Yes, Sensei!


Vu feasted on Alana's wet pussy, his tongue licking her repeatedly, pushing up inside her as his hands moved on a volition of their own, rubbing gently up and down her beautifully rounded ass to the small of her back and then back down again. He could hear her cries of passion as she began to move helplessly, shuddering beneath the onslaught of his tongue in desperate want. He could see her head fall back, his gaze glancing to the mirror to see her mouth agape as he pushed her closer and closer to the edge of nirvana.

Slowly pulling his tongue out from underneath her, he lazily licked back and forth between her now wide spread legs to the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs. He could hear her cry out, see the look of desperation of wanting and needing to be conquered etched across her beautiful face in the mirror. Vu grabbed her hips as he slowly rose to his feet in the back of her, wrapping his arms around her waist as he pressed his throbbing cock against her ass. Alana shivered, shaking in desperation as his lips began to kiss softly all over her neck, his hips slowly moving, causing his clock to slide up and down between her ass cheeks.

"Vu, please ..." she begged, pushing back as if to beg him to take her.

Vu's eyes suddenly flashed, meeting hers in the mirror as one hand suddenly slammed down on her right ass cheek. "What did you say?" he growled softly.

"OH!" she yelped, suddenly gasping for breath as her eyes widened in the mirror, looking at the handsome young Tae-Kwon-Do instructor.

"Try again," he said, his eyes meeting hers in the mirror again as his hands came up and around in front of her to place over her breasts, squeezing them firmly as he continued to move his cock up and down in back of her.

Suddenly realizing what he wanted to hear, Alana moaned, tossing back her head and then turning it slightly to look at him over her shoulder as her breasts swelled in his hands. "Please, Sensei ... please fuck me," she begged.

Vu smiled, hearing her words as his dark gaze locked with hers and then leaned in to capture her sweet lips in a searing kiss. He could feel her thighs open even more, the curve of her ass pushing back as she tried to line up her wet cunt with his cock head. He could feel the rumble of her deep moan in his mouth as he captured her tongue in his mouth. Bending his knees a bit before raising his hips, he slowly squeezed his cock up inside her wet cunt, a low groan emitting from his throat. "Mmmmm," he murmured as he kissed her deeply, pushing his thickness further into her.

Alana cried out softly into his mouth, feeling his length slowly invade her hot, tight hole. She could feel her cunt walls reflexively clamp tightly around his girth, her nipples aching with desire as his hands squeezed her breasts repeatedly, holding onto them with both hands as he slowly impaled her onto his cock. She groaned helplessly, wiggling some until he was completely buried within, her walls clamping tightly around him as he stood there, holding himself deeply inside of her for a moment. She could feel his balls caress the curve of her ass, letting her adjust to his thickness as their mouths parted and she gasped, breathing deeply as her head turned back around, looking at the reflection of them joined together in the mirror. "Oh god," she murmured.

Vu pushed his now throbbing cock up inside her even more, so much that it filled her entire pussy and felt her shudder as the cock head pushed against her cervix. He could feel her respond, pushing her ass back against his hips as he saw her eyes close momentarily in the mirror, as if to savor this moment. And then she turned her head again, looking back at his as her hips shifted, causing her walls to clamp down on his cock. "Yeah, baby ... that's it," he groaned.

Vu rubbed his hands across her stomach as his hips thrust forward and then pulled back again, the motion causing his cock to slide slowly up and down inside of her, teasing at her g-spot as she moaned deeply. He could feel small spasms shudder down the length of her as her hips began to take up a rocking motion to drive him further into her willing cunt. Vu's lips moved all over her neck, nipping with his teeth, laving with his tongue as he pushed forward against her. Her ass felt so fucking wonderful as it pushed back against his hips.

Alana groaned, his lips on her neck sending another spasm of delight down her spine. Her ass pushed back time and again, driving him deeper, faster into her quivering flesh. She could feel Vu driving his cock deep within her as it slid in and out of her tight, wet cunt and it seemed as if with each thrust, he pushed it in as far as it could go. She groaned helplessly, pushing back harder against him as her clit began to throb.

Vu could feel his balls start to s well up more as he neared the edge of cumming, the delicious feeling of her cunt walls clamping down on his hardness driving him closer to completion. Her helpless groans, her shuddering flesh drove him to move faster, pushing her against the mirrored wall as he began to fuck her unmercifully. He slid one of his hands down the front of her, bringing it between her legs to rub at her clit as he continued to work her from behind, driving his cock deep inside of her

Alana cried out, shuddering as his fingers found her hard nub and shuddered violently, her legs tightening as his cock drove deep once more, pushing her over the edge as she screamed in delight, "Yesssss, oh god yesss!!"

Squeezing into her spasming cunt, his hips beginning to move like pistons as his cock drove in and out of her dripping cunt. He groaned as her cunt walls collapses around his cock, bathing him in sweet, hot cum as his own body started to spasm at her release. Alana cried out as he suddenly erupted within her cunt walls, thick ropes of hot seed spewing deep within as she shuddered over him. He could feel hot nectar seeping out between them to flow over his swollen balls. Vu's hands clenched on her hips as he drove into her hard one last time, holding his cock deep inside of her while he came. "Oh yeah," he groaned.

Alana trembled, shaking against the wall as she gasped for breath, cumming in time with him. "Ohhh," she moaned as he grabbed hold of her tits and squeezed them hard one last time as he continued to shoot another load of jism into her cunt. She ground her ass back against his hips only to cause him to moan once more as she gasped for breath.

Vu pushed against her, making her body press against the cool mirrored wall as his own pressed against her, his lips lost in her hair as he breathed deeply, trying to control the trembling of his own legs. Then letting go of one of her tits, his hand cupped her chin to turn her head, kissing her softly on the lips. He could feel her relax some and then wrapped his arm around her slender waist, turning her in his arms to pull her closer, tighter in his embrace as he whispered in her ear, "Now, wasn't that an unexpected surprise?"

Alana grinned, emerald orbs twinkling as she looked at her Tae-Kwon-Do instructor, knowing that from this point on, her classes would be a bit more interesting. "Yes, Sensei," she whispered.

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