tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYes, Sergeant Major

Yes, Sergeant Major


"Fall in!"

A flurry of loud thumps answered as our heels snapped together to attention. A regiment of over one thousand can make quite a sound coming to attention at once.

"Parade Rest!"

A softer noise echoed off the surrounding barracks as the regiment eased themselves back to a resting position. With palms joined at the small of our backs, we took on a larger, more official presence.

"Battalion, Attention!"

Our battalion came to attention first in order as the regimental staff marched on. But my attention was not on them; I couldn't take my eyes off our battalion staff. Standing at the rear of the battalion staff was the most provocative cadet I'd ever seen in my time. Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Carol was a female cadet, and a lascivious one. Every one of us in the platoon fantasized about her, and discussed it when we were sure of our privacy.

Her figure could only be described as voluptuous. I know the term is sometimes overused, but she embodied it. CSM Carol had put her weight in all the right places, making a dynamic figure any of us could lust after. Now this may be because of our general lack of contact with the outside world, but it made no difference to us.

Her long blonde hair was tied back in a loose ponytail, topping an intense face. She had these crystal blue eyes that one couldn't help but stare into while being chewed out, and a gorgeous mouth. Some women have beautiful teeth, others nice lips; everything about CSM Carol's mouth was sexually charged. Being yelled at, one tended to look directly into her mouth, watching the interplay of her tongue and lips, imagining what it would feel like simply to have a finger in there, let alone something more...personal.

The corps had recently switched over to the ACU camouflage uniform, which is (in case you are unaware,) even less flattering for females than BDU fatigues. In spite of that, CSM Carol showed off her figure from underneath. A high, tight butt was easy to see under tight pants like hers, but even her full bust was visible from beneath the loose blouse. To see her in half-unit (de-bloused, leaving boots, pants, belt and undershirt,) was a rare treat for us; the tight nylon shirt allowed one to see the whole curve of each breast, and her nipples frequently showed themselves.

She was a great leader, and flawlessly fulfilled her duties as Sergeant Major of 1st Battalion, with one exception: she had a reputation for being relentlessly sexual with her subordinates. Even my usually professional squad leader told us that "God...if she wanted something from you, she could suck the fucking skin off your dick. No joke." We all melted at those words; none of the recruits had been home to see a girlfriend in over six months, and were starved for any female attention.

It was not long after that night that I realized just how true the rumors were about CSM Carol were. I was performing my duty as a recruit: morning calls. Upperclassmen tend to be rather lazy, but need to be at Reveille formation on time. Accordingly, we report to their barracks twenty-five minutes early and sound off with the date, time, uniform of the day, days remaining until the end of the year, temperature and weather. It was usually a boring duty, until I was called upon to make calls on the battalion staff's deck.

"Sirs, Good morning Sirs! This is the outstanding, motivated Lima Company, Sirs! Today is the twenty-first day of the second month of the Year of our Lord two thousand and nine! This is the first call for Reveille formation! The uniform of the day is ACU with black knit cap and black leather--towel."

I mumbled the last word under my breath as CSM Carol stepped out of the latrine, fresh from her shower, wearing only a long towel. She turned to look at me, and I quickly resumed my calls.

"Black leather gloves! Upperclassmen, you have twenty minutes to fall out; freshmen, you have fifteen minutes to fall in! S--"

I was interrupted by her as she put a hand up to silence me. I simply remained at attention, preparing for the worst.


"Stiegel, Sergeant Major?"

She was to my right, barely above a whisper, almost close enough to brush against with my nervous hand. I could smell traces of soap mixing with her own scent, and began to feel light headed.

An aside about CSM Carol's scent: I have become absolutely enamored with her natural aroma. Whenever we cross paths on the Parade Ground, or whenever I walk by her door in barracks, my head fills with this heady scent, an almost powdery smell of pure cleanliness only slightly graced with a sweet oil's aroma.

Inexplicable, but I can't resist being turned on by it these days. Lucky we never do calls on battalion staff decks anymore, or I would worry about an obvious erection for all to see, and just from the smell!

I felt myself swaying slightly as the scent took effect, and she continued to speak softly to me.

"Is there something wrong? You seemed...distracted for a second there."

"L-lost my place in the call, Sergeant Major."

"I'm pretty sure there's no uniform code flag for black leather...towel? That is what you said, isn't it?"

"It...it is, Sergeant Major?"

"Surprised? Am I not allowed to shower like everyone else in the regiment? Why, I'd get my smell all over campus if that were the case."

My face must have gone red; Sergeant Major even exuded that pleasant smell after an hour of PT.

"It's nothing like that, Sergeant Major. I was just surprised to see you like that; I didn't process it straight away, and lost my bearing, Sergeant Major."

I must have gulped audibly as she moved around to my front to confront me directly. I couldn't help but to eye her up and down quickly as she stepped around. I snapped unwittingly onto her eyes, which had taken an unnerving ferocity.

"You eyeballing me, Stiegel?"

"Never, Sergeant Major."

It was a lie. The only truthful answer at that point would have been, 'Always, Sergeant Major; every day, as much as possible.'

"And what's that supposed to mean? What kind of opinion does that suggest?"

"It just wouldn't be professional, Sergeant Major."

"...very well. And what about unprofessionally?"

She cocked her head slightly, a sly smile on her lips.

"I believe...I believe that..."

I couldn't think of anything moderate or evasive to say. I took the old fall-back plan we had organized.

"Well Stiegel?"

"Sergeant Major, I believe...that the cardinal virtues of the individual are courage, honesty, temperance, and wisdom, and that the true measure of success is service rendered, to God, to country, and to mankind."

She smiled fully, and turned away.

"Just keep going, Stiegel. I get it now."

"...of society is to create a free government, wherein liberty may be secured through obedience to law, and that..."

She reached her door down the hall, and entered, looking back one more time.

"I'll hear you finish it, Stiegel."

"...my alma mater, because within her halls throughout the years these tenets have found expression..."

Her head disappeared back into her room, but the door remained open.

"...loyal to duly constituted authority, in thought, and word, and deed; to view suffrage as a sacred privilege, to be exercised only..."

Her hand reached out from alongside the doorway, dangling her standard issue towel suggestively.

"...of the cherished institutions of...towel."

Her door slammed shut, and I heard laughter from within. CSM Carol was not one to let others see her other side, or so I thought.

It was not long after that my relationship with CSM Carol became...improper. There's a policy in place called the Fraternization Policy, which prohibits any amorous contact between a freshman and upperclassman. In hindsight, it was this prohibition which made it all the more exciting.

Coming back from winter break, some of our doors had notes from our chain of command attached. Mine bore one from CSM Carol, stating that:

"Stiegel: Room smells as though something's died inside. Fix immediately, and post by my door tonight."

Of course everyone in the platoon made their comments; my room did smell, but that was hard to avoid with a roommate that was never seen showering. I found his stash of dirty laundry, had him clean it up, and made ready to post that night. The uniform was ACU, and I had the rest of the squad look me over for problems before leaving.

"Ready for your little date, eh Stiegel?"

"It's not a date, Flint."

"Yeah, they'll skip that and get straight to business!"

"Ha ha. You guys don't understand how tough a one-on-one with her can be."

"You mean how hard it is to stop eye-humping her? Shit..."

I walked nervously onto her deck, and marched around the edge of the hall as required. I stopped at her door, knocked twice loudly, faced about, and sounded off:

"Recruit Stiegel reporting as ordered, Sergeant Major!"

A moment later a faint reply came from within.

"It's open."

This was unexpected. Freshmen aren't technically allowed into upperclassmen's rooms, but perhaps this was an exception. Another call from within came, louder.

"Come in already!"

I faced about, and slowly opened the door. I stepped inside, closed the door, and stood at attention. From what I could gather, her room was well furnished, a far cry from our stark, sterile rooms. Thick, silken sheets covered her bed, made per regulation with issue sheets and blankets underneath. A thick, soft rug covered most of the open floor, but I had avoided stepping on it.

"Stand at ease, Stiegel."

I went to a relaxed parade rest, and looked over to her. CSM Carol sat at her desk, strewn about loosely with a mix of battalion paperwork and schoolwork. As I'd expected (and greatly hoped for,) she was in half-unit ACU.

She sat at her desk, turned around in a swiveling chair to face me. Her tight shirt was pulled across her chest amazingly tight, but I saw not lines from a bra of any kind. She looked up at me with a dirty smirk, exacerbated by her obvious stiff nipples. She began to lecture me about the importance of room cleanliness, and how it leads to all other aspects of cadet life improving. I began to lose focus; my eyes drifted down over her eyes, past her mouth, and came to rest on her heaving chest, which rose and fell with every breath. To make matters worse, her smell was everywhere.

I felt my head spinning, and began to fear passing out. After a few minutes, my vision spotted over, and my senses receded behind a lead veil. I felt withdrawn from the room proper, just as I had the week before, when I had passed out, falling out during the year's longest parade formation. I knew that I was (as we in the ROTC community put it,) shit out of luck. I felt myself sway one final time, but was out before I hit the floor.

After what seemed only a few seconds, I began to recover. I remembered what had happened, but was still having trouble with vision and hearing. While trying to open my eyes, I felt a slight pain in my groin. As I finally recovered further, I could feel something definitely grinding against me there; I opened my eyes, and saw CSM Carol standing over me, with her right boot planted firmly over my crotch.

Now I was never a masochist, but I couldn't help but be turned on by the repeated motion over my cock. She must've felt me hardening, because she leaned down, and gave me a dirty smile.

"Enjoying yourself, Stiegel?"

"I fell out, Sergeant Major."

"Yeah, for a second there; you seem alright now. In fact, you seem to be doing great!"

I winced in pain as she dug her toe in briefly.

"Hngh...it's not like that, Sergeant Major..."

"I know exactly how it is, Stiegel. You're a pervert who enjoys this sort of thing, aren't you!?"

"No, Sergeant Major!"

"Then why are you only getting harder as I do this with my boot?"

I couldn't think of an excuse. I just remained silent.

"Or, does it feel so good that you can't even speak anymore? Hm?"

Truly it did feel good, but in an odd way. Her boot was causing quite a bit of pain, but she was still rubbing my length excellently. She had finagled my cock to point up, and rubbed the underside from base to tip again and again with the rough tread of her boot.

"That's right, Stiegel. Just take it. This is what you get for locking your knees out and fainting like a total idiot!"

"...It wasn't that, Sergeant Major..."

"Oh? Well then what was it? Nothing inappropriate, I hope?"

"It was...your scent, Sergeant Major."

"My what?"

Her foot stopped; I can't say my hips didn't shift to keep the motion going for a moment longer, but I was stopped by her glare.

"You really are a nasty, pathetic, perverted little recruit, aren't you?"

"I...am, Sergeant Major."

"Well, I appreciate honesty. But a smell?"

I had no choice. I explained to CSM Carol everything about her scent and the excitement it brought me, (as detailed as you heard it,) while she listened intently. As I finished, another grin crossed her face. She hoisted me up by the underarms, and dragged me over to her desk chair. She let me down, and my face fell into the seat of the chair. I was once again overwhelmed by her scent, and my head spun. She grabbed my head, and pushed my face into the soft cushion.

"Is this what you wanted? Is my scent there?"

"Sergeant Major's scent is here... She sat here... Her thighs, her butt, her...pussy was right here," I mumbled to myself, muffled by the mouthful of chair.

But as I reveled in the scent, I was picked up again. This time, she dropped me so that I sat in her chair, facing her. She got down on her knees, and reached for my fly. She undid it, gently.

"Let's see now... I hope I didn't tear you up too bad down here, Stiegel; I was rubbing pretty hard... Aw, your cock's starting to bruise!"

I did feel sore from all the grinding, but I was still throbbing from the stimulation. She took it in one hand, and began to stroke it gently.

"...Sergeant Major...this is..."

She put a hand up to silence me.

"After taking all that from my boots, you're probably looking for something soft, huh?"


I lost my bearing again; I could only moan in agreement. She was being so gentle that I nearly forgot my soreness (or blunt force trauma).

"So tell me Stiegel, why me? What's so great about me? What's your...fantasy about me?"

"...I always had fun looking at you, Sergeant Major. You're so sexy, but you've still got this command presence; it's like you're the perfect female cadet leader, Sergeant Major. We...I...especially like seeing you in half-unit ACU, because of your..."

"You can say it, Stiegel. And stop saying 'Sergeant Major' after every goddamned sentence. It's getting on my nerves..."

"...because of your chest. It's so nice, compared to the other female cadets. And the undershirt always looks so smooth and tight. It's...exciting."

"Hm, so...how would you like it if I did...this?"

She leaned in, grabbed around the base of one breast, and pushed the head of my hard cock deep into its softness. I moaned aloud, but stifled myself quickly at her command. It was as I'd imagined it, soft flesh covered by am almost silky membrane. She continued, moving my cock between her breasts and pushing them together gently. Pleasure overrode the lingering pain, and I asked if she could move them faster for me.

"Hell no, Stiegel; we move at my pace. I'm gonna take my time, make sure I milk out all the cum I can. It'll feel amazing, I promise. Look, you're starting to pre-cum! Are you thinking about how nice it'll feel later on? You little pervert!"

She squeezed tighter as she said that last word, without the disgust of the last time she'd said it.

Over the course of about five minutes, she squeezed down tighter and moved her breasts faster, until she had reached a feverish pace, pumping her whole torso up and down. The fabric of her shirt rubbed my head so well, making a warm, almost hot feeling on all sides. It was such a feeling that I couldn't resist at all. I gave her a warning.

"Sergeant Major, I'm gonna cum!"

"Yeah? Are you gonna shoot that sperm all over your Sergeant Major's face? You dirty, nasty recruit! You think I'd let you do that?"


"Hah, wrong!"

Just as she felt my head start to spasm, she grabbed onto my length again, and shoved the head up into one warm, soft breast, jerking out my hot load onto her undershirt, which couldn't absorb the thick white globs. She then took the base of my cock, and began slapping at the tops of her breasts with the head. I felt myself continue the same orgasm, spewing even more thick cum onto her bouncing chest.

While I was still recovering in her chair, CSM Carol walked over to the other side of the room, pulled off her shirt, and quickly replaced it with a fresh one, giving me only a brief view of her bare back. I stood up, and closed my fly. I felt drained, but remarkably content. I took a step forward and reached out in an inquiring gesture.

"Sergeant major, what w--"

"Detail, Attention!"

I (the detail in question,) came quickly to attention, back in my complete uniform. She paced back and forth in front of me, giving one final lecture.

"That was an example of what can happen if you consistently and repeatedly perform your Corps duties to the best of your abilities. You do of course realize that this must be kept in strictest confidence. Any discussion of this matter can be punished by up to thirty days of Closed Military Confinement, up to forty Marching Tours, and a Class One Honor Violation, all in accordance with the Corps SOP and SRR."

"Understood, Sergeant Major."

"Keep up the good work," she said, giving me a light smack on my left cheek.

She came to strict attention, and sounded off, "Detail, Dismissed!"

I walked back to barracks that night confused, but utterly content. I cradled my left cheek in my hand, scuffed by her class ring as a reminder of our encounter. I kept the incident in total secrecy, though it was not our last clandestine operation...


Author's Note: Thanks for reading; I hope you've enjoyed it. It brings me great pride to hear that I've created a satisfactory story, so if you think I have done so, please leave me a review saying so. If you think this is utter horse shit, please say so also, but please leave some justification; I want to make the best of this story, and I need your help to do so. I'll be posting another chapter soon, so if you've enjoyed it so far, stay on the lookout.


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