Yes, Officer!


It was a beautiful summer day in Indiana, and Allyson couldn't help but let her hair down while driving to feel the breeze through her hair. She had an exotic beauty that got her noticed by most guys but a ferociousness that kept most guys that she found attractive at bay. She had a look in her eye that could be both young and innocent look, and the look that could make most people cringe in fear. With her long brown curly hair that was streaked with crimson and gold, she could play the girl next door, or the vixen in a forgotten fantasy. Allyson had the usual Indiana accent as well, the part southern Belle, part inner city ghetto, she quaintly called it Hillbilly ghetto. She hadn't had a real boyfriend in a long time and being in EMS where most of the guys were married on the prowl, or just plan looking for their kicks she took advantage.

Recently she had gotten into a relationship so when she had found that a certain someone, she met at one of the many hospitals, had caught her eye, she felt that it was her bad luck for her to meet this man now in her life. It was a police officer with dark eyes and dark features, just like her current boyfriend. First time she met him she thought, wow they could be twins, they even had the same tone in their voice. He kept showing up at her destinations to strike up chats with her. She kept it cool, and didn't show her true interests, she just thought it was interesting that he kept showing up unexpectedly at the hospitals, always with an excuse that he was there to subdue a psych patient that was on a rampage, or to chat with other officers about something totally unimportant. She then thought that it would definitely be entertaining to have her boyfriend, and his look-a-like in bed.

That had been going on for about 3 weeks, and today she was off work and going for a drive on one of the many back country roads around where she lives in the country. There are no real speed limits on these roads, so when the CD she was listening to was changing songs and she started really paying attention and looked in her rear view mirror it was to her surprise to see an unmarked police cruiser behind her with their lights on. She didn't know how long the cruiser was behind her, she just knew it was going to be a pain on this road to pull over to make sure that if, and it was a big if, someone drove past not to damn near hit her car or the police officers'.

She pulled over as far as she could and got out her normal routine of license and registration, and turning down the blaring music of her radio. She took a deep breath knowing she was probably speeding yet again.

She wasn't paying attention; she was enjoying her loud music, driving in her new convertible with the top down. She waited patiently for the officer to make his condescending approach to the car. She took a deep breath, staring at the steering wheel she said, "Here you go officer, I don't know how fast I was going, and I don't know the speed limit out here, so do what you will to me." She didn't look up until she heard his voice, and she was even more shocked when realization hit her.

"Ma'am I would watch who you say 'do what you will' to." He was looking like a Greek god right at that moment, sunlight just behind his head when she looked up, dark skin, sincere look in his eyes, and a smile across his lips. She knew before she read on his nametag, his voice to her was unmistakable. It was her police officer, Officer J. Sheppard the name tag had said the first time she looked at it, she had memorized everything about his features, his smile, the way he looked when he was upset, and the warmth on his face every time he managed to cross Allyson's path. She was so stunned at that moment she couldn't speak; she had wanted a chance alone with him since the moment they met, just to see how much alike to her boyfriend he really was.

J had noticed he had shocked Allyson, her mouth was hanging open, and she seemed to have stopped breathing. He became alarmed and said, "Allyson, are you O.K.?"

She stammered for a couple seconds blinked a few times before she could make a complete sentence. She said, "Yeah, I'm great, but why are you out in my neck of the woods? Indy is a bit far from here, and aren't you on duty?"

He looked at her with a questioning look on his face eyebrow cocked up high for effect and he said, "Yes, I am on duty, I work this area too now, and that's why I pulled you over, you were going 15 mph over the speed limit, and your driver's side tail light is out."

Allyson was one to check for those things on her car and knew that the taillight wasn't out unless it was a brake light, she was thinking fast and asked, "How long have you been following me?"

He looked almost smug, and said, "Not long, but long enough to know you were having fun driving at break neck speeds down a country road with the top down, I'm surprised you even noticed me when you did, I thought I was going to have to chirp my siren at you."

That's about the time she looked at him with her best puppy dog look and said, "J, you aren't really going to give me a ticket are you? That would really ruin this beautiful day"

He looked around for a moment, and said, "Give me a minute, since I already radioed this in, so I have to say something and run your information."

She smiled at him, and watched him walk back to his cruiser, but then deflated. She knew she had some past driving offenses but most of them should be off her record. She couldn't help the need for speed she had and when she owned a decent car that could handle curves at 40 mph like she did now, she took those curves at 40, instead of the suggested 20 mph. She sat there and lit a cigarette, trying to calm her nerves, She hadn't realized until right then that she was actually getting turned on by this whole interaction with J. She had always thought he was handsome, and had a bad boy look that even the police uniform couldn't hide. The uniform actually enhanced that quality. She had mentioned to her boyfriend that she wanted to act out a fantasy while he was dressed as a cop. She had finished her cigarette and put it out in the ashtray that was in the dash, thinking I'm going to play good girl and not flick it out into the field.

Allyson turned the music back up a little bit waiting for J to return to her window. She was listening to a mix of different metal, and alternative music, that was hard and mind numbing then mixed with soft melodic tones from Evanescence and Nickleback. Right now, was "Hello" by Evanescence, which Allyson started singing under her breath. She closed her eyes humming along to the tune. In the midst of her losing herself in the beautiful piano and Amy Lee's voice she heard footsteps approaching from behind her, she leaned her head back against the head rest and smiled without opening her eyes. As soon as she felt his presence at the side of her car, she said "So, Officer, what's the verdict?"

In the most serious voice she had ever heard him use he said, "Step out of the car ma'am." Her eye flew open and looked up into his face, no sign of joking, no smile, no warmth, just an ice-cold stare behind those sunglasses that sent a chill down her spine. It was 90 degrees outside and she had been wearing a skirt for once, and only a spaghetti strapped black tank top, she had been sweating until she saw that look on his face.

The only reply she could think of was, "Are you kidding me?"

He shook his head to answer her. She stepped out of the car and faced him. That was when everything went so fast she couldn't think straight. He took her by the upper arm and forced her up against the front of her car. And started to frisk her. Moving his hands up and down her sides and down her back to her ass, and down to the bottom of her skirt. He had lingered a little too long on her hips, he was very close to her, she could feel his groin and gun belt up against her bottom. He had one hand on hers that was placed on the hood, while the other went searching for items on her person. She couldn't believe she was under arrest, the only thing that was going through her head was ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!!! She had been having such a great day, and now it was going to come crashing down on her, how was it that bad things always seemed to happen like this, to her.

Next thing she knew, the hand that was holding hers down on the car hood was bringing her arm behind her back. Followed by the other arm, handcuffs being placed on her wrists. J turned her around to face him and said, "Okay we can do this one of 2 ways, you can fight or we can go quietly."

Allyson's jaw dropped, she looked daggers at him and said, "What the hell, I haven't done anything THAT bad, and why would I fight, I'm already handcuffed, not much I can do now, is there? And anyway what are you arresting me for?"

His face only changed slightly, then with the smuggest look he could muster he said, "I'm just taking advantage of my situation, beautiful woman on a deserted barely used back road, in the middle of my town, I couldn't resist." At that he flipped her back around pressed her against her car, and ran his hands up the front of her body working from her hips, up her abdomen to her breasts which were heaving already because of her anger.

She screamed, "Don't put your hands on me like that. I'm taken I'm sorry you can't handle that!! Get your hands off me!!" She fought against him with very little results. He pushed her down and held her still for a couple minutes to calm her down

He leaned over her grinding his cock into her ass and said right into her ear, "Look bitch, I don't want to fight with you, I just want to give you what you have been begging for the last few weeks." He squeezed her breasts with both hands, and reached up to her chin and brought her to look over her shoulder at him. He looked at her in the eyes with a glimmer of satisfaction in his eyes. "I have wanted you since I met you, and now in the middle of no where I get my chance, I'm not passing it up. And the looks you have given me in the past I know you want me too, so take it like a good girl."

In that instant a flash of understanding came over her, and she couldn't believe it, had he read her mind about wanting to be taken over while handcuffed, or had she mentioned it sometime in their banter back and forth. She didn't know most discussion between EMS and police is either professional or dripping with sexual innuendos she didn't know if that side of her had ever been let out around him. She looked at him as best she could, and said as sexily as possible, "What if I don't want to be a good girl?" all she could think of right now was, Holy shit, I'm getting my chance with J, and a fantasy being played out all at the same time WOOHOO!!!

"Then I will just have to force you, now won't I." He then grinned widely, and pressed his lips up against hers roughly. He released her face and began to move his hands down her hips, down her thighs to where the bottom of the skirt was, he pulled it up and wrapped the bottom of her skirt around her cuffed hands, and began rubbing his hands on her ass. She was already wet from seeing him and getting excited, it didn't help she wasn't wearing any panties today. It surely didn't help to get all excited about being out in the middle of no where pressed up against a car, handcuffed about to have a man fondle, play, and fuck her right up against that car. Her mind couldn't handle it all.

She felt him move his right hand up and down on her ass cheeks, his left hand on her shoulder pulled her back so he could whisper in her ear, "You aren't wearing any panties, do you think about being used, and masturbate while driving down the road wearing this skirt?"

Her mind was exploding in passion, and she looked back and said, "Not normally, nothing I can do about how wet I am now anyway, look at where my hands are." He went up and licked on her ear as his right hand reached between her legs to feel how wet she was. Dripping was the answer he got.

He gathered some of the juices on his fingers brought them up and licked them off his fingers, right before pulling her face to his to kiss her. He kissed her searching for her tongue with his. She could taste herself on his tongue. She knew she tasted sweet, and most people loved going down on her because she would get dripping wet and tasted pretty damn good. While they were kissing he reached down with his hand and put 2 fingers into her dripping wet pussy, soaking them thoroughly, and brought them back out to slather her anus with juices. He roughly pressed 1 and then 2 fingers into her ass. She couldn't help but moan loudly against the intruders. She hadn't had anyone go right for her ass without some prodding from her first. He moved his fingers in and out of her ass. He had his left arm wrapped around her chest grabbing one of her breasts pulling her against him.

Her hands being the only thing between them, she had felt behind her and noticed her hands were by where his groin was. So she opened her hands to find a very hard cock underneath the uniform pants. She rubbed her hands up against it. She couldn't help it she was a slave to her passion when it was piqued.

Just then, J broke their kiss, kissing her neck, and biting her roughly. "So you like being ravished. Well, I want see what a slut like you tastes like straight from the source.." He then went down on his knees, she knew if she really wanted to get out of this position all she had to do was kick him in the face, but she didn't, she wanted everything she was getting and more. Just at that moment as if reading her mind he placed both his hands on her calves, and pulled them apart, looking up at her he said, "No funny stuff, I like to give before I receive, especially when it's someone as sweet tasting as you."

He pressed a hand on her back to push her forward over her car, her ass pointed at his face. He made an animalistic grunt, and began to lick her. She had never had anyone that had eaten her like this. His tongue went from just above her clit all the way to her anus, where he licked at her ass probing it with his tongue. Then back down to her pussy licking around it. She never had anyone lick her this way, like they truly enjoyed every part of her and wanted to give her pleasure as much as she liked giving it. He went back to her clit and flicked it with his tongue sucking on it. He moved his hands up her legs to her ass, pulling the cheeks apart so he could lick on her ass some more tasting every part of her. He even caught the bit of juices that were dripping down her leg. He licked it from where it was all the way up her leg back to her pussy, she couldn't help what she was feeling, she damn near came from the feel of it all right then. The teasing the dominance the sense she gave up her will was making her reach her peak very fast. He could feel her about to let loose that's when he backed up and came up behind her, grabbing her chin with his hand and said, "Not yet you aren't, this isn't for your pleasure, it's for mine, maybe next time it can be all about you."

That's when he grabbed her by her hair pulled it back licked her lips, and shoved her down onto her knees. "Open up." He said roughly. She opened her mouth obediently. His hand still pulling hard on the back of her hair, he reached down and pulled out his cock with the other hand. She had been wanting to see, feel, and taste his cock for a long time, trying to win him over with her flirtatious ways prior to this meeting.

He placed it right on her lips, where she reached out and licked the head of his cock lovingly. He leaned just enough that he could slap her across the face wth his eretic penis. He put it back to her lips, every couple tenative licks he would slap her with it again, leaving a red outline of the head of his engorged cock on her cheek.

Finally, looking down at her, he saw that her mouth was still open but had a tear running down her cheek from the humilation she endured. He placed the head of his cock right up to her lips, and told her, "Suck on it good."

She began again licking all around the head trying to move her head so that she could take him in her mouth. Knowing the game of being dominated by her boyfriend she swallowed her pride and let his cock slide out her mouth. She looked up at him and begged on her knees, "Can I please suck on your cock, I want to suck on it so bad I just need it in me." At that moment she didn't care where he stuck it as long as she could feel it inside her. At the moment the mouth was going to have to work. She opened her mouth wide right then, and he shoved it all the way into her mouth.

She almost gagged, from the force but she didn't care, she never had her mouth fucked before, and she wanted it. She wanted to be used like this, and only her boyfriend had known that. All her walls were breaking down there. She sucked on the cock in her mouth, closing her eyes, moving her tongue around it letting it slid in and out of her mouth. He was pumping his hips back and forth fucking her mouth. She could taste the pre cum in her mouth. Feeling her hair being pulled and getting her mouth fucked like that was getting her hotter by the second. Her ass was exposed to whatever was behind her down the road, she could feel the wetness dripping down her leg again. Even with the asphalt digging into her knees, all she could think of is the overwhelming passion, and excitement she was feeling.

Right as she thought he was about to give her what she wanted, which was to taste his cum, he stopped her just short. He had been grunting loudly, every time her tongue flicked on the head of his cock while he was fucking her mouth he moaned loudly from the feel of it. He pulled he up by her hair. And shoved her, leaning her over the car again. He pulled roughly on her tank top and ripped the straps of it to expose her breast. He squeezed them both pulling her back against him. Her ass against his cock, she could feel it between her legs. She rubbed her hips against his, and felt his cock getting wet from the juices between her legs dripping from her. He moaned in her ear when he felt her rubbing her wet pussy all over his cock getting it wet without being inside her. He squeezed her breast hard and pulled her against him harder. The gun belt and her hands were in her back, but she could feel his chest against her upper back heaving up and down.

Allyson reached down for his cock pressed against her ass, trying to guide into her. She wanted to feel his cock in her pussy and her ass badly. She finally said, "Please, please fuck me. I want to feel you inside me. Fuck me hard in my ass if you want, but please just put your hard cock in me."

He reached down with one of his hands and started rubbing his cock up against her clit. Teasing her with the cock just at the opening of her pussy, he said "So, you want me to fuck you in your ass?"

All she could manage was a whimpering, "Yes." She was in some pain from her hands being handcuffed, and the awkward position he had pulled her body against his. But she was a trembling mess, and wanted to be fucked.

Just then J put his cock right at the opening of her pussy and just put the tip in, she tried to move her hips back to take it all the way in her but failed, he moved with her, just wanting the tip inside her for a minute going in and out in very small thrusts. Just when she thought he wasn't going to do what she wanted he slammed his cock deep in her tight dripping wet pussy, hard. Both of them moaned loudly. He started going in and out of her hard and fast, making her slam against the hood of the car. He then took one of his hands and placed 2 fingers in her ass fucking them in and out of her ass and the same tempo he had with his cock in her pussy.

She squeezed the walls of her pussy around his cock making herself tighter around him. She felt him close to cumming again, his body tensing up behind her, and he stopped, he was enjoying the feel of her too much. He pulled out of her rubbing this cock up against her ass. He had managed to get 3 fingers in her ass at that time without her really noticing.

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