.

One day my wife Janet whom I have been married to for eight years came to me and said, "I need a slave day."

"A slave day?" I asked quizzically.

"Yes, you are always so busy doing the things that you want to do and I have a few things around the house that I need done and I can't do them myself," she responded.

"What do I get out of doing a "slave day" for you?" I asked with a wicked grin.

"I will make it worth your while," she said knowing fully well, what I was insinuating.

After eight years of marriage the sex life had cooled considerably and I looked for every opportunity to take advantage and get my once or twice a month fuck.

"Alright my Mistress, what would you like done first?" I asked.

"Mistress? I kind of like the sound of that. Well first, I need that pipe under the sink fixed. I drips and I can't put anything under there."

"Yes Mistress, I will get right on that," I said smiling and headed to the garage to get my tools.

I then headed back to the kitchen to fix the drain.

I opened the cabinet doors and pulled out the pail she had there to catch the water.

"You know, I like my slaves shirtless. I like to watch the muscles flex and the perspiration as it beads up on their skin."

"Yes Mistress," I responded pulling my t-shirt over my head.

I crawled under the sink to find the leak. I was lying on my back and could see Janet's legs as she stood over the lower half of my body.

I found the problem and it was an easy fix. It just took a quick tightening of a fitting and it was done.

I began coming out and Janet moved to the side.

"That is done my Mistress. What is your next wish?" I asked.

"I could really get used to this." She responded.

"Next I need that toilet in our bathroom fixed. It keeps running off and on, off and on."

"Sounds like my Mistress needs a new flapper, and I just so happen to have one."

I headed to the garage to get the flapper. I had purchased one several weeks back with good intentions of fixing that toilet and just never got to it.

When I got back to the bathroom Janet was sitting on the toilet seat. She had removed her shorts and panties. She had her legs spread and looked at me.

She said, "Your Mistress needs some other attention right now. Get on your knees and lick my pussy."

My mind was racing, "WOW! This is going to be a great day after all."

I got on my knees between her wide- spread legs and immediately went to work licking and sucking on her pussy.

She was already soaking wet. Apparently, the role-playing of slave, mistress was a turn-on for her.

She began pinching her hard nipples through her tight t-shirt as I licked and sucked.

"Slave you better make me cum." She groaned as I sucked on her hard clit.

"Oh fuck yes," she groaned.

She grabbed the back of my head and pulled my hair as she pulled me deeper and harder into her pussy.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming," She moaned as her body jerked and her orgasm ripped through her body.

My cock was rock hard in my jeans and I was ready for her to finish with her orgasm so I could fuck her sweet, wet pussy.

She released the grip from my head and pulled it away from her pussy. I sat back on my knees as she stood up. Her pussy looking me square in the face. She stepped around me, grabbed her panties off the floor and pulled them on. I was watching in disbelief and stood up rubbing my hand across her tight little ass as she bent over. I thought she was bending over ready for my cock when she said, "What are you doing slave?"

She grabbed her shorts and stepped away from me pulling them on.

"I did not say you could touch me. You only touch the Mistress when she asks you to touch her."

She glanced down at the hard bulge in my jeans and said, "Now get back to fixing the toilet." She walked out of the bathroom.

"Ok, so that is how this is going to play out," I thought to myself as I rubbed my hand against my hard cock.

I fixed the toilet and my cock had subsided. I walked back into the kitchen and asked, "What would the Mistress want me to do now?"

"Hmmmm, well I really need you to clean up my car. It is a mess and your Mistress is ashamed of driving around in it."

"Yes my Mistress."

"But, I need for you to pull it around into the backyard. I need to keep an eye on you. No goofing off and I want to make sure it is immaculate when you are done."

"Yes Mistress."

I went to the garage and pulled the car around into the backyard. I got the hose and bucket, sponges and other items to clean her car.

I turned on the hose when Janet came out of the house. She had changed clothes and now had on a very, tight white tank top t-shirt. She changed into a pair of cutoff blue jeans that several years back she had teased me with. She had cut them so short that her ass cheeks were nearly one third visible and the crotch barely covered her pussy.

"Slave, I also need for you to remove your clothing. I want you to clean my car naked."

"What?" I asked.

"Are you questioning me?" She replied sharply.

Now our backyard was fully privacy fenced and we lived in an area where the lots were all five acres. It was not like any neighbors could see unless they happened to walk up to the fence. None of them ever just came into the backyard with the exception of Becky who was Janet's best friend and she always just made herself at home.

"No my Mistress," I replied.

"Then strip!" She commanded.

The idea of this was making my cock hard as I unfastened my belt and unzipped my jeans. I kicked off my shoes, took off my socks and pulled my jeans down as my rock hard cock sprang into the bright sunlight.

I pulled them down and stepped out of them. I was now fully naked.

"Why does my slave had a hard-on? Is it because he is enjoying himself too much?"

"Yes Mistress and the slave would love to fuck the Mistress." I answered.

"What did you say? You want to fuck the Mistress? Turn around and put your hands on the car." She ordered walking toward me.

I turned around and she laid her hand across my naked ass and the smack resounded off the fence.

I flinched and she asked, "Do you still want to fuck your Mistress or would you like for me to beat that thought out of your evil mind?"

"I still want to fuck my Mistress," I answered knowing that she was going to smack my ass again. I had never really thought about it but the mixture of pain and the role-playing had pre-cum dripping from my cock.

"SMACK!" as her hand landed hard against my other cheek.

"Do you want to keep this up or are you ready to wash the car?"

The last one stung so I said, "I am ready to wash the car now Mistress."

I turned around and she smacked my hard cock head. Not hard, but enough to make me flinch.

I turned the hose toward the car and began wetting it.

Janet walked back toward the house and sat on the deck in a lounge chair to watch me.

I filled the bucket with soapy water and began washing the car.

Janet was on the phone and her other hand was rubbing her pussy beneath the barely there crotch of her cut-offs.

Even though we had been married for years, I was still feeling very self-conscious of my naked ass pointing right at Janet whenever I had to bend over.

"Hose yourself down slave." I heard her say from the deck.

It was a hot afternoon and although being naked I was still sweating so I turned the hose to me and sprayed myself off. The cool water felt good and I looked up at Janet who was still on the phone and was now pinching one of her nipples with her free hand.

I then rinsed the car off and, "Slave, come here."

I walked to the deck and stood next to her. She reached out and grabbed my now semi-rigid cock and stroked it a couple of times. It quickly got hard hoping that maybe she was going to relieve me of this torture.

"Slave, your Mistress needs a cold glass of iced tea, it's hot out here."

She released my now fully hard cock and looked at me like "well, I'm waiting."

I walked into the house to get her tea. When I came back out, she had removed her shirt. Janet has one of the nicest, firmest set of tits I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. Her nipples were rock hard.

I handed her the tea, "Now make sure you get the car dried off. I don't want any spots on it." She said taking the glass.

I walked back to the car with my hard cock bounding up and down in front of me. I grabbed the chamois and began drying off her car.

I finished drying it off and she said, "Slave, don't forget the inside. It needs vacuumed in a bad way."

I knew what she was doing now. There was no way to vacuum without bending over. I walked to the garage to get an extension cord and the shop vac.

I began vacuuming the car and glanced up at Janet. She was again rubbing her pussy and pinching a nipple watching me work.

Once finished with that she said, "Slave rinse yourself off. Watching your sweaty hard body has made me very horny and I need for you to make me cum again."

I turned the hose on again and rinsed the sweat from my body and then walked to the deck where Janet was waiting for me. She had removed her cut-offs and had her legs spread on the lounge chair.

Her trimmed pussy was glistening from her masturbating.

"Well? Get busy. Suck my pussy and make me cum again."

I eagerly dove between her spread legs hoping that this time she would let me fuck her.

My cock was aching as I licked and sucked on Janet's pussy. Her clit was hard and red from her hand rubbing it.

"Oh Yes. That is a good slave, licking his Mistresses' Pussy."

I reached up with one hand and pinched her nipple between my fingers.

"Smack," resounded as she slapped my hand.

"Who told you to touch my nipple?" She asked.

I looked up over her pussy and said, "Nobody. I just thought the Mistresses would enjoy it."

"You do not touch any part of my body unless I tell you to. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress."

"You need punished for your blatant disregard for the rules. Lay across my legs with your ass in the air."

I got up and laid across the lounger and her legs and lap. My ass was rounded up and stretched tight.

"SMACK!" echoed as her hand slapped my ass. I flinched but nearly shot my load in her lap.

"SMACK!" again as she laid her hand across my wet taut skin.

"Beg for more punishment Slave." She demanded.

At this point, I truly did want more so I begged, "Please Mistress. Punish me more."

"SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!" As she quickly spanked my ass three times. Each time harder than the last.

"Now get back to work on my pussy. I need to cum." She ordered.

I crawled off her lap and my cock was aching needing release.

"Yuck, what is that? Your cock has drooled on my thigh." She said looking down.

"Lick that off my thigh." She demanded.

I hesitated and she said, "If you ever want to cum in your Mistress's' mouth again you will lick up that small dribble and like it or I will punish you more."

I always enjoyed it when Janet stayed on my cock and let me shoot my load in her mouth and she knew that.

I got down on my knees and bent down. I stuck my tongue out and licked up the small puddle of pre-cum that was on her thigh. The salty taste of my cum laid on my tongue and then I swallowed it. "Now make me cum."

I crawled back between her legs and sucked her pussy.

"MMMMM, that's a good boy." She purred.

I sucked hard on her clit letting my tongue flick back and forth across it.

"OOOOOO FUCK!" She moaned and her body tensed and then jerked as she grabbed my head and buried my face against her pussy. Her juices were coating my face and I could feel her pussy contracting with her orgasm against my tongue.

She pushed my head away from her pussy and said, "Get up."

"I need a shower and you are going to wash my body." She said as she stood up from the lounger.

She grabbed my cock and led me into the house like it was a leash.

"Turn the water on and get it the right temperature." She commanded.

I turned on the water and got the water warm and said, "It is ready Mistress."

She walked into the shower and pulled me in by my hard cock.

"Wash my body."

I grabbed the bottle of fragrant body wash that she used and poured some onto my hands. I began washing her back as she faced the stream of water. I moved down to her tight ass and spread the soap on it. I let my hand slip between the beautiful globes of her ass cheeks and washed her ass. She spread her legs and bent forward slightly giving me access to her. I ran my finger across her tight little rosebud and she moaned.

I poured some more soap on my hands and she turned around. I laid my soapy hands on her beautiful tits and massaged the soap into them.

My cock was so hard I thought it was going to split open. I ran my hands under her tits making sure to get beneath them and then to her stomach. I stopped and put some more soap in my hands and then placed them on her hips and moved to her pussy. I let my slick fingers glide between her pussy lips. I could feel her clit was hard again.

"Mmmmm," She moaned as I continued to let my soapy finger rub against her clit.

Then suddenly her body jerked and she yelled out, "OOOOO GAWD YESSSS." She was having another orgasm and I had barely even began rubbing her clit.

She pushed me down on my knees in the shower. She put her right foot on my shoulder and said, "Wash my legs."

I put more soap on my hands and washed her legs all the while staring at her pussy.

After washing both legs she said, "Wash yourself off and get out."

She opened the shower door and stepped out. I grabbed the soap and began washing. I let my slick hands begin washing my hard cock first.

"I see you in there Slave. I did not tell you to stroke yourself I told you to wash off. Don't you dare jack off in there."

I stopped stroking my cock, finished washing and stepped out of the shower.

Janet was sitting on the toilet seat again. "I need my pussy and legs shaved."

"Oh fuck yes!" I yelled inside my head.

"Yes Mistress."

She handed me some powder and two small electric razors. One was like a toothbrush but with blades and the other was a small round razor.

"Use this one to start with," She said holding out the toothbrush looking one.

I switched it on and began trimming her pubic hair to a stubble.

She then handed me the powder again and said, "Put the powder on my pussy and use this one to remove the stubble."

I looked down and my cock was leaving a small puddle of cum on the floor.

I spread the powder on her pussy and switched on the razor. I gently used it around her pussy and lips to shave her smooth.

I switched off the razor and she felt her pussy, "Good job Slave, now use the same one on my legs.

My cock was beyond painful at this point. I had a hard-on now for several hours without relief.

I put the powder on her legs. I began at her ankles, slowly moving the little razor in tiny circles to get all the stubble. The little razor did a fantastic job. Her legs felt like fine silk when I was completed.

When I was done, she felt her legs and again complimented me on the fine job.

"Now, Slave my pussy is aching again from you handling it and rubbing against it. Follow me to my bed."

She stood up and I hoped she did not see the puddle of cum on the floor or she would have me licking the floor next.

She stood up and said, "You know I need a leash and a collar for my Slave. I will have to put that on my shopping list."

She walked to the bed and crawled right in the middle of our king sized bed. She spread her legs and began rubbing her baby smooth pussy.

"Slave, get my vibrator from the drawer and get to work using it to make me cum. If you make me cum harder than I ever have, I may help you out with your problem," she said looking at my hard-on.

I opened the drawer and plugged in her vibrator. I crawled between her legs and switched it on.

I began running it along her thighs and the joint between her thighs and her pussy. Then circled her pussy and across her mons to let the vibrations gently build against her clit.

She began moaning and rolling her hard nipples between her fingers. Her pussy was already glistening from her juices oozing from it. Her clit had come out to play again, red and swollen.

I ran the vibrator down her thigh and this time came up across her pussy letting the large head on it slide along her smooth pussy lips, slowly, moving it toward her clit. As I got closer and closer, she began to squirm on the bed in anticipation of the vibrator hitting her clit.

"OOOO FUCK!" She yelled as the vibrator touched her clit.

She was moving her hips back and forth on the bed as if she was fucking an imaginary cock. Her whole body was tense and I don't think she had taken a breath since it hit her clit.

I moved it away.

"OOOO MY GAWD!" She exclaimed as her body relaxed and I ran the vibrator down her thigh just to repeat the process again.

"FUCK!" She screamed as the vibrator hit the sweet spot again. She had screamed it so loudly that I was glad we did not have close neighbors or they would have all heard that scream.

I removed it again.

"Fuck you Slave, put that thing on my pussy and let me cum. I have to cum before I explode."

I knew the feeling all too well but wanted to make sure when she did orgasm that I was going to fuck her sweet smooth pussy.

I moved the vibrator back along her now very wet slit and again hit her clit.

"OOOOOOO FUCK YESSSSS!" She yelled as I began slowly massaging her clit with the bulbous head of the vibrator.

She was pinching and pulling on her nipples now as she again was fucking the vibrator.

I switched it on high, "OOOOO MY GAWD!" Janet screamed as her body jerked and she drew in a deep breath. Her whole body tensed and then she screamed out, "OOOO FUCK YES!"

Her body was shaking and trembling as she grabbed the vibrator and my hand and pushed it harder against her pussy.

"FUCK! OOOO FUCK!" She yelled as her body again tensed and another orgasm racked her body.

She then jerked my hand and the vibrator away from her pussy and said looking directly at me with a wild glazed eyed look, "Fuck me Slave, fuck me with your big hard cock."

In a split second, I was over her body between her outstretched legs and guided my cock to her pussy.

It was nearly as if it was in slow motion as I felt the head of my cock touch her lips and then the feeling of my cock slipping between her lips and her pussy gripping the shaft of my cock as I sunk fully into her. I knew it was not in slow motion as I had actually slammed my cock deep in her.

I pulled back and then lunged back in driving into her so hard when our crotches met there was a slapping noise resonating in the room. I could hear her juices squishing along the shaft of my cock as I fucked her. Her big tits were bounding up and down and sideways with the force of my thrusts.

All too quickly I could feel my cum as it began racing up my shaft.

I pushed deep inside her and moaned, "OOOO FUCK!" as my cum exploded from my aching cock. It felt like I was never going to stop shooting load after load deep into my wife's pussy.

I finally finished and held myself above her trying hard to catch my breath.

"Damn Slave, you were loaded for bear! I can feel your cum running between the crack of my ass."

I pulled out of her and rolled onto the bed beside her.

"You have been such a good slave today; you can have the rest of the day off."

I smiled and began laughing and she laughed with me.

"Can we do this again?" She asked.

"Absolutely!" I replied.

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